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Black Political Fighting Words

June 22nd, 2010 | By Sonnie

Willie Lynch came up with the idea years ago.  We must separate slaves from one another.  We can use age, skin lightness or darkness, gender, position, and any other qualification that would cause slaves to bicker amongst themselves.  For the last 200 years we have willingly played this game, judging each other on what we see or hear.

What’s more sickening?  I now see this behavior on the side of Blacks opposed to Big Government.  Every one has a story or reason they don’t trust the Democratic Party, yet we still have no trust for each other.

I’m tired of playing by someone else’s rules and accomplishing nothing.  So we’re stepping off the politically correct and stepping into fighting words.

Black Elites- I don’t really care what political party you belong too.  I’m talking about those black people who hold their degrees, experience, and title like a badge of superiority.  The blacks who think they are the exception, not the rule.   The intellectuals, privileged, and those grandfathered in from the Civil Rights age who know how to solve the problems of the black community, if only we’d follow them.

Black Conservatives- Who believe race isn’t a issue anymore.  The Afro-Conservative Vanessa coined the phase, “the Carlton Banks Syndrome”.  Those who have never had to experience poverty and strife.  Their parents are middle-class to rich and they are not ashamed about it.  They grew up around proper dictation and learned at a young age how to manage a checkbook, so they are well prepared for the world, whatever it may bring.

Black Nationalist-  The Farakhans of the movement.  They believe blacks should run and control their own neighborhoods and financial systems because the system is so screwed against them.  It’s not, “You can do it”, it’s more, “You have to do it because the white man will tear you down if you don’t.”  They believe in “Black Power” but spend most of their time talking about “White Superiority”.

Black Libertarians-  The “your fist must stop at my nose” crowd.  These people don’t care how many times you try to bring up race, they only focus on the times it personally affects them.  “I take care of me and mines and shouldn’t have to stand up for anyone else.” 

Then there’s ME.  I talk in Black and White all the time and very rarely does it have anything to do with race.  It’s because I have eyes and a true focus.  I am not an elite who thinks I know all the answers. I’m one part Conservative, one part Nationalist, and one part Libertarian.  There is one distictive part of me that is missing from this equation and our political conversation, I’m one part Hood.

I’m not influenced by the Elites who would tell me “if we just do this, we could solve all our problems”.  Bullshit.  If it were that easy, it would’ve been done by now.   History is filled with brilliant men and women who understood they could solve problems if they started small and let the people build upon their seeds. You can stand on the top of the mountain handing out fish but you will find me in the lake giving instruction.

I’m not influenced by Conservatives who think we walk in a color blind society.  You know why people don’t believe you?  They see in color.  Hell, even in black and white you can tell the difference between the races.  Does this mean they are racist?  No.  It means they are politically incorrect and I love them for it.  I am Black and not afraid to say it.  I know that there are racist white and black people, I just don’t care.  If  you are my friend, that’s all I see.  If you are my enemy, that is what reflects in my mind.  If I’ve never met you, I hold my judgement. 

I’m not influenced by Nationalist who think the world rotates on color.  How are you any different from Klansmen who think being White some how makes you special?  Race is not the major issue facing us today and it’s time we change the subject.  If there isn’t a single situation between a white person and black person where you think the black person is in the wrong, something is wrong with you.  How can you teach empowerment and victimization at the same time?

I’m not influenced by Libertarians who think we can realistically undo 100 years race baiting, social engineering, and government dependence in one fell swoop.   I know there are still some black people alive who remember the sounds of the dogs barking and the sting of their bite.  I know there are still some black people who remember the force of the water sprouting from hoses aimed by armed government officials.  These feelings and memories can’t be overlooked or easily forgotten.

So what does influence me?  People.  Regular everyday people who are mixed with a little Nationalism and Conservatism.  People who consider themselves Elites but want to live in a Libertarian world.  You know, the people we all claim we want to help but we spend so much time arguing and differing ourselves from one another we totally forget they exist.  Yup, those people.

They want to live the Elite life.  They want prosperity and positions of power but they don’t want to walk around with sticks up their……you know.  They want parties, committees, and fundraisers where people aren’t so politically correct they refuse to serve fried chicken.  They want the big house and nice car but I guarantee you Hip Hop will still fill the airwaves.

They want Conservatism.  Fathers want their daughters to graduate High School still a Virgin.  Mother’s want their sons to know how to treat a lady.  Grandparents want to see their family unit still in tact on their deathbeds.  Teenage boys want to live under a supply and demand economy, just with access to a better product.  And most of us have no problem thanking God for the Good moments or falling to our knees praying for help in times of strife. 

They wholeheartedly support Nationalism.  They want to see black owned stores and businesses in their communities.  Barack Obama is proof they want to see people who look like them achieve great things.  They lose interest when the conversation is focused on what someone else is doing.  It’s not “this is how you can start a business”, it’s “this is how you beat the cracker at his own game”.  We don’t like games and are not going to invest time, effort, or investment  in them, period. 

They support Libertarianism more than you know.  They don’t want government to have the right to interfere in their homes.  They don’t want government telling them how to discipline their children.  They don’t want Government influencing their ability to say Merry Christmas or prevent their sons from keeping score in a football game.  They get pissed off after they spend three years paying off a car and still having to pay property tax.  They crave limited government but are assimilated into government dependence.

So, do we each gather our groups, go to our corners, and come out swinging at each other when the bell rings?  I think I know the answer but we’ll see in Part 2.  I think I’ll give this article a little time to fester before I go any further.

It Takes A Hood to Raise A Hood

February 18th, 2010 | By Sonnie

Once upon a time in a Fairy Tale land called Chicago, there lived a little boy named Tre.  Tre lived with his mother in a two bedroom apartment in a run down housing complex.  His father was a police officer killed in the line of duty.

Tre loved everything about seeing his father in a uniform.  The pride he took in making sure his clothes were clean and pressed made Tre want to do the same.  The time he spent talking to the every person he met on the street had opened Tre’s heart and allowed him to open his ears.  But nothing compared to what Tre’s father gave him outside of his uniform.

Tre’s father loved Science.  He was always in their little garage doing experiments with John, the boy next door.   Tre was to small at the time to help with any of the experiments but he loved sitting and watching as his father tried, failed, and tried again.  After his father died, John would often come over and continue the experiments.

As one year, then two passed, John stopped coming around as much and with his mother working two jobs and volunteering at the Church, Tre was often lonely.  But he didn’t care, he had science and this year he planned on taking top place in the City’s Science Fair.  Tre’s father experimented with weapons, so he took that science and applied it to race cars.  He invented a new way to send his toys airborne.

His mother was so excited for him, she went and bought him a $200 toy race car.  While she never would’ve spent that kind of money on  a regular toy, she knew how important this was for his education and ever more, his confidence.  Tre completed his project and invited John to see.   John was amazed at Tre’s ability to infuse his father’s technology into something so cool.  Tre knew his father would be proud.

Finally, it was time to turn in his project.  That morning his mother prayed over him and kissed his head for good luck.  Tre felt like he was on top of the world.  He passed a group of neighborhood boys on the street who took and instant interest in his car.  Tre wanted to be like his father, so he stopped and took the time to explain his project.  Maybe he could get one of these guys interested in science.

Not so lucky.  The boys began kicking and stomping the car until it was crushed into a myriad of pieces.  Tre stood and watched with little reaction.  The boys laughed and joked as Tre watched all his hard work destroyed.  Tre wanted to cry but he knew his father wouldn’t cry.  He wanted to fight back but he knew his father wouldn’t fight back.  And as he was thinking about his father, he felt sorry for the boys.  They probably never had a father to teach them right and wrong.  So, he did nothing and continued on his way to school.

When the teacher asked for his project, he turned in all his research and explained about his car.  The teacher wanted him to point out which boys wrecked the car but Tre refused.  He had his father’s memory and the knowledge he had succeeded in an experiment, that was enough for him.  The teacher, that one in a million teacher, decided it wasn’t enough for her.  She called Tre’s mom and told her about the situation.

Tre took the long way home to avoid the boys and when he opened the door, there sat his Mom, his teacher, and John.  Tre was confused.

“What happened today?”  His mother’s tone struck fear in him.

“Some boys crashed my car.”  Tre stated back, squaring his shoulders like his father taught him.

“What boys?”  John shouted back.

Tre felt torn apart inside.  His father would find a way to help those boys, not get them in trouble.  What was he to do?  “I’m not telling. My Dad…..”

“Your Dad was a police officer.  His job was to make sure kids like you got to school safely and without being bullied.  Do you think your father would’ve let this slide?”  Tre’s mother tried to contain herself.

“I think my father would’ve thought of another way to deal with it.  He would try, fail, and then he would try again.  But he would never stop trying.”  Tre started to tear up.

The three sat and watched as Tre grew up in front of their eyes.   “We get it.  We know what your father was and how he thought.  We know that you miss him like crazy but your life can’t be based on the past.  You are not helping those boys by forgiving their misbehaving.  You are only giving them the confidence to escalate their attacks.  You like the fact that your father tried and failed.  They have to fail, too.  Someone has to stand up to them.  That’s what you’re father did every time he put on that blue suit.”  That one in a Million teacher chimed in. 

“And what about your dreams?  You can’t spend your life tip toeing around these fools.  I know them.  I get hassled everyday because I joined the Science Club, but I have a job this summer in the burbs’ at a manufacturing plant.  If they think they hate me now, just wait til I roll up next year in my new ride.”  John inserted with a pop of his collar.  “If you let them, they will suck all the drive and passion out of you.”

“Both of those are really good  points.  But while you’re remembering your past and your father and dreaming about your future, don’t look over lessons being learned right now.  We could move to the burbs’.  Hell, I work to two jobs, money isn’t the issue.  Your father and I grew up in this neighbor.  We remember when the playgrounds were clean and the people were nice.  I stay because this is not what your father and I wished for this community.”  His mother began to cry.

Tre’s mind wondered as he processed all the information.  It was immensely important he make his father proud, equally important he make a better life for his future family, and even though he didn’t have memories of a clean playground, he wanted to one day see it come into existence.

“O.K. So what do I do next?”  Tre asked.

“First, you come up with another car by the end of the week for your project.  I got you an extension.”  His now Favorite Teacher spoke first.

“I’ve cleared it with my school and some of the clubs are going to miss second period to walk you and your other classmates to school.”  His Confidant John spoke next.

“And you are going to tell me which boys crushed the $200 toy I bought.  Then you are going to trust your mother to do the right thing.” She wiped her tears and returned to her normal state.

The end of the week came and Tre had successfully turned a $25 thrift store car, bought with his own money, into a projectile sports car.  His mother prayed over him and kissed his head for good luck.  Tre’s heart was still a little heavy.  When he exited his building, John and one of the boys who stomped his car were standing out front.  Tre instantly hid his car behind his back.

“You ain’t gotta do that, lil man.  I’m sorry I ruined your car.  We were just having fun, we didn’t realize how important it was to you.”  The boy stuck out his hand for a pound.

Tre was not feeling so gracious.  He knew his father would accept and he knew accepting could prevent future incidents, but his mother’s word rang loud in his head.  “It doesn’t matter if it was important or not.  Wrong is wrong and you were Wrong.  I love science. One day when you realize you’ve wasted the time you should’ve spent finding out what you love and you turn to selling drugs, you can come to my little garage and I’ll show you the science behind it.  Including  how your stomping my car is a direct result of its usage in our community.”  Tre could feel his emotions rising.

“Whoa, little man.  Calm down.”  The boy could see Tre puffing out his chest.

“I’m serious.  It took away my dad and I’m guessing it took away yours, in some shape, form, or fashion.  If the only thing you can find in this world to love is bringing other people down, then I will make it hard for you to live in this community.  I’m here now and my mother wants to see a clean playground and before I leave this Earth she will see a clean playground.”  Tre stood proud with his car on display.

Tre finished first place in the Science Fair and was approached by John’s manufacturing company to put his cars into production.  Tre made two requests.  One, the plant had to be built on a bus line.  It had to provide jobs for the people in his community.  And second, the company had to build a park close to Tre’s run down housing complex.  And Tre vowed to keep it clean.

A Good Ole’ Fashion Lynching: Secrets Revealed

February 11th, 2010 | By Sonnie

uring the last week, I’ve asked 10 random friends “Do you know who Willie Lynch  is?”  9 out  of 10 responded, He’s the guy they named Lynching after.  And that’s the problem with how American History is portrayed.  Bits and Pieces of missing information that until linked together makes a Black Person’s skin boil.  We are not going to research the person who invented Lynching because we think of Black People hanging from trees with good ole’ boys laughing.  We assume  we know Lynch’s true intent.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Lynch was, using Obama’s word’s, A Fat Cat.  He was a man that put profit over human dignity and suffering.  To him, it was all about maximizing your inventory and profit.  He looked down upon the average “Lynching” as bad economics.  It’s sheer brutality and lack of future planning resulted in uprisings, run away slaves, and an unsafe environment for slave owners.  It was not good business, you see.

*There is a dispute over the authenticity of Willie Lynch’s The Making of  a Slave.  I say this: if I gave you a recipe to turn rocks and dirt into diamonds, would you care who wrote it?

 The formula contained in this document is sickening.  I literally had to re-read it ten times before I could comprehend the evil in this man’s heart.  I also realized, no matter how sickening it was, it wasn’t about Black People.  It was all about money.  *Now, before you Liberals jump in and try to bash capitalism, keep this in mind:  the top 50 companies in 2008 made 362 Billion in profit, the Obama Administration had a 2009 budget of 3.5 Trillion.  Who has more of a money incentive?

Lynch realized in order to get the money, you had to “regulate” or “control” the population which served you.  Which brings me to one of the most important tid bits in Lynch’s letter, the control of language.  As simple folk, we don’t speak the same language as the politicians.  We don’t talk inflation and deficit, we say stuff costs more and we’re in over our head in debt.  Politicians like it that way.  WHY?  “Take a slave, if you teach him all about your language, he will know all your secrets, and he is then no more a slave, for you can’t fool him any longer and having a fool is one of the basic ingredients of and incidents to the making of the slavery system.”

Then you’ll have Tea Party People marching on Washington demanding to be heard.  You can’t have that.

Ouch!  Secret Revealed.  All we need is Fools’ to follow us.   People who don’t realize without the Republican Party there would be no Black History Month. Hell there maybe no Black History, except slavery, at all.   We as black people complain about not being taught our history, even though we have an entire month dedicated to it, yet we never question Who leaves them out of the history books?  The answer: THEM.  Who’s them, the Republicans?  Republicans don’t want you to know a Great Black Republican Carter Woodson said “If the Negro in the Ghetto must eternally be fed by the hand that pushes him into the Ghetto, he’ll never have the strength to get out of the the Ghetto.”  I would think Republicans would put that on the front of the text book, especially with a 90% of blacks voting Democratic.

Democrats “control” the message by controlling what you learn in history books.  Not only do they control what language you speak,  they also control what becomes fact by common knowledge, not by actual events.   As disturbing as that sounds, there is good reasoning behind it. “Our experts warned us about the possibility of this phenomenon occurring, for they say that the mind has a strong drive to correct and recorrect itself over a period of time if it can touch some substantial original historical base; and they advised us that the best way to deal with phenomenon is to shave off the brute’s mental history and create a multiplicity of phenomenon or illusions so that each illusion will twirl in its own orbit, something akin to floating balls in a vacuum.”

Oops!  I did it again.  Secret Revealed.  Why have we yet to reach Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream?  Illusions!

 When a white person looks at a black person what do they see?  A Black Person. (Seriously, what do you see when you look at a white person?)  What does a black person see when they look at another black person?  Differences!  I HAVE OUTLINED A NUMBER OF DIFFERENCES AMONG THE SLAVES; AND I TAKE THESE DIFFERENCES AND MAKE THEM BIGGER. I USE FEAR, DISTRUST AND ENVY FOR CONTROL PURPOSES.” 

 Let’s pit the old vs the young.  Light vs Dark.  Tall vs Short.  Educated vs Illiterate  Rich vs Poor  And let them argue amongst themselves and be envious and distrustful of each other.  That will stop the phenomenon of correction!  DISTRUST IS STRONGER THAN TRUST AND ENVY STRONGER THAN ADULATION, RESPECT OR ADMIRATION    How many black conservatives are reading this like, DAMN.  Is that why I get raked over the coals for having a point of view? YUP!  Have you noticed how quick a black person is to judge another black person, unless that black person is in Democratic Power. 

While Obama could be a useful example, take the new tax on public radio.  There is virtually little black resistance to the devastation currently running through public radio in anticipation of this new tax.  Donnie Simpson, B.E.T. great and DC AM man, just had his contract cancelled because they didn’t want to pay him an appropriate salary.  While everyone called in and sent letters of love, there is still no backlash for the Democrats that are causing Black Professionals in the Radio industry to lose their jobs.  So while they respect and admire Donnie Simpson and all the people he employs, they are more concerned with the Democrats sticking it to the rich.  YOUR SLAVES TRUST AND DEPEND ON US.  THEY MUST LOVE, RESPECT AND TRUST ONLY US.

But Donnie Simpson will be alright.  He’s worked along time, he’s got money.  And they say we have a slave mentality, they would follow Democrats to the lynching of a black man.  You Doubt Me.  T.I.- while everyone talked about the Government going after a Black Man, which was easy because Bush was in office, no one looked at the policy that forces T.I. to buy illegal weapons.  Democrats push more and more gun “regulation” or “control”.  True believers in the Second Amendment, mostly on the Republican side, believe reformed felonies should be able to regain their rights to bear arms.  No Democratic Policy, T.I. legally applies to get his rights back and never goes back into the prison system. 

The sad part, that’s only two illusions.  Let’s move on to Lynch’s most important factor, Breaking the Family.  if you break the female, she will break the offspring in its early years of development and, when the offspring is old enough to work, she will deliver it up to you. For her normal female protective tendencies will have been lost in the original breaking process. For example, take the case of the wild stud horse, a female horse and an already infant horse and compare the breaking process with two captured nigger males in their natural state, a pregnant nigger woman with her infant offspring. Take the stud horse, break him for limited containment. Completely break the female horse until she becomes very gentle whereas you or anybody can ride her in comfort. Breed the mare until you have the desired offspring. Then you can turn the stud to freedom until you need him again. Train the female horse whereby she will eat out of your hand, and she will train the infant horse to eat of your hand also.

Most Black Men have no problem playing the role of stud in limited containment.  In fact, they don’t mind making boat loads of money off that persona.  This is what slave owners had planned for you.  See, they didn’t want you to stay around and be a father to your sons and daughters.  They wanted you drop your seed and move on to leave the women defenseless against their attacks.  They knew your absence would break the female completely and she would teach YOUR sons and daughters to depend on them, not you.

Back in the days of slavery, most men resisted this.  They made time and put in effort to teach their children stories and lessons of life, even though they couldn’t read, write, or afford $100 Nikes.  Even on a plantation where the child would see his father brutalized and beaten.  They understood their role and they unbent their backs and were role models in the worse of circumstance.  While there are some of those men still around, what about those that follow this script to the tee?  Your natural state is not a STUD, it’s at the head of your dinner table teaching your child to eat from your war torn hands.

That’s a shout out to all the male Hip Hop Artist that rhyme about Bitches and Hoes, then go home to your Wife and Kids.  Thanks for keeping the cycle going.

Before I jump to Black Women, I need to inject this.  When I was young, my mother was on food stamps; everyone in my neighborhood was on food stamps. LOL  When we would ask for money to go to the ice cream truck or to the store, if my mother didn’t have cash we didn’t get money.  Even though all the kids in the neighborhood used food stamps, we were not allowed.   It was a necessity for her at the time but she refused to let it become apart of who we would be. 

That’s a shout out to all the Black Women who get it done, by any and all means necessary, and don’t take any mess along the way.  You’re not alone.

To my Black Women in the Projects.   “Take the female and run a series of tests on her to see if she will submit to your desires willingly. Test her in every way, because she is the most important factor for good economics. If she shows any signs of resistance in submitting completely to your will, do not hesitate to use the bull whip on her to extract that last bit of bitch out of her.”

What’s one of the first and most important things they tell you when  you apply for Section 8 or Government housing?  You can NOT have a man living with you.  It is cause for immediate removal.  That’s the first test, are you willing to allow the Government to become the Father in your home?  If the father is a Stud in Limited Containment, the first test is easy.  Matter of fact, they make it easier if you have  a Stud in Limited Containment.  If you got a man that sticks around, then the Government wants his Social Security, W-2’s, and anything else that will break him.  That’s why there are a lot of kids running around with no Father’s name on the Birth Certificate.  Second test, will you choose the Government over your baby daddy and allow them to collect and redistribute what they think you should have?  (Notice this is very different from child support where a mother can choose where she wants to live because she is payed in CASH.  I’m talking about the Government paying you back in a welfare check, public housing, and food stamps.)

And what happens ifyou get bold and decide to get a job and save up for a car?  They knock you back down to size and threaten to take away all Benefits for Obediance.  They cut off the check, drastically reduce food stamps, and you are informed your lease won’t be renewed.  How dare you try to make it without us?  And this is not to rag or put down anyone, you know I’m right.  How are you supposed to get off welfare if every time you try, they slap you back down?  If you don’t have family or a support system, it’s almost impossible.

Unless,  For fear of the young male’s life she will psychologically train him to be mentally weak and dependent but physically strong. Because she has become psychologically independent, she will train her female offspring to be psychological independent as well. What have you got? You’ve got the nigger woman out front and the nigger man behind and scared. This is perfect situation for sound sleep and economics. Before the breaking process, we had to be alert and on guard at all times. Now we can sleep soundly, for out of frozen fear, his woman stand guard for us,  we break this cycle.

We do no service to our men allowing them to be weak.  We do more damage to our black men demanding Prada, Gucci, and Bling, than any white man could do in this day and age.  Most of us take value in our own money but have no concern on how we spend the ill gotten gains of those we say we love.  We don’t demand daddy daughter time every Saturday, we seek $60 for the club on Saturday night.  And we complain about a failing school system and a Government that doesn’t care when our children have three pair of Nikes and not a single book at home.

We are the women who stick our chest out and dare you to say something, though I LOVE that trait in us, we must make the Men come up to our level.    Our black men have no problem proving their physical strength; some cowardly men hide that lack of physical strength behind a gun but I digress.  They are not scared of standing toe to toe with a white man in a fist fight but they are threatened by seating across from them in a class room.   What is wrong with this picture?

We take our children to visit their father in Jail Cells convincing them it was the system, not the Father’s actions that landed him there.  And upon their release, “when you gonna start making money again.  I need this, I need that.” Bam, he’s right back in jail and the system is at fault.  Then when your son thinks that money is more important than an education, you wonder where you went wrong.  We must challenge our Son’s to be mentally strong.  While he’s dribbling a ball, teach him the physics of trajectory.  While he’s playing football, stress the mathematical force behind two linemen colliding. While he’s rhyming, collect books filled with Great Philosophers that encourage him to create High Quality Hip Hop, if that’s his choice. (Yes, this means you might have to teach yourself a new trick or two.  We’re smart, we can do it.) 

 So, with all that being said.  I think it’s time for a Good Ole’ Fashion Lynching.  “For example, if you put a slave in a hog pen and train him to live there and incorporate in him to value it as a way of life completely, the biggest problem you would have out of him is that he would worry you about provisions to keep the hog pen clean, or take the same hog pen and make a slip and incorporate something in his language where by he comes to value a house more than he does his hog pen, you got a problem. He will soon be in your house.”

Lynch’s theory included a time table of One Year.  If used unrelentlessly, never missing an opportunity(to quote Rahm Emanuel), this cycle will repeat itself.  So, if we spend an entire year bombarding our family,  neighbors, and friends with the plan that was meant for us and how we have fallen into it, we can be the phenomenon.  That great forces that throws a Noose around the neck of Willie Lynch’s monstrous plan, turned into a Progressive Democratic Platform.

Start here.  “… that true faith flowers from and through doubt. If you never questioned your beliefs, – you are just a puppet dancing to somebody’s strings. If God had wanted your mindless obedience, you would’ve been created without mind and without free will. But you have both so… you can come to God of your own accord. Just look at the lives of saints, – most of them had gone through a dark night of the soul, and that’s why their faith was so strong. The path to true faith always goes through doubt. So ask those questions you’ve always been afraid to ask, and find the answers, and then your faith will become unshakable.”

Their distrust in Republicans is stronger than their trust in Democrats.  Make them question that blind faith.  Do not allow them to make it about you cause it’s not.  It’s about how we currently treat each other and WHY?  Do not talk in “us” vs ‘them” because we are speaking two different languages.  They see black and white, not the elite and the rest of us.  We’re having two different conversations about the same subject and that’s why we don’t understand each other.

God Be With You and I’ll See You Back Here Next Black History Month

Are You “Pookie”?

December 21st, 2009 | By Sonnie

(to get all references watch New Jack City)

Seriously, do you remember Pookie?  “Prom Queen?  You ain’t nothing but a Prom Fiend.”   You know, New Jack City Pookie.

Is this the image in the mind of policy makers when they think about the minority community?  Are we all “Pookies” and “Prom Fiends” that need the federal government to provide us with hope?  For just a moment, I want to take a look back at the life of “Pookie”.

Pookie was an addict, a straight up funky, junkie.  The absolute example of buying what you want and begging for what you need.  Until one man reached out to him; watched him during the shakes, encouraged him during the weak moments, and refused to let him fail.  A single man lifted a weary and broken soul. 

 It took the government to destroy it.  Good intentions, yes.  Bad outcome, always.  After Pookie cleaned himself up and got his life on track, government gave him a job.  They sent him back to the very same streets that trapped him in the first place.

Was this in Pookie’s best interest?  No, even though in government eyes,  it was in the best interest of the community.  A man that decides to go back and help his community is one thing, forcing- by guilt or “moral obligation”- is completely different.  Pookie could’ve developed his own personal way of giving back, instead Government to the rescue.

Governments’ good intentions were wrong, Pookie self-destructed and died, and to top it off the bad guy got away.  That is, until a single man with bad intentions did what the Government could not.

Are you O.K. with being compared to “Pookie”?  I’m not the trivial type,  I use mass associations all the time but POOKIE.  I’d use Nino before I used POOKIE.  Pookie is what dealers call fiends when they are too unimportant to remember their names.  I can only see this one of two ways; either it’s an insult and the black elite think that Pookieitis is rampant amongst us or as middle class black Americans we are not on Governments radar.

I don’t buy into Pookieitis.  I believe most black Americans-poor, rich and in between- are really capitalist at heart.  Given the chance, they would prefer working to build wealth over government hand outs.  If Pookieitis were to exist the remedy would be capitalist training, the basic understanding if you want to be rich, you have to learn to live poor.  Sacrifice.

I believe its more about middle class minorities grouping themselves amongst those that need the most help.  Government doesn’t see it that way.  You are not an example they can hold up for the suffering in Urban Communities.  They can’t point to you as a prime motivation for why wealth redistribution is necessary.  You are not dependent on Government for your home, food, car, clothes, health insurance, or anything else.  You are privileged.   

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.  It doesn’t matter how hard or how long you worked and sacrificed to maintain your lifestyle, the only thing that matters is you have it and somebody else doesn’t.  So when I say “Pookie” is an insult, I mean its insulting you would voluntarily demean your work ethic and urge to excel by cheering for policy meant to reduce you back to “Pookie”.

If You Give An UnderAchiever a Handout……

December 8th, 2009 | By Sonnie

My daughter is now into reading anything she can get her hands on.  Her favorite books are: If you give a mouse a cookie…, If you give a moose a muffin…..  You know the books I’m talking about.  Well, I’ve decided to add my own to the title list.  Hope you enjoy.


If you GIVE an underachiever a handout……



…..He’ll never ask where you got it

And if you attempt to tell him…….


……It won’t matter because he feels entitled

If you question his entitled status…….


Uncle tom

…..Be prepared to get called out of your name

If you counter with facts…….


……Don’t be surprised they fall on deaf ears

Once you’re too mad to argue……

blame token

……Expect a nice session of BLAME GAME

Challange the rules of Blame Game……

politically correct

……And all of a sudden the underachiever pulls Get Out Of Jail Free card

So, you question the difference…….



…….Pointing out Government Provides Both

The underachiever grows silent…….


……Until you bring up JOBS

Then the Underachiever stikes a mighty blow

no job

……And while you’re tired from working two weeks with no day off

The UnderAchiever



…..Gets another Handout

My Declaration to Fight: Forging a Black Civil War

August 11th, 2008 | By Sonnie

After America won it’s freedom from the British, we were a Country. A country ready to forge a path into history. But before we could reach the future, we had to fight amongst ourselves.

In Iraq, most of the violence is sectarian, meaning they are fighting over what they want their country to become. They are not over there saying let’s blame Saddam, the U.S., the world; I’m sure some are, but as a whole I doubt it. They are meeting with family and friends previously prohibited by their own government.

I saw a bumper sticker that said “War isn’t the answer.” I thought to myself; it’s the solution.

As Conservative Black Folks, we don’t fight like we should. We look at those on top complain just as much as the one’s on the bottom, and we’re stuck in the middle trying to navigate through hate, bias, intolerance, and a constant need to explain we are not all alike.

So I Make My Declaration of War

On our “So Called Black Leaders”, your services are no longer needed.

We have a duty to wipe out mass ignorance and not help support it, by supporting you. I will say it one more time; How in the hell did you make it? And why in the hell do you then turn around and tell me I can’t? And I’ll even answer it for you. You need me to broke and ignorant so you can succeed. Ain’t gonna happen. Your final check is in the mail.

On the FTW”S of our race, Fuck You too.

You get no more sympathy from me. If you think you have the right to sell drugs, rob, steal, beat, rape, or harass, and still be safe in our neighborhoods, you are wrong. You are a product of your environment, no you are a product of choice. You could choose to suffer a little now; go to school, maybe get picked on a little for not having the best clothes, or not get any play from the girls. But you choose to want it now, and Fuck The World. Not working anymore.

The choices you make forge that environment you blame so much. You sell more drugs-> there are more addicts-> the more addicts->the more kids grow up without the ability to have the bare necessities. You know all those things you use as a crutch. My father wasn’t there, my mother was an addict, I didn’t have food, and nobody gave a damn about me. You selling that crack to that mother causes the environment that holds you down. Seriously. Blame placed at your door step.

(Don’t send me any excuses. I got a million. But you will never hear me use one.)

On the ignorant for the sake of being ignorant of our race; What’s up?

Once black people risked their lives trying to learn to read and now you risk yours trying to stay away from a book. O.K. I had to pause right there. This should have been my first declaration. Why do we set a goal to be stupid?

When I was in high school, (gotta get personal for a moment), I was a nerd. I didn’t need a Training Bra until I was 16. I almost got into a fist fight with one of my Math Teachers’ for correcting her. I had a hard time maintaining friendships with females, so I was alone a lot. In that time, I taught myself to type, learn the math for next year, and write all kinds of poetry. I grew, even though I had to do it alone.

While you are so eager for that guy or girl to look at you, colleges are eager to give you money for an education. While you beat down those that study, you turn away assistance in helping you succeed. (Be their friend and let them help you learn) While you tell a teacher what your not going to do, you miss a chance for a flame to be sparked inside yourself. It wasn’t until I was handed an essay in middle school did I learn to appreciate Hip hop.

On black women having babies to keep a man; you know he ain’t no good.

My sistas, I know we don’t always get along, but you deserve so much more. And on top of that, You make our Men weak. I don’t want to hear you complain about Niggas’ being dogs, when you let them dog you. If you can play a dude to get yourself some bling, use that same influence to make him better himself. If he refuses, the answer is not to have a baby, it’s to move on. Do you and do it better because you don’t have some one bringing you down.

On black men having babies and not taking care of them; you know you wrong.

If your dad wasn’t there and you choose not to be there; that doesn’t make any sense at all to me. What excuse could your father tell you that would release all the pain inside you? Would you accept; my boys all got dayton’s so I had to rob that fool so I could have so too? How about; your mother wanted me to spend time with her, I had other chics to focus my attention on? I don’t think that would work with you, and I’m sure it won’t work with your child in the future.

In the coming weeks, I will be breaking down each Declaration and starting a movement on it. I purposely left out hip-hop because it will change when we do, and not a second before.

Interested in joining my War?

I would like to tell you it’s easy, but I can’t. It won’t be easy, because you will be judged by those who like excuses. They will pull up slavery, Rodney King, and anything else they can to keep you were you are. They will say you ain’t fly because you don’t rock Gucci. They will say your not black enough because you speak with proper vocabulary. They will say you don’t care about the plight of black people because you don’t want hand outs.

To me it’s easy to laugh at these things, but it’s not that easy for everyone. The power comes in the little successes. When you receive your report card and see A’s instead of F’s, it gets a little easier to fight. When you get that job and that white man shakes your hand and tells you he looks forward to having you as an employee, it gets a little easier to fight. When a real man or woman approaches you and you can tell and appreciate that person, the fight gets alot easier. But these are not things that happen overnight. These are things that take Sacrifice.

Start small. Find a little way to see if I’m right. Call up your cousin that’s always in trouble, and spend the next couple weekends with him or her. Take them to a museum, a play, or some other event they wouldn’t normally got to. Find their passion and entice them with it. Watch them change because they get a chance to see some new. It will be the first time they think in terms of choices, and you will have won a battle in my cause.

Encourage your child to play with the kid that sits alone in the corner. Not just for the benefit of the kid in the corner, but for the benefit of your child. Teach them to see Character in Man, not the outside showing.
Teach them we all belong, and sometimes all it takes is an introduction to spark a long lasting friendship. They will then see that there are choices. Then we could have students competing for Valedictorian, not just prom queen and king. Then you will have struck a blow to those who say change is impossible.

Allow your children to listen to Hip-hop, then make them hate it by breaking it down for them. (This is one of my Favorites) Sit down and try to have your child (say 8 and up) explain Soulja Boy to you. Seriously, ask them what that song means. And watch as they can’t answer. Then play Tupac (any song will do, even a violent one; but for the kids stick with Brenda had a Baby or Keep Your Head Up) and ask them what the song means. Just do the experiment. If you don’t have kids, use a niece or nephew. If you’re a teenager, ask your friends. You do that and watch the conversation spark. You are helping to build my arsenal with each debate.

Come up with your own experiments based on what’s going on in your community. Like I said start small. If you have a good job and fly car, go to the ghetto during the day when most of the playgrounds are filled with kids and talk to them. When they tell you nice car, say yeah it cost me four years in college, but boy is it worth it. I got a job, a house, and a nice car. It was worth it. Set up a time for them to meet you in the library or rec center and show up. Be on time, dressed properly, and show interest in them. Show them how a man operates, and maybe something you’re missing in your life will open up. I’m just saying, we all have room for improvement. But improvement brings rewards. You keep this up and you’ll be a General in my army.

If you choose to stand in my way

Go ahead a try. See that’s the difference between me and you. You see an obstacle and look for an excuse. I see an obstacle and I look for a way to tear it down. I have confidence you don’t have the stamina to fight toe to toe with me for 12 rounds. I’ll be moving forward, while your looking backwards. I’ll be gaining success, even if in small measures, and you will continue to be at the mercy of someone else. To paraphrase Specta; Don’t give me fish, give me a fishing pole, I can do the rest myself.

But I will question what do you have to gain by staying in your current position. Are the Ghettos’ getting better without my knowledge. Are politicians keeping promises made during campaigns, it’s just were to stupid to see all the changes? Why are you satisfied with the script handed to you by those that benefit from your misfortune? Are you truly satisfied with our people right now?

If in answering these questions, you still find yourself opposing my position, I’m ready. The War Is On.

Could you imagine if we win? If each one of us takes a little step and we actually push our people past drugs, aids, poverty, defeatist thinking, misogyny, materialism, violence, and negativity that keeps us poor and oppressed. Imagine schools that pay for books not metal detectors. Imagine communities that pay for playgrounds instead of jails. Imagine stores opening in black neighborhoods, where white people aren’t scared to go.

$100 Million Man: Black Poverty

July 31st, 2008 | By Sonnie

A man wins $100 Million Dollars.  He decides to build a big house, and let’s all his unemployed friends move in with him.  He offers them food, help with their education, and a nice place to live. His friends are pleased, so what ever he says, they agree.

The $100 Million Dollar Man is a good friend.  He doesn’t push them to work, because they’ve had tough lives and deserve a break.  They just chill out all day, enjoying the free stuff.  Some of the $100 Million Dollar Man’s employed friends realize if they quit their mediocre jobs, they could live in the big house for free.  So, they quit.

One of the unemployed stumbles upon a good job, with benefits.  He’s excited, only to find out he has to move out of the Big House.  The man doesn’t understand why his friend won’t help him, when he’s trying to help himself.  He decides the bumps and bruises are worth it and moves out.

Conditions inside the house deteriorate.  The free stuff starts to run out, the tenants start wanting more, and the $100 Million Dollar Man is running out of cash.  The tenants decide it’s time to move on.  They begin packing. Right when they are about to leave, another $100 Million Dollar Man shows up.

He says stay.  I’ll take care of you. I’ve got more free stuff, and you have gone through so much, you deserve a break.  The people agree and return to the big house.  No changes are made and conditions in the house continue to get worse.

The friend that found a job, came back to visit.  He noticed the outside of the house didn’t look as tempting as it once did.   He goes inside to check on his friends.  And there they were; all in the same place where he had left them.  He found his best friend and asked him how he was?  His friend said, We’ve been done so wrong, this is the only safe place for us.

The man thought about his travels around the world, the property he owned, and the life he had built for himself.  He looked at his friend and said ‘If you leave the Big House, a world of opportunity would open up to you.’  His friend looked back and said, “Is there free stuff?”

The man looked back at his friend and said NO.  “You have to work for it, but boy is it worth it.   Not  depending on another man for your lively hood is an amazing feeling.”

“Your a sellout.  You could be here with us chilling, instead you want to go out with all those white people.  You sure done changed.”

The man realized it was pointless and left.  He returned to his life, and never looked back.

The End

<em><strong>The Characters</strong></em>

$100 Million Dollar Man was played by every politician that says “You’re black, you can’t do it yourself, let’s let someone else pay for it.”

The Big House is Public Housing

Free Stuff is very low rent, food stamps, and checks

2nd Million Dollar Man came at re-election.

Career Man was played by those black people that make it out, then think it pointless trying to help those left behind.

<em><strong>Question Motives</strong></em>

Did you ever ask yourself why Democrats are always pushing for more Public Services, not better Public Services?  They flush money into food stamps, public housing, and minor checks, instead of health care, community programs, and faith based groups that actually work in the communities.

If someone was constantly giving me more incentive to stay poor, I’d question it.  Why would you immediately cut off my food stamps when I get a job?  At least let me save a little first.  Why would you kick me out of my apartment, before I have money for a down payment at a new one?  Why would you give me more money for more children, but won’t offer any money to help me with childcare for the kids I already have?

It’s a real easy answer.  To get your vote, next time.  Politicians promise you change with more more programs, but when they take affect, most people who need them find out it doesn’t apply to them.  So the politician says next time we’ll fit you in.  They do, but squeeze another group out of the equation.  There is no progress, and our people suffer because of it.

Black Poverty exists because we allow it.  No one is going to invest in us, if don’t find ourselves worthy of it.  And constantly electing people to office that preach “We’ll do it for you” proves we don’t find ourselves worthy.  We got the money.  Some of us are making bank, but even those people won’t give money with no hopes of a return.  And I’m not talking revenue, I’m talking appreciation.

Black Family Breakdown+ Excuses Excuses Excuses+ Refusal to Integrate= The Black Plight

July 25th, 2008 | By Sonnie

On CNN’s, Being Black in America, I was surprised by the lack of excuses put forth by many of the contributing Black Folk. It’s even better because they are all rich, accomplished, and made it to the spotlight.

Russell Simmons caught my attention. He said you can’t blame the rappers for the music. You can’t blame an artist for painting a picture of what he sees. Instead, we have to take the problems showcased in Hip Hop, and solve them. So let’s start there.

  1. The breakdown of the Black Family.

When you were growing up, did you have that woman in your neighborhood that would beat other people’s kids? Yeah, that was my Mother. I was hated because she would whip your ass. My mother believed, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

How do you develop a suitable village to raise your child? See most of you are thinking it comes with a nice house, in a nice neighborhood, with nice schools. That’s not it. It comes when Uncles spend time with Nephews because their father isn’t around. It’s a grandmother telling her history, because you make your child sit down and listen. It’s not about economics, its about time spent.

A Home should be a sanctuary. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of a ghetto or in the Hollywood hills. It should be a place where morals are established, goals are set, and a plan is hatched to succeed in those goals.

I’m a strong woman, so you won’t hear me say “Women need a man,” but I will say life is better when you have a real one. It’s important because your daughters are watching. If you bring an unacceptable man home, your daughter looks up to that, especially if she doesn’t have contact with her father. She’ll look for the things that make you happy, and if you only care how much money a man makes, that’s all she’ll care about.

Men. My black men. I just don’t understand some of you. Now, for my brother’s that didn’t plan to have that kid, but are taking care of your responsibilities, you got the message. You hated the fact your father wasn’t there, so you decide to break the cycle. Thank You. But all you brother’s with so much hate in your heart because your father wasn’t around, why are you the ones that walk away Someone close to me doesn’t know his father and cries about it constantly, but doesn’t put any effort into his son, because his new girlfriend doesn’t like it. He’s a big boy, literally. I could imagine if his real father came and told him he wasn’t there because of a girlfriend, he be ready to fight.

2. We love excuses

This is the worst. The breakdown of the family comes first because that’s where a lot of these excuses come from. It’s hard not to believe there is racism around every corner when it comes from your family. My family asked me what my perfect job would be. I said, I would love to write for a living. They told me you can’t make any money being a writer. My first response was J.K. Rawling, the author of Harry Potter. I choose her as an example because she is the richest author ever. I shot high with my aspirations. They told me I wasn’t white like her, so I couldn’t succeed. I’ve written a couple novels, a few screen plays, even came up with some ideas for reality shows. I know better than to listen to haters.

But what about the kids that don’t know any better? What about the kids that have dreams of becoming a doctor or lawyer, but are surrounded by people with no dreams or aspirations because they listened to the hater speech? Where is the accountability of our elected officials that should be saying “I made it and you can to”, instead we only see them when bad stuff happens? The message is simple. I made it. You can’t. Continue to vote for me. And it works.

Are there racist people in America, Sure. You’re probably one of them. Whether you hate Muslims for 9/11, Mexicans for immigration, or white people for slavery. Everyone carries some sort of Racism, but does that make America a Racist country. No. White and black people marry and raise families. Mexicans add their flavor to hip hop and the music sounds good. This is a melting pot. If you chose to make excuses instead of applying yourself, one day you will have to look back and realize racism didn’t steal your dreams, your undeniable belief in Racism did.

3. We don’t want to integrate

I was out with my daughter and see saw this really fancy store, so she wanted to go in. I was apprehensive taking a three year old into a store with crystal every where. So when the sales associate approached me upon entering the store, I wasn’t surprised. She asked me to keep a good eye on my daughter. I said O.K. My sister lost it. She went off. “I bet she don’t tell white people to watch their kids.” Everyone in the store started looking at her. Then she had to add “Racist Bitch.”

I was about to start my tirade, when the white sales associate came over. This white lady let the ghetto out. ” Nobody is Racist, your ass is just loud as fuck.” Then like some message from God, the lady’s husband walks in, Black as Tar. I couldn’t help but laugh. I didn’t think the lady was being racist. My daughter like to touch everything and I’m sure other kids do too. I’ve seen bad ass white kids is a store. I knew she was concerned about the merchandise, not because I was black, she was concerned about my daughter destroying it, and so was I.

We can take the previous two problems and add them in here. Black Family breakdown+ Excuses Excuses Excuses+ not wanting to integrate= the black situation of today. It’s no getting around it.

Why should we have to integrate into white society? You don’t, but you have to be respectful of it. You can’t demand respect, if you don’t command respect. Meaning, if you don’t want to be treated like a Nigger, don’t act like one. If you walk in a store with your pants falling down, talking loud on a cell phone about how much you liked jail, with a mouthful of Gold, as a black woman, I think nigger. No different than you seeing a man on a horse, wearing a cowboy hat, and spurs on his boots, I’d say cowboy.

We want to be treated as equals without acting equal. We want the ability to tell the cops when and where they can arrest us. We want to tell the government they have to pay for us, because we can’t work for ourselves. We want the entire world to think America is a racist country, without taking one step to improve our own situation.

Integration doesn’t only mean white people accept us and our culture. It also means we have to all other people and their cultures.

When we put all these things together, we have the solutions to the problems that plague us. The only question is if we want it solved


July 12th, 2008 | By Sonnie

From the days of slavery, lynching was used as a scare tactic. My sister even told me that’s where we get the word Picnic. The Good Ol’ Boys would pick a nigger to hang and eat as they watched him die. Pic a Nic. Get it.

Don’t be stupid and think I think slavery was a good thing. I don’t. I think it was a part of history, and it had to happen to get us to where we are today.

Having said that. After the Civil War, many slaves rose up to punish their Masters’. There were numerous deadly attacks in which former slaves lashed out. This scared the White People so much they got posses together and lynching became the most powerful weapon they had. (Remember: “THE MOST POTENT WEAPON IN THE HAND OF THE OPPRESSOR IS THE MIND OF THE OPPRESSED.” )

Slaves with newly given rights were fully aware that the laws still did not apply fairly. So when one of theirs were strung from a tree, they gathered around him, prayed for him, and gave him a proper burial. It didn’t matter if he was guilty of the crime of which they accused him, it only mattered that THEY did it.

Fast forward to now.

We still have a slave mentality.

We still rush to the aid of any black person we see, even if we know they are wrong.

The difference.

Former slaves were lynched for crimes committed against white people. They were not given trials or even a chance to have their day in court. Even the guilty deserve that. So it’s understandable to rally when you see numerous grave injustices carried out.

Modern day, everyone gets their day in court. So that natural urge to rally, should be used when there are true injustices. Instead we rally to those we know are wrong. Those that commit crimes against our own people.

I gathered many examples. I planned on listing them all, instead though, I want you to think about it. I know you know some one that has done some fucked up shit, but when they get caught, “The police is always fucking with a brother.”

The sad part is we empower our young black men and women to be victims. We say “they locked him up cause he was black”, not paying any consideration to the black family he robbed, the black sister he beat, or the black boy he killed for some stupid reason.

We want stories of cops beating black men all over the T.V. because then we can stand up and protest. Why don’t we protest for the black boys that join gangs because all the other little black boys beat him or rob him. Why don’t we protest for all the sister’s that are having babies and taking care of them when the brothers turn their backs.

We don’t want those stories, because then we would have to examine ourselves. Then we would see that we hold some accountability in our current situation. Then we could actually make positive change.

A Lynching Mentality

It doesn’t matter what he did, I like him so the police shouldn’t have fucked with him!

Problem with that: It’s only a matter of time before the things he does could affect the ones you love. Think about it. He robs someone, comes to visit you, someone see him, and they come back and shot up your house. Who’s culpable?

They hemmed him up for some shit he didn’t do!

Problem with that: He got away with all the other shit. Hello. You complain when some one pays their way out of a crime, but not when some uses the race card. How many bad things does someone have to do before it’s just better for them to be off the street. The government uses technicalities to arrest people all the time when they can’t be found guilty on the primary charges. A killer doesn’t belong on the street even if they were only arrested him for a robbery.

They want to lock niggers up

Problem with that: Most states would love to cut a huge chunk of their budget and close state prisons. Some states spend more on Prisons’ than they do on Education. We have to realize, crime costs. Not just the victims of the crime, but the cities and states that have to investigate, prosecute, and the incarcerate criminals. It also cost the citizens that live in the state. Higher insurance rates in heavy auto theft regions. Reduced public programs to pay for additional police in high crime areas. The only people this benefits is those politicians that use race as a platform. And we re-elect them on this platform, even though our communities continue to get worse. I digress.

The whole point!