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It Takes A Hood to Raise A Hood

February 18th, 2010 | By

Once upon a time in a Fairy Tale land called Chicago, there lived a little boy named Tre.  Tre lived with his mother in a two bedroom apartment in a run down housing complex.  His father was a police officer killed in the line of duty.

Tre loved everything about seeing his father in a uniform.  The pride he took in making sure his clothes were clean and pressed made Tre want to do the same.  The time he spent talking to the every person he met on the street had opened Tre’s heart and allowed him to open his ears.  But nothing compared to what Tre’s father gave him outside of his uniform.

Tre’s father loved Science.  He was always in their little garage doing experiments with John, the boy next door.   Tre was to small at the time to help with any of the experiments but he loved sitting and watching as his father tried, failed, and tried again.  After his father died, John would often come over and continue the experiments.

As one year, then two passed, John stopped coming around as much and with his mother working two jobs and volunteering at the Church, Tre was often lonely.  But he didn’t care, he had science and this year he planned on taking top place in the City’s Science Fair.  Tre’s father experimented with weapons, so he took that science and applied it to race cars.  He invented a new way to send his toys airborne.

His mother was so excited for him, she went and bought him a $200 toy race car.  While she never would’ve spent that kind of money on  a regular toy, she knew how important this was for his education and ever more, his confidence.  Tre completed his project and invited John to see.   John was amazed at Tre’s ability to infuse his father’s technology into something so cool.  Tre knew his father would be proud.

Finally, it was time to turn in his project.  That morning his mother prayed over him and kissed his head for good luck.  Tre felt like he was on top of the world.  He passed a group of neighborhood boys on the street who took and instant interest in his car.  Tre wanted to be like his father, so he stopped and took the time to explain his project.  Maybe he could get one of these guys interested in science.

Not so lucky.  The boys began kicking and stomping the car until it was crushed into a myriad of pieces.  Tre stood and watched with little reaction.  The boys laughed and joked as Tre watched all his hard work destroyed.  Tre wanted to cry but he knew his father wouldn’t cry.  He wanted to fight back but he knew his father wouldn’t fight back.  And as he was thinking about his father, he felt sorry for the boys.  They probably never had a father to teach them right and wrong.  So, he did nothing and continued on his way to school.

When the teacher asked for his project, he turned in all his research and explained about his car.  The teacher wanted him to point out which boys wrecked the car but Tre refused.  He had his father’s memory and the knowledge he had succeeded in an experiment, that was enough for him.  The teacher, that one in a million teacher, decided it wasn’t enough for her.  She called Tre’s mom and told her about the situation.

Tre took the long way home to avoid the boys and when he opened the door, there sat his Mom, his teacher, and John.  Tre was confused.

“What happened today?”  His mother’s tone struck fear in him.

“Some boys crashed my car.”  Tre stated back, squaring his shoulders like his father taught him.

“What boys?”  John shouted back.

Tre felt torn apart inside.  His father would find a way to help those boys, not get them in trouble.  What was he to do?  “I’m not telling. My Dad…..”

“Your Dad was a police officer.  His job was to make sure kids like you got to school safely and without being bullied.  Do you think your father would’ve let this slide?”  Tre’s mother tried to contain herself.

“I think my father would’ve thought of another way to deal with it.  He would try, fail, and then he would try again.  But he would never stop trying.”  Tre started to tear up.

The three sat and watched as Tre grew up in front of their eyes.   “We get it.  We know what your father was and how he thought.  We know that you miss him like crazy but your life can’t be based on the past.  You are not helping those boys by forgiving their misbehaving.  You are only giving them the confidence to escalate their attacks.  You like the fact that your father tried and failed.  They have to fail, too.  Someone has to stand up to them.  That’s what you’re father did every time he put on that blue suit.”  That one in a Million teacher chimed in. 

“And what about your dreams?  You can’t spend your life tip toeing around these fools.  I know them.  I get hassled everyday because I joined the Science Club, but I have a job this summer in the burbs’ at a manufacturing plant.  If they think they hate me now, just wait til I roll up next year in my new ride.”  John inserted with a pop of his collar.  “If you let them, they will suck all the drive and passion out of you.”

“Both of those are really good  points.  But while you’re remembering your past and your father and dreaming about your future, don’t look over lessons being learned right now.  We could move to the burbs’.  Hell, I work to two jobs, money isn’t the issue.  Your father and I grew up in this neighbor.  We remember when the playgrounds were clean and the people were nice.  I stay because this is not what your father and I wished for this community.”  His mother began to cry.

Tre’s mind wondered as he processed all the information.  It was immensely important he make his father proud, equally important he make a better life for his future family, and even though he didn’t have memories of a clean playground, he wanted to one day see it come into existence.

“O.K. So what do I do next?”  Tre asked.

“First, you come up with another car by the end of the week for your project.  I got you an extension.”  His now Favorite Teacher spoke first.

“I’ve cleared it with my school and some of the clubs are going to miss second period to walk you and your other classmates to school.”  His Confidant John spoke next.

“And you are going to tell me which boys crushed the $200 toy I bought.  Then you are going to trust your mother to do the right thing.” She wiped her tears and returned to her normal state.

The end of the week came and Tre had successfully turned a $25 thrift store car, bought with his own money, into a projectile sports car.  His mother prayed over him and kissed his head for good luck.  Tre’s heart was still a little heavy.  When he exited his building, John and one of the boys who stomped his car were standing out front.  Tre instantly hid his car behind his back.

“You ain’t gotta do that, lil man.  I’m sorry I ruined your car.  We were just having fun, we didn’t realize how important it was to you.”  The boy stuck out his hand for a pound.

Tre was not feeling so gracious.  He knew his father would accept and he knew accepting could prevent future incidents, but his mother’s word rang loud in his head.  “It doesn’t matter if it was important or not.  Wrong is wrong and you were Wrong.  I love science. One day when you realize you’ve wasted the time you should’ve spent finding out what you love and you turn to selling drugs, you can come to my little garage and I’ll show you the science behind it.  Including  how your stomping my car is a direct result of its usage in our community.”  Tre could feel his emotions rising.

“Whoa, little man.  Calm down.”  The boy could see Tre puffing out his chest.

“I’m serious.  It took away my dad and I’m guessing it took away yours, in some shape, form, or fashion.  If the only thing you can find in this world to love is bringing other people down, then I will make it hard for you to live in this community.  I’m here now and my mother wants to see a clean playground and before I leave this Earth she will see a clean playground.”  Tre stood proud with his car on display.

Tre finished first place in the Science Fair and was approached by John’s manufacturing company to put his cars into production.  Tre made two requests.  One, the plant had to be built on a bus line.  It had to provide jobs for the people in his community.  And second, the company had to build a park close to Tre’s run down housing complex.  And Tre vowed to keep it clean.

If You Give An UnderAchiever a Handout……

December 8th, 2009 | By

My daughter is now into reading anything she can get her hands on.  Her favorite books are: If you give a mouse a cookie…, If you give a moose a muffin…..  You know the books I’m talking about.  Well, I’ve decided to add my own to the title list.  Hope you enjoy.


If you GIVE an underachiever a handout……



…..He’ll never ask where you got it

And if you attempt to tell him…….


……It won’t matter because he feels entitled

If you question his entitled status…….


Uncle tom

…..Be prepared to get called out of your name

If you counter with facts…….


……Don’t be surprised they fall on deaf ears

Once you’re too mad to argue……

blame token

……Expect a nice session of BLAME GAME

Challange the rules of Blame Game……

politically correct

……And all of a sudden the underachiever pulls Get Out Of Jail Free card

So, you question the difference…….



…….Pointing out Government Provides Both

The underachiever grows silent…….


……Until you bring up JOBS

Then the Underachiever stikes a mighty blow

no job

……And while you’re tired from working two weeks with no day off

The UnderAchiever



…..Gets another Handout

My Daughter’s Story: A Lesson at Bedtime

May 8th, 2009 | By

It’s late and I’m trying to write. My daughter has asked if she could write a story for everyone to read and I have obliged. (It counts as her bedtime story) I hope you like it.

The Unicorn and The Princess

Once upon a time a unicorn was crying for a princess. All the other unicorns had beautiful princesses to ride them around the kingdom. This made Butterscotch the unicorn very sad.

Walking in the woods one beautiful day, Butterscotch came across a house. She jumped over the fence and into the yard. She found the beautiful princess Sky gardening pink roses.

Out of nowhere, a ghost appeared and the princess got scared. Butterscotch the unicorn said “Jump on Princess.” Then she used her magical tippy top of her head to take them underground.

But the ghost used a magic spell to follow them. When the ghost finally caught up to them, Butterscotch hid the princess. Then he and the ghost started to fight. They both used magic until they fell to the floor.

The princess ran to Butterscotch and began crying for him to be O.K. Her tears awoke the unicorn and they became best friends. The ghost awoke and saw the special relationship between Princess Sky and Butterscotch. He felt really bad for chasing them.

They all became friends and lived happily ever after. The End


Now, I’ll pray and go to bed.

American People: Mother Barack Obama: Father Just Read On!

April 11th, 2009 | By

A little story for you.

Once upon a time, a family bought their dream home. Life was good. They had enough room to get a dog, the father had a putting green in the backyard, and the mother could host grand parties in the dining room. They loved their new home.

Over time, the family started living outside their means. The house was no longer enough. The father wanted a full 18 hole golf course, the mother needed classier china, and the kids decided they wanted a cat instead of a dog.

The families dream began to crumble eventually leading to a divorce. The mother fought for the house and won, but she soon discovered the financial situation was a lot worse than she thought. To escape her worries, she went out with the girls for a night on the town.

The mother meets a charming man. She tells him of her plight, and he man shows real interest. Then he offers his hand out to her and promised that he could help change the tide of her life. The woman, so desperate for change, took his hand with very little after thought.

She introduced him to the kids and after promising the boy a scooter and the girl a pony, they were instantly in love. So, she asked him to move in.

The very day he moves in, the man starts complaining about the financial situation. Your ex-husband didn’t know how to keep a balanced checkbook because of him, I’m going to have to hire some one to sort out the finances. My man spent 5 years in jail for laundering money, he’ll know how to clean up the accounts.

The mother had her reservations but the smooth, charming man was still there. And while he was there, she felt safe and secure. She gave her checkbook and statements to him.

The man found that both kids had trust funds. So he decided to borrow against the funds. The mother’s reservations got heavier from this move. The charming man stroked her hair and looked her dead in the eyes and told her to trust him. And she did.

When the money arrived, the woman was excited. She knew she could pay off her debt and start fresh with the charming man. But the man had other plans. He told the mother, you still have a lot of problems with this house. Your ex-husband didn’t properly maintain the gutters, so I’m going to have to hire someone to come and fix them. Your ex-husband didn’t buy energy saving appliances, that’s why the electric bill is so high. I’ve got to replace them all.

And the list continued on. Every problem blamed on her ex and every solution putting her further in debt. But the woman had put all her faith into the charming man, what could she do?

The next day, the man drove home in a brand new car. He had a scooter for the boy, a pony for the girl, and a new china set for the Mom. The mother was so happy, she didn’t even ask how he paid for it.

The man said, let’s throw a party and invite the most prominent people in the city. The mom insisted on keeping her closet friends on the list and the man decided to invite her ex-husbands rivals. The woman once again had her reservations but let his will be done.

The night of the party, the man gave a speech apologizing for the mother’s ex-husbands’ “arrogance” for not inviting many of the guest before now. The mother was shocked. She knew her ex-husband wasn’t perfect, but he had made a lot of good decision too.

But, she held her tongue. She couldn’t embarrass her man in front of everybody. Then they started making their rounds.

They met Sheriff Iran. The mother pointed out that he was planning on letting prisoners out of jail even though they were convicted of crimes. The man chatted him up anyways.

They met Mr. North. The mother pointed out he was planning to tear down the Orphanage, even though the entire city had raised enough money to keep it open. During the conversation, the man actually got the call that the building was being destroyed. He said nothing.

Then they met Mr. Saudi. The mother pointed out he owns the appliance store that sold them the inefficient appliances that cost so much to replace. The man actually bowed before him. Now, the woman was starting to get really pissed.

After the party, the man tells the woman he was talking to a few of the guest and they were trying to put together utopia. Where every household was governed by the exact same rules, since all of them were going through financial difficulties. Every household would pool their money together and decide how to distribute it out.

The woman said are you crazy. You and I are supposed to be the head of this household. No matter what the benefits, I refuse to relinquish that power. The woman was finally starting to get it. This man didn’t know what he was doing. He was paying everyone else to come up with ideas for him, which in the long run, only ended up costing them more.

So the mother started the conversation. The bills are due, how are we going to pay them? The man said, I’ll just open another credit account under each of the kids. It should tide us over until all the plans we’ve put into motion pan out.

“What in the hell you mean open another credit account for my kids?” the mother screamed.

“How do you think I got the boy the scooter, the girl the pony, and you the china set? You weren’t complaining while I was giving you gifts.”

“That’s because I didn’t know where you were getting the money.”

“Don’t blame me. Your ex-husband got you in this mess. I’m trying to get you out.”

“My ex-husband may have left me broke, but you’re leaving me AND MY CHILDREN destitute. I wanted something different, but not this.”


Sound familiar? I thought it might. It’s basically what I’ve missed over the last week of not blogging.

Now the story would be funny, if it weren’t true. If the American People weren’t the Mother, Barack Obama wasn’t the father, and the future of our country was focused on the children’s line of credit.

Back in the day, that was the most trifling thing to do in the Ghetto. I remember, on more than one occasion, the mothers of my neighborhood gathering to discourage damning children into a legacy of debt. They looked down upon gambling your child’s future.

Now we’ve got the U.S. government deciding their future is less important than our current pain. I mean we still have a house, even if it’s not perfect. Bush may have left the economy in shambles, though there is enough blame to go around, but where will the current economic plan leave us.

Yeah, we got the pony but long term can we afford to shelter and feed it. Yeah, we got the scooter but what good is it without the helmet, gloves, lessons, and the ability to maintain if an accident does occur. What about the hidden cost?

If while reading the story you thought the mother was stupid, don’t be so quick to judge. It was our reflection staring us in the face. Faith is amazing, when it is in God or yourself. It becomes something different when you put it in a charming man. Especially, if it goes against everything you believe in.

The Cast

Sheriff Iran: While Obama was talking about nuclear disarmament, Iran was celebrating Nuke Day.

Mr. Saudi: Saudi Arabia is important for it’s oil. The same oil Obama wants to tax to the sky. Why the bow?

Mr. North: North Korea launched a missle even though the entire world was against it and even pulled together to help the North Korean people with aid for not testing missles. I’ve yet to hear Obama even mention this.

Each House Repair: Another Bail out for GM and Chrysler. This time to see if they should go into bankruptcy or not. Shouldn’t that have been the first question you asked before you started handing out the money.

The pony, the scooter, the china: All the things we were promised, that we thought we couldn’t live without. OR All the smoke a mirrors the government is putting up focusing on Rush Limbaugh and other conservative radio show host and journalist. You pick.

A Sonskystar Christmas Carol

December 22nd, 2008 | By

It was Christmas Eve in the Ghetto. The snow had just started to fall and Scrooge, the drug dealer, was making his last rounds for the night. He approached his block just as Cracket, his post up boy, had just finished making a sale.

“What’s up, Scrooge. Merry Christmas?”

“Where’s my money?” Scrooge replied.

“The pigs are out. Money is slow.” Cracket stated. “I think I’m going to spend the rest of the night just answering my phone. It’s cold as shit.”

Scrooge got very upset and demanded Cracket stay on the corner until all his work was gone. Cracket agreed.

Now, Scrooge was very tired. He had been up for two days straight filling orders. He hated Christmas. He hated the lights, trees, and chubby white men running around like Santa Claus. Shit, Santa had never came to his house for Christmas. But he couldn’t be mad at all the business this time of year brings in.

When Scrooge got home, he went right to bed.

At the stroke of midnight, Scrooge awoke to a Shhhhh Shhhhh sound. He popped his head up and grabbed his gun. In front of him stood a little kid with a spray can. He was drawing graffiti on Scrooge’s bedroom wall.

Scrooge stated with the threats but the kid kept on drawing. Scrooge attempted to throw the kid out but his hand went right through him. Then with a crack of thunder and a flash of lightening, the little kid stopped drawing and moved, exposing the drawing on the wall.

It was a portrait of Scrooge’s apartment when he was young. The place did not bring back happy memories. The kid finally spoke.

“Bitch ass nigga, I’m the ghost of Christmas pass. You act like you forgot where the fuck you came from. Let me remind you.” And with a spray of his can, Scrooge magically appeared on the outside of the small apartments only window.

Scrooge watched as his younger self hid in the closet while his step father beat the crap out of his mother.

“I don’t want to see this shit. I’m out.” Scrooge shouted.

“Nigga, you ain’t goin nowhere. I suggest you shut up and remember.”

There was loud knock at the door. Scrooge’s cracked up step father opened the door. It was was Scrooge’s grandmother. She forced her way into the house. When she saw the condition of her daughter and found little Scrooge hiding in the closet, she called the police.

“I had a really good Christmas that year. We stayed at Grandma’s. I ate so much food and everyone gave me presents. It was probably my best Christmas ever.” Scrooge remembered fondly.

“Then what the fuck happened to you. Now, all you care about is yourself. What the fucks up with that?”

“Shit, that was only a couple nights. My mom’s went right back on that shit. Can we go now, I don’t like this little trip down memory lane.”

The spirit agreed. With a spray of his can, they flashed back to Scrooge’s bedroom.

“Nigga, I’m just one of the ghost that’s going to fuck with you tonight. Get some rest if you can. Ha Ha” The kid disappeared leaving echo’s of his laughter.

Scrooge thought he was having a bad dream. He climbed back in bed and pulled the covers up. He waited for a moment, examining every sound. Then he decided he was being paranoid and went to sleep.

He was instantly awoken by the sound of music. Then a krump dancer came dancing out of his bathroom. It was like a train wreck, he couldn’t help but watch.

The dancer ripped off his shirt and the words “Ghost of Christmas Present” was tattooed across his chest. He jumped in the air and when he came stomping down, Scrooge was in his Grandma’s house.

“What the fuck is she doing here?” Scrooge shouted rather upset.

The dancer finally spoke.

“Where else would she be? Her power got shut off. She called and asked you for some money to pay the bill but you told her you were broke.”

“I don’t give a fuck. Just because she my baby mama doesn’t mean she has the right to bother my family. I’m a man, I take care of my own shit.”

“So, what would you suggest she do? Let your son sleep in an apartment with no heat or lights on Christmas.”

Then there came another loud knock at the door. It was Cracket’s baby mama.

“Have either of you seen Scrooge? Cracket just got popped and I need some money to get him out.”

Both of the women felt bad. They knew Scrooge wouldn’t help him. Grandma decided to pay the bail.

“What the fuck? Does everybody come to my Grandma for help?”

“Yes. After all these years, she still has to clean up her families mess. You would think she would have some time to rest and just enjoy her life. Instead she has had to clean up your mother’s mistakes and now yours. She is one lucky woman.”

The dancer jumped up and when he came down, Scrooge was in the jail cell with Cracket. He watched as Cracket sat with a picture of his girl and daughter his hands.

The dancer jumped up and when he came down, Scrooge was back in his bed. The dancer snapped and popped backed into the bathroom and the music was silenced.

Scrooge couldn’t take anymore. He got dressed and was about to leave when he heard a mic check.

“What’s up everybody in the place to be. Put your motherfucking hands up. Scrooge, you can’t get away from me. Sit your motherfucking ass down. ”

The rappers lyrical skills were atrocious but he was fully blinged out.

“What’s up booyyyyyyyy? I’m guessing you know I’m the emcee with all the flavor, Sir Christmas Future. You think I should change it to Lil Christmas Future. How about Lil CF? I’ll worry about that later. You ready. Time is money and I ain’t making none off a one man show, you dig?”

“What the hell, let’s get this over with.”

“Let’s go.” Lil CF started beat boxing and they appeared in a graveyard. “Damn dog, don’t look like the future is that bright.”

Scrooge’s baby mother was sitting beside a small head stone. She looked as though she had no more tears to cry. She just sat there.

“What the fuck happened to her?”

“You. You happened to her. Cracket was so mad you didn’t bail him out, he went and got work from your competition. He messed up the deal and ran. They blamed you. When they couldn’t find you, they went after your entire family. They killed your grandma, your mom, Cracket’s girl and daughter, and………”

“And…..And who?”

“They killed your son.”

“No. He ran toward his baby mama and looked at the grave. It had his son’s name etched in tiny letters.”

“I’ll kill them. I’ll kill every single one.”

“You don’t learn shit, do you? Maybe if you were really taking care of shit, none of this would ever happen. I can’t talk to you no more. You ain’t no real OG. Real OG’s know that their family comes first. I got something for your ass.

People just think I’m some wanna be rapper. Shit. I lived your Christmas past. I’ve handled your Christmas present. And I’m blinging in your Christmas future. Since you don’t wanna learn, let me help you speed up the process.”

The rapper began his mic check again and the ground opened up under Scrooge’s feet. He felt his body falling and began yelling.

“I’ll do better. I’ll do better.”

When he opened his eyes, he was back in bed.

He grabbed his phone to check all the messages. His baby’s mama was asking when he would have the money to turn the light on. Cracket was asking if he could go home for the night. And Grandma was asking if he would come over for Christmas Dinner.

Scrooge jumped up. He went to one of his cash stashes and removed all the money. This was going to be the first of the best Christmas’ of his son’s life.

Scrooge called Cracket and told him to bring his family to Grandma. Then he set out to buy toys for his son and presents for the rest of his family.

When he got to Grandma’s everyone thought he had lost his mind. He was handing out gifts, smiling, singing, and just having a good time.

He pulled his Grandma aside and handed her a box. She gave it back. He insisted but she had another request.

“I’m not going to be here forever. I need you to get your shit together so you can take care of this family when I’m gone. That’s all I want for Christmas.”

“You don’t even have to ask. My dealing days are over. I want a blinging Christmas Future. But you deserve a blinging Christmas Present for all the not so cheerful Christmas’ Past. So take it.

Grandma opened the gift. A simple golden cross with I Love You etched on the front. This had to be the best Christmas Ever.

I Want To Eat For A Lifetime

September 16th, 2008 | By

I got another story for you. Hope you enjoy.

There was once a man that loved to go fishing. It was his favorite pass time. He spent endless hours everyday out on the lake. Well one day, a huge storm blew through the town and caused the people to lose most of their crops. The fisherman had stored so much fish, he didn’t have a problem helping feed the town.

A couple days after the storm, a young boy approached the fisherman. He said, ‘it was really amazing how you were able to step in and help the town. Can you teach me how to fish?’ The fisherman agreed and the boy started spending countless hours out on the lake. He often got teased for the way he smelled and dressed. He looked and smelled like a broken down fisherman. The boy didn’t care. He remembered how the man had helped save the town and he wanted to be like him.

With the boys help, it wasn’t long before the fisherman had restocked all his fish. The boy thought it would be a good idea to throw a party for the fisherman. He was sure the entire town would show up to say thank you to the fisherman. He went into town to start inviting people. He was shocked to hear their response. “All he does is fish, he should’ve helped the town out. ” “He can’t eat all that fish himself, he should give it to the town.”

The boy went back to the fisherman and told him about the people in the town. The fisherman wasn’t surprised. He just got his rod and went out to the lake. The boy thought to himself; if they can’t appreciate the man, then maybe they can appreciate the action. The boy began making signs to hang around the Town. “Free Fishing lessons to anyone that wants to learn.” Everyone laughed at the boy. No one took advantage of the free lessons.

The next year, the fisherman died, and left everything to the boy. Now he had his own house, his own boat, and his very own fishing rod. He continued to fish everyday and maintain his stock pile. One day, another storm blew into town and devastated the crops. The boy decided he was not going to share his fish with the town. This time he would sell it.

The people in the town who had money, bought the fish from the boy. The people who didn’t have money were furious. ‘Our town is struggling and you have the power to help, why won’t you?’ The boy responded, ‘I’ll help. I’ll give you all fish every time you come to the lake and help me fish.’

The people without money where offended. ‘The old fisherman didn’t make us work for food. He was happy to help out those that needed it. He would be so ashamed of you.’

The boy didn’t move his position. You help me fish, I help you to eat. The people got even madder. Two boys came to the boy and said we’ll help. The boy said, it’s not easy work. Sometimes I sit out on that lake for hours and nothing bites. It feels like I’m wasting my time. Then I have days where it seems the fish just jump into the boat. The two boys shook their heads and spent endless days out on the lake.

Now with the three of them fishing, the stock piles went through the roof. The town was beginning to brace for another storm. One of the boys went to the New Fisherman and said, ‘maybe we should take some fish into town, so we can give it away before the storm hits.’ The other boy said, ‘No. We should go out and hang up more signs for free fishing lessons.’

The fisherman looked at the two boys and told them they were both right. There are some in town that can’t fish. The very old, the very young, and some in the middle that have limited abilities. You can go into town and give them some fish. Then there are those who don’t understand you can be given fish to eat for a day or you can learn to fish and eat for a lifetime. So you can go and put up signs for those who are coming to understand the power of self sufficiency.

The problem comes when you continue to give away fish without offering a pole. Or offering a pole with nothing to sustain you until your first catch. Or refusing aid on the days when the fish just aren’t biting. It’s nothing wrong with helping those less fortunate, but it is something wrong with not giving them the desire to help themselves.

How many people want to sign up for those free fishing lessons? How many people expect the fisherman to continue to save the town? Say that storm hits while the fishermen are out on the lake and they don’t make it. Who will then fish for the town if no one else knows how?

Social Programs are a necessity. There are people out there that can’t do it by themselves. But there are those who refuse to try. Should they continue to get the fish? Or should that fish go to help those that are trying and hit a couple bad days when the fish aren’t biting? Give me a rod and you can keep your fish.

Lil Miss Sassy: I Run This

August 25th, 2008 | By

Once upon a time there was a girl named Sassy.  Sassy was the Shit.  She rocked the Newest Clothes, drove the hottest Cars, had the Best Friends and Loved Life.  Her favorite saying,  I Run This.

Well one day, Sassy was out with her friends.   They were in the Mall when Sassy spotted a Girl that looked so out of place.  Immediately, Sassy and her friends made the girl the target of their jokes.  They followed her around talking about her clothes, her hair, and anything else they could point out.

The Girl heard the comments and was tempted to turn around but she was on a mission.   Sassy and Friends continued to follow the Girl; And they continued to crack jokes.  Finally the Girl was finished with her shopping and headed out of the Mall.  Sassy said, “I Run this Mall.”

Sassy called one of her Boyfriends’ but he wasn’t home.  She tried another, but he wasn’t answering.  She  went to the parking lot and waited for a fly car to ride by.  The Girl drove by in her Honda and Sassy and her friends laughed.  A Hummer rolled up and stopped.  Sassy said “I Run These Dudes” as she got into the Jeep.

Sassy got home and her mother was asleep on the Couch.  Sassy wakes her and asks her if Dinner is Ready.  Her mother has worked a double and all Sassy can think about is herself.  Her mother gets up and cooks for her.  “I Run My Mom.”  Said Sassy.

Then all of a sudden, Crash.  She ran to the kitchen to find her Mother laying on the floor.  She was so panicked, she didn’t now what to do.  She called all her friends and none answered.  She called all her dudes and none answered.  She finally called an Ambulance.

Suddenly, Sassy didn’t feel like she Ran Anything.  She had rode in every kind of car, but she didn’t have one of her own.  She was popular in School, but she didn’t pay attention when they taught CPR.  She got everything she wanted but somebody else always paid for it.

Sassy rode to the Hospital with her mother.  When they took her to the back, Sassy made her way to the Chapel.  She didn’t know why; her feet just lead her there.  She opened the door and who was there but the Girl from the Mall.  Sassy moved toward the Girl.

“I know you didn’t follow me from the Mall.”  The Girl said the moment she saw Sassy.

Sassy shook her head No and explained her visit to the Hospital.  The Girl closed her eyes, clasped her hands, and began to Pray.  Sassy questioned her actions.

The Girl said “I’m talking it to the Man in charge.”

Sassy barked back “I Run Me”

The doors opened and a Doctor ran in to get Sassy.  Her mother had major heart failure and need a transplant immediately.  The feeling of helplessness came back.  She could get clothes and rides from Dudes but she got her food and shelter from her Mother.  Where would she be without her Mother?

They let Sassy visit with her Mom.  Her prognosis wasn’t Good.  She was at the top of the list for a transplant because it was an emergency, but that still didn’t guarantee she would get a New Heart.  Then the Doctor came in with fantastic News.  They had a heart.  A Patient in the Hospital went into distress and the family decided to let them Go.

Sassy  was so happy.  She wanted to meet the family that would be giving her Mother a second chance at life.  Who else?  The Girl from the Mall.

Sassy was perplexed.  Had the situation been reversed, she would not have done the same.

The Girl walked up the her and Said  “Take this as a Lesson.  God runs it.  I’m ready to let my mother Go.  I bought her all her favorite things today as you followed me around the Mall insulting me.  I spent her last coherent moments listening as she told me she wanted nothing but the best for me.  The last thing she told me was to go and Pray.  Then I run into you, again.

Then my Mother dies; at the exact moment your Mother needs a transplant.  God runs it.  I do as he commands, and he lead me to you.  Your Mother got a New Heart,  Did you?”

Learn To Play Your Position: What More Can I Say?

August 19th, 2008 | By

The Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Hope. Hope was having a very bad day. She got an A on her Math Test, but the teacher pulled her to the side and accused her of cheating. She got an A on her Oral Exam, but the class made jokes while she was speaking. She was allowed to spend her free period helping in the office, but the kids that were in trouble threatened her for helping the teachers process paper work. She was just having a bad day.

Then Hope goes home. She runs in the house to tell her mother about her day. The first thing her Mother says to her is, “Why didn’t you do something to your hair. You look Horrible.”

Hope tried to explain. “I had two tests to take today and I spent this morning studying. If I had spent time on my hair, I would’ve been late for school.”

Her mother replied, “You think you gon get something out a book? You better make sure you keep yourself up so you can find a Man to take care of you. You don’t want to end up like me.”

Hope was so confused, she to her best friends house. “Why weren’t you in school today? You know you missed two exams.” Hope questioned.

Her Friend answered, “I don’t know why you spend your time in school. I dance three nights a week and make over $5,000. You need to come and work with me.”

Hope couldn’t take anymore. She ran to the local playground. A post up boy saw her crying and approached. He put his arm around her and whispered ‘It’s alright, Ma. Don’t cry. You should be my girl and I’d make sure nobody makes you cry.’

Hope was tempted but she knew better so she continued on. Then she looked up at the Sky and asked Why?

Out of No Where, and Angel appeared. Hope was transfixed in disbelief. “Hello. I my name is Dream and you’re starting to piss me off.”

Hope thought to herself, ‘Oh No. Even the Angel wants to dog me.’

Dream came closer to Hope and began to speak. “Let’s start with your teacher. Did you cheat?” Hope shook her head No. “Then why are you letting her upset you. Does she ever smile? Do you ever see her in a good mood?” Hope shook her head No.

“Let’s move on. What was the topic of your Oral Report?” Dream asked. “How Black People Can Help Other Black People Succeed.”

“Did you believe the words you spoke?” Hope shook her head Yes. “Then you need to get some tougher skin. If you had the same opinion as them, they would probably still ridicule you. It’s not the message, usually it’s more about breaking the spirit of the messenger.”

“Your Mother. She is a lovely woman.” Dream uttered. “She has a job, owns a house, takes care of you, drives a BMW…”

“Yeah, I don’t get it. I study everyday, I teach myself new math, I do random science experiments, all in an effort to be like my Mom.”

“Your best friend is sliding down a pole.”

“Yes and I got Neighborhood boys trying to get in my pants. Do you want to hurt me more by making me repeat this day again in my mind.”

“Honey, Where are You?” Dream smiled.

“I’m in a dirty park, probably losing my mind, thinking I’m talking to a Ghost.”

“You are not in the house putting on make-up, you are not rubbing baby oil on yourself preparing to be groped by random Men; You are taking time to think about Me. Your dreams. You will not lower yourself for a Man because that’s Not what I’m about. You will continue to speak over criticism because My voice is Loud. You will start to SMILE when you face opposition because You’ve seen ME, and you know I’m Real. You will wait for a Good Man because You are Not willing to sacrifice Me.”

“Come with Me Hope, I want you to meet my best friend, His Name Is FAITH.”

The Point

Our dreams are never going to appear out of thin air. Our dreams are never going to fight for our attention. “All the world’s a stage, and all the Men and Women merely Players; they have they’re exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his act being 7 ages.” In other words, everyone will play their position. The question then becomes What’s your Position?

The Teacher

This does not just apply to School teachers. This applies to anyone who is supposed to supply knowledge, but takes offense when surpassed. Your Character’s focus should be on inspiration. When did it become more about your pride than their growth? Why try to bring them down a peg or two, when you helped them climb in the first place?

The Mother

Once again, this does not just apply to ‘Mothers’. This applies to people that have made it, but encourage you to follow a different path. They entered the military as lost souls, found themselves, came back knowing exactly who they are and what they want to be; but will tell you, there is nothing to be gained in the Military. They sacrifice to get accepted to a Great College, then instead of telling that story, they fight for Affirmative Action. Character is built through struggle. They struggle and succeed, then expect you to succeed without the proper sacrifice. Question Motives.

I just have to throw this in. I asked my Cousin; How many people in the hood do think would be good repairing a Helicopter? She laughed and said NONE. I didn’t laugh. I said, “How do you know, when they’ve never seen Helicopter, except flying overhead.” Little Lessons.

The Uninspired

These are the Name Callers. These are the ones’ who have nothing to say, but they want to be heard. They don’t want to listen but want your attention when they lay out their excuses. They know that things aren’t good, but they don’t know how to fix it; so They Do Nothing. Except criticize those who make an attempt.

The Forgotten

Every man plays different parts during his lifetime, but I’m sure all of us play this part at some point in time. Like that neighborhood boy. He could’ve been waiting for the next basketball game, but because of his location and appearance, Hope could’ve judged him as a Dough Boy. Like the Best Friend. How do we know she was stripping? She could have a part in Musical. She could be skipping school to improve her dance. They hire dancers on talent, Not on Grade Point Average. But the money amount would cause you to assume.

For what ever reason, we all get overlooked. It might be the color of your skin but it also might be the tone in which you chose to speak. It might be the fact that you’re a woman but it might have something to do with the way you carry yourself. It might be because your broke but it might have more to do with your broken spirit showing through. It might be that nobody cares but it might be everyone who does care; you criticize, you ignore, or you just treat as a Forgotten.

The Dream

I bet you taught this position wouldn’t exist, HUH? You thought it was the imaginary character. The disappointing fact, It IS. The plays that really need these characters find them none existent. The students who would have an excellent chance to excel in college but doesn’t have one person to help get them there. The boy or girl that gets beat up everyday in front of everyone because Gangs have more Respect than Police. The girl that sees a way out of abusive household by having a baby.

Where is their vision of a Dream? Will an Angel appear out the Thin Air and tell them which path to follow? Yes. We are out here, strong. We just haven’t found you YET. But don’t worry; The Calvary Is On The Way. We’ve been through your struggles and made it out. We’ve be judged, overlooked, kicked, then kicked again when we were down; We’ve been criticized, felt humiliated and lost, and scared to move forward. But we won’t stop because we know The Dream is Real. We see it in your need to question. We see it when you stand up when everyone else would have you on your knees. We hear you when you cry out for help. And we are Coming. If we’re not coming fast enough, then seek us out. I know I won’t turn you away, and I’ll assure you, I’m not the only one.

My Favorite Hope

We all have Hope in Us. Most of Us want Good Things for our lives. We hope to get a good job. We hope to find the right mate. We hope all our basic needs as humans are met. But some of Us don’t like the sacrifice it takes to get there. The price is so high, we focus on the negatives and forget about The Hope. When the Hope is gone, We fill the empty space with excuses.

But what if we stopped and looked at the people who were trying to take away our Hope. They say, those who can’t do, Teach. So if you’re surpassing your teacher, do not allow their words to stop you. You will be greater than them and they know it. If your “Mother” is Bitter and Angry because she can’t find a good man, don’t listen when she stakes your future on finding one. If you know some one has no hope, don’t waiver in yours because they insult you. But don’t Overlook them either. That may be the only way they know to ask for help. At least make an effort to be someones’ Dream. If they don’t accept it, Fine. God accepts your actions, not their response.


None of these things would be possible without FAITH. If you don’t have Faith, it’s a pretty safe bet your hopes and dreams are Lacking. Now I Love the Lord, with all my heart and soul, but that doesn’t have to be your source of Faith. It can be your refusal to make the same mistakes as your parents. It can be your acceptance that life isn’t perfect, but if I do right, I’m going to be Okay. But nothing feels better than dropping to your knees, telling God what pains you, and leaving that pain with him. Problems don’t seem that insurmountable. Haters don’t sound that Hateful; more envious. And Hopes and Dreams flood the spaces once filled with pain, then anger, then excuses.

I’m going to Quote Jay-Z. What More Can I Say?