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The Relationship of Politics Part 2

February 2nd, 2012 | By

So my male friends got a kick out of Part 1 but refuse to believe the same rules apply to them.  #GameOn

It’s Friday night and the boys are ready to hit the town.  “I’m gonna find me a bad ho tonight.”  “Yeah, you know those bitches from the southside are off the hook.”  (Don’t get mad at me over the language.  I have 5 brothers.  This is what the conversation sounds like.)

They get to the club and instantly seek out the baddest girl there.  She is pop, lock, and dropping it all over the place.  All the guys want her but Tre knows one of her girls, so she introduces him to Miss Thang.  He spends the night filling her with drinks and mean grilling any dude that would come to close to hitting on her.   The end of the night rolls around and Tre takes Miss Thang home and Miss Thang makes him feel good.

The next morning Tre wakes up and Miss Thang is not laying beside him.  He wipes the cold from his eyes and instantly checks his pants for his wallet.  GONE.  His chain, GONE.  She even took his class ring.  Tre yells out, “Bitch”.

Guys, your response should be simple, “Just like a Democrat.”

The same rules from Part 1 apply.  Democrats want to make you feel good and they don’t care what they have to do to accomplish that goal.  It’s only after you get that feeling do you realize what it really cost you.  Since you never questioned Miss Thang you have no idea where to find her or how to hold her accountable for her thievery.  And in the end, you have no one to blame but yourself because you set out to find a Bitch and you got exactly what you were looking for.  If you set out to find a political party that will take care of your feelings, don’t be surprised when they tell you exactly how you should feel.

Now Tre is pissed and he really needs that feeling that someone wants him.  His phone rings, it’s his Jump Off.  Tre and his Jump Off have a checkered history.  He’s cheated on her, she’s cheated on him but they still flirt with each other when times get tough.  Jump off says. “I really want to see you. I miss you.  You know nobody else can do you like I can.”

Tre agrees to spend the day with Jump Off.  She makes him breakfast, washes his clothes, and they spend the day lounging around the house enjoying each others company.   Jump off conveniently leaves her light bill on the counter and Tre rewards her for inflating his ego by giving her the money to pay it.  About 7:30 that night, Jump Off’s phone rings and she takes the call in the bathroom.  A few minutes later she comes out and tells Tre he has to go.  (ie, Allen West in FL.  Think about it)  She got what she needed and now she needs to make room for her real man to swing through.

Guys, your response should be simple, “Just like a Republican.”

The same rules apply from Part 1.  Republicans have a short term memory about what you’ve done for them.  When it’s a choice between who’s currently there and who they deem to be most important, the current occupier gets the boot.  The Jump Off forgets her real man hasn’t called her in two weeks or stormed out after their last date because she dared to ask for a real relationship.  She goes back to what she wants and forgets about the one that shows up when she needs him the most.

Tre leaves the Jump Off really, really pissed and there is only one thing he can do.  He calls his Bun Bun.  With Bun Bun he knows he won’t get his ego stroked.  He knows she won’t let him come and lay in her bed.  He knows he better call ahead of time and ask if she is hungry because she isn’t getting up to cook for him after he’s spent the night before and the entire day running through different women.  Bun Bun will open her doors and let him in but she will refuse to listen to his sob stories about how the Miss Thang and Jump Off have done him wrong.

Bun Bun hits him with a gut check.  “You’re stupid for spending all your damn money on those chicks in the club.  How do you expect to pay off your school debt if you keep wasting money?  I don’t know why you keep dealing with Jump Off when you know she only calls you when she needs you to take care of one of her bills.  And I hope you didn’t think you was gonna come up in here and ruin my night because you keep doing the same silly shit over and over again.  At some point in time you need to grow up.”

Tre doesn’t want to hear it but he knows she’s RIGHT.  He looks at Bun Bun and says to himself, “If I were ever going to marry a girl, it would definitely be her”.

Yeah, Bun Bun is just like a “Conservative”.

Alan Colmes I Dare You To Take the Welfare Challenge

December 28th, 2011 | By

Every time I see Alan Colmes giving his opinion on how caring and loving Liberals/Progressives are to minorities I silently wish that I could shoot through the TV.  I have really good aim and I always imagine the bullet piercing the spot on his chest where his heart should be.  Then I think about spending my life behind bars and he hardly seems worth it.  Plus, I think death would be to good for the saviour of us poor, stupid black folk.  How about giving him the Ezekiel experience and make him live among the people he’s spent his political life defending and protecting, according to him.

Here’s the challenge!  Let’s play a real game of spread the wealth and start at home.  The first step Colmes is to give up all your possessions that put you in the 1% and don’t worry I’ll redistribute them equally.  Where to start?

Your house.  No more gated community for you.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  Instead of the gates meant to keep people out, I’ll replace them with the gates meant to keep the poor in.  You know that affordable public housing you always spout as a positive.  And don’t you worry about the roaches and rats, it shows how progressive you are towards animal rights to co-exist with bugs and vermin.  Just think of all the respect you’ll get from Peta.  #Winning.

There’s just one little catch.  You can’t get the benefits of public housing if you are in a stable two parent married household.  So first you would have to divorce your wife.  Don’t worry though, you can still stay together.  Her name just can’t be on the lease and you’ll have to live with the threat that if the government ever found out she lived with you, you would lose your housing privileges and be forced to move within 2 weeks of their discovery. 

Your Bank Account.  It’s soooooo unfair you’ve worked your entire life and have money to show for it.  We’ll have to change that immediately.  Uncle Teddy has played $20 on the lottery every day for the last 20 years and when we switch your bank account to his name, he’ll finally feel like he’s hit the jackpot.  Just imagine the look on his daughters’ face when she realizes all the days she didn’t get lunch money because he saw 1-2-4 in a dream finally paid off.

Plus, you’ll get the benefit of being able to apply for $145 a month tax free from the government.  That should take care of all your needs; your personal hygiene products, household cleaning products, washing clothes, etc.  Just think of all the jobs you’ll be saving by creating such a huge demand for everyday goods.  That $1,740 a year can save the American economy.

Your 401K.  Why did you plan for retirement when Social Security is the greatest thing since sliced bread?  We can’t have you going off into your yonder years sitting on a stack of money.  Who are you to plan for your own future?  Plus, Mrs. Mattie saved her entire life so she could retire at ’60.  Then RonRon got arrested and she put her house up to bail him out.  Him skipping town really wasn’t her fault.  Let’s give her your security nest and let you pray your rise in SS benefits matches that of inflation. 

P.S.  Don’t get upset when you try to schedule a doctor’s appointment and they give you an appointment in 9 or 10 months.  Your cancer can wait until a doctor who accepts Medicare is able to see you.  And just because the blue pill makes you feel better doesn’t mean you should have it. The red pill works just as well and the throwing up and stomach pains are just pesky side effects.

Your Car.  How dare you have personal transportation when it still runs on that planet killing gasoline.  Don’t you know global warming is real?  Haven’t you saw Al Gore’s movie?  Even if it’s a hybrid, it was manufactured using fossil fuels for electricity.  Plus, Grandma Nellie could really use that car.  She has to catch four different buses to get across town to her minimum wage job because she can’t afford to live in the neighborhood in which she works.   Again, #winning.

And no need to thank me.  Because you don’t have a vehicle, you could actually get your $145 a month raised to $160.  That should cover the cost of your use of public transportation.  When your local government raises the cost for each transfer, don’t think about how it’s cutting into your budget.  That’s selfish.  Just think of all the union employees that will retire at age 50 with a healthy pension.

Your love of Restaurants.  Can you say foodstamps?  They don’t take EBT cards at Red Lobster.  Need I say more?  But you can work it your advantage.  Somebody on the street will give you .50 cent on the dollar and you can use half your food money for the month just to taste the cheddar biscuits.  Yum.

Your Job.  Putting time, effort, and energy into building a career is so Right Wing.  I couldn’t bare the thought of your hard work actually paying off and allowing you to be interviewed on O’Reilly, hosting your own radio show, or getting paid for other speaking engagements.  That’s how “The Man” holds down people of color and limited means.  “The Man” branches out into multiple sectors preventing the little guy from getting a shot.  Some people, like yourself, need to get out of the way and let an unknown take over.  It’s only fair.

Your Credit Score.  Paying your bills on time shouldn’t be reserved for those who live within their means and it’s not the fault of those who want more out of life than they are willing to work for.  All the blame should go to credit card companies that extend credit to people who don’t understand APR or recurring fees.  Take 19 year old Lil C who graduated from a public school that never taught him how to balance a check book so he went  out and bought a car with a 28% interest rate.  Never mind he had a 220 credit score because his mother had a credit card in his name.  If we give him your 780 score, he can refinance the car and actually pay it off before it breaks down.  Say it with me, #winning.

You get no real benefit from bad credit.  Really, it sucks.

Your Children’s College Fund.  Just because once upon a time you had money, doesn’t mean your children should get a free ride towards higher education.  Such privileges are a tool of the “The Man’s” master plan to stick the poor with debt they could never pay off.  So let your children take out $150,000 in loans to go to a school they only qualify for because of the color of their skin and major in Progressive Indoctrination.  Then don’t question why they can’t find a job to pay off the skyrocketing cost of tuition.

 Then you can be extra excited that they cut off the video game, get off the couch, and hang out at Occupy Mediocrity, rather than starting a business or engineering the new technology of the future.  Just think about it.  It didn’t cost you a single red cent.  You beat me to it, #winning.

And the last thing,  Your ID.  You know us poor minorities don’t own a birth certificate or social security card so it’s impossible for us to get an ID.  Be happy your old and every corner store that sells liquor and cigarettes won’t card you when you need to soak yourself in alcohol and vice to forget about how much your new life sucks.  And because you’re not of Hispanic descent when they card you for being drunk in public and you can’t show them proof of identity, they’ll just throw you in jail and wait for your prints to come back.  Don’t worry though, I’ll standby as they handcuff you and throw you in the back of a police car and complain about the unfairness of your treatment.  Then I’ll get my black behind into my car, bought with my good credit; drive to my home to sleep in my bed and prepare for the next day of fighting for and appreciating everything I’ve worked for.  

I dare you, or any of your lefty welfare is good buddies, to take the challenge.  Walk a couple miles in the shoes you’ve fought for.  Then tell me again how more people living in your welfare traps is a good thing.  Convince me the best thing for minorities is to accept the bullshit you call a worthy cause.  We are tired of being your charity case and when the majority of the black community awakens to your lies, you’ll wish I really could shoot through the TV.

Another Teachable Moment: Sonnie Johnson was Completely RIGHT about Anthony Kaufman

July 14th, 2011 | By

*****I just posted Another Teachable Moment: Anthony Kaufman Apology Rejected****


I planned on posting it tommorow, if Anthony Kaufman didn’t accept my invitation for an interview.  Thought I would give him some time.  Behind the scenes, he was once again asked to interview me.  He said no because he is a movie critic and doesn’t have the platform.  Yeah, right! 

Are you surprised he came out with article, having nothing to do with movie critique, just a few moments later?   HE REALLY WANTS A BITCH SLAP

So what have we learned in this teachable moment?  My pillars work.  All the rules and reasoning I laid out perfectly predicted Anthony Kaufman’s movements.  He didn’t want to speak to me in person, but he can take our issue in front of the whole congregation.  He sent me a private apology, waited a day, and came to smack my face again by completely dissmissing everything I said to focus on Breitbart and Big Hollywood for posting my article.  He wanted me to accept the olive branch, while he was plotting his next diss record.  He resharpened his fangs, picked a new target, and again used me in the assault.

Liberals never learn their lessons.  Kaufman, please continue to form your “weapons’ and spew your hate.  You have been weighed.  You have been measured.  And you have been found wanting.   Now I have perfect example to prove my point.  I’ll take what I can get.

OH YEAH, I almost forgot.  If you got Bitch Slapped, who exactly are you calling the Bitch? 


Another Teachable Moment: Anthony Kaufman Apology Rejected

July 14th, 2011 | By

If you haven’t been following the drama, here’s where we are.  Anthony Kaufman wrote a hit peice on Stephen Bannon, Sarah Palin, and the movie “The Undefeated”.  In the last paragraph of the blog, he inserted his foot in his mouth when he mentioned my name.   I responded in kind, Let me Introduce the Hip Hop Palinista, and got back to my work. 

An hour or so later I was contacted by Anthony Kaufman, via email, with what I think is supposed to be an apology.  I won’t post his apology because he did not feel it was worthy of public knowledge, so I will respect his decision and pretend it was never offered.  As a Christian, I should accept his words at face value but the little ghetto girl inside me is screaming, “you know better”.

This is why I asked Kaufman for an interview not an apology.  The words that drip from the fangs of the left have very little influence on me.  Especially when the crux of the argument is, ‘you misunderstood my intentions”.  Hello, I know that’s the buzz word for let me explain why you are wrong.  Let this Elitist put you in your place and show you the folly of your ways.  Kaufman, you missed the whole point of my response.

Let’s turn this into one of those teachable moments

While I have learned alot about your type of Liberal Reporting, evidently you haven’t spent much time researching the surge of New Black Conservatives.  A little peice of advice, Don’t speak what you don’t know.   I live by a very basic platform WHWD, what He/Hood/Hip Hop/History would do.   If any issue, policy, or apology doesn’t fit into all four pillars then, Houston, we have a problem.  So let me justify my rejection.

What He Would Do

In the Book of Matthew, Jesus lays out how to deal with personal conflicts.  To paraphrase; if you have a problem with your brother, pull him aside and tell him your issue.  If he doesn’t hear you, then bring him front of a group of two or three.  If he still doesn’t listen, then you take him in front of the entire congregation.  You brought me in front of the entire Congregation and labeled my unfairly.  You lose this pillar.

What the Hood Would Do

Kaufman called me out, IN PUBLIC.  Kaufman slapped my face, IN PUBLIC.  Then he apologized, In Private.  This is the equivalent of a man cursing me, IN PUBLIC.  Slapping my face, IN PUBLIC.  Then coming home and saying, “I’ll never do it again”.   Meaningless words.  Even as a teenager I would tell the boys there are two things you will never do and get away with, Calling me out of my name in Public and Putting your Hands on Me.  The hands on part isn’t meant to be taken literally, but it left my face red none the less.  Kaufman’s brand of apology wouldn’t be acceptable in my personal group of friends and family, so another pillar is taken away.

What Hip Hop Would Do

Have you ever heard of Battle Rap or Diss Song?  I’m just going to assume your Elitist Attitude would restrict you from knowing Street Problem Solving, so let me explain.  Jay-Z puts out a song dissing Nas.  Nas returns with his rebuttal.  Jay-Z answers.  Nas answers back.  In the end, they both publicly acknowledge their minor beefs before moving on to something new.    But Nas will never squash the argument if Jay-Z is plotting to release his next diss record.  Jay-Z doesn’t back down if Nas is waiting for the opportunity to say, “I won”.  I don’t trust your intentions and your need to remain in the shadows tells me I’m a good judge of character.

P.S.  “Say my name if you’re talking to me.  You ain’t say it, so I guess you weren’t talking to me”  T.I.  Kaufman, you said my name.  So whether YOUR INTENTION was to crush “The Undefeated”, Stephen Bannon, or Sarah Palin matters not once you insert my name. It then becomes a direct conversation between you and I. 

What History Would Do

I talked to a few of my Black Conservative friends and they all told me the same thing.  That’s what reporters do.  They slime you in a piece and then offer a private apology when their words come back to bite them.  They never take down the piece, add their apology, or learn from their mistakes.  They just move on to the next hit job and the next target.  This is the only reason I’ve written a second piece on this subject.  If I allow Kaufman, and those like him, to escape unscathed, they will sharpen their weapons and have them ready to downgrade, insult, and play the race card towards the next Black Conservative who would dare raise their voice.  At some point, the Media’s Hit and Run Mentality must be stopped.  And a private apology does nothing to hasten the fall of irresponsible journalist. 

There are very few subjects that are rejected by all four of my pillars.  Kaufman’s apology just happens to be one of them.  #REJECTED

So here’s my response after I’ve shared with you my thinking.  Kaufman is my brother and I love him.  Though we vehemently disagree, I would still like to restate my intial offer.  If you want to interview me, I would love it.  Let me state My Personal Case, outside of your Liberal Bias, and we can see where it goes from there.  But if you are more comfortable typing behind your keypad, next time pick your target a bit more carefully.

Anthony Kaufman: Allow Me To Introduce the Hip Hop Palinista

July 13th, 2011 | By

First may I say Thank You for putting your foot in your mouth and inspiring me to start the conversation.  I’m a Southern Girl so I always start with good manners first.

Now let’s get to the point.  Anthony Kaufman published a little blog piece on IndieWire.  In it he takes shots at Stephen Bannon, Writer and Director of “The Undefeated”.  Bannon is a grown man and he can speak for himself.  But I will tell you what I tell everyone else that asks how I got involved in the the film; Not only is Bannon a genius, he also has good taste.  In case you didn’t check your facts, Bannon also included two blacks in “Fire from the Heartland”.  And after that interview he gave me the best advice I’ve received. “They will try to change you.  People will tell you what you could be, what you should be, or what they can make you.  Don’t let them take away that which makes you great.”

And I haven’t. 

Here’s the part in which I take issue:

For me, the most shocking moment in “The Undefeated,” however, comes with the appearance of a black person about two-thirds of the way through. I’m not sure if it’s what Bannon had in mind when he wanted to seize the audience’s attention, but the arrival of black conservative female activist Sonnie Johnson made me realize just how white everyone is, in both Alaska and the Tea Party.

I was able to meet Gov. Palin in Pella, IA for the premiere of “The Undefeated”.  One of the first things she said to me was, “are you ready for all the hate that will come your way for being associated with me”.  I told her, “I’ve got Palin in my blood”.  I wish you would’ve known that little fact before you would downgrade me to the token black in your limited view of the Tea Party.  I am no one’s token.  Nor am I a punchline of what you think is a bad joke.  If seeing me in the film was such a shock to your cerebral, then why didn’t you grow a sack and interview me yourself?  Or is Breitbart right and your lack of a set is shown in your need to hide behind a blogpost.  Are you a Eunuch?

That’s not a name calling on my part, it’s more a need to understand.  Bannon would’ve told me if you had asked for an interview.  My name in plastered all over the web and social networking, so I’m very easy to find.  Why not come and ask me your questions and alleviate your surprise?  Isn’t that the job of a journalist?  Or is this your version of how a white boys chooses when its appropriate to play the race card? 

Well let me introduce you to a new breed of Black Conservative.  We are not your Carlton Banks, Clarence Thomas, or Condi Rice.  We learned conservative values from our black churches and the frugal nature of single parent homes.  We learned capitalism from Street Corners, while also trying to escape the traps Liberals set for us.  We’ve fallen, gotten back up, and now have families that we are willing to fight for.  Our Hip Hop culture has done more to disprove the idea of mutual salvation than all other sources of Conservative Talk, Blog, or TV and we are here to be a voice for those you and your Liberal cohorts have stereo typed for years.

If you want to know how Black I am, I dare you interview me yourself.  Just tell me when and where.   I’ll come to you.  It would be my pleasure.  Until then be grateful that, temporarily, you still have Obamacare.  If my appearance was a shock to you, then just wait until our voices are really heard.  You are going to need High Blood Pressure pills to keep your heart in your chest.  We are finding each other, becoming active in our communities, and giving blacks a choice to your Elitist and Dismissive Arrogance.

  In the end, if it’s a choice between you and I, it won’t be my blackness that puts you in your place.  It will be my voice, that will wish had remained silent.  My passion, which if you aren’t careful, might pull you in.  But most of all my “The Undefeated” nature that makes me a perfect fit for the film.

The Cosby Show Revisited: Do You Remember Social Justice?

June 11th, 2011 | By

Hate is a strong word.  I really try not to hate anyone but I think it’s okay to hate an idea, a notion, or a concept.  Because what we are going to cover in this article fills me with utter disgust.  I’m a news junkie and lately, a lot of analyst have been comparing Muslim shows and Gay shows to the Cosby show.  See, the Cosby show was slated as a look inside the black family.  It was supposed to introduce Blacks in a new light to the rest of America and the World.  And it did.  I’ve seen every episode multiple times.

If you listen to Hip-Hop though, you keep hearing a common theme.  I didn’t grow up like the Huxtables.  Does this mean you didn’t have a mom that was a lawyer and dad that was a doctor?  Is the money the issue? Or, is it the family unit; Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Big Sis and Husband?  Here’s the slick part, those are the things you remember.  But, do you remember this?


How many of us remember this episode?  Like I said, I’m a huge fan of The Cosby Show, so it instantly came to my mind when I first heard the words Social Justice.  How can Social Justice be wrong?  When the Bill Cosby “Dirty Laundry” comment came out, I was dragged back to this episode.  How can the man that represented what Social Justice meant to me, now turn around and call my generation, and those after us, “Dirty Laundry”?

See, Hip-Hop is right.  We aren’t like the Huxtables because we didn’t go to Hillman.  S/O Kanye West.   In the video, Dr. Zachariah Haynes says, “if a Hillman Grad,” comes give them assistance.  If they ask for a job, don’t send them to GOVERNMENT,  go get them yourself.  Feed them a good meal and let them know they are not alone.  If this is the actions of those that believe in Social Justice, then why do those same people push more and more GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE.  Oh, that’s right, the help is for those connected to the system, not the average black person.

They don’t mind making you feel all alone and helpless.  They don’t care if  you have to catch the bus downtown to the Social Services building and wait in line to be assigned your ration of food credits.  They don’t care if the black unemployment of those between the age of 17-40 is 29%, triple the national average.  No, none of those things matter because you didn’t go to Hillman, or Harvard, or Yale, or Tuskegee.  You received a hard knock education and therefore, you are dirty laundry.

To add insult to injury, they so intermingle Conservative Principles with Liberal Lies, that you can’t tell one from the other.  You need an example, OK.  Progressives/Liberals, those that believe in Social Justice, tell you to hate the rich.  They have money and they don’t want you to have any.  Yet, they say give someone a job.  Well, have you ever seen a poor person give another poor person a job?  S/O Glenn Beck.  So, isn’t that like telling you to bite the hand that feeds you?  Except if it the Democratic Party, of course.

But the best example is The Huxtable Family Unit.  Even without money, if they had the same cohesion, their kids would still be raised successfully because they had all they needed.  They learned about History from those that were there, consequences for their actions were enforced, and love and understanding always ended the show.  The very idea of Social Justice destroys this premise because it destroys the family. 

Parents are no longer judge and executor, now the public has a say.  If you teach your child to praise God openly, you better prepare to send them to a private school because the public school will dictate when and where prayer is acceptable.  You can’t tell a child, “You live under my roof, so you will follow my rules,” because the courts now say you have to give them 90 days to leave the house that you own.   You can try to teach a child consequences for their actions but as soon as they leave the house, the general population will tell them it’s the police, the man, or the system. 

 And if you keep them inside, turn off the TV and the Computer because shows like Cosby will teach them Social Justice.  They will show the results of Conservative Principles but will label them under Liberal Lies.  That’s why the good Dr. didn’t explain what he meant by Social Justice. He just let your mind assume it meant reaching your highest potential and then helping those in need.  That’s what us Conservatives believe.  The Liberal/Progressives, those that push Social Justice, believe in waiting on the Government to do it.  You know, sending you on public transportation.

If you didn’t believe before that they have been trying to indoctrinate you, I dare you take a look back at The Cosby Show; the Liberal success story after they filled the 70’s  with Jive Turkey.  Where are the food stamps, the public housing, or any form of Government assistance?  Did the first lady tell Cliff what to Eat or did Claire keep him in check?  Did any adult on that show tell the children “NOT” to listen to their parents and their advice?  Get Real.  It was a truly Conservative show that will forever be linked to an insanely Liberal idea.  Real Social Justice will come when we can separate the two.

Message to the Black Youth: THEY ALL BLAME YOU! WAKE UP!

June 2nd, 2011 | By

As the keynote speaker for the annual Rainbow/PUSH Coalition conference, Cosby delivered another masterful soliloquy aimed at the destruction of the current state of African-Americans. Invited by the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Cosby blasted young African-Americans, whom he believes betrayed the legacy of the civil rights victories of the ’50s and ’60s.

Read more:


“I believe you need all kinds in the debate and struggle. For example, when I was still eating meat, I was criticized everyday by angry vegans and it helped to set me up for the shift. The truth however, is that a shift to vegetarianism came from a loving friend who didn’t judge.  

Read more:

The title to this article is “Your dirty laundry gets out of school at 2:30 everyday”.  They are calling you dirty laundry.  See, you are the problem.  They have given you all that you need and you just cuss it all away.  They’ve provided you with Social Justice and now they can’t figure out why you repel from it.  You need to turn off the Hip-Hop and listen to more warped versions of history that they try to stuff into your mind.
Bill Cosby is willing to say it’s everybody fault, but he only mentions your flaws.  Why don’t they ever mention the failure that is the Rainbow Coalition and PUSH?  If these are the legacy groups, along with other failures like the NAACP, where is there share of the blame?  Why aren’t they admitting to their faults?  Why do they target you?
Didn’t they tell you that the system was the culprit?  Or was it the mean racist Republicans?  Didn’t they tell you America was the problem, not the inhabitants of America?  I mean, didn’t Plymouth Rock land on you?  Why is it now exciting to speak amongst each other, leaving you totally out of the conversation, with criticism and malcontent?
Then to follow it up, Russell Simmons compares it to becoming a Vegan.  Really, a Vegan?  Is that the comparison you would make for your community?
Our communities are in the condition they are in because of groups like Rainbow, Push, and the NAACP.  Yes, they lead a brilliant march in the ’60’s in a push for equality.  Yes, they faced down water hoses, dogs, and some even gave their lives.  They fought their battle and they won, and for that, they should be congratulated.  But that isn’t where they stopped. 
They pushed for more public housing, food stamps, and government assistance.  They made dependency acceptable.  They let God be taken out of our schools and watched them crumble.  They gave excuses for crime and criminals were formed.  THEY BETRAYED EVERYTHING KING MARCHED FOR!  They let Planned Parenthood into our communities and validated them, neglecting to inform us of their true history.  They let Big Government suck up more and more of our rights, while they collected a check for their assistance.
And then, we found Hip-Hop.  And we got involved in the Capitalist system.  Now, they want to blame you for it.  Are their bastards among us who don’t care about anything or anyone, YES.  But is that who you really are?  Or are you just tired of the scenario which they have painted for you.  Do you see lyrics and beats as a way out.  You are not running towards Hip-Hop, you are running away from them and they will blame you and hate you for it.  Take it from a sister that knows.
I hate to be blunt, but they will be dead soon and we will be here to shape our future the way we want it.  IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?  Or have you had enough already.  The only fault you hold, is that in your own life.  You are not responsible for the weight of the black community.  You are only responsible for what you do next.  You are not dirty laundry, you are the future of this country and don’t let them tell you otherwise.
But I have one more request.  Don’t let them leave this Earth with their holier than thou belief that it is your fault.  It is time to hold them accountable for their actions and in doing so, form the next generation of leaders that refuse to live in the aftermath of their failure.

The Dream Act of Black Irrelevancy

January 24th, 2011 | By

On election night 2010, Harry Reid’s re-election to the Senate put the final nail in the coffin of the Black relevance.  I didn’t understand, at the time, the impact that one race held for black communities all around the United States of America.  Blacks in Nevada didn’t show up for Harry Reid but the Hispanics did.  In the end, the majority leader in the Senate got 70% of a ever growing electorate.

Why does this matter to the black community?  We once again proved we can’t be trusted to show up,  even with Barack Obama as our President.  We can sing my Presidents’ Black and all those dumb songs but when it’s time to put up or shut up, we can’t be found.  Is it any wonder Senator Harry Reid is going full speed ahead with the Dream Act, a stealth form of Amnesty?   As Obama said, “reward your friends and punish your enemies”.

This concept was reinforced  when I attended the Republican Party of Virginia’s Advance.  The rank and file Republicans showed up and were seated on time.  The minority leadership, on the other hand, thought it was more important chit chat with the powers that be.  When we finally did get started, thirty minutes late and minus a moderator, I learned a lesson of how blacks are viewed by other minorities.  The Hispanic population in Virginia has grown by 18% in the last ten years, the Vietnamese population has grown by 18%, and the Black population by 1.2%.  As it stands, blacks in Virginia are now the third minority group, after Whites and Hispanics.  They made sure to point this out numerous times during the presentation, basically telling all the people in the crowd who were asking how to reach the black community, “why bother?”.

On our side  was me and an older black gentleman, who spent the entire time telling everyone in the room how long he’s been a Republican.  As I sat in frustration and anger, staring at the ceiling to prevent myself from saying something I shouldn’t, I remembered an experience I had over the summer.  I walked into a convenience store and there was a conversation between the two black employees.   One woman said, “times are hard and they won’t give us any help.”  The other woman replied, “you have to be a foreigner to get anything these days.”  I looked at the panel, of which I was the only born American, and thought “look what we’ve done to ourselves”.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the forefathers of Communism/Socialism/Progressivism, believed some groups didn’t belong in a socialized society.  “Racial trash” is the name they gave to the groups who hadn’t even evolved into a capitalist state yet.  Every ethnicity in America has built it’s own network, except the black community.  I’ll say it again, if you want to find Communism/Socialism/Progressivism, then look to the black community.  Our blood, sweat and tears have stained every aspect of this country, but other than incomplete history books, we have nothing to show for it.   No local businesses, large property ownership, or successful communities to use as a model.  Every Black neighborhood is invaded by Democrats and left to falter into “traps”.  Either we have no interest in voting, have felonies and can’t vote, or vote blindly for the Democratic Party.

The irony lies in the Dream Act.  We have so dwindled our numbers with Abortion and Incarceration, we don’t realize the American Dream is being handed to someone else.  Here’s the rub, I don’t blame the Illegal Aliens for coming to America.  America is the greatest country on planet Earth and if I lived in Mexico, I would try to cross the boarder as well.  With that being said, I was born in America and my loyalty lies with what’s best for this country.  I’m also aware that many Mexican-Americans believe the best thing for this country is to forgo the Black Vote and legalize as many Illegal Aliens as possible.  You can see it’s beginning with Illegal Aliens being counted in the Census.  They can’t vote but their numbers can be used to select representation.  You can see the Democratic push in Al Sharpton spending the entire summer lobbying the Country for “Brown People”.  What about the Black people who have been supporting you for years and have a 18% unemployment rate.  Do you think the two could be problems of the same coin? More unskilled illegals, less unskilled jobs for those in the Black Community that need a hand up, not a hand out.

While we’re busy worrying if the Tea Party is racist, the real racial impact is coming from those that will legislate the Black Community into irrelevancy, yet again.  They push Abortion,  they push more regulation which leads to more laws and reasons to lock you up, and they push Amnesty which replaces our numbers with a fresh new stock of people.    And the Black Elite stand beside them as Champions of the little man.  When will we wake up and realize the Dream Act is a nightmare for Black America?

Restoring Honor Reflection: My Right to be Selfish

September 2nd, 2010 | By

I’m BACK!!!!!!!  I know, I know  I’ve been away to long and you’re all wondering what I’ve been up to.  In a nutshell, I was looking at my reflection in the mirror.  I won’t lie to you, I’ve been going through personal turmoil the last 40 days and the mirror tells no tales.  I’ve acknowledged my tears, smiles, and those awkward faces you make when you’re thinking really hard about something that hardly matters.  Oh yeah, my reflection has been my friend for the last 40 days.

So, how fitting that  this weekend’s Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally mentions the true need for reflection and correction in our lives.  What a way to end my 40 days.

And this has to be said on my part.  For the critics of Glenn Beck who question his religion, judge him on his inability to separate himself from his religion, or scoff at his gull of openly speaking about his religion, I will pray for you.  Trust and believe that’s not what I really wanted to say but it will suffice for this article.

With that being said, what did I learn about myself in the last 40 days? 

  1. I’ve learned to accept my own growth.  There will always be people who remember me as I once was.  But I have the Right to be Selfish and decide to see only what I am now.  I find no joy in rehashing sins I’ve already turned over to God.  I find no happiness in holding old grudges that God is already in the process of working out.  It profits me none to turn away from God’s word and live by someone else’s memory of who I should be.
  2. I’ve learned I’ve alwasy been a problem creator, now I’m a problem solver.  My rebellious teenage years caused me more problems than I realized.  Not only did I act out against my parents, church, and school,  I let it seep into my mental process.  When a problem came along, mostly by my own creation, I could rationalize why it was everyone else’s fault.  But I have the Right to be Selfish and immediately ask of myself, ‘What could you have done differently?’  I don’t care who was wrong or right, it only matters that I fix those things which I control.
  3. I’ve learned walking in God’s Will shall reveal false prophets.  No one can tell me what God’s Will is.  I speak to God and ,in his mysterious way, he speaks back to me.  I question my language, tone, and subject selection.  I question my colored hair, short skirts, and the stero-type that comes along with those fashion decisions.  But, in the end, I have the Right to be Selfish and be exactly who God made me to be.  He has had his hand in every other decision I’ve made, so if its not broke……..
  4. I’ve learned some arguments are not worth having.  I’m the ultimate debater.  Very rarely is there a conversation that I run away from.  But I have the Right to be Selfish and decide where my time would be better spent.  It would be easy to assume I’m talking about politics but that’s way off base.  I’m talking about those everyday conversations that end up putting a crimp in your day.  The time spent talking about what you’re going to do, while you’re actually accomplishing nothing.  Time spent complaining about the things around you, while not lifting a finger to find a solution.  Time wasted on those who can point out every flaw you have but have this uncanny ability to forget they are also flawed.
  5. I’ve learned you can’t help everyone and sometimes the best thing you can do for a person is Pray God comes to their heart.  Always offer a hand when you see a person in need.  Always make yourself available to those who need to testify or need to hear your testimony.  Always humble yourself before trying to give advice, especially if its unsolicited advice.  But never take on someone else’s salvation.  I have the Right to be Selfish and accept that I am not God.  I am not omnipotent and all powerful, I am but flesh and bones.  While I can imagine what I want your life to look like, only you and God can make it a reality.
  6. Finally, I’ve learned not to get so wrapped up in your own reflection you forget the impression you leave on other people.  God made you in his image and that makes you beautiful.  Not because of the cosmetics you wear, the name-brands you sport, or the kicks you have on your feet and if that’s where you find your self-worth, those around you probably only see the superficial as well.  I have the Right to be Selfish and decide I want to be remembered for my words and actions.  I want to be worthy of the kind messages, well wishes, and constant encouragement I get from those around me and I can’t accomplish that staring at the mirror waiting for it to speak back to me.

I know all this Selfish talk can seem counter-productive but it’s the only solution we have.  We must make the choice to be SELFISH in following God’s word.   So it doesn’t matter what political party you vote for, they must be subservient to your true ideals and principles because you have left them no other option.  You are so steadfast in what you believe and what you stand for, it doesn’t matter the color of a person’s skin if they step out the boundaries of what you find acceptable.  You are so steeped in Truth that you can smell a lie a mile away and it forces other to be truthful in return.

The real truth is, these acts aren’t Selfish, self-serving, or easy.  These are the hardest paths to salvation.  You won’t get the life you’ve wished for, you’ll get the life God planned for you.  You won’t see progress devoid of any striff or disappointment.  You will relapse to old habits and find yourself on your knees asking what went wrong and praying for strength to make it through.  You will start to feel your life is totally out of control and the hits just keep coming.  But in the moments where you need to step out on faith, in the moments where you must speak up, in the moments when you’ve placed yourself so far out on a ledge you can’t see your way back, God will show up.  And if you can reflect back and know with certainty that every move you made was by God’s Will, you will  have no fear.  You will have no doubt.  And when they say you are trying to accomplish the impossible, you can say: “I Selfishly have the Right to say, All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me.  Amen”

Black Political Fighting Words

June 22nd, 2010 | By

Willie Lynch came up with the idea years ago.  We must separate slaves from one another.  We can use age, skin lightness or darkness, gender, position, and any other qualification that would cause slaves to bicker amongst themselves.  For the last 200 years we have willingly played this game, judging each other on what we see or hear.

What’s more sickening?  I now see this behavior on the side of Blacks opposed to Big Government.  Every one has a story or reason they don’t trust the Democratic Party, yet we still have no trust for each other.

I’m tired of playing by someone else’s rules and accomplishing nothing.  So we’re stepping off the politically correct and stepping into fighting words.

Black Elites- I don’t really care what political party you belong too.  I’m talking about those black people who hold their degrees, experience, and title like a badge of superiority.  The blacks who think they are the exception, not the rule.   The intellectuals, privileged, and those grandfathered in from the Civil Rights age who know how to solve the problems of the black community, if only we’d follow them.

Black Conservatives- Who believe race isn’t a issue anymore.  The Afro-Conservative Vanessa coined the phase, “the Carlton Banks Syndrome”.  Those who have never had to experience poverty and strife.  Their parents are middle-class to rich and they are not ashamed about it.  They grew up around proper dictation and learned at a young age how to manage a checkbook, so they are well prepared for the world, whatever it may bring.

Black Nationalist-  The Farakhans of the movement.  They believe blacks should run and control their own neighborhoods and financial systems because the system is so screwed against them.  It’s not, “You can do it”, it’s more, “You have to do it because the white man will tear you down if you don’t.”  They believe in “Black Power” but spend most of their time talking about “White Superiority”.

Black Libertarians-  The “your fist must stop at my nose” crowd.  These people don’t care how many times you try to bring up race, they only focus on the times it personally affects them.  “I take care of me and mines and shouldn’t have to stand up for anyone else.” 

Then there’s ME.  I talk in Black and White all the time and very rarely does it have anything to do with race.  It’s because I have eyes and a true focus.  I am not an elite who thinks I know all the answers. I’m one part Conservative, one part Nationalist, and one part Libertarian.  There is one distictive part of me that is missing from this equation and our political conversation, I’m one part Hood.

I’m not influenced by the Elites who would tell me “if we just do this, we could solve all our problems”.  Bullshit.  If it were that easy, it would’ve been done by now.   History is filled with brilliant men and women who understood they could solve problems if they started small and let the people build upon their seeds. You can stand on the top of the mountain handing out fish but you will find me in the lake giving instruction.

I’m not influenced by Conservatives who think we walk in a color blind society.  You know why people don’t believe you?  They see in color.  Hell, even in black and white you can tell the difference between the races.  Does this mean they are racist?  No.  It means they are politically incorrect and I love them for it.  I am Black and not afraid to say it.  I know that there are racist white and black people, I just don’t care.  If  you are my friend, that’s all I see.  If you are my enemy, that is what reflects in my mind.  If I’ve never met you, I hold my judgement. 

I’m not influenced by Nationalist who think the world rotates on color.  How are you any different from Klansmen who think being White some how makes you special?  Race is not the major issue facing us today and it’s time we change the subject.  If there isn’t a single situation between a white person and black person where you think the black person is in the wrong, something is wrong with you.  How can you teach empowerment and victimization at the same time?

I’m not influenced by Libertarians who think we can realistically undo 100 years race baiting, social engineering, and government dependence in one fell swoop.   I know there are still some black people alive who remember the sounds of the dogs barking and the sting of their bite.  I know there are still some black people who remember the force of the water sprouting from hoses aimed by armed government officials.  These feelings and memories can’t be overlooked or easily forgotten.

So what does influence me?  People.  Regular everyday people who are mixed with a little Nationalism and Conservatism.  People who consider themselves Elites but want to live in a Libertarian world.  You know, the people we all claim we want to help but we spend so much time arguing and differing ourselves from one another we totally forget they exist.  Yup, those people.

They want to live the Elite life.  They want prosperity and positions of power but they don’t want to walk around with sticks up their……you know.  They want parties, committees, and fundraisers where people aren’t so politically correct they refuse to serve fried chicken.  They want the big house and nice car but I guarantee you Hip Hop will still fill the airwaves.

They want Conservatism.  Fathers want their daughters to graduate High School still a Virgin.  Mother’s want their sons to know how to treat a lady.  Grandparents want to see their family unit still in tact on their deathbeds.  Teenage boys want to live under a supply and demand economy, just with access to a better product.  And most of us have no problem thanking God for the Good moments or falling to our knees praying for help in times of strife. 

They wholeheartedly support Nationalism.  They want to see black owned stores and businesses in their communities.  Barack Obama is proof they want to see people who look like them achieve great things.  They lose interest when the conversation is focused on what someone else is doing.  It’s not “this is how you can start a business”, it’s “this is how you beat the cracker at his own game”.  We don’t like games and are not going to invest time, effort, or investment  in them, period. 

They support Libertarianism more than you know.  They don’t want government to have the right to interfere in their homes.  They don’t want government telling them how to discipline their children.  They don’t want Government influencing their ability to say Merry Christmas or prevent their sons from keeping score in a football game.  They get pissed off after they spend three years paying off a car and still having to pay property tax.  They crave limited government but are assimilated into government dependence.

So, do we each gather our groups, go to our corners, and come out swinging at each other when the bell rings?  I think I know the answer but we’ll see in Part 2.  I think I’ll give this article a little time to fester before I go any further.