My Daughter’s Story: A Lesson at Bedtime

May 8th, 2009 | By

It’s late and I’m trying to write. My daughter has asked if she could write a story for everyone to read and I have obliged. (It counts as her bedtime story) I hope you like it.

The Unicorn and The Princess

Once upon a time a unicorn was crying for a princess. All the other unicorns had beautiful princesses to ride them around the kingdom. This made Butterscotch the unicorn very sad.

Walking in the woods one beautiful day, Butterscotch came across a house. She jumped over the fence and into the yard. She found the beautiful princess Sky gardening pink roses.

Out of nowhere, a ghost appeared and the princess got scared. Butterscotch the unicorn said “Jump on Princess.” Then she used her magical tippy top of her head to take them underground.

But the ghost used a magic spell to follow them. When the ghost finally caught up to them, Butterscotch hid the princess. Then he and the ghost started to fight. They both used magic until they fell to the floor.

The princess ran to Butterscotch and began crying for him to be O.K. Her tears awoke the unicorn and they became best friends. The ghost awoke and saw the special relationship between Princess Sky and Butterscotch. He felt really bad for chasing them.

They all became friends and lived happily ever after. The End


Now, I’ll pray and go to bed.

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    Thats beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

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