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A Scott Brown Victory: I’m Making A Cake

January 20th, 2010 | By Sonnie

WOW!  Scott Brown won in Massachusetts.  I wonder what Teddy Kennedy would say, God rest his soul.  I’m so excited, I want to make a cake.  Follow along.

So, I start off with a box of butter recipe yellow cake mix and a tub of chocolate frosting.  I follow the directions, as is, on the box and thirty minutes later there’s a cake.  Now, I have to be patient and let it cool.  Next, I spread chocolate frosting all over the cake.  We now have CAKE, yeah.  Everybody cheer.

My family drops by and I realize, I don’t have enough Cake.  “Oh, we’re here to help”,  “We’ll make better Cakes”,  “I make mine from scratch”,  “Well, I can make the frosting”; and the fun begins. 

“Oh, we’re here to help” turns into “Girl, you should really re-paint this kitchen, blue does nothing for these walls” or “Are these all the cakes pans you have?  You should go to the bakery store, I got a dude that could hook you up for free.”

“We’ll make better cakes” turns into “Why you want yellow cake?  Strawberry is better.  Where’s the Strawberry?” or “See, your problem is you bought Pillsbury, you should’ve bought Duncan Hines.  A cake tastes better with Duncan Hines.”

“I make mine from scratch” turns into “My grandma owned a shop and I used to watch her everyday.  Do you have one of those big mixing things?”  or “You don’t have everything I need but I can make it work.”

“I can make frosting” turns into “Here’s the frosting, now where’s the cake?”

In Massachusetts, Scott Brown was in his kitchen, alone, making a cake.  He followed his convictions, as is, and a couple months later he has a victory.  He’ll have to be patient and wrangle through the obstacles Democrats lay in his path.  But eventually, his voice will be heard in the halls of Congress.  Everybody cheer.

What happens when he gets there?  Will he fall into the trap of those trying to help, of a caucus that would love to have a new member, the group that thinks its better to start from scratch, or the group that wants to put chocolate frosting on the cake we already have?  The sad truth is, we don’t know.  Let’s have faith he stays with the original recipe.  Congrats Scott Brown.

There is a bigger picture in this analogy.  Our Constitution is the cake mix and we haven’t been follow the recipe, as is, for a very long time. 

We have politicians who say “We’re here to help”, when their real intentions are to control every aspect of American life.  They allot welfare, public housing, and food stamps.  In return, they control how much you make, where you live, and what you eat.  Is that really HELPING?

We have politicians who say “We can do it better”, when they have never run a business or made a payroll in their entire lives.  They’ve never lost it all in a bad venture and had to struggle back to the top; vowing along the way never to make those same mistakes again.   They look for short cuts and side streets to avoid their first inevitable failure.  Are these the people we want running our country?

We have politicians that say “Let’s start from scratch”.  What?  Republicans wanting to be more like Democrats.  Democrats wanting to be more like Socialist.  This isn’t a new recipe, this isn’t starting from scratch.  This is the reason our founders made the original recipe.  They were running from the burnt Souffles’ of Europe to a simple American Pie.

Do we have any politicians that say, “let’s just follow the recipe for the cake”?  We can make any frosting we choose and if it doesn’t taste good, we’ll just make another batch.  As long as we have the cake, the frosting doesn’t matter.


And where are the American People in this analogy?  It’s our kitchen.  If we let them in, we can’t complain about cleaning up the mess.  We must roll up our selves and learn from our mistakes.