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A Socialist Playing in a Communist Sandbox

February 2nd, 2011 | By Sonnie

I’m going to piss some people off with this one.

In completing more research for an upcoming project, I had a rather revealing thought.  Why did Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have everyone  sign a pledge of non-violence?  I mean, he was a preacher, was it not in his power to put trust in his people and their faith in God?  The pieces of the puzzle didn’t fit into place until I watched Al Sharpton on Bill O’Reilly goating the host to admit King was a Socialist.  Let me fill you in on a couple facts; It’s Black History Month, after all.

Democrats, especially the Talented Tenth Black Democrats, will often remind us to be grateful to Democratic President Harry Truman for desegregating the military.  They forget to mention that Democratic President Woodrow Wilson re-segregated the military and all government offices but I digress.  What I find extremely interesting is they don’t give the Black man who forced Truman’s hand any credit.  I have never heard a black teacher, politician, or clergyman mention the name A. Philip Randolph.  In case you haven’t heard his name, he was the father of Black Unionization.  You should really research him.  He was an Atheist, a Communist, and a very talented community organizer.  He had a dream, long before Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream, of having a march on Washington.  Randolph threatened Truman with that dream and Truman compitulated signing a Executive Order to de-segregate the military.  Why don’t we know this history?

Well, maybe, it’s the fact it had nothing to do with Civil Rights.  It had everything to do with garnering more power for the the Unions.  Randolph wasn’t mad at the treatment of the average black person, he was more concerned with those paying union dues.   He didn’t care that black men where fighting in American wars for freedom, he was mad Unions with Black members were being left out of Government contracts.  He didn’t approach a Democratic President with the wonderful idea of equality because he knew the Democrats were there to help, he did it because he knew the Unions were spreading around money and politicians, on both sides, like money.  Now, don’t blame Randolph for his loyalty to the Union.  It’s not his fault that when he tried to take the message of communism to the poor blacks, they refused to buy into his non-sense.  It seems people, even poor black people, can find happiness in God and Family; they weren’t filled with hate, like they “should” have been.

Fast forward a decade or two and we’re smack dab in the middle of the Civil Rights of the ’60’s.  A. Philip Randolph is now working with the newly merged AFL-CIO, who is openly courting the Democratic Party.    The AFL, which during the early part of the century didn’t allow unskilled, or Black, workers to join, now had a price to pay to get the black community to forgive their racism of the past.  So they stuck with the strategy that brought Planned Parenthood success, the Negro Project.  In other parts of the country, a ground swell of the people was starting to form under the leadership of  a young Reverend from Georgia.  Taking his dream and everything he’d learned; Blacks aren’t very accepting of Communism,  Blacks didn’t follow Atheist, and all politicians like money, A. Philip Randolph and his Union began to court Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“The first requisite for the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion.” Karl Marx

My theory is based on believing King knew this.  It’s based on my belief that he was truly a man of God and a force of good.  But I have serious questions.  In looking back at pictures of his rallies and pictures in my daughters books based on the Reverends life, there are Communist signs everywhere.  “We have the RIGHT to a job”, which if you read the actual Manifesto, you actually have an “obligation” to work, which is a totally different ball of wax.  “Workers of the World, Unite”, which always begs the question of what about the people who don’t work?  Or did I answer that question in my first example?  Again, I digress.  At the same time I was asking myself these questions, Al Sharpton appears on my T.V.  “So, you will admit King was a Socialist?”  Sharpton asked O’Reilly desperately prodding the host to say the words he’d been dying to say for years.

Then it all hit me.  Why did Rev. Dr. Martin King make all the protestors sign a non-violence pledge?  He knew he was playing in a Communist Sandbox.  A man under the pressures of King would’ve known everyone he was working with.  He would’ve made sure people were checked for affiliations or at least his people would’ve checked.  Like every other Public Speaker, he would’ve known what the crowd wanted to hear and he would’ve known the right buttons to push in a Union crowd.  That also means he would’ve known how they would re-act.  He knew that he could control his church population, his new Union allies, not so much.  So, Rev. King’s non-violence, God-fearing policy brought in the people where the Communist had failed and A. Philip Randolph sat back and watched “HIS” dream come true.  A Black Communist March on Washington, who cares if it was cloaked in the righteousness of Civil Rights.  It also accomplished a Democratic Party goal, it began the purging of all their racist history as well.  In one fell swoop, with a Reverend in the lead, the black community was set to vote on policies that would get us to Socialism.

To tie it all together, if you read Marx, there is a road map to Communism.  The roadmap starts at Democracy, then Socialism, and eventually Communism.  If you get a majority dependent on Government, then you’ll have Socialism.  During the Socialist period, the common people will “adjust” to their new reality.  Then a powerful force will take power and the transition to Communism will be complete. Funny thing about Socialist like Sharpton, they seem to not know their history.  When Communist take over, the first thing they do is “get rid” of all the Socialist.  There can be no middle ground, either you are for us or against us.  If I were a Socialist, I would take this into consideration when I’m playing in a Communist Sandbox.

The Dream Act of Black Irrelevancy

January 24th, 2011 | By Sonnie

On election night 2010, Harry Reid’s re-election to the Senate put the final nail in the coffin of the Black relevance.  I didn’t understand, at the time, the impact that one race held for black communities all around the United States of America.  Blacks in Nevada didn’t show up for Harry Reid but the Hispanics did.  In the end, the majority leader in the Senate got 70% of a ever growing electorate.

Why does this matter to the black community?  We once again proved we can’t be trusted to show up,  even with Barack Obama as our President.  We can sing my Presidents’ Black and all those dumb songs but when it’s time to put up or shut up, we can’t be found.  Is it any wonder Senator Harry Reid is going full speed ahead with the Dream Act, a stealth form of Amnesty?   As Obama said, “reward your friends and punish your enemies”.

This concept was reinforced  when I attended the Republican Party of Virginia’s Advance.  The rank and file Republicans showed up and were seated on time.  The minority leadership, on the other hand, thought it was more important chit chat with the powers that be.  When we finally did get started, thirty minutes late and minus a moderator, I learned a lesson of how blacks are viewed by other minorities.  The Hispanic population in Virginia has grown by 18% in the last ten years, the Vietnamese population has grown by 18%, and the Black population by 1.2%.  As it stands, blacks in Virginia are now the third minority group, after Whites and Hispanics.  They made sure to point this out numerous times during the presentation, basically telling all the people in the crowd who were asking how to reach the black community, “why bother?”.

On our side  was me and an older black gentleman, who spent the entire time telling everyone in the room how long he’s been a Republican.  As I sat in frustration and anger, staring at the ceiling to prevent myself from saying something I shouldn’t, I remembered an experience I had over the summer.  I walked into a convenience store and there was a conversation between the two black employees.   One woman said, “times are hard and they won’t give us any help.”  The other woman replied, “you have to be a foreigner to get anything these days.”  I looked at the panel, of which I was the only born American, and thought “look what we’ve done to ourselves”.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the forefathers of Communism/Socialism/Progressivism, believed some groups didn’t belong in a socialized society.  “Racial trash” is the name they gave to the groups who hadn’t even evolved into a capitalist state yet.  Every ethnicity in America has built it’s own network, except the black community.  I’ll say it again, if you want to find Communism/Socialism/Progressivism, then look to the black community.  Our blood, sweat and tears have stained every aspect of this country, but other than incomplete history books, we have nothing to show for it.   No local businesses, large property ownership, or successful communities to use as a model.  Every Black neighborhood is invaded by Democrats and left to falter into “traps”.  Either we have no interest in voting, have felonies and can’t vote, or vote blindly for the Democratic Party.

The irony lies in the Dream Act.  We have so dwindled our numbers with Abortion and Incarceration, we don’t realize the American Dream is being handed to someone else.  Here’s the rub, I don’t blame the Illegal Aliens for coming to America.  America is the greatest country on planet Earth and if I lived in Mexico, I would try to cross the boarder as well.  With that being said, I was born in America and my loyalty lies with what’s best for this country.  I’m also aware that many Mexican-Americans believe the best thing for this country is to forgo the Black Vote and legalize as many Illegal Aliens as possible.  You can see it’s beginning with Illegal Aliens being counted in the Census.  They can’t vote but their numbers can be used to select representation.  You can see the Democratic push in Al Sharpton spending the entire summer lobbying the Country for “Brown People”.  What about the Black people who have been supporting you for years and have a 18% unemployment rate.  Do you think the two could be problems of the same coin? More unskilled illegals, less unskilled jobs for those in the Black Community that need a hand up, not a hand out.

While we’re busy worrying if the Tea Party is racist, the real racial impact is coming from those that will legislate the Black Community into irrelevancy, yet again.  They push Abortion,  they push more regulation which leads to more laws and reasons to lock you up, and they push Amnesty which replaces our numbers with a fresh new stock of people.    And the Black Elite stand beside them as Champions of the little man.  When will we wake up and realize the Dream Act is a nightmare for Black America?

Racism vs Elitism: Which Game are You Playing?

April 19th, 2010 | By Sonnie

This article is weeks in the making.  I’ve actually sat at the computer and started to write four time already, to no avail.  I really don’t want to write another race article, yet God has put it on my heart  so here we go.

What is Racism?  Dictionary Definition- a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.   WOW! 

This leads me to all sorts of questions.   Let’s start with America’s most known racist, the KKK.   The Ku Klux Klan was created by Democrats after the Civil War.   After the Confederates defeat, there were a lot of soldiers and land owners who wanted to maintain White Supremacy.   Why?  If they we’re really Racist, they would be unafraid of giving blacks their freedom.  In fact, they were cowards afraid to compete.

Just think about it.  These white men had been taught their whole lives that they were the cream of the crop.  They were the race that God put here to dominate America but in their heart of hearts, they knew better.  They had seen the Black Men in the fields and they knew they could not outwork them.   They knew the only thing standing in the way of Black People rising to take over the South was lack of education.    Now they were no longer in the position to deny them that right. 

Blacks outnumbered whites in the South, so if they found out they could vote, it was all over.  This is what sparked the KKK.  FEAR!   Fear they were not pre-destined to greatness.  Fear they were really equal to blacks, therefore we had to be put in our place.   Fear of their own inferiority.  So, were they racist or  elitist, thrown from their mis-placed high perch? 

Their mothers and fathers, not God, gave them the feeling of Superiority.  They were Elitist.  Dictionary Definition-  the socially superior part of society or a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence.   As long as slavery existed, they could control the minds of the people and keep their social stature.  Elites are always scared to compete.  That’s why Kings, Queens, and Slave Owners ruled with absolute power.  Who are you to question me?

I’ve run this concept across a couple of people and I get the same reaction from those who disagree, just look at the Nazis’.  Ok but first we have to look at the Jews.  What is the primary argument used to justify hating the Jews?  Most say, “they crucified Jesus”.  Ok, they played their part in God’s will.  What else you got?

The real reason Jews are hated is because they are perceived as the pervayers of money and power.   They are the reason this group is poor or that group is unhappy.  They have  been used as a scapegoat all throughout History to redirect a nation’s hatred away from the “ELITES” that rape and plunder private property and personal funds.  Just blame the Jews.

Now, if you are Hitler and you already have the people, what’s next?  If you were really that secure in the dominance of the Blue-Eyed Blond-Haired race why not build a nation on that dominance?  Like, “German People stand up, strap up your bootstraps and let’s show the rest of the world how a perfect White Society looks”.  Instead, it became “if we could only get rid of the Jews”.  Why?  Are Germans so inferior that you have to eliminate all other ethnicities to be successful? 

This is Cowardice, not Superiority.  Are Germans incapable of practicing frugality?  Are they to stupid to manage, stack, and re-invest the resources and capital within their society?  Why is their whole existence predicated on the extinction of another race?  Nazi’s were not racist, they were Elitist who believed they could forge a perfect society once they became the only strong group.  While all Jews were sought after, those who owned land, businesses, and personal wealth were the first to go. 

This is the part where I really piss some people off.  If the definition holds true, we are the most racist people on the planet and to make it worse, most of our racism is targeted back towards ourselves.   We were taught by our mothers and fathers, “A white man doesn’t want a black man to succeed”.  Does this actually affect a Black Person’s ability to succeed?  Only if that Black Person believes they are inferior.

And as a community, we have brought into this notion hook, line, and sinker.    “They” want Black Communities to fail and we stand and watch as they crumble.  “They” don’t represent us and our needs in Government, so we stand back and let them make the decisions for us.    “They” want to see our Black men in prison, so we sell drugs and shoot each other to make their job easier.  Here comes the million dollar question, WHO is THEY?

Are “They” white men in sheets or are “They” the black people that convinced our mothers and fathers we needed government?  I ask this question because I’ve been learning my history.  When those white men were running around afraid to show who they really were, Blacks were building towns, industry, and healthy, happy families.  While those white men hung us from trees and burnt down our churches, we were taking our rightful place in the food chain of America.  For all the hate and destruction perpetrated by the KKK, in actuality, they were a complete failure as a group.  We beat them by building, when all they could do was destroy.

While white racism towards blacks may still exist in America, is it the true force behind our ills?  Take a look back at the footage of the Civil Rights movement.  Most Blacks were in suits and dresses with their heads held high as they marched through White neighborhoods unafraid.  They didn’t care what White people thought, maybe because they had white people marching along side them, they marched because of their own strength and dignity.  They owned homes, businesses, and were productive members of society, whether a white man wanted them to be or not.

So how did we get to thinking we have to take everything from White People to be successful Black People?  When did our existence start to depend on the extermination or degradation of another racial group?  When did we become Cowards afraid to compete because of our own inferiority?  I don’t believe this is who we truly are.  I believe we are powerful beyond measure when we count on ourselves instead of focusing on tearing down someone else.

Where did our current lack of self-sufficiency begin?  In my opinion, it started in the 1920’s with W.E.B. DuBois.  While Progressives like Margaret Sanger were trying to develop means to destroy the black community, DuBois stepped in and said Wait.  All blacks are not inferior.  There are 10% of us who are equal to white people.  The other 90% can be controlled by us Black Elites.  What percentage of the black vote did Obama receive?

Then the Civil Rights movement began.  We wanted to prove we were equals and all we demanded was an equal playing field.   This movement wasn’t started by the Elite.  It was started by a single black woman, Rosa Parks, who had enough pride and dignity within herself to say enough is enough.  She became a national treasure because she showed the strength of a single American to start a Revolution.

And where were the Elites?  They were negotiating with President Kennedy.  It didn’t matter to them that Kennedy had both Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X under government surveillance, it only mattered that they be the one’s that officially broker the deal of Civil Rights.  How upset the Talented Tenth, DuBois’ Elite 10%, must have been to have the 90% of inferior citizens move mountains.

After King’s Death, the Elite went right to work within the Democratic Party.  They missed their chance to win over the black community, who still voted Republican, and they were hell bent on proving their superiority.   They were now amongst the Elites from the KKK, the Elites from the Progressives, and the Elites of the Unions.   

If you are a White Democrat and you want to secure the black vote, you must now go through the Black Elite.  And this is where we have been for the last Forty Years.  It doesn’t matter if a Democrat has our best interest at heart, it only matters they are accepted by those who presume they are the Cream of the Black Crop.  The Jesse Jacksons’ throw out accusations of a Racist America, when they are Millionaires.  The Al Sharptons’ preach on “fairness” and “social justice”, without explaining what they mean is Socialism.    They make it seem like being Black in America is a plague, yet they are invited to all the parties, galas, and conventions with the other Elites.

And we are left to argue over Race.  We still talk in Black and White, while the Elites have moved on to giving favors to the Unions, Car Companies, Banks, and other Financial Institutions.  Slowly but surely, this generation of perceived Black Elites are learning a hard lesson.  Barack Obama didn’t come up through the traditional “Harlem” channels.  He didn’t seek out Al Sharpton, he had Andy Stern.  He didn’t seek out Jesse Jackson, he had “Chicago Politics”.  And now they are surprised there is no “Black Agenda”.

We must stop talking race and start talking Financial Freedom.  We must stop waiting for Government to be “FAIR” and “SAVE” us, we must begin building the life boats to save ourselves. We must declare our own equality copying those before us.  We must build.  We can no longer play the game of React and Destroy, remember you reap what you sow.  We can no longer accept someone else’s failure as our only access to success.  We’ve done it before, can we do it again?