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April to Celebrate Democratic Confederacy/May to Celebrate Republican Reconstruction

April 8th, 2010 | By

If I were petty and racially-driven, I would be upset with my Virginia Governor Bob McDonell.  His decision to call April Confederate History Month has sparked anger with Black Democrats across the state.  Black Republicans within the state are now scrambling to answer calls of “Uncle Tom” and “Traitor”.    As the newly named President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of Virginia, I am left looking at this as an opportunity.

Ironically, a couple weeks ago at the Frederick Douglass Foundation Leadership Summit, I got to ask Va Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli a question on this very topic.  I pointed out the rather large Robert E. Lee Statue is celebrated in Richmond as a part of Democratic History in Va.  I asked the Attorney General when will we start to celebrate Virginia’s Republican History?   I contrasted the Robert E. Lee Statue against the Maggie Walker House and the former Black Wall Street only a few blocks away.

He gave the best non-answer a person can give, he plainly stated he didn’t know about the History of which I spoke.   O.K.  I’m giving him to much credit.  He rambled on and on until it was plain to see he couldn’t answer my question because he didn’t know the History of which I spoke.  Yet, I held no ill will.  It would be like inviting me to a fancy dinner and asking me to point out the salad fork, not going to happen.

Most of the Black Residents of Virginia don’t know the Republican History in this State.  Since most of that History is centered around Blacks, maybe we can play a little game.  April is Confederate History Month, where we learn how Virginia Democrats seceded from the Union to keep their slaves and May can be Reconstruction History Month, where we learn what Black Republicans did during that time period to enhance Va culture, education, and financial freedom.

We all know the name Langston  Hughes but very few know the name, John Mercer Langston.   He was the famous poets Great Uncle and one of the first Black Republicans to obtain a United States Congressional Seat.  Since this happened after the Civil War, it won’t be celebrated by McDonnell’s little proclamation.   And there in lies the problem.  We give the preception of celebrating Southern History with Southern Pride,  yet we leave out Southerners of color who stayed to improve the conditions of the newly freed slaves. 

So, my question is “Why celebrate and give notice to the Democratic Legacy in Virginia, if you are a Republican Governor?”  Where is your Republican Southern Pride?  Now, I can understand why White Republicans don’t officially go after the Black Population.  I’ll give credit to McDonnell.  He had multiple Black Republicans working on and supporting his campaign but did he stop to think how this decision would affect them?

Before I follow the racial path and shout, “Don’t these White Republicans know what us Black Republicans have to go through just to represent our party,” I’ll instead offer a different point of view for the Republicans in power.  If you don’t know how to communicate with the black community, then how about reaching out to the young Conservatives on College Campuses?

Maybe you can point out how Hampton University started with classes under an Oak Tree by a single teacher, Mary Smith Peake.  Explain how, under Union protection as “Contraband”,  free blacks flocked to Republican Strongholds for Safety and Education.   Enlighten Virginians on how Rich and Affluent Republicans gave huge donations that turned that tree into an Emancipation Oak.  Then that Emancipation Oak into a little brown cottage.  Then that little brown cottage into  Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, and now it’s Hampton University, a proud HBCU.  Just for kicks, add the fact that Booker T. Washington, an abolitionist entrenched in the Republican Reconstruction graduated from Hampton University.

Since I brought up John Mercer Langston earlier, let’s see what we can say to college students at Virginia State University.  Let me bring up another name most Virginians, black or white, don’t know; Robert Russa Moton.

   The next morning I asked my father about the school for coloured people, which was being projected under the influence of General Mahone at Petersburg, now a State Normal School. He told me much about it. It was to open the following fall. The Hon. John M. Langston, he said, a coloured man who was as well educated as any white person that he knew of, was to be the president. He said I might go if I wished and that he would do what he could to help me. It being a state school, and he having certain strong friends in the Republican Party (General Mahone among them), Hon. B.S. Hooper, a member of Congress from the Fourth Congressional District of Virginia, would probably arrange for me to have a scholarship.”

When VSU was still Virginia Normal and Collegiate Institute, blacks seeked out Republicans to help them aquire an education.  No wonder J. W. Langston became the schools first President.  You know, the same man who broke Virginia’s racial lines to become an elected official.  Because of Republican efforts in education, Robert Russa Moton was able to follow in Booker T. Washington’s footsteps to become Principal of the Tuskegee Institute.

We can stop by Virginia Union University.  We can show how Religious Groups, along with the Republican Party, stood up to Virginia Democrats to teach released slaves about their heritage.  Slavery had ripped the titles Father, Mother, and Family from the black vernacular and VUU played an important role in returning the family unit.  Then we can go to St. Paul’s College and Norfolk State.  Same message for every school, the Republican Party has played a major role in establishing some of the most prominent colleges in Va.

So why is Confederate History Month so important?  Who is McDonnell really trying to impress with this edict of respect?  This is my only problem with Reaganomics.  It leads modern day conservatives to believe the Republican Party started with Ronald Reagan.  What about Carter Woodson, Sojournor Truth, and how many more that held the Republican label as a badge of Honor long before the Cold War.  Is there any importance in this History, while you are picking and choosing which History to celebrate?

This whole mess has presented me with the answer to a long held question.  Why is the Republican Party unable to connect with the Black Community?  I’m convinced I’ve come up with an answer.  Most Republicans don’t know the full extent of Republican History, as demonstrated by my Attonery Generals’ lack of an answer, and most Blacks don’t know the full realm of Black History, as evident by the majority of Black Citizens assuming Democrats have their best wishes at heart.  If both groups would brush up on their History, they would realize it’s one in the same.  You can’t celebrate the Republican Party without Blacks and you can’t celebrate Black History without Republicans.

With all that being said and as a precursor to insults and judgements sure to be hurled my way, I offer this bit of solace.  I am a Revolutionary, not a reactionary.  I won’t accept Foodstamps as a solution to poverty because Bob McDonnell wants to celebrate the Confederacy.  I won’t accept Obamacare because he didn’t mention slavery in his declaration.  I will not be led by the collar on the basis of race by either party.  Instead I will do what those great black Republicans did before me and make a way when elements on both sides are praying for my downfall.

Eight Stages of Democracy: This Should Scare You

May 14th, 2009 | By

I was searching random things the other day and I ran across this little gem. I mentioned it on my radio show, WHWDRadio this Wednesday and I’ll share it with you today. Helpless plug, I know. LOL

These eight steps were written in 1787 by Professor Alexander Tyler. The United States was in the planning process of a young and fragile Democracy. So, this Professor took a look at the past and tried to map out the evolution of a Democracy. He determined a time line for these eight steps and an estimate of how long the process would take, 200 years.

The Eight Steps

From Bondage to Spiritual Faith

Do we forget how young of a nation we are? Europe had shaped and reshaped itself so many times before we were even put on a map.

England ruled the young America, not with whips and chains, but with taxes. The people weren’t allowed to build a strong nation because all the money they made was sent back to England. In the beginning, they were cool with that.

They were running from Europe so they would have the right to serve the God of their choosing and the manner in which they would serve that God. To them, at least in the beginning, the sacrifice was worth it. But that didn’t last long because Spiritual Faith is life altering.

From Spiritual Faith to Great Courage

Now, you have spiritual people who fully believe God has their best interest at heart and that translates into the building of courage.

Not in just this case, but in every case. Once you let God into your life, you begin to feel like you can move mountains. When you trust and have faith, fear seems to melt away.

From Courage to Liberty

This may seem funny but the courage you get from God makes you want to fight. O.K. maybe I didn’t say that right. The courage you get from God makes it impossible for you to allow someone to block your blessings. There, that’s better.

Our founding fathers knew we could not prosper with England at the head of our lives. We had to be a nation that put God first, then country, then family.

So NO! We will not bow to your Queen, we will not allow you to rob our country of it’s chance to be great, and no we will not allow you to dictate the lives of our children and grandchildren. We have God on our side and will fight for what we feel is right.

And that’s what we did. We fought and won our independence, our freedom, and our Liberty.

From Liberty to Abundance

And once you put your faith in God and walk through the fire without fear, you receive your blessing. And can’t we all agree, America has been blessed. We sprouted from a young nation into a world leader in record time.

Industry flourished, businesses developed, and the Economy became the envy and standard of the world. We fought amongst ourselves, defended our friends and allies, and built the strongest military force on the planet. We adjust and change our laws, while still adhering to the basic principles of our Constitution.

But all this comes with a price.

From Abundance to Complacency

Complacency- self-satisfaction, especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers and deficiencies

I think this came around the time of the Great Depression. The New Deal. The belief started to creep in that we had the money to do anything. People were hurting and wanted immediate help, so they turned to the government and the government answered.

We’re temporarily going to give out Social Security benefits, just to get people by until things get better. We’re going to set up Medicaid and Medicare to help the underprivileged and elderly, who just can’t afford healthcare. These are just temporary steps to get us through these hard times.

When did they end Social Security? They didn’t. No politician is going to advocate taking services from the poor and the old. Plus, now government has a huge money supply from all the taxes they collect for Social Security. Great way to get money from you to borrow against for other Government projects.

As the government continued to grow, so did it’s hold on the mind of the American people.

From Complacency to Apathy

Apathy- lack of interest or concern; indifference

Now, we believe we can not fail. We pushed the Nazi’s back and crushed Russia, what could go wrong? The age of drugs spread through America and people stopped caring. It was better to protest than to put yourself into a position to run for office. It was better to make love than resist the up and coming war in our own backyard, the ever growing size of government.

Then, one morning we awoke and realized Government played a role in every aspect of our life. We pay taxes from the moment we get up in the morning to the moment we go to sleep at night. They can tell your teenage daughter it’s O.K. to get an abortion without telling a parent. They can even take away your land and cite “eminent domain”.

And we threw our hands up and said “F it”. It’s nothing we can do, the government runs everything. And we stopped listening, we stopped paying attention, and we stopped holding politicians accountable for their actions. We allowed ourselves to be scared of the Government instead of making the Government scared of us.

This is were it gets really scary.

From Apathy to Dependence

This is were we are right now. We were so indifferent and complacent, the first person to come along and promise us the pot at the end of the rainbow, we jumped. This once God loving nation is starting to worship the Government instead.

The same God that gave our forefather’s the strength and courage to fight is being contested at every turn. God teaches us to rely on him and then on ourselves and the Government doesn’t like that. The now enormous Government, needs to keep feeding itself and it needs your complacency to do it.

They need you to not care they are taking over private industry. They need you to look away while the let the printing press run. They need you to worry about Nancy Pelosi, while the Federal Reserve consolidates power. And there’s only one way that could happen, if you are dependent upon them.

If you can’t keep your house without the Government, then you don’t care how they do it. If you can’t eat without the Government, you don’t care where your food comes from. If you can’t see a doctor without the Government, you don’t care how much it will cost future generations.

We have become the nation of ME, Myself, and I and then anyone else that’s poor. They got us right were they want us, completely dependent on the Government to make the economy work, to solve our individual financial woes, and to just give us that tingly feeling.

Guess what the last step is?

From Dependence to back into Bondage

This is what I don’t understand about America today. There was a time in our history where people were given jobs, houses, food, and healthcare. It was called SLAVERY!

Master controlled everything about the lives of their slaves. They picked the winners and losers, the house nigga and the field nigga. They assualted those that would protest against their actions. They told their slaves when they could and couldn’t procreate. They picked which part of the pig the slaves got to eat.

Now, the government is starting to enlist the same tactics. They pick which people can get their homes refinanced or modified. They pick which companies are to big to fail and which one’s aren’t worth saving. They release terror list for Americans, AMERICANS, that would question the direction of their country. And with Obama’s full support of Planned Parenthood and his plans for national healthcare, population control won’t be far behind.

And we’re letting it happen. We are putting our heads in the sand and all our faith in a Man. A man that came from Chicago politics. A man that has an entire cabinet full of tax cheats and people who at one time or another have been under investigation. A man that down plays Christianity abroad and refuses to pray in front of a nation audience.

We’ve passed the 200 year mark but we’re still progressing straight back to Bondage. The Government never gives up power. All the power the current Government is stacking will now be the norm, how can it get any bigger? It will and they will want more money to make it happen.

But before they come after more money, they will come for our guns. Mark my words. The American people are different from those in the past. We will always believe in our right to protect ourselves.

When the social spending fails and the Government is knocked down a peg, the people at the top will tell us it’s in our best interest to let them handle it. The question will be, will we go back to God and develop the Great Courage to bring our country back from the brink or will hold out our arms and allow the government to attach the chains?

Guilt, Reparations, And Stimulus: Democrats Paying For Past

January 30th, 2009 | By

Let’s get down to business. Check out Now, It’s Our Turn to fully understand my feelings about reparations.

But was I wrong?

Of course, I’m going to continue to believe we have to live up the rich history left to us, but the more I found out about our past, the more I believe reparations are in order.

For far to long, our rights have been abused. We were turned away from the polls. We were not allowed to own property. Hell, we were slaves. It’s definitely time for some payback. But who should we look to for these reparations or are they already being handed to us?

We can all agree, there has to be two sides to a fight. Each side has an objective and a desire to stop the other side from succeeding. Basic, right?

In the Civil War, who’s side were you on?

The south? Do you understand their need to keep their working population? Does it not bother you they used whips and chains to keep their fellow men subservient? Do you believe the country would’ve been better off if we had broken into two separate nations?

The North? Are you glad your nation was willing to tear itself apart to do what was right? Are you forever grateful Abraham Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation? Do I have to even ask any more questions here?

I could do my typical thing and say, “Ah Hah, got you. You were a Republican in the Civil War up to The Civil Right’s Act, even if you are a Democrat now.” And it would be true, funny, and ironic all wrapped up into a little smile you can’t see through the Internet.

But that would get us no closer to an absolute truth. To do that, it’s always better to look at human behavior.


You are hanging out with two of your friends. Your money comes up missing but you don’t know which one took it. You wait a couple weeks and bring the subject back up. Now, there are two different reactions in your friends.

Both deny, but one can’t help put tip his hand. It’s not in just his words, it comes in his actions as well. See the friend who didn’t steal the money, forgets about the accusation and moves on.

The guilty usually has one of two reactions. The Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton approach; they turn the spotlight else where or complain about how bad a time they are having. Or the Democrat approach; they begin to be nice and accomadating to try to relieve themselves of guilt.

It’s no mistake I used the examples above. Just a beautiful transition to my next point.

The validity of some Liberal arguments can’t be denied but their reactions to those arguments have to be examined as well.

It’s often said the Republicans ignore problems in the black community. I think they have a clean conscience in race affairs. Like I said, you were rooting for the Republicans from the Civil War until a bullet killed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. They waged war so we could vote and run for office and they won.

So who’s fault is it we elect corrupt or ineffective politicians? I’m not going to get off subject.

Now, look at the Liberal Two Prong Approach. On one hand, you have Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton. Never mind what we’re doing with the opportunities presented to us, let’s just look at what’s been done to us. Backwards thinking prolonging our romantic embrace with racism.

On the other hand, you have the rest of the Democrats. Oh, let us take care of you. Your life has been so hard. Now, I’m the type to question motives. So, my first reaction is why do you feel it’s your job to take care of me. A guilty conscience?

Maybe Democrats feel bad they took the wrong side in the Civil War all the way up to Dr. King’s march on Washington. Maybe the hypocrisy of the first black President coming from the party that fought tooth and nail to prevent such a thing from happening is lost on them. Or maybe we like the attention, no matter why it’s being rendered.

Either way, Democrats have a lot of making up to do. How do they start? Time for reparations.

Here comes the slippery slope. They can’t call it reparations. Why? They would have to admit their faults. They would have to explain why a former Grand Master of the Klu Klux Klan is still occupying a Democratic Senate Seat or why they were not surprised John Murtha called residents of his own district racist. They would have to explain why History Books leave out the fact Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican.

So, a guilty conscience devises a Trillion Dollar spend fest in the name of Stimulus to start the reparations process. We robbed you of rights in the past, let us make it up to you by fixing the schools we once burned down. We’ll repave the roads marked by your steps and blood. We were right about you not being able to take care of yourselves, we just dealt with it wrong.

You remain ignorant and unskilled and we will take care of you. Blame diverted. And since you love us, our conscience is soothed. That’s just the first step. Barack Obama isn’t finished paying for his party’s past sins. The future will hold judges that legislate from the bench due to circumstance or public sentiment instead of the Law. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Right now, I must question the true value of our history. Is this a grass is always greener moment? While we are rushing to solve monumental problems quickly, are we leaving behind more than we are gaining? Is it more important we have a black President or we have proud black patriarchs to past down family tradition and values?

Why do you have to choose? It would be nice if you didn’t, but some where there is a father trying to teach his son to be responsible. The son, who looks up to Obama, sees him writing a check he knows we can’t afford, with no hesitation.

I’m one to encourage business. So if that son wants to take a chance and invest in himself, I’m all for it. As long as it’s done responsibly. He can’t say, I’m going to buy a fly car, some fly clothes, hang out at the club and become a rapper. Like this stimulus package, that is a rushed plan doomed to fail.

The best idea would be to save and plan for success, even if it means you have to stay in your parents basement a little while longer.

How much are we willing to give to this quick fix? We know black communities didn’t change when Obama took office and I can promise most won’t find a high paying secure job the day after this stimulus is signed. Are we going to let Democrats alleviate their guilt of the past by mortgaging our children’s hope of the future?

I always end up with more questions than answers.

Abortion: A Woman’s Right or A Stepping Stone Towards Socialism

January 27th, 2009 | By

I usually start off with a personal story. You know a little look back on my existence to validate my thinking but today I find it hard. See, I was a little prude as a teenager. I thought the worst thing that could happen to me involved having a child. All my friends had kids, even my little sister, and I saw their struggles.

Abortion. I have always believed that a woman has a right to choose. I know if I had gotten pregnant as a teenager, I probably wouldn’t have kept the child. Looking back, I probably wouldn’t have told my mother because she would have made me keep it. It’s all speculation now. Could I really have done it? I guess we’ll never know.

But abortions as stimulus I find perplexing. Until I took a little time to think about it.

Former President George W Bush started us down the path to socialism. (O.K. real fast let me say this. Isn’t it funny how as soon as you bring up Socialism, the Democrats don’t refute it, they only call out Bush as the starting point. Didn’t we all learn as kids, just because one person does something doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. I’m just saying.)

And President Obama is picking up right where he left off. But what does abortion have to do with Socialism? I’m glad you asked.

See, a Socialist society depends on the rich taking care of the poor. What happens when the number of poor people outweigh the pocketbooks of the rich? The society fails. People in government are not stupid. They might believe in Socialism but they know it has to be managed. Meaning they have to be able to control the number of new births, especially in the poorer communities.

The rich are easily controlled when it comes to childbirth. Most rich people got that way because they understand how to manage their money. They know they won’t stay rich having 8 kids in a Socialist society. With excessive tax rates and lack of any real tax relief, most will forgo having more than one or two kids.

But the poor people. That’s a whole different story. They have struggled their whole lives and the added burden of multiple children doesn’t seem to slow them down. You can’t preach self responsibility because the people will start to realize they don’t need the government, the government needs them. So, instead make it cool and easy to get an abortion.

But first they have to convince you that it is not only a Constitutionally provided right but that it also should have no stigma placed upon it.

Now, I’m going to stand up for my sista’s of every race and creed on this one. No one has the right to judge you. If you made the decision that you thought was best for you, I applaud. Taking care of a child is a serious job and if you’re not ready for it, no one should have the ability to force it upon you.

Now, having said that. You don’t have the right to then turn around and place the guilt you feel at the feet of other Americans. Just because it was the right choice for you, doesn’t make it the right choice for every other person. You can’t demand respect for your choices if you don’t give that same respect to choices made by others. Simple. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Now, having said that. Both sides of this issues need to put a hold on proving they are right and look at the effects this could have on our communities. Everybody can agree that Communism is not the best form of government. The only difference between Communism and Socialism is religion.

China has no problem convincing it’s people that abortion is O.k. Hell, they demand it. They even allow for the killing or mass deportation of children to control it’s population. They don’t have a God to answer to, only a government. Is that what we want for America?

I know, I’m taking it too far. I’m trying to turn basic contraception into a fight for our nation’s identity. Or am I the only one willing to point it out. By our own admission, we are at the low end of the totem pole. So who are the real targets of these free abortions?

That’s where Nancy Pelosi comes in. In her press conference, she stated the true intent of adding government funding for abortions to the stimulus bill. Abortions will cut the cost of entitlements at the state level, therefore cutting the federal governments matching of such entitlements. Basically, it’s not about a woman’s right to choose, it’s about the government starting to control how many kids come from which neighborhoods.

Am I taking it too far again, or am I once again the only person that will say it. We rail because every corner in our neighborhoods have a liquor store. What will we say when everyone of our neighborhoods has free abortion day? Or instead of offering food stamps and public housing, they mandate you already have to many kids to be cared for under our current system, so you have to terminate your pregnancy to continue to get benefits.

They wouldn’t do that. Yeah, right. Just look how the system is currently set up. If you get a job, they immediately terminate your benefits. This is the price you pay for allowing government to make decisions that should be left up to the men and women who take care of their children.

Every woman should have the right to choose, but don’t fight so hard for that right that you unintentionally give it up. At 17, you didn’t want a child. But at 25, you no longer have the right to decide because the population of your town has already met the maximum allowed by the state. So now, you are forced into abortion.

Nothing comes for free. Even the Democrats know there is a price to pay for socialism. They just don’t tell you in the future it might include your right to choose. Not whether you want to terminate a child but whether you have the right to keep it.

Did You Forget Pearl Harbor? Protectionism is Alive And Well in U.S.

December 8th, 2008 | By

Before all this economic mess, I was satisfied with President Bush. No President is perfect but we haven’t been attacked since 9/11. I live in Northern Virginia. Too close to Washington D.C. not to care that the terrorist haven’t struck again………….

The Day That Will Live in Infamy

You’ve probably heard me say this before, War is not the answer, it’s the solution. It’s a nice thought that all people can live together in Peace and Harmony but history shows us the impossibility of such a dream. There will always be forces that would rather fight than give concessions to it’s people or the people of the world community.

The belief that sitting out a fight will bring it to close faster is ridiculous. Just ask the men and women stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Imagine waking up knowing your country is at peace. You get up, get your children ready for school, and yourself ready for work. It’s just another ordinary day, until you hear a report that bombers are flying over a U.S. Military base. Until you hear they have killed thousands of Americans in a strike we never saw coming. (Conspiracy theorist be damned. I got one coming for you though.) Until we are thrust into a War we thought had nothing to do with us.

Just imagine Pearl Harbor. Imagine that taking place in New York. Oh wait, you don’t have to, just remember Sept. 11. Imagine that taking place in Washington D.C. Oh, 9/11 again. O.K., imagine it happening in the middle of some country town. Damn, 9/11 again.

Are you getting the point?

Those who don’t know History are destined to repeat it.

Let’s get to know some of our history. The Japanese wanted to make sure America wouldn’t interfere in it’s War in the South Pacific. Japan wanted more natural resources and war was the way to get them. The United States placed many sanctions on the Japanese. Yet, talking did not cause the Japanese to stop.

And we had the power to sway. The Japanese were getting most of their supplies from the U.S. We were sending them planes and machinery up until 1940. The U.S. signed the Export Control Act, denying Japan any more assistance in building their arsenal.

We had another big card we didn’t play. We controlled the oil going into Japan. And we didn’t stop sending it. The U.S. thought it would be perceived as an act of War. When we did finally stop sending oil to Japan in the summer of 1941, it wasn’t because we were punishing them for their atrocities is the South Pacific. It had more to do with America trying to conserve it’s own oil supply.

That doesn’t matter though. Japan had a plan and we were a stepping stone in that plan. Japan gave us more credit than we deserved. They thought if they were to attack the the Philippines, America would come to the rescue. Japan thought we had the backbone and the will to fight. But Roosevelt didn’t. He was content in allowing the Japanese to wage war.

On December 7, 1941 America was attacked by the Japanese. We lost over 2,400 people and more than 1,200 were injured. We lost ships and planes, but we gained resolve. We strengthened our backbones and a sleeping giant was awakened.

And we still believe in Protectionism

We are one country out of hundreds. Yes, I believe we are the biggest and the best, but we still are one country. Our boarders are water and two unmilitarized countries. So yes, we can believe that we can’t be touched. But will our belief cause our ultimate downfall?

We are locked in this America were all we think about is what’s happening to us. Prime example, this economic crisis. Let’s take the car industry.

Americans wanted S.U.V.’s. Come on and take your place at the blame table. We played a part in this mess. We watched video’s with stars pulling up in huge Hummer’s and we wanted one. (If you are one of the assholes that rides around in your hummer by yourself, you sit at the head of the table.) If we didn’t do anything else, say save money or invest wisely, we were going to ball.

Now that the crisis is in full effect, it’s the governments fault. They should not allow any other country to sell cars in the U.S. That’s protectionism. Thinking we can exist by ourselves. We forget that other countries build manufacturing plants in our boarders that supply thousands of Jobs. But more that, think about the decision you’ve made.

Did you buy American when you had the chance? I’ll admit, I bought my current car before I cared about any of this. I only cared if the car could get me from point A to point B. It didn’t matter if Americans would lose their jobs if I didn’t buy a Ford. GM’s bottom line wasn’t a concern. The thought of an entire industry failing never crossed my mind. Did it cross yours?

Now, we want to protect. Now, we want to bail out. Now, we want to place blame elsewhere. We want to blame and punish Toyota for diversifying their cars. It can’t be the American companies messed up and made unwise decisions.

We will die trying to protect our own. In some cases, that’s a good thing. But when it comes to the world economy, we can not be content operating within our own boarders. There is at least one car in each American household. In China, about 1 in 7 households have a car. Same in India. If we are going to compete globally, we have to have products in those markets.

If we start telling other countries they can sell in the U.S., they won’t let us sell in their countries. And we will lose.

Just as we lost so many men and women in Pearl Harbor because we thought all we had to do was protect our homeland and we would be all right. Our strength comes with our allies and business partners. Punish them and we only end up punishing ourselves.


To The Pearl Harbor Victims and Survivors

Thank You. I always try to come up with something to say but it always comes back to those simple three words. A uniform doesn’t make a solider. It takes a man or women with the mind to fight and protect to build a strong military.

You are one of those people that gave me the freedom to write my thoughts freely. Thank You. I know with out your sacrifice, my life would not be in my own hands. So once again, all I can say is Thank You.

How Did We Get Here? A Look Back On History

November 24th, 2008 | By

O.K. class let’s get started. Today, we are going to test your history. This is not a graded test, it is just a guage to see how far you are in your lessons. Just relax and answer each question to the best of your ability. This not a timed test, so don’t be in a rush to finish. Just take your time. Anytime you have a question, feel free to ask. Here we go.

Question #1: The Republican party was started in 1854. What was it’s main mantra?

Lil Timmy: The Party of Holding a Black Man Down. (Class Laughs)

Anybody else? (No hands go up) Actually the Republican party was formed as the “Anti-slavery party”. From 1792-1865, the Democrats were feverishly fighting for individual states rights to own slaves. The Republican party was formed in opposition to that.

Question #2: Before the Civil War, there were many laws enacted to stop blacks from escaping plantations. What was the impact of the 1856 Dred Scott decision?

(No hands go up)

The Dred Scott decision officially made slaves property. It stated that no African decendent, a slave or free man, could ever become a citizen of the United States. With that Dred Scott, a black slave, who was carried from free state to free state would still remain a slave. No slave owner could lose his slave without due process.

Question #3: During the Civil War, The Union fought The Confederacy over what?

Lil Timmy: Slavery

That’s right. Extra Credit. Who formed the Confederacy?

(No hands go up)

Democrats in the South formed the Confederacy. They were willing to succeed from the United States just to keep their slaves. They were also fighting to expand slavery through out the United States. The country was very divided at this time. It was also heavily impacted by our large expansion. New states needed new workers, the question became how to get them. Allow free men to work for wage or have slaves you didn’t have to pay.

Question #4: Who was the President during the Civil War?

Lil Timmy: Abraham Lincoln. I bet you gonna tell me he was a Republican too.

You are right on both counts. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. He was willing to fight to end slavery, even though it was threatening to pull our country apart. This did not please many Democrats. Do you ever wonder why you never hear a Democrat praising Abraham Lincoln. He stood against everything they represent.

Question #5: After the Civil War, three new amendments were added to the constitution. Does anyone know what they were?

Lil Timmy: 13th freed slaves, 14th gave citizenship, and 15th gave the right to vote.

Very good. Extra Credit. What was the period called after the Civil War?

Lil Timmy: Reconstruction. It was just a set up though. Republicans wanted slaves free but they didn’t want to treat them like equals.

Why do you say that?

Lil Timmy: Because they promised ‘forty acres and mule” and we never got it.

Correct. The ten years after the civil war was a good time to be black. That was until Andrew Jackson took office. The Democrat wanted the country to heal desperately, so he made many concessions to the South. Democrats in the South found new ways to enslave blacks; i.e. sharecropping.

Question #6: Can anyone tell me what K.K.K. stands for?

Lil TImmy: Klu Klux Klan

Correct. Do you know when and why they were formed?

(No hands go up)

They were formed in 1866 by Democrats in Tennessee as a social club. I’m guessing I don’t have to fill you all in on the deeds of the Klan. But I will tell you they were the military strength of those who didn’t agree with other races being on the same level as whites.

Question #7: In 1894, Democrats passed the Repeal Act. What were they trying to undo?

(No hands go up)

They were repealing the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and 1875. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 was passed by a Republican Congress, Veteoed by Democratic President Andrew Jackson, and then the Republican Congress over ruled the President’s Veto. This Act gave blacks the right to make contracts, sue, bear witness in court, and own property.

The Civil Rights Act of 1875 guaranteed all men, no matter the color or previous condition of servitude, held the same rights in public accomodations. This Act was also brought forth by two Republicans, Charles Sumner and Benjamin Butler.

As soon as Democrats got control of the Congress, they repealed both of these Acts.

Question #8: I’m sure everyone has heard of the NAACP.

Lil Timmy: If you are going to tell me the NAACP was formed by Republicans, I don’t want to hear it.

Fine. Then I’ll instead tell you, the NAACP was formed by whites.

Lil Timmy: You have got to be kidding me.

No. I’m not kidding you. The NAACP was formed by three white people, all Republicans. They formed the group in an effort to stop Lynchings and help blacks fight for their Civil Rights.

Extra Credit. Do you know who wrote the Black National Anthem, “Lift every voice and sing”?

(No hands go up)

A black Republican, James Weldon Johnson. He was the first black general secretary of the NAACP.

Question #9: Does anyone know when the largest number of bills supporting racial segregation and discrimination were introduced?

(No hands go up)

Around 1912, when Democrat Woodrow Wilson was in the White House and Democrats controlled Congress. Extra Credit. Does anyone know what happened to black people who held government jobs during this time.

(No hands go up)

They were pushed out of their positions.

Question # 10: Does anyone know who desegregated the Military?

Lil TImmy: Hah. That wasn’t a Republican. That was Democrat Harry Truman.

I’ll give you half the credit. Truman did sign the 1948 Executive Order to desegregate the military. But it wasn’t until Republican Eisenhower that the order was effectively enforced. Truman was busy making sure anti-lynching laws and the establishment of a permanant Civil Rights Commission never came to fruition.

Question #11: O.K. Let’s talk about Martin Luther King Jr. Does anyone know his party affiliation?

Lil Timmy: Let me guess, He was a Republican.

Yes. Extra Credit. Does anyone know who Dr. Kings main opposition was?

Lil Timmy: Democrats

You are right again. Dr. King was under fire from Democrats Lester Maddox, the governor of Georgia; Eugene “Bull” Connor, the Public Safety Commissioner in Birmingham; and George Wallace, the Governor of Alabama. They wanted to stop blacks from eating in restaurants. They let dogs attack protesters and used water hoses to disturb peaceful marches. They stood in front of State Buildings shouting, “Segregation Now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever”.

Extra Credit. Does anyone know if Democratic President John Kennedy agreed with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

Lil Timmy: I know the answer to this one. Hell No. He didn’t want Martin Luther King Jr. to march on Washington.

Correct. He also ordered Dr. King to be wire tapped by the FBI. Only begrudgingly made a phone call to have Dr. King released from a Birmingham Jail at the request of the King family

Lil Sally: So when people say “they” were out to get Martin Luther King Jr, they are talking about Democrats?

We’ll get to the opinion part later. But that is a very astute thought.

Question #11: Has anyone ever heard of “Brown vs. the Board of Education of Topeka”?

Lil Timmy: Yes. That was the Supreme Court ruling that desegregated the schools.

Right. Can you name the Supreme Court Justice that made the ruling?

Lil Timmy: I don’t know his name, but I bet he was a Republican.

Let’s just say Chief Justice Earl Warren was appointed by Republican President Eisenhower.

Lil Timmy: Are you saying the Democrats didn’t support desegregating the schools?

The Democrats took the side of the Topeka, Kansas school board. There was also a Democratic Governor of Arkansas Orville Faubus, who was opposed to desegregating the schools, forcing Eisenhower to send federal troops to prevent violence against blacks.

Question #12: Who was President when the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed?

Lil Timmy: Are you going to tell me Lyndon Johnson was a Republican?

No. Johnson was a Democrat. But there was so much opposition from the Democrats in Congress, Johnson had to reach out to Republicans to get the bill passed. Instruamental in this effort was Republican Senator Everett Dirksen from Illinois. Dirksen was praised by Dr. King for his “able and courageous leadership”.

Democrats like Robert Byrd from West Virginia, a still sitting Democrat Congressman, rallied against the Civil Rights Act. Byrd, a former Ku Klux Klan member, gave a 14 hour filibuster speech in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the Civil Rights Act from Passing.

Extra Credit. Can anybody tell me what Robert Byrd thought of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

(No hands go up)

After a riot in Memphis, Tennessee where teenager was killed, Byrd said; King is a “trouble maker” that starts trouble, then runs like a coward when trouble is started.

Lil Timmy: That’s what made Dr. King go back to Memphis where he was assassinated. And you’re trying to tell me that man is still in office.

Not only is he still in office, if Bush, Cheney, and Pelosi were unable to serve, Byrd would be our President.

Lil Timmy: You are full of it. You are trying to force your opinion down our throat.

No. Since our time together is coming to an end, let me explain my purpose. I’m going to give you my opinion. Then as your homework assignment, you are all to write me a paper with your opinion. The subject, Which political party has done more for the Civil Rights of Black Americans?

I want you to take everything you’ve heard today and try to prove me wrong. I want you to go home and research your local politicians. Most of all the real changes in our local communities is done on the local level. What is the political affiliation? What changes have occurred in your community since that party has had control? Then I want you to form an opinion like the one I’m about to share with you.

My Opinion

Democrats have had a long history of trying to deny Civil Rights to black Americans. Times have changed and so have the tactics of the political party.

Often it is said that the racist Democrats switched to the Republican party because the Democratic Party was the new party of black Americans. I don’t believe that to be true. I think Republicans switched to the party of values because they realized that was were true blending of the races existed.

You have Democrats focusing on the things that divide us. While Republicans focus on all the things that connect us. I’ll give you one example.

Democrats believe we should focus on the Dollar Amount that divides us. If you are rich you should pay more, if you are poor you should get more. Republicans focus on getting what you keep, on every level. But you have to work for it. A common thread. Look back at the focus of our Black Ancestors. It wasn’t “Give me.” It was “Give me the chance to get it for myself.”

Think back on everything you’ve learned about black history. The men and women who fought to get their name on a patent of something they invented. When did the fight become “Getting Something For Free” instead of getting equal access and pay for something we have created.

Was it right around the time Democrats started controlling the black vote. They know they can no longer deny Civil Rights to anyone, so instead they focus on keeping you right where you are instead of showing you how to move forward. They rail against free markets but that’s where millionaires are born. They make is sound like a dirty word, so you are to afraid to find out how easy it is.

They don’t want you to invest and make real money because then you would not like the idea of high taxes and bigger government. Your desire to be in control of your own life would kill the Democratic Party.

No one ever got rich from public assistance. I know everyone needs help sometimes but I’m talking about those that get on and stay on welfare. These people will never be Millionaires. These people will become dependent. These future doctor’s, lawyers, or judges become satisfied just getting by. Like I said, all they have to do is keep you in your place.

They no longer have to fight against housing discrimination. They can tell you they are building homes for low income families for no or low cost. Poor blacks will voluntarily stay out of white neighborhoods. Then to look fair, they push for loans they know most low income families can’t afford. So once you own a house and lose a house, you are even more satisfied never to take a risk on self dependence again.

Democrats main attack has always been fear. They make black Americans fear the man in the white coat waiting to come and steal all your hopes and dreams. Yet, they forget to mention they were the party of the guy in the white coat. And the white hood.

So maybe the focus shouldn’t be on which party has done more. Maybe the focus should be what each and every individual has done with the history they have been given. Will black people continue to encourage our children to write papers on Booker T. Washington or W.E.B. DuBois but forget to tell them the philosophy held by both men? Basic self reliance.

Or will the Democrats get their way by our own ignorance? Will we continue to follow a path that has done nothing but tried to deny us of our basic Civil Rights? Can we look at Robert Byrd and really believe he represents our best interest? I don’t think so. What’s your Opinion?


Lil Timmy is an example of my knowledge in High School. All the questions he answered, I could’ve answered. When no hands went up, I didn’t have a clue. You get the point.