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David Bartholomew: The Absolute Definition of Insanity

October 19th, 2010 | By Sonnie

I’m getting so tired.  I mean, it’s to the point, I think I’m talking to myself.

I made a promise to myself when I decided to become the President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of Virginia.  I promised I would Be Revolutionary Not Reactionary.  Lately, I’ve found I’m surrounded by people who just don’t get it.

The Joke


I went down this morning to sign up my Dog for welfare.

At first the lady said, “Dogs are not eligible to draw welfare”.

So I explained to her that my Dog is black, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and has no frigging clue who his Daddy is.

So she looked in her policy book to see what it takes to qualify…

My Dog gets his first check Friday.

Is this a great country or what?


How did you respond?  Did you laugh?  Did you look for the dose of reality in the joke that makes it funny?  Or did you follow the Sharpton/Jackson template and say “Off With His Head”?  Did you react to the stupidity of one man, who rightfully resigned, instead of focusing on the Revolutionary thought of using this as one of those “Teachable Moments”?

First of all say, Sad but True.  Black Unemployment is double the National Average.  How many jobs did Bartholomew’s resignation create?  One for the person that will take his position.  And that person will answer to the same network, make deals with the same circles, and probably show the same disrespect for the black community.  Why?  Because we don’t show up.

Now, some of my black conservatives should know what I mean by not showing up but I digress.   What I really mean is, we haven’t captured the hearts of OUR communities, so why should the GOP care?  Elections take money and we aren’t donating.  Why should they care?  Candidates get elected by having a majority of the votes.  How many new black voters have you brought to the GOP?

Why do we act like Liberals when it comes to situations like these?   Why do we get in a huff and puff mode of condemning someone, for something I’m sure we’ve all done, instead of pointing out that some of them are lazy.  Yet, a huge majority are hard-working and given the opportunity would become huge assets to any company.  How many men were inspired by Bartholomew’s resignation?

Why don’t we question why they can’t speak English?  Why can’t we say, the Democrats who control the school boards have more to do with making this joke funny than any other entity in this state.   We spend billions of dollars on Education and our kids are still failing to learn the basic essentials like reading, writing, or filling out a job applications.  How many kids will graduate High School since Bartholomew resigned?

Don’t we all complain that one of the major issues in the black community is the lack of a two parent home?  Why shouldn’t we use this moment to point out that the underlying principle of  this joke is, Democrats and their I care so much attitude, basically pushing us down to the point of dogs.  They created the cycle of poverty and deprivation but instead of focusing our attention on them, we focus on those we feel are closet to us.

That’s a shame.  The people in our Communities should be the ones closest to us.  They should be the ones WE tell this joke to and say, see what they’ve made you into.  A Republican might have forwarded the email but Democrats, through their policy, have made it a reality.  Which is worse?

We claim to be against black leaders who use the race card.    Yet, all we do is release a message when a White Person does something racist.  Well, I believe the most racist act is standing by when death is busy in OUR neighborhoods.  It’s not coming from an email.  It’s coming from a community shaped by Democratic policy.  When will we start making that case?

Black Political Fighting Words

June 22nd, 2010 | By Sonnie

Willie Lynch came up with the idea years ago.  We must separate slaves from one another.  We can use age, skin lightness or darkness, gender, position, and any other qualification that would cause slaves to bicker amongst themselves.  For the last 200 years we have willingly played this game, judging each other on what we see or hear.

What’s more sickening?  I now see this behavior on the side of Blacks opposed to Big Government.  Every one has a story or reason they don’t trust the Democratic Party, yet we still have no trust for each other.

I’m tired of playing by someone else’s rules and accomplishing nothing.  So we’re stepping off the politically correct and stepping into fighting words.

Black Elites- I don’t really care what political party you belong too.  I’m talking about those black people who hold their degrees, experience, and title like a badge of superiority.  The blacks who think they are the exception, not the rule.   The intellectuals, privileged, and those grandfathered in from the Civil Rights age who know how to solve the problems of the black community, if only we’d follow them.

Black Conservatives- Who believe race isn’t a issue anymore.  The Afro-Conservative Vanessa coined the phase, “the Carlton Banks Syndrome”.  Those who have never had to experience poverty and strife.  Their parents are middle-class to rich and they are not ashamed about it.  They grew up around proper dictation and learned at a young age how to manage a checkbook, so they are well prepared for the world, whatever it may bring.

Black Nationalist-  The Farakhans of the movement.  They believe blacks should run and control their own neighborhoods and financial systems because the system is so screwed against them.  It’s not, “You can do it”, it’s more, “You have to do it because the white man will tear you down if you don’t.”  They believe in “Black Power” but spend most of their time talking about “White Superiority”.

Black Libertarians-  The “your fist must stop at my nose” crowd.  These people don’t care how many times you try to bring up race, they only focus on the times it personally affects them.  “I take care of me and mines and shouldn’t have to stand up for anyone else.” 

Then there’s ME.  I talk in Black and White all the time and very rarely does it have anything to do with race.  It’s because I have eyes and a true focus.  I am not an elite who thinks I know all the answers. I’m one part Conservative, one part Nationalist, and one part Libertarian.  There is one distictive part of me that is missing from this equation and our political conversation, I’m one part Hood.

I’m not influenced by the Elites who would tell me “if we just do this, we could solve all our problems”.  Bullshit.  If it were that easy, it would’ve been done by now.   History is filled with brilliant men and women who understood they could solve problems if they started small and let the people build upon their seeds. You can stand on the top of the mountain handing out fish but you will find me in the lake giving instruction.

I’m not influenced by Conservatives who think we walk in a color blind society.  You know why people don’t believe you?  They see in color.  Hell, even in black and white you can tell the difference between the races.  Does this mean they are racist?  No.  It means they are politically incorrect and I love them for it.  I am Black and not afraid to say it.  I know that there are racist white and black people, I just don’t care.  If  you are my friend, that’s all I see.  If you are my enemy, that is what reflects in my mind.  If I’ve never met you, I hold my judgement. 

I’m not influenced by Nationalist who think the world rotates on color.  How are you any different from Klansmen who think being White some how makes you special?  Race is not the major issue facing us today and it’s time we change the subject.  If there isn’t a single situation between a white person and black person where you think the black person is in the wrong, something is wrong with you.  How can you teach empowerment and victimization at the same time?

I’m not influenced by Libertarians who think we can realistically undo 100 years race baiting, social engineering, and government dependence in one fell swoop.   I know there are still some black people alive who remember the sounds of the dogs barking and the sting of their bite.  I know there are still some black people who remember the force of the water sprouting from hoses aimed by armed government officials.  These feelings and memories can’t be overlooked or easily forgotten.

So what does influence me?  People.  Regular everyday people who are mixed with a little Nationalism and Conservatism.  People who consider themselves Elites but want to live in a Libertarian world.  You know, the people we all claim we want to help but we spend so much time arguing and differing ourselves from one another we totally forget they exist.  Yup, those people.

They want to live the Elite life.  They want prosperity and positions of power but they don’t want to walk around with sticks up their……you know.  They want parties, committees, and fundraisers where people aren’t so politically correct they refuse to serve fried chicken.  They want the big house and nice car but I guarantee you Hip Hop will still fill the airwaves.

They want Conservatism.  Fathers want their daughters to graduate High School still a Virgin.  Mother’s want their sons to know how to treat a lady.  Grandparents want to see their family unit still in tact on their deathbeds.  Teenage boys want to live under a supply and demand economy, just with access to a better product.  And most of us have no problem thanking God for the Good moments or falling to our knees praying for help in times of strife. 

They wholeheartedly support Nationalism.  They want to see black owned stores and businesses in their communities.  Barack Obama is proof they want to see people who look like them achieve great things.  They lose interest when the conversation is focused on what someone else is doing.  It’s not “this is how you can start a business”, it’s “this is how you beat the cracker at his own game”.  We don’t like games and are not going to invest time, effort, or investment  in them, period. 

They support Libertarianism more than you know.  They don’t want government to have the right to interfere in their homes.  They don’t want government telling them how to discipline their children.  They don’t want Government influencing their ability to say Merry Christmas or prevent their sons from keeping score in a football game.  They get pissed off after they spend three years paying off a car and still having to pay property tax.  They crave limited government but are assimilated into government dependence.

So, do we each gather our groups, go to our corners, and come out swinging at each other when the bell rings?  I think I know the answer but we’ll see in Part 2.  I think I’ll give this article a little time to fester before I go any further.

Harry Reid Turns Conservatives into Racial Victims!

January 12th, 2010 | By Sonnie

Here we go again.  I’m beginning to think the strength in the Republican party is reaction.  This coming from the party that wants to be proactive in every other arena.  But when it comes to the Obama Administration and its destruction of our country, Republicans wait until its politically sound to speak up.

Then to add insult to injury, they play the Liberal game.  Harry Reid has taken a racial statement from his own mouth and used it as a weapon against the GOP.   Instead of sticking up for the 1st amendment and an idiots right to get caught with his foot in his mouth, they want to label Republicans as victims.  What?

Isn’t that what we’re fighting against?  Political Correctness that hinders our ability to stop a terrorist from getting on a plane because we don’t want to point out his ethnicity.  I mean isn’t that what all this profiling talk is about?  Destroying political correctness?

You have the Leader of the Senate, Harry Reid,  caught telling his own self truth.  His mind still reverts to a time when we were called “Negro” and I’m guessing he didn’t hang with many black English Professors during that period.  So let’s put two and two together.  During the time period when he fought for us lil ol’ Negros, he didn’t know any of us, or at least none that matched his standard of what was acceptable?

This is another example of how the Democratic Elite views minority communities!  WAKE UP!  Either you are light- skinned or you’re pookie.  Remember, house nigger and field nigger, same difference.  A white man in a position of power just divided our race into the acceptable and the unacceptable and the blacks around him defend it.  What group do you think they’re in and what do you think they label you?

Why isn’t that the focus of all the condemnation?  Harry Reid told the truth and the Democrats that surround him are assisting him in getting off the hook.  I’m not talking about losing his Leadership position, I’m talking about forcing Liberals to have a real conversation on Race and their true held beliefs.   Are they fighting for minorities because its the right thing to do?  Or do they hold the “Helter Skelter” mentality that one day we’ll destroy ourselves and beg for their wisdom?

Instead, we’re talking about Trent Lott and Strom Thurman and I have yet to hear anyone point out Thurman was in a segregationlist splinter cell of the Democratic Party.  They say Dixiecrat, like we don’t know what they’re talking about. 

(For those that don’t know; A Nutshell:  Strom Thurman, the man they vehemently oppose and are offended by, was a DEMOCRAT.  He broke from the main branch of the party to a splinter group, the Dixiecrats.  These are “White Power” Democrats who were mad at the party’s attempt to undo their champion, (DEMOCRAT) Woodrow Wilson’s federal segegregation laws.  They were fighting with other Democrats about how openly racist they should be.)

And that’s where we are, Democrats still fighting about what level of racism is allowed and by whom.  By becoming VICTIMS, Republicans miss the opportunity to point out truth.  We have a first amendment, Reid knew there would be no legel reprecussions for his comment. Why were these comments made in private?    Why did he call Rev. Al Sharpton to apologize?  I’ve got the answer to these questions, but you’ll have to tune in to WHWDRADIO  Wednesday at 6 p.m. eastern to hear it.


August 25th, 2008 | By Sonnie

If you read this and nit pick and the little points; then you’re missing the big picture.

I love the History Channel and during a break from watch the Democratic Convention I caught an Episode of The Ku Klux Klan; A Secret History. It got me to thinking and this is what I came up with.

The Factions


B.M.W.- Bitching, Moaning and Whining

If you read my articles before, you know who I’m referring to. If not, then let me enlighten you. These are the black people that complain about everything. The Government stops me from doing this, my circumstances stop me from doing that, and the street raised me to be who I am.


K.K.K. Klu Klux Klan

Everyone knows who they are. The white supremacist that think every problem they incur comes from someone of another color. The White People that think the United States would be better if it were only inhabited by White People.


M.S.B.  Muslim Suicide Bombers

Scratching your head, Huh. How in the Hell does she plan on pulling this off? Well here I go.

The upbringing

B.M.W.– They were brought up in nothing but negativity. They have been told since birth; the world is out to get you. It doesn’t stop at a Race. Yes, the white man is out to get you, but so are your black elected officials. America is not a place for A Black Man to Become Successful.

K.K.K– They were brought up in nothing but negativity. They have been told since birth; you are the rightful Heir to this Country. It doesn’t stop at Race. Yes, the Black Man is taking all your opportunities, but it’s white people that are helping them. America is no longer a place where a white man can feel safe.

M.S.B.– They were brought up in nothing by negativity. They have been told since birth; if you spend your life killing people who don’t believe the same as you, then you’ll get 99 Virgins in Heaven. It doesn’t stop at Race. Yes, we want to hurt Jews, but there are Muslims standing in our way. America is despicable because everyone doesn’t believe in Allah.

The Leaders

B.M.W.– The Ones At The Top Don’t Practice What They Preach. Their leaders work and strive towards success then turn around and tell the People it’s impossible for you to do it. They build careers and financial stability, while advocating Public Assistance. They advance in Power and Prestige and leave their People behind.

K.K.K.– The Ones At The Top Don’t Practice What They Preach. Their leaders will encourage violence against those they deem unworthy, but let a Black Man walk into his Company with the ability to push up the Sales and he’s hired. They tell their people to fight for White Rights, but campaign with speeches meant to uplift everyone. They advance in Power and Prestige and leave their People behind.

M.S.B.– The Ones At The Top Don’t Practice What They Preach. Their leaders tell them to denounce the West, while they reside in Palaces that could rival any Western Architecture. They tell their People the United States is Expansionist, while they profit from Free Trade. They tell their people to live with just the basics, then take Vacations to the U.A.E and indulge in all the Sins unacceptable in their own Countries. They advance in Power and Prestige and leave their People behind.

The Beliefs

B.M.W.– The rules everyone else has to follow, don’t apply to me. Let a News story come on about a White Man killing a Black Man in a White Community and Black People lose their minds. Racism. Let a News Story come on about a Black Man killing a White Man in a Black Neighborhood and Black People say they had no business being there in the first place.

K.K.K– The rules everyone else has to follow, don’t apply to me. During the 60’s and 70’s, a White Man in Mississippi still thought there was no way a jury would convict them for killing a NIGGER. Because a NIGGER is not a Real Man. When they began losing their property in Civil Cases, they couldn’t understand why.

M.S.B.– The rules everyone else has to follow, don’t apply to me. Every major Religion has ‘Thou shalt not Kill.’ In most Muslim countries, you can be killed for changing Religion but not for murdering for your beliefs. They complain when attacked by none Muslims, then answer by attacking their own people.

The Markings

B.M.W.– When the Kitchen gets to hot, they throw on a Bandanna. Red, Blue, Black; it doesn’t matter. They are quick to show people they belong to something. They fit in. But no, they don’t stop there. They have to go and get it permanently etched into their bodies. Tattoos that make it impossible to separate or individualize Themselves From Gangs.

K.K.K.-When the kitchen gets to hot, they throw on a Hood. White or Red; it doesn’t matter. They aren’t as quick to show people they belong to something. But they are quick to point out they fit in. They just use words instead of Ink. NIGGER THIS, NIGGER THAT, HOW CAN YOU TELL IF A NIGGERS DEAD? Yes there are K.K.K.’s that have Tattoos, but the majority keep their beliefs inside.

M.S.B.-When the kitchen get hot, they throw on a Scarf. White; but that doesn’t matter. They are desperate to show they belong to something. They fit in. They just don’t use Words or Ink, they use belts made to explode and inflict as much damage as possible.

Side Note: My niece told me there was a difference between putting a K.K.K. hood on a little baby and buying a little baby Fake Gold Teeth. She said one is not meant to set the Agenda to Kill. So I asked her. “What happens to that little boy when he grows up and wants everything that goes with those Gold Teeth? He becomes the one that robs, sells drugs, and eventually will make the decision to kill or be killed.

The Similarities

B.M.W.-I’m not wrong because I believe. These People know that slavery was once a part of the United States and they believe racism will always be a part of the United States. They believe a Black Man will never get a fair shake, no matter how many exceptions they are presented with. They believe they were put on this earth to fail. And no one is going to touch that Belief.

K.K.K.-I’m not wrong because I believe. These People want a return to the Glory days of Segregation. They believe they are far more adept than any Black Person could be. They believe White People settled this Country and Should Control it Forever. They believe the Purity of the White Race is the biggest Issue facing them. And no one is going to touch that Belief.

M.S.B.-I’m not wrong because I believe. These People only have to look towards the Koran to find Belief. When it can’t be found, they look toward the Sheiks. They believe Israel shouldn’t exist. They Believe Capitalism will ruin their Religion. They believe killing themselves is acceptable as long as they do it for a Good Cause. And no one is going to touch that Belief.

The Opportunities

B.M.W.-The Most Radical Need Not Apply. There are opportunities available to this faction, but they won’t accept them. Not because they don’t want them. It’s because accepting them down grades your creditability. To reject the Lifestyle would mean your a traitor, a backstabber, and embarrassment to your Faction. Why can’t I be Black and Smart?

K.K.K.-The Most Radical Need Not Apply. There are opportunities available to this faction, and they will accept them. They will take a position as long as another White Person is in Charge. Let a Black Man take over and it’s time to go. Not because he’s a Bad Guy, It’s because working under him down grades your creditability, To reject the Lifestyle would mean your a traitor, a backstabber, and embarrassment to your Faction. Can I pay my bill, even if a Black Man signs my check?

M.S.B. -The Most Radical Need Not Apply. There are opportunities available to this Faction, but they are given no chance to see them. Instead of learning to read, write and think independently, they are taught to shoot in Elementary School. I’m sure Muslim parents cringe at that thought, but they send them to school none the less. It’s not because they don’t want their children to have long lives. It’s because if the don’t fight for Islam your creditability is down graded. To reject the Lifestyle would mean you’re a traitor, a back stabber, and an embarrassment to your Faction. Can I pray to Allah, without wanting to Kill Someone?

The Point

Every group of People have Conservative thinkers, Liberal thinkers, and those who Follow One of the Two. No one in this World is meant to Go It Alone. We are born into families and our families are connected by Culture, Religion, and Common Ideals. When we lack those Families and Networks, we feel lost and want to belong to something.

That’s where the Factions come in. They scoop up those that are alone, hurt, and angry; with no where to place their frustration. They take them in and give them acceptance, but along with that comes the Negative. Nothing in this world comes without a price. The admission to these groups; Your Ability to think for yourself, Your Ability to break Stereotypes and Preconceived Notions, Your Ability to learn from other People, Cultures, or Religions, basically Your Soul. Just to Belong.

None of these Groups Are Respectable. None of these Groups bring any Good into the World. But the Sad reality is, they will always exist. Someone will always find a way to rally the troops and improve their personal position. There will always be someone that didn’t put in the Work but expects results. And when those results don’t come, they will look elsewhere to place the blame. There will always be those that believe in nothing, so they will fall for anything.

Help Wanted: Equal Opportunity Positions Available

August 12th, 2008 | By Sonnie

Wanted: Young men to participate in Caged Experiment (2,000,000 Applications)

Salary: Negotiable; depending on time served

Requirement: Very low self esteem, innate ability to make wrong choice at every turn, strong desire to pass blame Elsewhere and the inability to function properly in society.

Benefits: Free Access to Health Care, Three Meals Everyday, Access to a Gym and Cable Television, and a chance to join the Felon Brotherhood.

This Nice Man will show you where to Apply


Wanted: Young women to participate in Breeding Experiment(750,00 Applicants)

Salary: To be paid in 18 years

Requirements: A Vagina

Benefits: Access to Free Health Care, Access to Public Assistance, and aren’t babies so cute

Do Not Apply If You Use These


Wanted: Person of Color to Run For Office (Applicants vary by District)

Salary: Limitless; Depending on Character

Requirements: Easy on the Eyes, Clean Cut Appearance, Articulate Inspirational Speaker, and Very Energetic.

Please make sure your Drug Using Days Are Over prior to Applying

Benefits: Access to a Platinum Race Card, Celebrity, Inside Access to Hide Your Shady Dealings


Wanted: Street Pharmaceutical Reps (Number of True Applicants Can’t Be Verified)

Salary: Limitless; Depending on Lack Of Character

Requirements: Math Skills, Ability to Negotiate, Acceptance of Incarceration, Indifference to Death, Ability to Work Long Shifts and Be Discrete

We no longer give race cards, due to their ineffectiveness in Court.

Benefits: You get it All NOW! The Car, The Girls, The Dough, and You Never Have To Grow Old. You could even win some new Bling and a Promotion


Wanted: Students to Participate in Educational Experiment (300,000 applicants every year)

Salary: N/A

Requirements: No effort put into learning, Total Disrespect For Teachers, Disregard for School Property, and eventually Dropping Out

Benefits: This is An Entry Level Position. Applicants could be promoted to any of the above positions.


When You Need Proof You’re Black

Apply For Reparations Here Blast the War Here

Click Here To See Newest Race Card Applicant

Wanted: Young People to Apply For Scholarships (Applicants decline yearly)

Salary: Limitless; Depending on Desire

Requirement: A Set Goal, Strong Work Ethic, A Lack of Excuses, Ability to Prioritize, Ability to Make Sacrifice, and a Desire to Seek Out Help

Benefits: There are NO GUARANTEES, but it is a Great Place to start

These Opportunities Are Sponsored By the Democratic Party

You Know You Can’t Do It Without Us, So Why Try?

U.S. Govenment Apologizes For Slavery; Now It’s Our Turn

July 30th, 2008 | By Sonnie

When I was about 11 or 12, my mother rented all the episodes of ROOTS. I tried to watch it, but I couldn’t. I got real emotional and left the room. My siblings stayed and watched, but my mother joined me in another room. She told me it was O.K. because it was the past. It’s important to know the past. I didn’t watch the complete Roots, until I was 20.

When I was 14, we went to the slavery museum in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s a wax museum with a duplicate of a slave ship. I almost vomited when they started explaining what it might smell like, how long they had to endure these conditions, and how many of them killed themselves. I hated it.

I’m not big on apologies though. I never had to ride on a slave ship. I never wore chains around my feet, waist, and arms. I never had to endure 1/10th of the things slaves had to endure.

If the United States government wants to apologize, do it to all the people that love excuses. I love progression. If it weren’t for slavery, I wouldn’t be an American. If it weren’t for slavery, black people wouldn’t be apart of this great melting pot. That’s the truth.

The real apology should come from us Black Folk. I know I’m going to catch some flack for this, but fuck it.

I want to apologize to my Ancestors that were once slaves.

Once you were shackled and chained, separated from your children, and sold and traded like chattel. You were told were to live, how to live, and sometimes when to die. But you continued to sing songs of praise, and upliftment. You had a million and one things to complain about, but instead you put your faith in God to get you through.

I’m sorry we refuse to follow your example.

I want to apologize to Martin Luther King Jr


You knew this fight would probably cost you your life, but you fought anyways. I know you didn’t think you would see the changes in your life time, so that meant you were fighting for the changes in my life time. Your work wasn’t easy, but boy did you throw your heart and soul into it. I thank you.

I apologize for letting your death mean the opposite of your life. Your fight wasn’t about making excuses, it was about changing perception. You didn’t want black men in the streets creating violence, you wanted them at home with their families. You wanted them to teach their children the lesson you taught them. How we let you down.

I want to apologize to Malcolm X


Your life showed the struggle of a black man. When all that surrounds you are things to bring you down, you found light. You looked inside yourself to find what was missing. You allowed to see that growing is inevitable, not something to be ashamed of.

I apologize for not realizing that it takes all of us to make a positive change. If we want white people to start giving us respect, we first have to learn to respect ourselves. We wear pictures of your face and hold you in reverence, at the same time we’re spitting on the lesson you taught us.

I want to apologize to Rosa Parks


How much nerve did it take for you to sit at the front of that bus? I smile to myself thinking about it. That is a moment in American History were black women had some power. As black women, we always want to help out a black man, but sometimes that means showing them how to do some things. I get that from you.

I want to apologize for the place black women have allowed themselves to dwell. You proved our actions could have major repercussions. You showed us that our voice could be mighty. We pay you back by dancing on stripper poles, chasing niggers with temporary money, and refusing to realize we can make our own money with our brains and actions, not just our bodies. We owe you so much more.

I want to apologize to every single white person that participated in the Civil Rights Movement


You had no real reason to stand beside us. You did it because you felt it was the right thing to do. You marched with us, you got arrested with us, and you were subject to the same mistreatment as us, all by choice. Thank you.

I want to apologize for the attitudes we still carry; all white people are racist and won’t give a black man a chance. I know that there are white men that create black charities. I know there are white men that give black men opportunities. I know that there are white men that can look at a brother and not see color, but see a man.

Think about these things next time you want the government to apologize for the past. Alot of people fought to get us were we are today, and instead of looking for hand outs, follow the lessons left to us by some pretty remarkable people at a time way worse than it is today.

Jesse Jackson,The N Word, and The View

July 19th, 2008 | By Sonnie

Growing up, I never heard the word nigger used in my house. I lived in the Ghetto with my mother and if she heard me say that word she would have knocked my teeth down my throat. Then I moved with my Dad and he never used the N word. He never showed he didn’t like white people, but he had no white friends and didn’t make much conversation when white people were around.

It wasn’t used in my household, but it was used by my friends. We used it to be hurtful and we used it to show love. That’s why there are two different spellings. Nigger, that’s the word you use to be disrespectful. Nigga, that’s the word you use for your friends.

Now with the controversy of Jesse Jackson using the N word to describe Barack Obama, there is a public uproar. It’s not the word that’s the problem, it’s the use of the word by a so called Black Leader. As I have said before just because you’re famous doesn’t make you a leader, and until we start to hold them accountable, they will continue to make money off our suffering.

Jesse Jackson knows his ability to profit will fall if Barack Obama becomes president. How can he champion for equality when there is a black man in the Oval Office. They hate him. I don’t agree with Barack’s policy, but I love the message he gives to the black community. There is nothing we can’t accomplish.

The View

If you were to ask me today, who is my favorite actress, Whoopi Goldberg. Hands down. Color Purple, Jumping Jack Flash, Sarafina, these are some of my favorite movies. So I question. If we live in different worlds, How did your tar black ass get into acting over 20 years ago. I know conditions have to be better than when you started your career.

It all comes to excuses. I don’t care if a white person uses the word. You can’t stop me with a word. You can’t hurt me with a word. I’m more upset by black men referring to me as a bitch because I won’t have sex with them. That hurts me. A white person calling me a Nigger let’s me know where they stand, and I have no problem with that.

My comrads say I’m crazy for thinking like that. “If a white person calls me a Nigger, I’m going to fuck him up.” You go do that, and when you’re in hand cuffs over a word, don’t blame it on being black. Blame it on ignorance, from your end. If someone calls you a nigger and doesn’t hire you, why would you want to work there? If someone calls you a nigger while in their store, why would you continue to shop there? If someone calls you a nigger out it street, have you not been called worse?

Mostly, I don’t mind if white people use it, because I use it. I still use it’s negative form and it’s positive form. Jesse Jackson is a Nigger. The ignorant man that steps on people the same color as him to help him get ahead. Barack Obama is not a Nigger, because he doesn’t make excuses, he tells you to stand up for yourself. Neither is my Nigga, because I don’t personally know either one.

You can’t have my words, but I don’t have the right to take words from you either. If as a culture we decide the word is acceptable, then let it be acceptable. If we can’t break the cycle of using it in our own communities, then we have to accept the consequences. That’s the reality.

We can’t continue to ask for double standards, when we want complete unity. What makes us so special as black people that we get to make up our own rules?

I want to apologize to Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Your ability to sit on that stage and have them tell you, we have rights you don’t, and take it. I applaud you. The only problem is we don’t want solutions. If we have solutions, then what could we complain about.

It’s really funny to see two black women on one of the most highly debated T.V. shows complain about inequality. It’s even funnier to have one of the those black woman tell a white woman something she can’t say. I want to hear Elizabeth Hasselbeck tell Whoopi, you can’t talk about white people, because you date white men. How much of a fire storm would that cause? I bet Whoopi could even find an excuse to talk her way out of that one.

In short, you hold on to the hate behind that word. I’ll let it go, because unless your my Nigga, it matters not to me.


June 13th, 2008 | By Sonnie

With his successful campaign, without the support of “black Leaders”, Barack Obama has already started signing the pink slips of Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and the rest.

Now, Al Sharpton can come out a publically make an ass out of himself accusing the Duke Lacrosse Team of Rape, but can’t give his support for the first black candidate to actually have a real chance of becoming president. Maybe a little jealousy you weren’t taken seriously?

Rev. Jesse Jackson was also silent in the big build up to history. Though Jackson’s image was damaged in the black community with his mistress and love child, the Media still hold him as a ‘black leader’. Where was he shouting Barack Obama’s praises?

I thought about it hard, and I figured it out.

Barack Obama is about to cause some major layoffs. He will ship the “there is some magic white man out to get you” jobs overseas never to return. How can they continue to attack a government about not caring, when the president is a black man?

Now we should have been the ones to run these so called ‘black leaders’ off the scene. Take Al Sharton. He was taped by the government trying to negotiate a drug deal. His defense, they were out to get me. Okay. He is constantly in trouble for not paying taxes, most recently before starting his 2004 campaign when investors paid his owed taxes to clean his resume. I have to pay taxes, what makes you better than me? More recent than that, he was promoting Loan Max. You know the company that charges ridiculous rates for car title loans. Yeah they prey on poor minorities, not just blacks, and Sharpton was their spokesperson.

Now Jackson did the damage to himself, and we judged him accordingly.

Now they see their careers going down the drain. If they don’t have the race card, their hand is weak. They can’t win. People will start to realize the boundaries they set are imaginary. There is nothing that can stop them. How are they going to survive when black people are succeeding and they can’t intimidate people into taking them seriously.

I don’t plan on voting for Barack Obama, but I am so proud that he won the nomination. I can’t back his platform, but I respect the amount of work he put into accomplishing his goal. He ran a campaign free of facts and still one, that takes some charisma.

Having said that. Barack Obama sign those pink slips and will personally walk around and hand them out. I mean it. I will personally hunt down all those who tell us we can’t because a white person will stop us. On my own dime, I will tell them, your services are no longer needed.

Then we could place ads for real black leaders to step up. You know the people of color that made millions of dollars last year. Our ads would read: