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Gears of War 2 Launches

November 6th, 2008 | By

With the election over, I really need a break. So I’ll be spending all my free time in the next few days killing noobs in Gears of War 2.

Alot of people are surprised that I am a video gamer. Oh yes, with no apologies. Gears of War gave me this passion. I got online and met my clan and it was on. For all you that don’t understand, Gears of War is the best game ever. Cliffy B is a geneous.

Who knew attaching a chainsaw to machine gun could be so fun? Or what about sticking somebody with a frag then running away killing the whole team. Or maybe sniping somebody while they are trying to pick up a boomshot? Oh the fun you can have.

So tonight with the release of Gears of War 2 I will allow my inner nerd to come out. I will stand against the Locust and save Sera. Then I will get on the multiplayer and build my stats. I’m so glad the election is over.

My Theory of Russia Invading Georgia

August 15th, 2008 | By

The President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, made an inspiring speech telling of the destruction left in the Wake of Russia’s push into it’s Sovereign Neighbor’s Territory.

I Love Video Games, I recently started playing Civilization Revolution. It’s a confusing game when you start, but you soon learn the importance of a few things.

Culture is important.

You have to have food. Great People. And Great Structures. If you don’t, your territories won’t grow. The strongest Cultural Cities have a diverse mixture of the above.

Money is important.

Nothing is worse than having War waged against you, and you have to succumb to demands because you can’t build up a troop force to match your opponents fast enough. No matter the victory you seek, money is a necessity.

Science is important.

Being the first to invent something garners many benefits. Countries will offer you Knowledge in Exchange for yours. You have the ability to modernize your forces faster. And it sparks creativity allowing the construction of Great Wonders.

Government Is Important.

Depending on the the time period, you have to switch your government with your goals. Depending on your mindset, You may choose a Monarchy :Sorta like France. You have all these beautiful structures and ambiance, that just draw people back. Feudalism: Sorta Like Russia. You use the government to strengthen your Armies. Despotism: Sorta like Iran. You have the authority to do as you please, but you get no added benefit to the strength of your people. Communism: Sorta like China. You are able to build up your country fast, but you quickly lose the respect of your people. Republic: Sorta like Mexico. You have the ability to send out mass “settlers”, but decreases your ability to be productive. And Of Course Democracy: You get double the Science and Trade, but you can’t declare War, You Can Only Defend Yourself.

You gain the ability of Democracy half way through the game, and I always change and stick with the Democracy. I usually have no need to attack another Country, I concentrate on strengthening my Boarders. I like to win with Culture or Money, though Science is usually easiest to obtain.

The Most Important Aspect Of The Game Is Your Army.

If you do not have sufficient forces in a particular area, No matter your money, culture, or knowledge, You will be attacked. It is a certainty. Some times War is waged from Countries far away from your territories, so I blow them off. I give them nothing. I’m much more willing to negotiate with those on my boarders.

The irony in that is, it comes a point where even my neighbors turn on me. I make them offers, they insist on Violence. I destroy the Armies they send at me and once again offer them peace. They again refuse. Now I’m spending money on troops instead of fixing my country. Then when I demoralize my neighbors and they accept peace, that force from far away rolls up on my Boarders.

While I destroyed their Armies, The Far Away Country moves through their territories, with little resistance, because they wanted a War, with Me.

Crazy how I can even over think a video game, huh? But it’s true.

As Americans, we want all the things our Country stands for. Truth, Justice, and Right to the Pursuit of Happiness. These are the Same Values President Mikheil Saakashvili, damn near cried about in his Press Conference With Condoleeza Rice today. He poured his soul out because while his country embraced Democracy, Russia Chose Violence. While Georgia spent money on beautifying it’s Cities and uplifting it’s Population, Russia chose to strengthen and mobilize it’s Armies.

The next thought is who was the real target. Does Russia gain World Power Status from taking over Georgia. I don’t think so. It’s a message. We’re coming after you. If you don’t give me what I want, there will be War. And Georgia found out the hard way. If you don’t have the Military Force, it’s almost impossible to live in Peace. If Israel was on Russia’s boarder, I bet they would have thought twice. Why not go after Poland, because they have the Military force of America to back them up.

It’s wonderful to want to be a Peace Loving Nation. But until we get to a point where every country feels that way, it’s unlikely to happen. There will always be the BIG GUY the Picks on the Little Guy. And if left unchecked, He becomes Big Enough to Cause Conflict With The Other Big Boys.

Pick up the Controller

May 18th, 2008 | By

Since I first played Pac-man on the Atari, I’ve loved video games. I was never into shooter games though. I liked Platforming, the Mario’s and Sonics, and puzzles games, Tetris and Dr. Mario. I just recently got into the new wave of video games.

It started with Devils May Cry. I beat the game in a week and my dude was like what the fuck. He was really into Madden, so I learned how to play a little. The last game we played, I got two sacks on him in the endzone. Safety. Safety. He never played me again.

I began to notice as new games would come out, I would beat the game before him and he’d never play it again. Ladies, did you hear me? After he sees you beat the game, he won’t want to play it anymore. Pick up the controller.

If you think it’s hard, you’d be surprised. It would take you no more than two games under each genre to learn all the rest. There are minor button differences but the premise is all the same. You don’t want him playing video games all night, have the controller in your hand terminating the Locust on GEARS OF WAR, shit talking to someone as you storm their base in COMMAND AND CONQUER, or ripping the guitar in ROCK BAND.

More than stopping him from playing, you’ll be having fun. It’s quite relaxing to run up to some one in LIBERTY CITY (GTA IV), steal their car, and go on a five minute police chase. I would never do it in real life and I don’t let my young daughter watch as I play, but it is fun.

To all my sisters that already know, we run it. Isn’t it fun when you jump in a room with all females and take away the boys pride. I love it even more when they revert to name calling like they were 13, it just reminds me of old times.

I love video games and given half the chance I know that there is something out there that you would love to. On Xbox live you can play chess, checkers, solitaire and dozens of other little puzzle games. Get you a gamertag and lets play.

Do you know I once played with a 64 year old white woman who was given a Xbox 360 for her retirement present. Oh and if you get the camera, you can picture chat with anyone over Xbox live for as long as you want free.