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The Cosby Show Revisited: Do You Remember Social Justice?

June 11th, 2011 | By

Hate is a strong word.  I really try not to hate anyone but I think it’s okay to hate an idea, a notion, or a concept.  Because what we are going to cover in this article fills me with utter disgust.  I’m a news junkie and lately, a lot of analyst have been comparing Muslim shows and Gay shows to the Cosby show.  See, the Cosby show was slated as a look inside the black family.  It was supposed to introduce Blacks in a new light to the rest of America and the World.  And it did.  I’ve seen every episode multiple times.

If you listen to Hip-Hop though, you keep hearing a common theme.  I didn’t grow up like the Huxtables.  Does this mean you didn’t have a mom that was a lawyer and dad that was a doctor?  Is the money the issue? Or, is it the family unit; Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Big Sis and Husband?  Here’s the slick part, those are the things you remember.  But, do you remember this?


How many of us remember this episode?  Like I said, I’m a huge fan of The Cosby Show, so it instantly came to my mind when I first heard the words Social Justice.  How can Social Justice be wrong?  When the Bill Cosby “Dirty Laundry” comment came out, I was dragged back to this episode.  How can the man that represented what Social Justice meant to me, now turn around and call my generation, and those after us, “Dirty Laundry”?

See, Hip-Hop is right.  We aren’t like the Huxtables because we didn’t go to Hillman.  S/O Kanye West.   In the video, Dr. Zachariah Haynes says, “if a Hillman Grad,” comes give them assistance.  If they ask for a job, don’t send them to GOVERNMENT,  go get them yourself.  Feed them a good meal and let them know they are not alone.  If this is the actions of those that believe in Social Justice, then why do those same people push more and more GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE.  Oh, that’s right, the help is for those connected to the system, not the average black person.

They don’t mind making you feel all alone and helpless.  They don’t care if  you have to catch the bus downtown to the Social Services building and wait in line to be assigned your ration of food credits.  They don’t care if the black unemployment of those between the age of 17-40 is 29%, triple the national average.  No, none of those things matter because you didn’t go to Hillman, or Harvard, or Yale, or Tuskegee.  You received a hard knock education and therefore, you are dirty laundry.

To add insult to injury, they so intermingle Conservative Principles with Liberal Lies, that you can’t tell one from the other.  You need an example, OK.  Progressives/Liberals, those that believe in Social Justice, tell you to hate the rich.  They have money and they don’t want you to have any.  Yet, they say give someone a job.  Well, have you ever seen a poor person give another poor person a job?  S/O Glenn Beck.  So, isn’t that like telling you to bite the hand that feeds you?  Except if it the Democratic Party, of course.

But the best example is The Huxtable Family Unit.  Even without money, if they had the same cohesion, their kids would still be raised successfully because they had all they needed.  They learned about History from those that were there, consequences for their actions were enforced, and love and understanding always ended the show.  The very idea of Social Justice destroys this premise because it destroys the family. 

Parents are no longer judge and executor, now the public has a say.  If you teach your child to praise God openly, you better prepare to send them to a private school because the public school will dictate when and where prayer is acceptable.  You can’t tell a child, “You live under my roof, so you will follow my rules,” because the courts now say you have to give them 90 days to leave the house that you own.   You can try to teach a child consequences for their actions but as soon as they leave the house, the general population will tell them it’s the police, the man, or the system. 

 And if you keep them inside, turn off the TV and the Computer because shows like Cosby will teach them Social Justice.  They will show the results of Conservative Principles but will label them under Liberal Lies.  That’s why the good Dr. didn’t explain what he meant by Social Justice. He just let your mind assume it meant reaching your highest potential and then helping those in need.  That’s what us Conservatives believe.  The Liberal/Progressives, those that push Social Justice, believe in waiting on the Government to do it.  You know, sending you on public transportation.

If you didn’t believe before that they have been trying to indoctrinate you, I dare you take a look back at The Cosby Show; the Liberal success story after they filled the 70’s  with Jive Turkey.  Where are the food stamps, the public housing, or any form of Government assistance?  Did the first lady tell Cliff what to Eat or did Claire keep him in check?  Did any adult on that show tell the children “NOT” to listen to their parents and their advice?  Get Real.  It was a truly Conservative show that will forever be linked to an insanely Liberal idea.  Real Social Justice will come when we can separate the two.

A Boy Amongst Men

February 3rd, 2011 | By

I’m not an expert on Egypt. I’m starting to expand my knowledge of Islam but I am no expert on that subject either.  So, when I’m faced with a deficit of expertise and the pundits that appear on TV all have an agenda of their own, I’m forced to turn to the one thing I do know, Gangsta Movies.  If I can fit each person, or side, of a conflict into their appropriate places in Scarface, Casino, or Godfather, I can pretty much figure out how the story will end.

First there’s the Head of the Organization, or the Don; which in this case would be America.  Then there are the heads of all the families in the Organization; which in this case would be Egypt and Mubarak would be the head of the Egyptian Family.  Keep in mind that there are other families that rely on the loyalty and “mutual respect” from The Don.  There are also factions outside the Organization that would love to see the The Don fall and quickly take his place, but that’s what makes the “mutual respect” so important.  As long as The Don is even handed and allows the Men to be Men and handle their own affairs, they would support him whenever the need arises.  But when The Don starts to show favor, a lack of courage, or a waiving loyalty, the Organization is vulnerable to internal threats.

The Don sees the people start to rise up against the the head of the family and he is faced with a decision.  Now if he is blindly loyal to the head of the family, then he will show favor and there will be problems.  If he is totally against the head of the family, then he nods at his main man and the head of the family mysteriously disappears.  If he believes there is a compromise to be had, he forces both sides to come to the table and a compromise is made.  Each side walking away a little mad but knowing the Don’s word is Law.  But never is there a scenario where The Don publicly comes out and tells a head of family you must go, especially if The Don doesn’t have the stomach to fight.

Why?  Because this is a game of Men.  My meaning is not to lower the seriousness, more an attempt to let common sense rule over heart strings.  As an American, I would love to see freedom spread all over the world.  I know that Free Countries don’t go to war with each other.  Lately, I’ve had to become a realist.  The law of man and man’s behavior doesn’t change because the Liberals or Conservatives are in power.  It’s my main argument against Social Justice or Central Planning.  Men will be Men and no law or regulation is going to stop it.

Now, The Don has publicly come out against the head of a family and told him he needs to go.  He doesn’t have his troops waiting in the wing, he doesn’t have a counter-operative in the family to take over and satisfy both sides, nor does he take away all resources provided by the Organization.  What do you think happens next?  How do you tell a MAN, whether you like him or not, who has run a Country under total dictatorship for 30 years to “Go Now”?  How do you, a two year President, tell a MAN that has done the bidding of the United States of America for 30 years to “Go Now”?  And more importantly, how do you tell him to go when he knows you don’t have the spine to fight to him. 

This is a why a TRUE DON would’ve had Mubarak out on the second or third day of protest and left the country under Military Control.  A True Don, especially one that made it a point to visit Cairo and placate the Muslim population on his first trip abroad, would’ve had allies in place because he would’ve known that you don’t become a dictator without playing by a set of explicit rules.  He would know that to MEN their pride is way more valuable than any amount of money or political favor.  So, the head of the family strikes back and what we get is pictures of the Government of Egypt shooting gas canisters that bare our name into the crowd of angry citizens.  Now, Mubarak’s failure as a head has turned into a major problem in The Don’s Organization. 

All our allies who depended on our loyalty and “mutual respect” are now waiting for the moment when The Don tells them, to paraphase an Obama Czar, it’s time for you to step down to give others an opportunity at power.  They know if it ever comes down to a fight, The Don will not have their backs nor will he be the mediator that calms the storm.  It also leaves The Don’s family open and vulnerable because made-men are no longer respected or protected and the factions who have been waiting in the wing are Men and will take full advantage of the situation. To the head of family, who has seen his image hung from the Main Square, it’s no longer about the outcome;  now it’s, you will respect me.  The factions are now offering the loyalty The Don and head of the family lacked and the Organization begins the fight for it’s very survival.

But I’m no expert, I could be wrong.

David Bartholomew: The Absolute Definition of Insanity

October 19th, 2010 | By

I’m getting so tired.  I mean, it’s to the point, I think I’m talking to myself.

I made a promise to myself when I decided to become the President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of Virginia.  I promised I would Be Revolutionary Not Reactionary.  Lately, I’ve found I’m surrounded by people who just don’t get it.

The Joke


I went down this morning to sign up my Dog for welfare.

At first the lady said, “Dogs are not eligible to draw welfare”.

So I explained to her that my Dog is black, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and has no frigging clue who his Daddy is.

So she looked in her policy book to see what it takes to qualify…

My Dog gets his first check Friday.

Is this a great country or what?


How did you respond?  Did you laugh?  Did you look for the dose of reality in the joke that makes it funny?  Or did you follow the Sharpton/Jackson template and say “Off With His Head”?  Did you react to the stupidity of one man, who rightfully resigned, instead of focusing on the Revolutionary thought of using this as one of those “Teachable Moments”?

First of all say, Sad but True.  Black Unemployment is double the National Average.  How many jobs did Bartholomew’s resignation create?  One for the person that will take his position.  And that person will answer to the same network, make deals with the same circles, and probably show the same disrespect for the black community.  Why?  Because we don’t show up.

Now, some of my black conservatives should know what I mean by not showing up but I digress.   What I really mean is, we haven’t captured the hearts of OUR communities, so why should the GOP care?  Elections take money and we aren’t donating.  Why should they care?  Candidates get elected by having a majority of the votes.  How many new black voters have you brought to the GOP?

Why do we act like Liberals when it comes to situations like these?   Why do we get in a huff and puff mode of condemning someone, for something I’m sure we’ve all done, instead of pointing out that some of them are lazy.  Yet, a huge majority are hard-working and given the opportunity would become huge assets to any company.  How many men were inspired by Bartholomew’s resignation?

Why don’t we question why they can’t speak English?  Why can’t we say, the Democrats who control the school boards have more to do with making this joke funny than any other entity in this state.   We spend billions of dollars on Education and our kids are still failing to learn the basic essentials like reading, writing, or filling out a job applications.  How many kids will graduate High School since Bartholomew resigned?

Don’t we all complain that one of the major issues in the black community is the lack of a two parent home?  Why shouldn’t we use this moment to point out that the underlying principle of  this joke is, Democrats and their I care so much attitude, basically pushing us down to the point of dogs.  They created the cycle of poverty and deprivation but instead of focusing our attention on them, we focus on those we feel are closet to us.

That’s a shame.  The people in our Communities should be the ones closest to us.  They should be the ones WE tell this joke to and say, see what they’ve made you into.  A Republican might have forwarded the email but Democrats, through their policy, have made it a reality.  Which is worse?

We claim to be against black leaders who use the race card.    Yet, all we do is release a message when a White Person does something racist.  Well, I believe the most racist act is standing by when death is busy in OUR neighborhoods.  It’s not coming from an email.  It’s coming from a community shaped by Democratic policy.  When will we start making that case?

If It Talks Like a Bureaucrat and Gets Paid Like a Bureaucrat, Don’t Be Surprised There’s Oil in the Gulf

May 31st, 2010 | By

One of the first rules you learn as a child is if  it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, It’s a DUCK.  So, are you really surprised at the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico or the incompetence behind the clean-up?

Take heed as you read this article and look at the big picture.  This maybe one incident but it is the norm in Bureaucracies.  The bigger the Government grows, the less regulation we actually get.   The Elite of Big Government will always focus on what they want or need for their backers.  The small organizations and agencies propping up big government go unsupervised and therefore are prone to corruption because they hold tremendous power over a localized area or section of the economy.  

Since Obama became President, he has pushed his Agenda full force.  Like him or not, he will have his (SEIU, ACORN, you fill in the rest) will done.  With the Elite of the Federal Government focused on Healthcare, Cap N Trade,  and destroying the United States Financial Standing, are you surprised people at the Minerals Management Services were allowing BP to fill out their own evaluations?  Does it shock  you Elizabeth Birnbaum was fired, I mean “resigned”, even though she was an Obama pick for the position?    Are you wondering why the Federal Government had a plan of action in case an oil rig like Deep Water Horizon did explode, yet they didn’t have the actual materials to carry out that plan?

I’m going to give Obama a break on this one.  He is trying to take over an entire country, how in the world do you expect him to pay attention to an area so small?  He doesn’t have to worry about the workers getting sick off the dispersant’s BP is using to fool us about how much oil is actually under the surface, he’s assured those workers free Healthcare.  Why do I say it’s free?  Because they are now unemployed and their way of life is basically destroyed.  Oh, wait.  We’ve extended unemployment benefits, we’re taking care of them.

At the local level, you have Bobby Jindal.  An honest politician who acknowledges he doesn’t have the answers but knows doing nothing is not a proper course of action.   Governer Jindal wants to build land barriers to block the oil from reaching the shores of Louisiana.  Are you shocked the Federal Government actually OWNS the shoreline and the Bureaucrats in Washington are running test on what might happen instead of actually acting.   Are  you surprised politicians at the local level, with the exception of gems like Ray Nagin, have a far greater staked interest in prevention and clean-up? 

See, I’m not surprised.  I understand they are still trying to push a GREEN bill, even while we are currently facing the greatest Eco-disaster in our country.  In fact, I expect them to try to pass Cap N Trade with some money and resources allotted for the Gulf.  Come on, how could you vote against helping the clean up in the Gulf, even if it means raising energy cost to every single person in the country?  Never let a crisis go to waste.

It doesn’t shock me people at MMS were accepting bribes, sexual favors, and lump sums of cash.  They know they are expendable.  They know how their industries work.  They are going to get all they can, while they can and do you really blame them?  They can take the money, gifts, title and experience and move some where else in the country not affected by the mess they created.  The American Dream, right?!?!?!?

I’m actually glad America is getting to see what an actual executive looks like in Bobby Jindal.  I watch Jindal when he tries to speak on the National stage, nervous and reserved,  but let him talk about the state of Louisiana and you can understand why we need to restore the Republic.  Individuals elected at the local level should have the authority to handle local issues.  Not only should they have the authority, they should have the responsibility.  The Federal Government sticking it’s nose in thinking it knows what’s best, allows situations like Katrina and this spill to occur.  States now wait and some actually expect the Federal government to come in and save them.  What happened to States that legislate, defend, and protect their own boarders because that’s the role allotted to them by the Founders.

Before Obama signed the Healthcare bill we were shouting to the roof tops, do you want your Doctor’s Appointments to be run like the DMV, Social Services offices, or the Post Office.  Now I question, do you want your Healthcare run like this Oil Spill?  What about your energy?  What would happen if the Government controlled all our electricity, a bureaucrat was watching porn, and some how the lights went out.  Forty-Five days later they still can’t solve the problem but some lowly person you’ve never heard of has been fired. 

That is Big Government.  If it walks Like a Duck and Talks like a Duck, you better go and join a Tea Party.

Racism vs Elitism: Which Game are You Playing?

April 19th, 2010 | By

This article is weeks in the making.  I’ve actually sat at the computer and started to write four time already, to no avail.  I really don’t want to write another race article, yet God has put it on my heart  so here we go.

What is Racism?  Dictionary Definition- a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.   WOW! 

This leads me to all sorts of questions.   Let’s start with America’s most known racist, the KKK.   The Ku Klux Klan was created by Democrats after the Civil War.   After the Confederates defeat, there were a lot of soldiers and land owners who wanted to maintain White Supremacy.   Why?  If they we’re really Racist, they would be unafraid of giving blacks their freedom.  In fact, they were cowards afraid to compete.

Just think about it.  These white men had been taught their whole lives that they were the cream of the crop.  They were the race that God put here to dominate America but in their heart of hearts, they knew better.  They had seen the Black Men in the fields and they knew they could not outwork them.   They knew the only thing standing in the way of Black People rising to take over the South was lack of education.    Now they were no longer in the position to deny them that right. 

Blacks outnumbered whites in the South, so if they found out they could vote, it was all over.  This is what sparked the KKK.  FEAR!   Fear they were not pre-destined to greatness.  Fear they were really equal to blacks, therefore we had to be put in our place.   Fear of their own inferiority.  So, were they racist or  elitist, thrown from their mis-placed high perch? 

Their mothers and fathers, not God, gave them the feeling of Superiority.  They were Elitist.  Dictionary Definition-  the socially superior part of society or a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence.   As long as slavery existed, they could control the minds of the people and keep their social stature.  Elites are always scared to compete.  That’s why Kings, Queens, and Slave Owners ruled with absolute power.  Who are you to question me?

I’ve run this concept across a couple of people and I get the same reaction from those who disagree, just look at the Nazis’.  Ok but first we have to look at the Jews.  What is the primary argument used to justify hating the Jews?  Most say, “they crucified Jesus”.  Ok, they played their part in God’s will.  What else you got?

The real reason Jews are hated is because they are perceived as the pervayers of money and power.   They are the reason this group is poor or that group is unhappy.  They have  been used as a scapegoat all throughout History to redirect a nation’s hatred away from the “ELITES” that rape and plunder private property and personal funds.  Just blame the Jews.

Now, if you are Hitler and you already have the people, what’s next?  If you were really that secure in the dominance of the Blue-Eyed Blond-Haired race why not build a nation on that dominance?  Like, “German People stand up, strap up your bootstraps and let’s show the rest of the world how a perfect White Society looks”.  Instead, it became “if we could only get rid of the Jews”.  Why?  Are Germans so inferior that you have to eliminate all other ethnicities to be successful? 

This is Cowardice, not Superiority.  Are Germans incapable of practicing frugality?  Are they to stupid to manage, stack, and re-invest the resources and capital within their society?  Why is their whole existence predicated on the extinction of another race?  Nazi’s were not racist, they were Elitist who believed they could forge a perfect society once they became the only strong group.  While all Jews were sought after, those who owned land, businesses, and personal wealth were the first to go. 

This is the part where I really piss some people off.  If the definition holds true, we are the most racist people on the planet and to make it worse, most of our racism is targeted back towards ourselves.   We were taught by our mothers and fathers, “A white man doesn’t want a black man to succeed”.  Does this actually affect a Black Person’s ability to succeed?  Only if that Black Person believes they are inferior.

And as a community, we have brought into this notion hook, line, and sinker.    “They” want Black Communities to fail and we stand and watch as they crumble.  “They” don’t represent us and our needs in Government, so we stand back and let them make the decisions for us.    “They” want to see our Black men in prison, so we sell drugs and shoot each other to make their job easier.  Here comes the million dollar question, WHO is THEY?

Are “They” white men in sheets or are “They” the black people that convinced our mothers and fathers we needed government?  I ask this question because I’ve been learning my history.  When those white men were running around afraid to show who they really were, Blacks were building towns, industry, and healthy, happy families.  While those white men hung us from trees and burnt down our churches, we were taking our rightful place in the food chain of America.  For all the hate and destruction perpetrated by the KKK, in actuality, they were a complete failure as a group.  We beat them by building, when all they could do was destroy.

While white racism towards blacks may still exist in America, is it the true force behind our ills?  Take a look back at the footage of the Civil Rights movement.  Most Blacks were in suits and dresses with their heads held high as they marched through White neighborhoods unafraid.  They didn’t care what White people thought, maybe because they had white people marching along side them, they marched because of their own strength and dignity.  They owned homes, businesses, and were productive members of society, whether a white man wanted them to be or not.

So how did we get to thinking we have to take everything from White People to be successful Black People?  When did our existence start to depend on the extermination or degradation of another racial group?  When did we become Cowards afraid to compete because of our own inferiority?  I don’t believe this is who we truly are.  I believe we are powerful beyond measure when we count on ourselves instead of focusing on tearing down someone else.

Where did our current lack of self-sufficiency begin?  In my opinion, it started in the 1920’s with W.E.B. DuBois.  While Progressives like Margaret Sanger were trying to develop means to destroy the black community, DuBois stepped in and said Wait.  All blacks are not inferior.  There are 10% of us who are equal to white people.  The other 90% can be controlled by us Black Elites.  What percentage of the black vote did Obama receive?

Then the Civil Rights movement began.  We wanted to prove we were equals and all we demanded was an equal playing field.   This movement wasn’t started by the Elite.  It was started by a single black woman, Rosa Parks, who had enough pride and dignity within herself to say enough is enough.  She became a national treasure because she showed the strength of a single American to start a Revolution.

And where were the Elites?  They were negotiating with President Kennedy.  It didn’t matter to them that Kennedy had both Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X under government surveillance, it only mattered that they be the one’s that officially broker the deal of Civil Rights.  How upset the Talented Tenth, DuBois’ Elite 10%, must have been to have the 90% of inferior citizens move mountains.

After King’s Death, the Elite went right to work within the Democratic Party.  They missed their chance to win over the black community, who still voted Republican, and they were hell bent on proving their superiority.   They were now amongst the Elites from the KKK, the Elites from the Progressives, and the Elites of the Unions.   

If you are a White Democrat and you want to secure the black vote, you must now go through the Black Elite.  And this is where we have been for the last Forty Years.  It doesn’t matter if a Democrat has our best interest at heart, it only matters they are accepted by those who presume they are the Cream of the Black Crop.  The Jesse Jacksons’ throw out accusations of a Racist America, when they are Millionaires.  The Al Sharptons’ preach on “fairness” and “social justice”, without explaining what they mean is Socialism.    They make it seem like being Black in America is a plague, yet they are invited to all the parties, galas, and conventions with the other Elites.

And we are left to argue over Race.  We still talk in Black and White, while the Elites have moved on to giving favors to the Unions, Car Companies, Banks, and other Financial Institutions.  Slowly but surely, this generation of perceived Black Elites are learning a hard lesson.  Barack Obama didn’t come up through the traditional “Harlem” channels.  He didn’t seek out Al Sharpton, he had Andy Stern.  He didn’t seek out Jesse Jackson, he had “Chicago Politics”.  And now they are surprised there is no “Black Agenda”.

We must stop talking race and start talking Financial Freedom.  We must stop waiting for Government to be “FAIR” and “SAVE” us, we must begin building the life boats to save ourselves. We must declare our own equality copying those before us.  We must build.  We can no longer play the game of React and Destroy, remember you reap what you sow.  We can no longer accept someone else’s failure as our only access to success.  We’ve done it before, can we do it again?

April to Celebrate Democratic Confederacy/May to Celebrate Republican Reconstruction

April 8th, 2010 | By

If I were petty and racially-driven, I would be upset with my Virginia Governor Bob McDonell.  His decision to call April Confederate History Month has sparked anger with Black Democrats across the state.  Black Republicans within the state are now scrambling to answer calls of “Uncle Tom” and “Traitor”.    As the newly named President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of Virginia, I am left looking at this as an opportunity.

Ironically, a couple weeks ago at the Frederick Douglass Foundation Leadership Summit, I got to ask Va Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli a question on this very topic.  I pointed out the rather large Robert E. Lee Statue is celebrated in Richmond as a part of Democratic History in Va.  I asked the Attorney General when will we start to celebrate Virginia’s Republican History?   I contrasted the Robert E. Lee Statue against the Maggie Walker House and the former Black Wall Street only a few blocks away.

He gave the best non-answer a person can give, he plainly stated he didn’t know about the History of which I spoke.   O.K.  I’m giving him to much credit.  He rambled on and on until it was plain to see he couldn’t answer my question because he didn’t know the History of which I spoke.  Yet, I held no ill will.  It would be like inviting me to a fancy dinner and asking me to point out the salad fork, not going to happen.

Most of the Black Residents of Virginia don’t know the Republican History in this State.  Since most of that History is centered around Blacks, maybe we can play a little game.  April is Confederate History Month, where we learn how Virginia Democrats seceded from the Union to keep their slaves and May can be Reconstruction History Month, where we learn what Black Republicans did during that time period to enhance Va culture, education, and financial freedom.

We all know the name Langston  Hughes but very few know the name, John Mercer Langston.   He was the famous poets Great Uncle and one of the first Black Republicans to obtain a United States Congressional Seat.  Since this happened after the Civil War, it won’t be celebrated by McDonnell’s little proclamation.   And there in lies the problem.  We give the preception of celebrating Southern History with Southern Pride,  yet we leave out Southerners of color who stayed to improve the conditions of the newly freed slaves. 

So, my question is “Why celebrate and give notice to the Democratic Legacy in Virginia, if you are a Republican Governor?”  Where is your Republican Southern Pride?  Now, I can understand why White Republicans don’t officially go after the Black Population.  I’ll give credit to McDonnell.  He had multiple Black Republicans working on and supporting his campaign but did he stop to think how this decision would affect them?

Before I follow the racial path and shout, “Don’t these White Republicans know what us Black Republicans have to go through just to represent our party,” I’ll instead offer a different point of view for the Republicans in power.  If you don’t know how to communicate with the black community, then how about reaching out to the young Conservatives on College Campuses?

Maybe you can point out how Hampton University started with classes under an Oak Tree by a single teacher, Mary Smith Peake.  Explain how, under Union protection as “Contraband”,  free blacks flocked to Republican Strongholds for Safety and Education.   Enlighten Virginians on how Rich and Affluent Republicans gave huge donations that turned that tree into an Emancipation Oak.  Then that Emancipation Oak into a little brown cottage.  Then that little brown cottage into  Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, and now it’s Hampton University, a proud HBCU.  Just for kicks, add the fact that Booker T. Washington, an abolitionist entrenched in the Republican Reconstruction graduated from Hampton University.

Since I brought up John Mercer Langston earlier, let’s see what we can say to college students at Virginia State University.  Let me bring up another name most Virginians, black or white, don’t know; Robert Russa Moton.

   The next morning I asked my father about the school for coloured people, which was being projected under the influence of General Mahone at Petersburg, now a State Normal School. He told me much about it. It was to open the following fall. The Hon. John M. Langston, he said, a coloured man who was as well educated as any white person that he knew of, was to be the president. He said I might go if I wished and that he would do what he could to help me. It being a state school, and he having certain strong friends in the Republican Party (General Mahone among them), Hon. B.S. Hooper, a member of Congress from the Fourth Congressional District of Virginia, would probably arrange for me to have a scholarship.”

When VSU was still Virginia Normal and Collegiate Institute, blacks seeked out Republicans to help them aquire an education.  No wonder J. W. Langston became the schools first President.  You know, the same man who broke Virginia’s racial lines to become an elected official.  Because of Republican efforts in education, Robert Russa Moton was able to follow in Booker T. Washington’s footsteps to become Principal of the Tuskegee Institute.

We can stop by Virginia Union University.  We can show how Religious Groups, along with the Republican Party, stood up to Virginia Democrats to teach released slaves about their heritage.  Slavery had ripped the titles Father, Mother, and Family from the black vernacular and VUU played an important role in returning the family unit.  Then we can go to St. Paul’s College and Norfolk State.  Same message for every school, the Republican Party has played a major role in establishing some of the most prominent colleges in Va.

So why is Confederate History Month so important?  Who is McDonnell really trying to impress with this edict of respect?  This is my only problem with Reaganomics.  It leads modern day conservatives to believe the Republican Party started with Ronald Reagan.  What about Carter Woodson, Sojournor Truth, and how many more that held the Republican label as a badge of Honor long before the Cold War.  Is there any importance in this History, while you are picking and choosing which History to celebrate?

This whole mess has presented me with the answer to a long held question.  Why is the Republican Party unable to connect with the Black Community?  I’m convinced I’ve come up with an answer.  Most Republicans don’t know the full extent of Republican History, as demonstrated by my Attonery Generals’ lack of an answer, and most Blacks don’t know the full realm of Black History, as evident by the majority of Black Citizens assuming Democrats have their best wishes at heart.  If both groups would brush up on their History, they would realize it’s one in the same.  You can’t celebrate the Republican Party without Blacks and you can’t celebrate Black History without Republicans.

With all that being said and as a precursor to insults and judgements sure to be hurled my way, I offer this bit of solace.  I am a Revolutionary, not a reactionary.  I won’t accept Foodstamps as a solution to poverty because Bob McDonnell wants to celebrate the Confederacy.  I won’t accept Obamacare because he didn’t mention slavery in his declaration.  I will not be led by the collar on the basis of race by either party.  Instead I will do what those great black Republicans did before me and make a way when elements on both sides are praying for my downfall.

Harry Reid Turns Conservatives into Racial Victims!

January 12th, 2010 | By

Here we go again.  I’m beginning to think the strength in the Republican party is reaction.  This coming from the party that wants to be proactive in every other arena.  But when it comes to the Obama Administration and its destruction of our country, Republicans wait until its politically sound to speak up.

Then to add insult to injury, they play the Liberal game.  Harry Reid has taken a racial statement from his own mouth and used it as a weapon against the GOP.   Instead of sticking up for the 1st amendment and an idiots right to get caught with his foot in his mouth, they want to label Republicans as victims.  What?

Isn’t that what we’re fighting against?  Political Correctness that hinders our ability to stop a terrorist from getting on a plane because we don’t want to point out his ethnicity.  I mean isn’t that what all this profiling talk is about?  Destroying political correctness?

You have the Leader of the Senate, Harry Reid,  caught telling his own self truth.  His mind still reverts to a time when we were called “Negro” and I’m guessing he didn’t hang with many black English Professors during that period.  So let’s put two and two together.  During the time period when he fought for us lil ol’ Negros, he didn’t know any of us, or at least none that matched his standard of what was acceptable?

This is another example of how the Democratic Elite views minority communities!  WAKE UP!  Either you are light- skinned or you’re pookie.  Remember, house nigger and field nigger, same difference.  A white man in a position of power just divided our race into the acceptable and the unacceptable and the blacks around him defend it.  What group do you think they’re in and what do you think they label you?

Why isn’t that the focus of all the condemnation?  Harry Reid told the truth and the Democrats that surround him are assisting him in getting off the hook.  I’m not talking about losing his Leadership position, I’m talking about forcing Liberals to have a real conversation on Race and their true held beliefs.   Are they fighting for minorities because its the right thing to do?  Or do they hold the “Helter Skelter” mentality that one day we’ll destroy ourselves and beg for their wisdom?

Instead, we’re talking about Trent Lott and Strom Thurman and I have yet to hear anyone point out Thurman was in a segregationlist splinter cell of the Democratic Party.  They say Dixiecrat, like we don’t know what they’re talking about. 

(For those that don’t know; A Nutshell:  Strom Thurman, the man they vehemently oppose and are offended by, was a DEMOCRAT.  He broke from the main branch of the party to a splinter group, the Dixiecrats.  These are “White Power” Democrats who were mad at the party’s attempt to undo their champion, (DEMOCRAT) Woodrow Wilson’s federal segegregation laws.  They were fighting with other Democrats about how openly racist they should be.)

And that’s where we are, Democrats still fighting about what level of racism is allowed and by whom.  By becoming VICTIMS, Republicans miss the opportunity to point out truth.  We have a first amendment, Reid knew there would be no legel reprecussions for his comment. Why were these comments made in private?    Why did he call Rev. Al Sharpton to apologize?  I’ve got the answer to these questions, but you’ll have to tune in to WHWDRADIO  Wednesday at 6 p.m. eastern to hear it.

Are You “Pookie”?

December 21st, 2009 | By

(to get all references watch New Jack City)

Seriously, do you remember Pookie?  “Prom Queen?  You ain’t nothing but a Prom Fiend.”   You know, New Jack City Pookie.

Is this the image in the mind of policy makers when they think about the minority community?  Are we all “Pookies” and “Prom Fiends” that need the federal government to provide us with hope?  For just a moment, I want to take a look back at the life of “Pookie”.

Pookie was an addict, a straight up funky, junkie.  The absolute example of buying what you want and begging for what you need.  Until one man reached out to him; watched him during the shakes, encouraged him during the weak moments, and refused to let him fail.  A single man lifted a weary and broken soul. 

 It took the government to destroy it.  Good intentions, yes.  Bad outcome, always.  After Pookie cleaned himself up and got his life on track, government gave him a job.  They sent him back to the very same streets that trapped him in the first place.

Was this in Pookie’s best interest?  No, even though in government eyes,  it was in the best interest of the community.  A man that decides to go back and help his community is one thing, forcing- by guilt or “moral obligation”- is completely different.  Pookie could’ve developed his own personal way of giving back, instead Government to the rescue.

Governments’ good intentions were wrong, Pookie self-destructed and died, and to top it off the bad guy got away.  That is, until a single man with bad intentions did what the Government could not.

Are you O.K. with being compared to “Pookie”?  I’m not the trivial type,  I use mass associations all the time but POOKIE.  I’d use Nino before I used POOKIE.  Pookie is what dealers call fiends when they are too unimportant to remember their names.  I can only see this one of two ways; either it’s an insult and the black elite think that Pookieitis is rampant amongst us or as middle class black Americans we are not on Governments radar.

I don’t buy into Pookieitis.  I believe most black Americans-poor, rich and in between- are really capitalist at heart.  Given the chance, they would prefer working to build wealth over government hand outs.  If Pookieitis were to exist the remedy would be capitalist training, the basic understanding if you want to be rich, you have to learn to live poor.  Sacrifice.

I believe its more about middle class minorities grouping themselves amongst those that need the most help.  Government doesn’t see it that way.  You are not an example they can hold up for the suffering in Urban Communities.  They can’t point to you as a prime motivation for why wealth redistribution is necessary.  You are not dependent on Government for your home, food, car, clothes, health insurance, or anything else.  You are privileged.   

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.  It doesn’t matter how hard or how long you worked and sacrificed to maintain your lifestyle, the only thing that matters is you have it and somebody else doesn’t.  So when I say “Pookie” is an insult, I mean its insulting you would voluntarily demean your work ethic and urge to excel by cheering for policy meant to reduce you back to “Pookie”.

Until They Blame YOU!

December 16th, 2009 | By

Hurry, we need to pass Healthcare.  Let’s blame big pharma. 

We can’t.  We made a deal with them.  They go along with healthcare, we won’t allow Canadian medicine into America.

O.K. Blame Canada. 

We don’t want to say anything bad about the healthcare system we’re trying to force on Americans, plus I think South Park already took that line.

Then Blame Doctors

The people don’t believe their doctor would cut off their foot for profit

Blame Insurance Companies

That could work. 

I question, Who’s next?

Hurry, we need to save the Planet.  Let’s blame Car Companies

We can’t.  We own car companies now.

Climate Change Opposition, blame them

That’s about 72% of all Americans, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Why didn’t I think of this before?  Let’s blame Big Oil

Again?  How about if we add the coal industry this time, change it up a bit.

I question, Who’s next?

Hurry, we need jobs.  Blame Bush

That was easy.

We still need jobs.

Blame Bush.

Ahhhh….That’s not working anymore

Blame Wallstreet

We’re telling Wallstreet to stop paying people.  I don’t think that would work.

Do I have to do everything?  Blame Banks for not lending.

We’re telling the Bankers they participated in risky behavior that caused our Country to slip into a deep depression.  Now you want them to go back to that risky behavior with the American Taxpayer backing them up?

Just Blame the Bankers and Bush.  That should work

 I question, Who’s next?

We are getting the Government we deserve.  Yet, no one is placing the blame at our footsteps.  We want a Government that obeys the will of the people and that’s what we have.  A Government that blames someone else for the problems they create, just like many of us do in our personal lives.  When things go wrong  because of personal decisions, we can easily point at Republicans or Democrats and say they are the problem.  Why should we be surprised our Government reflects that?

So, let’s get to the question at hand.  Who’s next?   I mean, when everything hits the fan and the blame game is no longer fun, who will be left holding all the chips?  Government!  While we’re busy paying attention to Tiger Woods and White House party crashers, the Executive Branch is collecting and consolidating power.  What happens when America wakes up and Government has complete power to place blame?

American Citizens, we blame you for the exorbitant cost of healthcare.  You and your drinking alcohol, soda, and milk.  You think you have the right to free healthcare when you eat meat, don’t get enough exercise, and spend all day combing the Internet for new information on what we’re doing.  You got your free abortion, why are you complaining because Granny can’t get a hip replacement?  You will live by our rules because we know what’s good for you.

What happens when there is nothing you can do about it?  At least with insurance, you could go to government with a grievance. 

American Citizens, we blame you for the destruction of our planet.  You and your big screen t.v.’s, monster SUV’s, and big houses.  You think the planet will keep on spinning if you continue to have multiple child families, dogs and cats for pets, and keep multiplying the cattle population?  Do you know the carbon foot print of farting cows, crying babies, and animals you can’t eat?  You have experienced the privilege of Capitalism and you squandered it, now you will bow to the will of  Government.

American Citizens, we blame you for the lack of jobs.  Where is your ambition?  Where is your desire not to settle?  We gave you high minimum wage, the right to a union, and a Trillion dollar stimulus.   And what about unemployment benefits, we gave you two years and you still need a job.  Don’t worry, we’ll give you what you seek.   I’ve got an opening to dig and refill ditches.

Realize  none of these things are your fault, unless you believe the standard of living in America is too advanced compared to the rest of the world.  The rest of us shouldn’t be blamed for the price of healthcare, the destruction of our planet or lack of jobs.  That blame rightly falls on the politicians in Washington.  Our fault lies in continuing to send the same people back to represent us.

We send them back with no punishment for earmarks, violating the Constitution or refusing to hear the will of the people; then we wonder why all we ever see is blame instead of results.  If you’re a Republican, you blame the Democrats.  If you’re a Democrat, you blame the Republicans. 

To steal a phrase from Rev. Wright, “When will the American Domestic agenda chickens come home to roost?’  And how will we respond when the Democrats and the Republicans have the power to put the blame and consequence directly on our shoulders?