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“Undefeated”: Why I Refuse To Defend Sarah Palin…

June 9th, 2011 | By

sarahA couple of months ago Stephen Bannon, the director of “Fire from the Heartland”, called and said, “I’m working on a top secret film and I want you in it.”  “I’m there.”  Two weeks ago, I got to see the rough cut of that film, Sarah Palin “Undefeated”.  It’s a cerebral look at Who and What is Sarah Palin.  From the Valdez oil spill, to the Wasilla Mayor’s office, to the state oil industry, and through an incumbent Republican towards the Governorship; Palin’s record speaks for itself.  And I am honored to be apart of the film.

But, I will not defend Sarah Palin.  Since announcing my really insignificant role in an amazing story, I’ve been asked to defend Palin against Romney, Paul, Bauchman, and Cain.  I’ve been asked to explain why I would vote for a moron.  I’ve been told I’m pulling for a quitter.  I’ve been threatened with, “You’ve only going to give us four more years of Obama.”  (And yes, I consider that a threat.)  And I ignore them all.  I do not and will not judge ANY candidate on what the media says, what the Republican establishment says, or random people across the Social Networking world chime in.

It’s really very simple.  It’s WHWD.  What would He, the Hood, Hip-Hop, and History would do.

I will DEFEND Capitalism. (Hip-Hop)  The one trait I love about Sarah Palin is the one no one talks about.  Her main promise, above everything else, is to get the hell out of my life.  I would love a President who didn’t believe it was their job to create jobs.  A president who isn’t scared to let the free market work because SHE believes in Free Markets. And isn’t afraid to spend her time taking on the Corruption in Washington, instead of burdening the American People with more regulations.  A President who doesn’t believe in punishing the rich, but creating a level playing field where every American, connected or not, can obtain and build wealth.

I will DEFEND Faith.  (He)  Are we a Christian nation?  Were we endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights?  Are we an exceptional country where a boy born in Hawaii with Bi-Racial parents can become President or a girl from Alaska who grew up fishing and hunting could change the face of the Republican Party?  I don’t see the faith in waiting your turn or playing the political game that requires you to watch your state burn to keep your position.  Faith comes in moments of darkness, where you stand alone, and make decisions that require sacrifice.  Whether it’s in a hotel room out of state with the knowledge your child will be born Special Needs or it’s in front of cameras designed to record your downfall, can you put your heart above what other’s say is best.  That’s Faith.

I will DEFEND our Constitution.  (History)  We are a nation of laws.  Those laws are set in place by the greatest document ever written; which brings us back to getting out of my life.  I don’t want a President who can’t shoot a gun because, more than likely, they won’t have a problem with taking away my guns.  I want a President that understands States Rights, like when it comes to lack of an Energy Policy.  A President that has sent HER son off to war and understands the Constitution is in constant need of defense.  A President that sees her interference in my life through the Patriot Act is a violation of my Civil Liberties.  (Can we say 4th amendment?)

I will DEFEND Freedom.  (Hood)  I will defend my right to have a Reagan like Revolution during my lifetime.  I am craving a President that actually puts the responsibility of Government back into the hands of the People.  In my community, this is the only strategy that will work to bring about any real change.  And I refuse to engage anyone who says the People are too STUPID, UNSOPHISTICATED, or POLITICALLY IGNORANT to govern themselves, so only this politician can fix it. This nation wasn’t built on POLITICIANS, it was built on the STUPID, UNSOPHISTICATED, and POLITICALLY IGNORANT AMERICANS who believed that through their creator all thing were possible.  Or with the CONSTITUTION as there guide AMERICA would always be the land of the FREE.  Or if I just work hard enough, I can go from rags to riches.

Sarah Palin represents these things and that’s why I will not defend HER.  She is a grown woman who, on more than one occasion, has proven she can defend herself.  And with the pillars she represents, she doesn’t need defenders;  SHE NEEDS LEADERS TO STAND BESIDE HER.  As Andrew Breitbart pointed out in “Undefeated”, the Republican Establishment men won’t defend her.  As evident by numerous chances, the women’s groups won’t defend her.  The general public accepts the lies, so they won’t defend her.  Yet, she still manages to come out swinging and having more of an impact than her haters can handle.  So, I’ll do my part and DEFEND those things that matter most to me.  And if that means I see Sarah in November 2012, I’ll smile knowing I didn’t fight for a person, I fought for an idea.

The Dream Act of Black Irrelevancy

January 24th, 2011 | By

On election night 2010, Harry Reid’s re-election to the Senate put the final nail in the coffin of the Black relevance.  I didn’t understand, at the time, the impact that one race held for black communities all around the United States of America.  Blacks in Nevada didn’t show up for Harry Reid but the Hispanics did.  In the end, the majority leader in the Senate got 70% of a ever growing electorate.

Why does this matter to the black community?  We once again proved we can’t be trusted to show up,  even with Barack Obama as our President.  We can sing my Presidents’ Black and all those dumb songs but when it’s time to put up or shut up, we can’t be found.  Is it any wonder Senator Harry Reid is going full speed ahead with the Dream Act, a stealth form of Amnesty?   As Obama said, “reward your friends and punish your enemies”.

This concept was reinforced  when I attended the Republican Party of Virginia’s Advance.  The rank and file Republicans showed up and were seated on time.  The minority leadership, on the other hand, thought it was more important chit chat with the powers that be.  When we finally did get started, thirty minutes late and minus a moderator, I learned a lesson of how blacks are viewed by other minorities.  The Hispanic population in Virginia has grown by 18% in the last ten years, the Vietnamese population has grown by 18%, and the Black population by 1.2%.  As it stands, blacks in Virginia are now the third minority group, after Whites and Hispanics.  They made sure to point this out numerous times during the presentation, basically telling all the people in the crowd who were asking how to reach the black community, “why bother?”.

On our side  was me and an older black gentleman, who spent the entire time telling everyone in the room how long he’s been a Republican.  As I sat in frustration and anger, staring at the ceiling to prevent myself from saying something I shouldn’t, I remembered an experience I had over the summer.  I walked into a convenience store and there was a conversation between the two black employees.   One woman said, “times are hard and they won’t give us any help.”  The other woman replied, “you have to be a foreigner to get anything these days.”  I looked at the panel, of which I was the only born American, and thought “look what we’ve done to ourselves”.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the forefathers of Communism/Socialism/Progressivism, believed some groups didn’t belong in a socialized society.  “Racial trash” is the name they gave to the groups who hadn’t even evolved into a capitalist state yet.  Every ethnicity in America has built it’s own network, except the black community.  I’ll say it again, if you want to find Communism/Socialism/Progressivism, then look to the black community.  Our blood, sweat and tears have stained every aspect of this country, but other than incomplete history books, we have nothing to show for it.   No local businesses, large property ownership, or successful communities to use as a model.  Every Black neighborhood is invaded by Democrats and left to falter into “traps”.  Either we have no interest in voting, have felonies and can’t vote, or vote blindly for the Democratic Party.

The irony lies in the Dream Act.  We have so dwindled our numbers with Abortion and Incarceration, we don’t realize the American Dream is being handed to someone else.  Here’s the rub, I don’t blame the Illegal Aliens for coming to America.  America is the greatest country on planet Earth and if I lived in Mexico, I would try to cross the boarder as well.  With that being said, I was born in America and my loyalty lies with what’s best for this country.  I’m also aware that many Mexican-Americans believe the best thing for this country is to forgo the Black Vote and legalize as many Illegal Aliens as possible.  You can see it’s beginning with Illegal Aliens being counted in the Census.  They can’t vote but their numbers can be used to select representation.  You can see the Democratic push in Al Sharpton spending the entire summer lobbying the Country for “Brown People”.  What about the Black people who have been supporting you for years and have a 18% unemployment rate.  Do you think the two could be problems of the same coin? More unskilled illegals, less unskilled jobs for those in the Black Community that need a hand up, not a hand out.

While we’re busy worrying if the Tea Party is racist, the real racial impact is coming from those that will legislate the Black Community into irrelevancy, yet again.  They push Abortion,  they push more regulation which leads to more laws and reasons to lock you up, and they push Amnesty which replaces our numbers with a fresh new stock of people.    And the Black Elite stand beside them as Champions of the little man.  When will we wake up and realize the Dream Act is a nightmare for Black America?

A Scott Brown Victory: I’m Making A Cake

January 20th, 2010 | By

WOW!  Scott Brown won in Massachusetts.  I wonder what Teddy Kennedy would say, God rest his soul.  I’m so excited, I want to make a cake.  Follow along.

So, I start off with a box of butter recipe yellow cake mix and a tub of chocolate frosting.  I follow the directions, as is, on the box and thirty minutes later there’s a cake.  Now, I have to be patient and let it cool.  Next, I spread chocolate frosting all over the cake.  We now have CAKE, yeah.  Everybody cheer.

My family drops by and I realize, I don’t have enough Cake.  “Oh, we’re here to help”,  “We’ll make better Cakes”,  “I make mine from scratch”,  “Well, I can make the frosting”; and the fun begins. 

“Oh, we’re here to help” turns into “Girl, you should really re-paint this kitchen, blue does nothing for these walls” or “Are these all the cakes pans you have?  You should go to the bakery store, I got a dude that could hook you up for free.”

“We’ll make better cakes” turns into “Why you want yellow cake?  Strawberry is better.  Where’s the Strawberry?” or “See, your problem is you bought Pillsbury, you should’ve bought Duncan Hines.  A cake tastes better with Duncan Hines.”

“I make mine from scratch” turns into “My grandma owned a shop and I used to watch her everyday.  Do you have one of those big mixing things?”  or “You don’t have everything I need but I can make it work.”

“I can make frosting” turns into “Here’s the frosting, now where’s the cake?”

In Massachusetts, Scott Brown was in his kitchen, alone, making a cake.  He followed his convictions, as is, and a couple months later he has a victory.  He’ll have to be patient and wrangle through the obstacles Democrats lay in his path.  But eventually, his voice will be heard in the halls of Congress.  Everybody cheer.

What happens when he gets there?  Will he fall into the trap of those trying to help, of a caucus that would love to have a new member, the group that thinks its better to start from scratch, or the group that wants to put chocolate frosting on the cake we already have?  The sad truth is, we don’t know.  Let’s have faith he stays with the original recipe.  Congrats Scott Brown.

There is a bigger picture in this analogy.  Our Constitution is the cake mix and we haven’t been follow the recipe, as is, for a very long time. 

We have politicians who say “We’re here to help”, when their real intentions are to control every aspect of American life.  They allot welfare, public housing, and food stamps.  In return, they control how much you make, where you live, and what you eat.  Is that really HELPING?

We have politicians who say “We can do it better”, when they have never run a business or made a payroll in their entire lives.  They’ve never lost it all in a bad venture and had to struggle back to the top; vowing along the way never to make those same mistakes again.   They look for short cuts and side streets to avoid their first inevitable failure.  Are these the people we want running our country?

We have politicians that say “Let’s start from scratch”.  What?  Republicans wanting to be more like Democrats.  Democrats wanting to be more like Socialist.  This isn’t a new recipe, this isn’t starting from scratch.  This is the reason our founders made the original recipe.  They were running from the burnt Souffles’ of Europe to a simple American Pie.

Do we have any politicians that say, “let’s just follow the recipe for the cake”?  We can make any frosting we choose and if it doesn’t taste good, we’ll just make another batch.  As long as we have the cake, the frosting doesn’t matter.


And where are the American People in this analogy?  It’s our kitchen.  If we let them in, we can’t complain about cleaning up the mess.  We must roll up our selves and learn from our mistakes.

Harry Reid Turns Conservatives into Racial Victims!

January 12th, 2010 | By

Here we go again.  I’m beginning to think the strength in the Republican party is reaction.  This coming from the party that wants to be proactive in every other arena.  But when it comes to the Obama Administration and its destruction of our country, Republicans wait until its politically sound to speak up.

Then to add insult to injury, they play the Liberal game.  Harry Reid has taken a racial statement from his own mouth and used it as a weapon against the GOP.   Instead of sticking up for the 1st amendment and an idiots right to get caught with his foot in his mouth, they want to label Republicans as victims.  What?

Isn’t that what we’re fighting against?  Political Correctness that hinders our ability to stop a terrorist from getting on a plane because we don’t want to point out his ethnicity.  I mean isn’t that what all this profiling talk is about?  Destroying political correctness?

You have the Leader of the Senate, Harry Reid,  caught telling his own self truth.  His mind still reverts to a time when we were called “Negro” and I’m guessing he didn’t hang with many black English Professors during that period.  So let’s put two and two together.  During the time period when he fought for us lil ol’ Negros, he didn’t know any of us, or at least none that matched his standard of what was acceptable?

This is another example of how the Democratic Elite views minority communities!  WAKE UP!  Either you are light- skinned or you’re pookie.  Remember, house nigger and field nigger, same difference.  A white man in a position of power just divided our race into the acceptable and the unacceptable and the blacks around him defend it.  What group do you think they’re in and what do you think they label you?

Why isn’t that the focus of all the condemnation?  Harry Reid told the truth and the Democrats that surround him are assisting him in getting off the hook.  I’m not talking about losing his Leadership position, I’m talking about forcing Liberals to have a real conversation on Race and their true held beliefs.   Are they fighting for minorities because its the right thing to do?  Or do they hold the “Helter Skelter” mentality that one day we’ll destroy ourselves and beg for their wisdom?

Instead, we’re talking about Trent Lott and Strom Thurman and I have yet to hear anyone point out Thurman was in a segregationlist splinter cell of the Democratic Party.  They say Dixiecrat, like we don’t know what they’re talking about. 

(For those that don’t know; A Nutshell:  Strom Thurman, the man they vehemently oppose and are offended by, was a DEMOCRAT.  He broke from the main branch of the party to a splinter group, the Dixiecrats.  These are “White Power” Democrats who were mad at the party’s attempt to undo their champion, (DEMOCRAT) Woodrow Wilson’s federal segegregation laws.  They were fighting with other Democrats about how openly racist they should be.)

And that’s where we are, Democrats still fighting about what level of racism is allowed and by whom.  By becoming VICTIMS, Republicans miss the opportunity to point out truth.  We have a first amendment, Reid knew there would be no legel reprecussions for his comment. Why were these comments made in private?    Why did he call Rev. Al Sharpton to apologize?  I’ve got the answer to these questions, but you’ll have to tune in to WHWDRADIO  Wednesday at 6 p.m. eastern to hear it.

The Government and The Individual American

December 10th, 2009 | By

I wonder if during The Great Depression, the people carried the same sort of angst we hold now. Whether they believed they had destroyed America for the generations to follow or were they more worried about their current plight?

With the pre-election crash in the market, a continued fear of market investment, high unemployment, high taxes, and a government that leans to protectionism and massive spending; the scene is set for a Great Depression. Two major factors keep us on the brink of what we deserve and what we will allow; the individual American and the Government. This doesn’t bode well for us.

Government’s heavy handiness occurred during the Great Depression. The individual American had legitimate arguments. They hadn’t lived out-side of their means or risked it all in the stock market; their only sin was depositing money in an unsecured bank. As banks failed, they lost everything and the first “US” generation was born. “We, the people” was forgotten and selfishness and entitlement set in.

We are entitled to benefits when we get older! Why? We fixed the problem and now bank deposits are insured. Save for yourself to ensure it will be there when you need it, instead of when Government says you can have it.

We are entitled to jobs! Why? There were no jobs when the Pilgrims came. They opened stores, created industry, and started the building blocks of our modern economy. If you don’t have a job, go and create a job. We are entitled to a chance at wealth, not a chance at Just Over Broke.

We are entitled to a house! Why? A house is nothing more than wood and bolts; a home is truly what you seek. If you mature to a place where you can create a home, getting a house will be no problem. If you can’t pay your bills you won’t have a happy home and more than likely you don’t deserve a house.

You would think I’m talking about the current situation, but sadly this argument was waged and defeated during The Great Depression. Social Security still exists and is deemed ‘popular’ even though Congress has raided it’s lockbox. People still look to Government to create jobs and wonder why those jobs don’t create wealth for the lower class. And the introduction of the Federal Housing Administration has brought us Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the housing bubble. Government made it’s mark.

Did the individual American make a mark? Indeed. The car radio, the Laundromat, the supermarket, chocolate chip cookies, copy machines and Monopoly all got their start during the Great Depression. People with no job, or jobs that didn’t provide security, branched out and invented something new. They created wealth in companies that still exist today; Parker Brothers, Xerox, Tollhouse, and Schick razors.

Remember, this is the first generation of ‘US’. They set limits on what they would allow by utilizing the freedom found in America. Times were hard but in America anything was possible. They took advantage of the economic downturn by creating a demand even when consumer spending was dismal. They created REAL WEALTH, while the Government spent Millions and Millions of dollars and failed miserably at creating permanent JOBS.

In today’s crisis, we are dealing with generation ‘me’. Forget “we, the people”, forget ‘us’, and focus on ME. What are you going to do for me? More and more individual Americans are willing to give away their right to build wealth. That’s the most disturbing aspect looking towards the future of America and the individual American.

The government is still up to its same old tricks, showing its heavy hand at every turn; healthcare, cap and trade, and increasing regulation. How much will we allow? Will we look to government to create jobs that don’t last and don’t create a better situation for its workers? Or will we look to ourselves and create a demand even when consumer spending is at a stand still? How can we make the individual American understand the strength of this country comes from his or her sweat and determination and not the Government Pocketbook?

A Mirror to Government Control: Are Dems Right?

August 16th, 2009 | By

My sister came to visit me this week. She brought her friend. Not like that, he is just a friend. In fact, he’s been our friend for over a decade. That means I’ve seen him up, down, and every level in between.

O.K. We get into a conversation about politics. He isn’t a Barack Obama Fan nor did he vote for John McCain, he hates all politicians. But it doesn’t stop there. He also hates the military, the police, and all other government entities. He says, “I don’t believe any of them have my best interest at heart”.

Then he starts, “The government should pay for healthcare, jobs, food, house, and everything else because it’s not fair”. “I work two jobs and don’t have money to feed myself, that shit is fucked up”.

So I ask, “What kind of car do you drive?” He looks at me for a moment before he tried to rationalize his answer. See, he doesn’t have a place to live, his job cut back his hours, and he drives a 2005 BMW. A couple months ago, he was in a car accident. Guess what, no car insurance and no health insurance; so his check is being garnished to pay for the repair to the other person’s car.

None of this is mentioned in his original tirade about the state of our Government. Nothing about his own self-responsibility or lack there of. He made all the same mistakes I’ve made. He’s spent money on the here and now and not planning for the future. The only difference, I understand these were my mistakes and not that of the government. He, on the other hand, looks toward the government as a scapegoat.

Let me give you a little more back round before I make my point. His father was in the military. They traveled all around the world before they retired as a military family in Virginia. His father worked a blue collar job and his mother worked in Academia. They didn’t make alot of money, but they raised three kids in a nice neighborhood and they always had food and clothes.

His father doesn’t complain about his life, his father takes what comes like a soldier. They decided to sell their house and now my friend is mad, “My father worked his whole life, it ain’t right they have to sell the house”. Well, the father sold the house because he didn’t need the space or maybe it was to let the last chick in nest know it was time to branch out on his own. They still are home owners, it’s just now, they don’t have a mortgage because they own a smaller house.

While in the process of moving, the father fell from a ladder and hurt his back. He went to the hospital and when all was said and done, he owed a $7,000 bill. My friend was mad all over again, “My father served in the military for 20 years, he shouldn’t have to pay anything when he gets hurt”. His brother and sister, on the other hand, split the bill and paid it off for their father.

My Point

Throughout this post, I’ve referred to this person as my friend. The truth is, I’ve never really treated him like a friend. When it’s time for “grown folks” conversation, he always reverts back to someone else. I don’t have the tolerance for that. Example: We were in the deep country at my Aunts for a cook-out. He walks up to me and starts to talk. Normally, I’d blow him off and run as away as fast as I could, but this day I stayed and listened.

He told me he wanted something different for his life. He was tired of trying and trying but never getting anywhere. I knew he was full of it. I knew he was just talking to hear his own voice but I listened. When he finished, I felt bad because he was going through a lot of the same things I was going through. He was sad, unsure, and scared out of his mind at the idea of what the future held for him.

You ever experience a time when you’re not thinking of prayer, yet God enters your head? Well, I had one of those moments. I took the time to sit and talk with him. I told him, “we keep going through the same things because we keep doing the same things. We have to self-analyze and figure out what faults we have that are keeping us down.”

Now, I gave him every opportunity to admit a self-fault. Like, I had to apologize to him because during the course of our conversation, I started yelling at him. It is a fault I have but I own up to it. (Quite often, I’m ashamed to admit) But he stood in my face and said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He stood there like he did everything right and this is his reward.

Actually, he continued to do everything wrong and this is his punishment. He actually looks through the Bible and finds the verses that excuse his laziness or explains his inability to persevere. I quote the same passage to him every time. “To thine own self be true”

He told me upon leaving my house, no matter what the conversation, he always leaves with a different perspective on life. But this is what I don’t understand, I’ve been talking the same way since…….forever. How can I constantly keep changing your mind?

As flawed as I am, I still know one thing to be true. The only person I can really trust is myself. That means I have no choice but to look in the mirror and recognize my faults to make sure I’m trustworthy. Just as you would examine the acts of another to determine their level of trust. If in that self-analysis you refuse to look at self, then you’ve got a problem.

If in that self-analysis you refuse to look at self and turn your focus to government, then we’ve all got a problem. “By the people and for the people” used to be a good thing. Religion was front and center for majority of Americans. They believed in God’s word and that meant “reaping what you sow”. If you want food, you have to plant crops and hunt for meat. If you wanted to survive winter, you had to plan properly in spring, summer, and fall. If you wanted to be treated with respect, treat others with respect first.

Now we believe we must reap what our forefather’s have sown. They were slaves, so we should be treated better BY GOVERNMENT. They were persecuted, raped, and ripped from their families, so we should be taken care of BY GOVERNMENT. They were whipped, hung, and called every name but the child of God, so GOVERNMENT STAND UP AND DO WHAT”S RIGHT.

Did we forget to mention, Government made us slaves? How flawed are you personally, if you overlook all of this just to avoid looking at yourself in the mirror? You can blame Government for putting crack in the inner cities but are willing to let them take over your healthcare. You can blame Government for capitalist theft in inner cities, then let them become responsible for job creation and economic leadership. You can blame Government for failing to educate, then allow the entire Public Education system to be run by Unions that endorse more Government.

If you blame Government for all these mistakes and grievances, why would you want them to have more control over your life?

A. You are in the controlling body of Government and you understand the amount of power coming your way. Our founding father’s didn’t know what they were doing. You can’t trust the American people to make decisions for themselves, they refuse to even look in the mirror. We need centralized power to enrich people’s lives by telling them what to eat, what to drive, where to live, where to work, and how many kids to have. They will love us because we will structure their lives for them and if it doesn’t work, they won’t have any power to change it back. WIN WIN

B. You don’t care. Government will do what they want to do, why bother? I’ll do me and that’s all that matters. Plus, Barack Obama is black, he knows what’s up!

C. Slavery wasn’t all that bad. I mean, this time we wouldn’t actually have to wear chains. We’ll be more like the people in Cuba and Venezuela. We’ll already know who to vote for, so we don’t have to pay attention to politics. Who cares if we no longer have freedom of choice, that means we don’t have to think for ourselves. Who needs a mirror anyways?

D. I’ll keep blaming Government as long as it means I don’t have to self-analyze.

If the majority of Americans pick an answer to this question, we are getting government we deserve. Even worse than that, the Democrats would be right, not in their campaign pledges or well put together speeches, but in their overall focus. If we become a nation not willing to fight for our own freedoms or our own right to make mistakes, then I can’t blame them for usurping that power. It would be like a Nanny walking past a baby and not picking it up.

Give your power away and someone will take it. Don’t set firm morals and beliefs and someone can come along and change them. Forget we became the greatest nation in the world because of individual strength and the Government will collect and consume until there is no more value in the individual.

Grandma, Medicine, The Mob & Freedom

August 8th, 2009 | By

I have one conception that stays relevant in my mind, if I ever need to go home, Grandma has a roof for my head, food for my daughter, and uplifting words to get me back on my feet. Does this make her an ideal candidate for any medical service she needs? I mean, she is the rock and corner stone of our family, the reason we make sure to gather the grand kids together multiple times a year. Will Medical Boards consider this when deciding if she should get a new hip or medicine for her cataracts.

What about her contributions to the church, will they count? I mean, she is the first one to the church on Sunday morning and the last one to leave when the entire church is clean and ready for the next service. She never misses a revival or a special event at one of our sister churches, does this put her in the get help category? She tithes her full 10% every week, even if it means she can’t go on a specific trip or play bingo on a specific night.

I’m not finished yet. My grandfather passed 10 years ago, but I got to hear his story before he died. He grew up in Midlothian, Virginia, with confederate flags and good ole’ boys that made his life hell. So, he bought a house right in the middle of all their land and is still owned by my family today. Then he married a black woman whose family also owned land right in the heart of the racist. And they had five children, who weren’t afraid to go to the newly desegregated schools because they had Daddy right beside them with a gun. I can’t tell the story like my Grandmother can. Are her memories and ability to share those stories with my daughter when she is old enough to understand worth giving her medicine to ward of dementia?

Forget all that, she is my Grandmother. She gave me the love of reading and problem solving. She gave me compassion and a true sense of what God can do in your life. She gave me morals, values, and the discipline to follow both. She gave me the best Candied Yams and Sweet Potato Pie I ever tasted. Now, she reads to my daughter, corrects her behavior with an authoritative tone I have yet to master, and she still cooks for me just because I ask. She worked her whole life and in her old age she should not have to go to a Doctor and have a talk about how she wants to die.

You would think President Obama would understand that this is the source of most of the outrage in America. When he was on the campaign trail invoking memories of his Grandmother’s last days, he wasn’t talking about her lack of care. He wasn’t talking about how she was refused medicine or turned away for service. He wasn’t complaining about how her doctor told her that it would better for her to die than to spend a couple hours filling out health insurance forms.

This leads me to question, WHY? Why would Obamacare want to limit the number of elderly in America? Just look at what Grandma’s and Grandpa’s do for us. The number of Grandparents as head of house continue to increase in America, almost doubling in the last 15 years. These are primary caregivers for a lot minority children. If the grandparents weren’t there, these kids would become wards of the state. Would that make it easier to force mandatory volunteerism, I mean, they already have the downtrodden on the actual government role.

Or maybe it’s to correct the mistake of one of America’s most Liberal Presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt. It’s hard to push for more entitlements when Social Security is going broke. There are more baby boomers than there are people to pay into the system and some how the inadequate health care in America is keeping them alive longer. How do we fix this? Maybe we get rid of the baby boomers. You know, kill two birds with one stone. Gain total control over the government and be able to say “look we saved Social Security”, even if you’ll probably die before you can collect it.

I think the true intent is shown in the response to the opposition to healthcare overhaul.

Grandparents, especially minorities, remember what it’s like to live with no true freedom. They remember the true MOBS. They remember torches that burned down churches, noose’s that hung actual flesh, and words, that could not be excused by “sticks and stones”, because they were placed in the rule of law. Our grandparents remember signs that read “White only” and no matter what side they were on, they can remember the feeling of separation that caused.

So, maybe they don’t want anyone to connect the dots when the healthcare mandate is different for those close to power, when the list reads “Politically connected only” or “Because you Contributed”. They don’t want us to stand up and fight like our Grandparents did. They don’t want us to refuse to let the Government tell us what doctor we can see and which procedure we can’t have. They don’t want us to think we have a choice in the matter. So when Grandma says, “I remember when the government didn’t have access to your bank account”, we can reply, “she crazy, I’m glad we didn’t spend that extra money to get her prescription filled.”

The liberals have started going after our children through school textbooks, but all that can be washed away by a single summer spent with a Grandmother or Grandfather. Victimization could be wiped out with true stories of what it takes to get to the American Dream; hard work, determination, focus, and faith. See how none of that involves Government. That’s the problem. Government wants to get into every area of your life but first they have to take care of the people who choose to be independent because it’s all they know. They’ve spent their entire lives taking care of themselves and now the have to yield control over their lives to a board that doesn’t have a clue what they mean to their family, community, or to the youth that needs the influence of someone that’s been there and done that.

Or maybe it’s just cost effective to let Grandma die and save a 20 year old. Maybe, as Americans, we place too high a value on unconditional love for our family. Maybe we should take a poll. How many Americans would kill Grandma right now if it meant healthcare would pass?

California Blue Print to Bankruptcy: Part 1 in Triology

May 30th, 2009 | By

Most of us don’t pay attention to what’s going on in our local elections. Until recently, I shared my portion of guilt on this subject. That would explain why mid-term elections don’t draw as much attention as Congressional races held in Presidential election cycles.

With state after state on the brink of meltdown, I question, What happens to a state that goes bankrupt? I can find no record of an American State even coming close to having to answer that question.

We are currently watching history in the making. California’s economic woes create a blueprint of the future of United States of America, as a whole.

California Blue Print

  • Residents: Diversity is the key to California’s appeal. The scenery and weather obviously contribute but if you want to view America as the great melting pot, go to California.
  • State Government: 27% of California workforce is employed by State government. Remember, these jobs come with great salaries, healthcare, and retirement after 20 years with 80% of payroll still in tact. (Remind you of any car companies?)
  • Hollywood Liberals in Charge: What can match Star Power? With the majority of Who’s Who swaying public opinion, where does this leave the average voter?
  • Sanctuary Cities and Illegal Immigration: California is the illegal immigrant capital of the United States. Can’t blame the immigrants though, I’d come to if I could get free housing, food, and benefits.
  • Go Green, Don’t Drill: Most states can’t boast they have a product to sell. There may be private industries to tax, but not a state owned commodity, like oil. If you don’t have money, why not drill and make some?
  • And when it starts to crumble: Raise taxes on an already tax riddled, unemployed population.

When you watch a movie and the bad guy catches the good guy, do you question why the bad guy lays out his evil plan? He tells the Hero who, what, when, why, where, and how; then gives the good guy time to plot his escape and foil the evil plan.

Currently, America is hanging over a shark pit by a thin rope and an ax is slowly inching it’s way towards our only safety. No, I’m not calling California the villain but the bureaucracy practiced in states like California definitely deserve that title.

As in all good movies, here comes the twist. The California people have finally realized the true culprit. It wasn’t Gray Davis or Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was the huge state government spending, both of these men are responsible for.

The bureaucracy, like any other villain, goes into self preservation mode. To feed it’s own ego and hold on to it’s power, it needs money. So the bureaucracy turns to threats. If you don’t feed us, we’ll let the prisoners out of jail, fire the school teachers, and stop answering 9-1-1 calls. You don’t want that, do you?

The California people answered by starting to undo the rope wrapped around their hands. They voted down tax increases to keep the bloated government afloat. On measure after measure, they said enough was enough.

The shocked bureaucracy calls on it’s allies, the federal government. This is where all the audiences’ questions are answered.

Who: The countries’ most populous state

What: On the brink of exposing the dark side of the federal government’s increased spending

When: Immediately! We need your help now

Where: In the bastion of Liberal ideology. If it can’t work here?!?!?

Why: The people have started to turn against us

How: We need money. If you can’t give directly, at least vouch for us to get it elsewhere

Here’s what makes a Great Movie, another twist.

The Federal Bureaucracy, like any other villain, is in self preservation mode. “We need money too, we can’t go giving any money to you. And as for borrowing, have you seen our checkbook? I don’t think our recommendation will do you any good.”

Now, the big “villain” has left the little “villain” to fight it’s own battles. This is where the audience starts to get excited. Will the villain carry through with his threats? Will the hero escape and save the day? Will the big “villain” offer the little “villain” help in the end with strings attached?

All those question will be answered on the next episode. O.K., to far but that’s where we are.

California has serious decisions to make. The bureaucracy is still in self preservation mode. Cuts to the budget are inevitable but each cut provides self inflicted pain to the bureaucracy. It now has to relinquish power and make concessions, where there was once a blank check.

Who gets hurt by the cuts?

5,000 states employees and another 20,000 to get pay cuts. Not bad, huh? Not even close.

500,000 people on welfare-to-work program

1 Million children will lose their healthcare

Elderly individuals will no longer receive dialysis for breast or cervical cancer

250,000 students will no longer receive California grants for college

And next year, California will no longer finance state parks

And more budget cuts are on the way!

Who is this hurting? Are the rich Hollywood elite going to be affected? Will the heirarchy of the bureaucracy see massive slashings? Will the political lobbying groups and guilty politicians have to take a pay decrease or suffer some other punishment?

NO!!!! It will only hurt the people that voted for the massive spending.

This is the problem with the Nannie State, a state where the government does everything for it’s people. Eventually, the money runs out and the people who DEPENDED on that money are the first ones’ cut. Insert Blue Print Here.

  • Residents: The poor who were working their way up and those who weren’t are cut. Parents had a set fiscal budget because they thought their child’s healthcare was covered, now it’s not. Parents neglected setting money aside for college tuition because grants were available to state schools. The elderly assumed the government wouldn’t pick and choose which cases of cancer would be treated and which ones wouldn’t, now they have.
  • State Government: 5,000 jobs lost. Not to downplay the effect of those jobs on 5,000 California families, but in the over all scheme, how much of big government is actually reduced? Compare the number of schools losing teachers and cities losing police officers, not to mention stats above, and how much of this hit is aimed towards the bureaucracy that caused the mess in the first place.
  • Hollywood Liberals in Charge: Be careful what you ask for. You campaign and raise money for the same lobby groups that help shape big government. Now that all the industries are leaving and the manufacturers are going away, you will be the only “RICH” people in the state. How come you never see “STARS” campaigning for the millionaire tax or luxury tax on the items and services only they can afford, to help California out of it’s financial woes? They cheered when child healthcare was proposed, why are none stepping up to keep it in place?
  • Sanctuary Cities and Illegal Immigration: The construction jobs are gone and the cities that provide you sanctuary can no longer afford such a luxury. The people are already looking at you like a cause, what happens when the government needs to get the majority back on it’s side? I predict massive deportation in California, soon.
  • No to Drilling: Back to the Hollywood elite, you know, the big green machine. Now that you are the only “RICH” group left and the main source of income of the California state government, will you still oppose drilling?

I’ll give California until it’s budget deadline before I start predicting what will happen in the sequel to this movie. The bureaucrary was definelty handed a blow but will it come back with a genius plan to once again trap the good guys in a vicious cycle of cat and mouse? Or will the good guys dispose of the little “villain” and focus it’s attention the Federal Government? Will the little “villains” failure expose the big “villains” evil plan with enough time for the Hero to save the day?

The Mid-term elections of 2010 will tell the next portion of the story. Pay Attention.

Eight Stages of Democracy: This Should Scare You

May 14th, 2009 | By

I was searching random things the other day and I ran across this little gem. I mentioned it on my radio show, WHWDRadio this Wednesday and I’ll share it with you today. Helpless plug, I know. LOL

These eight steps were written in 1787 by Professor Alexander Tyler. The United States was in the planning process of a young and fragile Democracy. So, this Professor took a look at the past and tried to map out the evolution of a Democracy. He determined a time line for these eight steps and an estimate of how long the process would take, 200 years.

The Eight Steps

From Bondage to Spiritual Faith

Do we forget how young of a nation we are? Europe had shaped and reshaped itself so many times before we were even put on a map.

England ruled the young America, not with whips and chains, but with taxes. The people weren’t allowed to build a strong nation because all the money they made was sent back to England. In the beginning, they were cool with that.

They were running from Europe so they would have the right to serve the God of their choosing and the manner in which they would serve that God. To them, at least in the beginning, the sacrifice was worth it. But that didn’t last long because Spiritual Faith is life altering.

From Spiritual Faith to Great Courage

Now, you have spiritual people who fully believe God has their best interest at heart and that translates into the building of courage.

Not in just this case, but in every case. Once you let God into your life, you begin to feel like you can move mountains. When you trust and have faith, fear seems to melt away.

From Courage to Liberty

This may seem funny but the courage you get from God makes you want to fight. O.K. maybe I didn’t say that right. The courage you get from God makes it impossible for you to allow someone to block your blessings. There, that’s better.

Our founding fathers knew we could not prosper with England at the head of our lives. We had to be a nation that put God first, then country, then family.

So NO! We will not bow to your Queen, we will not allow you to rob our country of it’s chance to be great, and no we will not allow you to dictate the lives of our children and grandchildren. We have God on our side and will fight for what we feel is right.

And that’s what we did. We fought and won our independence, our freedom, and our Liberty.

From Liberty to Abundance

And once you put your faith in God and walk through the fire without fear, you receive your blessing. And can’t we all agree, America has been blessed. We sprouted from a young nation into a world leader in record time.

Industry flourished, businesses developed, and the Economy became the envy and standard of the world. We fought amongst ourselves, defended our friends and allies, and built the strongest military force on the planet. We adjust and change our laws, while still adhering to the basic principles of our Constitution.

But all this comes with a price.

From Abundance to Complacency

Complacency- self-satisfaction, especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers and deficiencies

I think this came around the time of the Great Depression. The New Deal. The belief started to creep in that we had the money to do anything. People were hurting and wanted immediate help, so they turned to the government and the government answered.

We’re temporarily going to give out Social Security benefits, just to get people by until things get better. We’re going to set up Medicaid and Medicare to help the underprivileged and elderly, who just can’t afford healthcare. These are just temporary steps to get us through these hard times.

When did they end Social Security? They didn’t. No politician is going to advocate taking services from the poor and the old. Plus, now government has a huge money supply from all the taxes they collect for Social Security. Great way to get money from you to borrow against for other Government projects.

As the government continued to grow, so did it’s hold on the mind of the American people.

From Complacency to Apathy

Apathy- lack of interest or concern; indifference

Now, we believe we can not fail. We pushed the Nazi’s back and crushed Russia, what could go wrong? The age of drugs spread through America and people stopped caring. It was better to protest than to put yourself into a position to run for office. It was better to make love than resist the up and coming war in our own backyard, the ever growing size of government.

Then, one morning we awoke and realized Government played a role in every aspect of our life. We pay taxes from the moment we get up in the morning to the moment we go to sleep at night. They can tell your teenage daughter it’s O.K. to get an abortion without telling a parent. They can even take away your land and cite “eminent domain”.

And we threw our hands up and said “F it”. It’s nothing we can do, the government runs everything. And we stopped listening, we stopped paying attention, and we stopped holding politicians accountable for their actions. We allowed ourselves to be scared of the Government instead of making the Government scared of us.

This is were it gets really scary.

From Apathy to Dependence

This is were we are right now. We were so indifferent and complacent, the first person to come along and promise us the pot at the end of the rainbow, we jumped. This once God loving nation is starting to worship the Government instead.

The same God that gave our forefather’s the strength and courage to fight is being contested at every turn. God teaches us to rely on him and then on ourselves and the Government doesn’t like that. The now enormous Government, needs to keep feeding itself and it needs your complacency to do it.

They need you to not care they are taking over private industry. They need you to look away while the let the printing press run. They need you to worry about Nancy Pelosi, while the Federal Reserve consolidates power. And there’s only one way that could happen, if you are dependent upon them.

If you can’t keep your house without the Government, then you don’t care how they do it. If you can’t eat without the Government, you don’t care where your food comes from. If you can’t see a doctor without the Government, you don’t care how much it will cost future generations.

We have become the nation of ME, Myself, and I and then anyone else that’s poor. They got us right were they want us, completely dependent on the Government to make the economy work, to solve our individual financial woes, and to just give us that tingly feeling.

Guess what the last step is?

From Dependence to back into Bondage

This is what I don’t understand about America today. There was a time in our history where people were given jobs, houses, food, and healthcare. It was called SLAVERY!

Master controlled everything about the lives of their slaves. They picked the winners and losers, the house nigga and the field nigga. They assualted those that would protest against their actions. They told their slaves when they could and couldn’t procreate. They picked which part of the pig the slaves got to eat.

Now, the government is starting to enlist the same tactics. They pick which people can get their homes refinanced or modified. They pick which companies are to big to fail and which one’s aren’t worth saving. They release terror list for Americans, AMERICANS, that would question the direction of their country. And with Obama’s full support of Planned Parenthood and his plans for national healthcare, population control won’t be far behind.

And we’re letting it happen. We are putting our heads in the sand and all our faith in a Man. A man that came from Chicago politics. A man that has an entire cabinet full of tax cheats and people who at one time or another have been under investigation. A man that down plays Christianity abroad and refuses to pray in front of a nation audience.

We’ve passed the 200 year mark but we’re still progressing straight back to Bondage. The Government never gives up power. All the power the current Government is stacking will now be the norm, how can it get any bigger? It will and they will want more money to make it happen.

But before they come after more money, they will come for our guns. Mark my words. The American people are different from those in the past. We will always believe in our right to protect ourselves.

When the social spending fails and the Government is knocked down a peg, the people at the top will tell us it’s in our best interest to let them handle it. The question will be, will we go back to God and develop the Great Courage to bring our country back from the brink or will hold out our arms and allow the government to attach the chains?

Katrina Pierson Of Texas: Pink Slips For Washington

April 21st, 2009 | By

I wouldn’t post Jeaneane Garafalo’s rant on MSNBC but I am pleased to let you meet Katrina Pierson. I can’t say it like her: