Lil Miss Sassy: I Run This

August 25th, 2008 | By

Once upon a time there was a girl named Sassy.  Sassy was the Shit.  She rocked the Newest Clothes, drove the hottest Cars, had the Best Friends and Loved Life.  Her favorite saying,  I Run This.

Well one day, Sassy was out with her friends.   They were in the Mall when Sassy spotted a Girl that looked so out of place.  Immediately, Sassy and her friends made the girl the target of their jokes.  They followed her around talking about her clothes, her hair, and anything else they could point out.

The Girl heard the comments and was tempted to turn around but she was on a mission.   Sassy and Friends continued to follow the Girl; And they continued to crack jokes.  Finally the Girl was finished with her shopping and headed out of the Mall.  Sassy said, “I Run this Mall.”

Sassy called one of her Boyfriends’ but he wasn’t home.  She tried another, but he wasn’t answering.  She  went to the parking lot and waited for a fly car to ride by.  The Girl drove by in her Honda and Sassy and her friends laughed.  A Hummer rolled up and stopped.  Sassy said “I Run These Dudes” as she got into the Jeep.

Sassy got home and her mother was asleep on the Couch.  Sassy wakes her and asks her if Dinner is Ready.  Her mother has worked a double and all Sassy can think about is herself.  Her mother gets up and cooks for her.  “I Run My Mom.”  Said Sassy.

Then all of a sudden, Crash.  She ran to the kitchen to find her Mother laying on the floor.  She was so panicked, she didn’t now what to do.  She called all her friends and none answered.  She called all her dudes and none answered.  She finally called an Ambulance.

Suddenly, Sassy didn’t feel like she Ran Anything.  She had rode in every kind of car, but she didn’t have one of her own.  She was popular in School, but she didn’t pay attention when they taught CPR.  She got everything she wanted but somebody else always paid for it.

Sassy rode to the Hospital with her mother.  When they took her to the back, Sassy made her way to the Chapel.  She didn’t know why; her feet just lead her there.  She opened the door and who was there but the Girl from the Mall.  Sassy moved toward the Girl.

“I know you didn’t follow me from the Mall.”  The Girl said the moment she saw Sassy.

Sassy shook her head No and explained her visit to the Hospital.  The Girl closed her eyes, clasped her hands, and began to Pray.  Sassy questioned her actions.

The Girl said “I’m talking it to the Man in charge.”

Sassy barked back “I Run Me”

The doors opened and a Doctor ran in to get Sassy.  Her mother had major heart failure and need a transplant immediately.  The feeling of helplessness came back.  She could get clothes and rides from Dudes but she got her food and shelter from her Mother.  Where would she be without her Mother?

They let Sassy visit with her Mom.  Her prognosis wasn’t Good.  She was at the top of the list for a transplant because it was an emergency, but that still didn’t guarantee she would get a New Heart.  Then the Doctor came in with fantastic News.  They had a heart.  A Patient in the Hospital went into distress and the family decided to let them Go.

Sassy  was so happy.  She wanted to meet the family that would be giving her Mother a second chance at life.  Who else?  The Girl from the Mall.

Sassy was perplexed.  Had the situation been reversed, she would not have done the same.

The Girl walked up the her and Said  “Take this as a Lesson.  God runs it.  I’m ready to let my mother Go.  I bought her all her favorite things today as you followed me around the Mall insulting me.  I spent her last coherent moments listening as she told me she wanted nothing but the best for me.  The last thing she told me was to go and Pray.  Then I run into you, again.

Then my Mother dies; at the exact moment your Mother needs a transplant.  God runs it.  I do as he commands, and he lead me to you.  Your Mother got a New Heart,  Did you?”

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