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The Cosby Show Revisited: Do You Remember Social Justice?

June 11th, 2011 | By Sonnie

Hate is a strong word.  I really try not to hate anyone but I think it’s okay to hate an idea, a notion, or a concept.  Because what we are going to cover in this article fills me with utter disgust.  I’m a news junkie and lately, a lot of analyst have been comparing Muslim shows and Gay shows to the Cosby show.  See, the Cosby show was slated as a look inside the black family.  It was supposed to introduce Blacks in a new light to the rest of America and the World.  And it did.  I’ve seen every episode multiple times.

If you listen to Hip-Hop though, you keep hearing a common theme.  I didn’t grow up like the Huxtables.  Does this mean you didn’t have a mom that was a lawyer and dad that was a doctor?  Is the money the issue? Or, is it the family unit; Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Big Sis and Husband?  Here’s the slick part, those are the things you remember.  But, do you remember this?


How many of us remember this episode?  Like I said, I’m a huge fan of The Cosby Show, so it instantly came to my mind when I first heard the words Social Justice.  How can Social Justice be wrong?  When the Bill Cosby “Dirty Laundry” comment came out, I was dragged back to this episode.  How can the man that represented what Social Justice meant to me, now turn around and call my generation, and those after us, “Dirty Laundry”?

See, Hip-Hop is right.  We aren’t like the Huxtables because we didn’t go to Hillman.  S/O Kanye West.   In the video, Dr. Zachariah Haynes says, “if a Hillman Grad,” comes give them assistance.  If they ask for a job, don’t send them to GOVERNMENT,  go get them yourself.  Feed them a good meal and let them know they are not alone.  If this is the actions of those that believe in Social Justice, then why do those same people push more and more GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE.  Oh, that’s right, the help is for those connected to the system, not the average black person.

They don’t mind making you feel all alone and helpless.  They don’t care if  you have to catch the bus downtown to the Social Services building and wait in line to be assigned your ration of food credits.  They don’t care if the black unemployment of those between the age of 17-40 is 29%, triple the national average.  No, none of those things matter because you didn’t go to Hillman, or Harvard, or Yale, or Tuskegee.  You received a hard knock education and therefore, you are dirty laundry.

To add insult to injury, they so intermingle Conservative Principles with Liberal Lies, that you can’t tell one from the other.  You need an example, OK.  Progressives/Liberals, those that believe in Social Justice, tell you to hate the rich.  They have money and they don’t want you to have any.  Yet, they say give someone a job.  Well, have you ever seen a poor person give another poor person a job?  S/O Glenn Beck.  So, isn’t that like telling you to bite the hand that feeds you?  Except if it the Democratic Party, of course.

But the best example is The Huxtable Family Unit.  Even without money, if they had the same cohesion, their kids would still be raised successfully because they had all they needed.  They learned about History from those that were there, consequences for their actions were enforced, and love and understanding always ended the show.  The very idea of Social Justice destroys this premise because it destroys the family. 

Parents are no longer judge and executor, now the public has a say.  If you teach your child to praise God openly, you better prepare to send them to a private school because the public school will dictate when and where prayer is acceptable.  You can’t tell a child, “You live under my roof, so you will follow my rules,” because the courts now say you have to give them 90 days to leave the house that you own.   You can try to teach a child consequences for their actions but as soon as they leave the house, the general population will tell them it’s the police, the man, or the system. 

 And if you keep them inside, turn off the TV and the Computer because shows like Cosby will teach them Social Justice.  They will show the results of Conservative Principles but will label them under Liberal Lies.  That’s why the good Dr. didn’t explain what he meant by Social Justice. He just let your mind assume it meant reaching your highest potential and then helping those in need.  That’s what us Conservatives believe.  The Liberal/Progressives, those that push Social Justice, believe in waiting on the Government to do it.  You know, sending you on public transportation.

If you didn’t believe before that they have been trying to indoctrinate you, I dare you take a look back at The Cosby Show; the Liberal success story after they filled the 70’s  with Jive Turkey.  Where are the food stamps, the public housing, or any form of Government assistance?  Did the first lady tell Cliff what to Eat or did Claire keep him in check?  Did any adult on that show tell the children “NOT” to listen to their parents and their advice?  Get Real.  It was a truly Conservative show that will forever be linked to an insanely Liberal idea.  Real Social Justice will come when we can separate the two.

Message to the Black Youth: THEY ALL BLAME YOU! WAKE UP!

June 2nd, 2011 | By Sonnie

As the keynote speaker for the annual Rainbow/PUSH Coalition conference, Cosby delivered another masterful soliloquy aimed at the destruction of the current state of African-Americans. Invited by the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Cosby blasted young African-Americans, whom he believes betrayed the legacy of the civil rights victories of the ’50s and ’60s.

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“I believe you need all kinds in the debate and struggle. For example, when I was still eating meat, I was criticized everyday by angry vegans and it helped to set me up for the shift. The truth however, is that a shift to vegetarianism came from a loving friend who didn’t judge.  

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The title to this article is “Your dirty laundry gets out of school at 2:30 everyday”.  They are calling you dirty laundry.  See, you are the problem.  They have given you all that you need and you just cuss it all away.  They’ve provided you with Social Justice and now they can’t figure out why you repel from it.  You need to turn off the Hip-Hop and listen to more warped versions of history that they try to stuff into your mind.
Bill Cosby is willing to say it’s everybody fault, but he only mentions your flaws.  Why don’t they ever mention the failure that is the Rainbow Coalition and PUSH?  If these are the legacy groups, along with other failures like the NAACP, where is there share of the blame?  Why aren’t they admitting to their faults?  Why do they target you?
Didn’t they tell you that the system was the culprit?  Or was it the mean racist Republicans?  Didn’t they tell you America was the problem, not the inhabitants of America?  I mean, didn’t Plymouth Rock land on you?  Why is it now exciting to speak amongst each other, leaving you totally out of the conversation, with criticism and malcontent?
Then to follow it up, Russell Simmons compares it to becoming a Vegan.  Really, a Vegan?  Is that the comparison you would make for your community?
Our communities are in the condition they are in because of groups like Rainbow, Push, and the NAACP.  Yes, they lead a brilliant march in the ’60’s in a push for equality.  Yes, they faced down water hoses, dogs, and some even gave their lives.  They fought their battle and they won, and for that, they should be congratulated.  But that isn’t where they stopped. 
They pushed for more public housing, food stamps, and government assistance.  They made dependency acceptable.  They let God be taken out of our schools and watched them crumble.  They gave excuses for crime and criminals were formed.  THEY BETRAYED EVERYTHING KING MARCHED FOR!  They let Planned Parenthood into our communities and validated them, neglecting to inform us of their true history.  They let Big Government suck up more and more of our rights, while they collected a check for their assistance.
And then, we found Hip-Hop.  And we got involved in the Capitalist system.  Now, they want to blame you for it.  Are their bastards among us who don’t care about anything or anyone, YES.  But is that who you really are?  Or are you just tired of the scenario which they have painted for you.  Do you see lyrics and beats as a way out.  You are not running towards Hip-Hop, you are running away from them and they will blame you and hate you for it.  Take it from a sister that knows.
I hate to be blunt, but they will be dead soon and we will be here to shape our future the way we want it.  IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?  Or have you had enough already.  The only fault you hold, is that in your own life.  You are not responsible for the weight of the black community.  You are only responsible for what you do next.  You are not dirty laundry, you are the future of this country and don’t let them tell you otherwise.
But I have one more request.  Don’t let them leave this Earth with their holier than thou belief that it is your fault.  It is time to hold them accountable for their actions and in doing so, form the next generation of leaders that refuse to live in the aftermath of their failure.

Black Political Fighting Words

June 22nd, 2010 | By Sonnie

Willie Lynch came up with the idea years ago.  We must separate slaves from one another.  We can use age, skin lightness or darkness, gender, position, and any other qualification that would cause slaves to bicker amongst themselves.  For the last 200 years we have willingly played this game, judging each other on what we see or hear.

What’s more sickening?  I now see this behavior on the side of Blacks opposed to Big Government.  Every one has a story or reason they don’t trust the Democratic Party, yet we still have no trust for each other.

I’m tired of playing by someone else’s rules and accomplishing nothing.  So we’re stepping off the politically correct and stepping into fighting words.

Black Elites- I don’t really care what political party you belong too.  I’m talking about those black people who hold their degrees, experience, and title like a badge of superiority.  The blacks who think they are the exception, not the rule.   The intellectuals, privileged, and those grandfathered in from the Civil Rights age who know how to solve the problems of the black community, if only we’d follow them.

Black Conservatives- Who believe race isn’t a issue anymore.  The Afro-Conservative Vanessa coined the phase, “the Carlton Banks Syndrome”.  Those who have never had to experience poverty and strife.  Their parents are middle-class to rich and they are not ashamed about it.  They grew up around proper dictation and learned at a young age how to manage a checkbook, so they are well prepared for the world, whatever it may bring.

Black Nationalist-  The Farakhans of the movement.  They believe blacks should run and control their own neighborhoods and financial systems because the system is so screwed against them.  It’s not, “You can do it”, it’s more, “You have to do it because the white man will tear you down if you don’t.”  They believe in “Black Power” but spend most of their time talking about “White Superiority”.

Black Libertarians-  The “your fist must stop at my nose” crowd.  These people don’t care how many times you try to bring up race, they only focus on the times it personally affects them.  “I take care of me and mines and shouldn’t have to stand up for anyone else.” 

Then there’s ME.  I talk in Black and White all the time and very rarely does it have anything to do with race.  It’s because I have eyes and a true focus.  I am not an elite who thinks I know all the answers. I’m one part Conservative, one part Nationalist, and one part Libertarian.  There is one distictive part of me that is missing from this equation and our political conversation, I’m one part Hood.

I’m not influenced by the Elites who would tell me “if we just do this, we could solve all our problems”.  Bullshit.  If it were that easy, it would’ve been done by now.   History is filled with brilliant men and women who understood they could solve problems if they started small and let the people build upon their seeds. You can stand on the top of the mountain handing out fish but you will find me in the lake giving instruction.

I’m not influenced by Conservatives who think we walk in a color blind society.  You know why people don’t believe you?  They see in color.  Hell, even in black and white you can tell the difference between the races.  Does this mean they are racist?  No.  It means they are politically incorrect and I love them for it.  I am Black and not afraid to say it.  I know that there are racist white and black people, I just don’t care.  If  you are my friend, that’s all I see.  If you are my enemy, that is what reflects in my mind.  If I’ve never met you, I hold my judgement. 

I’m not influenced by Nationalist who think the world rotates on color.  How are you any different from Klansmen who think being White some how makes you special?  Race is not the major issue facing us today and it’s time we change the subject.  If there isn’t a single situation between a white person and black person where you think the black person is in the wrong, something is wrong with you.  How can you teach empowerment and victimization at the same time?

I’m not influenced by Libertarians who think we can realistically undo 100 years race baiting, social engineering, and government dependence in one fell swoop.   I know there are still some black people alive who remember the sounds of the dogs barking and the sting of their bite.  I know there are still some black people who remember the force of the water sprouting from hoses aimed by armed government officials.  These feelings and memories can’t be overlooked or easily forgotten.

So what does influence me?  People.  Regular everyday people who are mixed with a little Nationalism and Conservatism.  People who consider themselves Elites but want to live in a Libertarian world.  You know, the people we all claim we want to help but we spend so much time arguing and differing ourselves from one another we totally forget they exist.  Yup, those people.

They want to live the Elite life.  They want prosperity and positions of power but they don’t want to walk around with sticks up their……you know.  They want parties, committees, and fundraisers where people aren’t so politically correct they refuse to serve fried chicken.  They want the big house and nice car but I guarantee you Hip Hop will still fill the airwaves.

They want Conservatism.  Fathers want their daughters to graduate High School still a Virgin.  Mother’s want their sons to know how to treat a lady.  Grandparents want to see their family unit still in tact on their deathbeds.  Teenage boys want to live under a supply and demand economy, just with access to a better product.  And most of us have no problem thanking God for the Good moments or falling to our knees praying for help in times of strife. 

They wholeheartedly support Nationalism.  They want to see black owned stores and businesses in their communities.  Barack Obama is proof they want to see people who look like them achieve great things.  They lose interest when the conversation is focused on what someone else is doing.  It’s not “this is how you can start a business”, it’s “this is how you beat the cracker at his own game”.  We don’t like games and are not going to invest time, effort, or investment  in them, period. 

They support Libertarianism more than you know.  They don’t want government to have the right to interfere in their homes.  They don’t want government telling them how to discipline their children.  They don’t want Government influencing their ability to say Merry Christmas or prevent their sons from keeping score in a football game.  They get pissed off after they spend three years paying off a car and still having to pay property tax.  They crave limited government but are assimilated into government dependence.

So, do we each gather our groups, go to our corners, and come out swinging at each other when the bell rings?  I think I know the answer but we’ll see in Part 2.  I think I’ll give this article a little time to fester before I go any further.

Are You “Pookie”?

December 21st, 2009 | By Sonnie

(to get all references watch New Jack City)

Seriously, do you remember Pookie?  “Prom Queen?  You ain’t nothing but a Prom Fiend.”   You know, New Jack City Pookie.

Is this the image in the mind of policy makers when they think about the minority community?  Are we all “Pookies” and “Prom Fiends” that need the federal government to provide us with hope?  For just a moment, I want to take a look back at the life of “Pookie”.

Pookie was an addict, a straight up funky, junkie.  The absolute example of buying what you want and begging for what you need.  Until one man reached out to him; watched him during the shakes, encouraged him during the weak moments, and refused to let him fail.  A single man lifted a weary and broken soul. 

 It took the government to destroy it.  Good intentions, yes.  Bad outcome, always.  After Pookie cleaned himself up and got his life on track, government gave him a job.  They sent him back to the very same streets that trapped him in the first place.

Was this in Pookie’s best interest?  No, even though in government eyes,  it was in the best interest of the community.  A man that decides to go back and help his community is one thing, forcing- by guilt or “moral obligation”- is completely different.  Pookie could’ve developed his own personal way of giving back, instead Government to the rescue.

Governments’ good intentions were wrong, Pookie self-destructed and died, and to top it off the bad guy got away.  That is, until a single man with bad intentions did what the Government could not.

Are you O.K. with being compared to “Pookie”?  I’m not the trivial type,  I use mass associations all the time but POOKIE.  I’d use Nino before I used POOKIE.  Pookie is what dealers call fiends when they are too unimportant to remember their names.  I can only see this one of two ways; either it’s an insult and the black elite think that Pookieitis is rampant amongst us or as middle class black Americans we are not on Governments radar.

I don’t buy into Pookieitis.  I believe most black Americans-poor, rich and in between- are really capitalist at heart.  Given the chance, they would prefer working to build wealth over government hand outs.  If Pookieitis were to exist the remedy would be capitalist training, the basic understanding if you want to be rich, you have to learn to live poor.  Sacrifice.

I believe its more about middle class minorities grouping themselves amongst those that need the most help.  Government doesn’t see it that way.  You are not an example they can hold up for the suffering in Urban Communities.  They can’t point to you as a prime motivation for why wealth redistribution is necessary.  You are not dependent on Government for your home, food, car, clothes, health insurance, or anything else.  You are privileged.   

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.  It doesn’t matter how hard or how long you worked and sacrificed to maintain your lifestyle, the only thing that matters is you have it and somebody else doesn’t.  So when I say “Pookie” is an insult, I mean its insulting you would voluntarily demean your work ethic and urge to excel by cheering for policy meant to reduce you back to “Pookie”.

Until They Blame YOU!

December 16th, 2009 | By Sonnie

Hurry, we need to pass Healthcare.  Let’s blame big pharma. 

We can’t.  We made a deal with them.  They go along with healthcare, we won’t allow Canadian medicine into America.

O.K. Blame Canada. 

We don’t want to say anything bad about the healthcare system we’re trying to force on Americans, plus I think South Park already took that line.

Then Blame Doctors

The people don’t believe their doctor would cut off their foot for profit

Blame Insurance Companies

That could work. 

I question, Who’s next?

Hurry, we need to save the Planet.  Let’s blame Car Companies

We can’t.  We own car companies now.

Climate Change Opposition, blame them

That’s about 72% of all Americans, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Why didn’t I think of this before?  Let’s blame Big Oil

Again?  How about if we add the coal industry this time, change it up a bit.

I question, Who’s next?

Hurry, we need jobs.  Blame Bush

That was easy.

We still need jobs.

Blame Bush.

Ahhhh….That’s not working anymore

Blame Wallstreet

We’re telling Wallstreet to stop paying people.  I don’t think that would work.

Do I have to do everything?  Blame Banks for not lending.

We’re telling the Bankers they participated in risky behavior that caused our Country to slip into a deep depression.  Now you want them to go back to that risky behavior with the American Taxpayer backing them up?

Just Blame the Bankers and Bush.  That should work

 I question, Who’s next?

We are getting the Government we deserve.  Yet, no one is placing the blame at our footsteps.  We want a Government that obeys the will of the people and that’s what we have.  A Government that blames someone else for the problems they create, just like many of us do in our personal lives.  When things go wrong  because of personal decisions, we can easily point at Republicans or Democrats and say they are the problem.  Why should we be surprised our Government reflects that?

So, let’s get to the question at hand.  Who’s next?   I mean, when everything hits the fan and the blame game is no longer fun, who will be left holding all the chips?  Government!  While we’re busy paying attention to Tiger Woods and White House party crashers, the Executive Branch is collecting and consolidating power.  What happens when America wakes up and Government has complete power to place blame?

American Citizens, we blame you for the exorbitant cost of healthcare.  You and your drinking alcohol, soda, and milk.  You think you have the right to free healthcare when you eat meat, don’t get enough exercise, and spend all day combing the Internet for new information on what we’re doing.  You got your free abortion, why are you complaining because Granny can’t get a hip replacement?  You will live by our rules because we know what’s good for you.

What happens when there is nothing you can do about it?  At least with insurance, you could go to government with a grievance. 

American Citizens, we blame you for the destruction of our planet.  You and your big screen t.v.’s, monster SUV’s, and big houses.  You think the planet will keep on spinning if you continue to have multiple child families, dogs and cats for pets, and keep multiplying the cattle population?  Do you know the carbon foot print of farting cows, crying babies, and animals you can’t eat?  You have experienced the privilege of Capitalism and you squandered it, now you will bow to the will of  Government.

American Citizens, we blame you for the lack of jobs.  Where is your ambition?  Where is your desire not to settle?  We gave you high minimum wage, the right to a union, and a Trillion dollar stimulus.   And what about unemployment benefits, we gave you two years and you still need a job.  Don’t worry, we’ll give you what you seek.   I’ve got an opening to dig and refill ditches.

Realize  none of these things are your fault, unless you believe the standard of living in America is too advanced compared to the rest of the world.  The rest of us shouldn’t be blamed for the price of healthcare, the destruction of our planet or lack of jobs.  That blame rightly falls on the politicians in Washington.  Our fault lies in continuing to send the same people back to represent us.

We send them back with no punishment for earmarks, violating the Constitution or refusing to hear the will of the people; then we wonder why all we ever see is blame instead of results.  If you’re a Republican, you blame the Democrats.  If you’re a Democrat, you blame the Republicans. 

To steal a phrase from Rev. Wright, “When will the American Domestic agenda chickens come home to roost?’  And how will we respond when the Democrats and the Republicans have the power to put the blame and consequence directly on our shoulders?


August 25th, 2008 | By Sonnie

If you read this and nit pick and the little points; then you’re missing the big picture.

I love the History Channel and during a break from watch the Democratic Convention I caught an Episode of The Ku Klux Klan; A Secret History. It got me to thinking and this is what I came up with.

The Factions


B.M.W.- Bitching, Moaning and Whining

If you read my articles before, you know who I’m referring to. If not, then let me enlighten you. These are the black people that complain about everything. The Government stops me from doing this, my circumstances stop me from doing that, and the street raised me to be who I am.


K.K.K. Klu Klux Klan

Everyone knows who they are. The white supremacist that think every problem they incur comes from someone of another color. The White People that think the United States would be better if it were only inhabited by White People.


M.S.B.  Muslim Suicide Bombers

Scratching your head, Huh. How in the Hell does she plan on pulling this off? Well here I go.

The upbringing

B.M.W.– They were brought up in nothing but negativity. They have been told since birth; the world is out to get you. It doesn’t stop at a Race. Yes, the white man is out to get you, but so are your black elected officials. America is not a place for A Black Man to Become Successful.

K.K.K– They were brought up in nothing but negativity. They have been told since birth; you are the rightful Heir to this Country. It doesn’t stop at Race. Yes, the Black Man is taking all your opportunities, but it’s white people that are helping them. America is no longer a place where a white man can feel safe.

M.S.B.– They were brought up in nothing by negativity. They have been told since birth; if you spend your life killing people who don’t believe the same as you, then you’ll get 99 Virgins in Heaven. It doesn’t stop at Race. Yes, we want to hurt Jews, but there are Muslims standing in our way. America is despicable because everyone doesn’t believe in Allah.

The Leaders

B.M.W.– The Ones At The Top Don’t Practice What They Preach. Their leaders work and strive towards success then turn around and tell the People it’s impossible for you to do it. They build careers and financial stability, while advocating Public Assistance. They advance in Power and Prestige and leave their People behind.

K.K.K.– The Ones At The Top Don’t Practice What They Preach. Their leaders will encourage violence against those they deem unworthy, but let a Black Man walk into his Company with the ability to push up the Sales and he’s hired. They tell their people to fight for White Rights, but campaign with speeches meant to uplift everyone. They advance in Power and Prestige and leave their People behind.

M.S.B.– The Ones At The Top Don’t Practice What They Preach. Their leaders tell them to denounce the West, while they reside in Palaces that could rival any Western Architecture. They tell their People the United States is Expansionist, while they profit from Free Trade. They tell their people to live with just the basics, then take Vacations to the U.A.E and indulge in all the Sins unacceptable in their own Countries. They advance in Power and Prestige and leave their People behind.

The Beliefs

B.M.W.– The rules everyone else has to follow, don’t apply to me. Let a News story come on about a White Man killing a Black Man in a White Community and Black People lose their minds. Racism. Let a News Story come on about a Black Man killing a White Man in a Black Neighborhood and Black People say they had no business being there in the first place.

K.K.K– The rules everyone else has to follow, don’t apply to me. During the 60’s and 70’s, a White Man in Mississippi still thought there was no way a jury would convict them for killing a NIGGER. Because a NIGGER is not a Real Man. When they began losing their property in Civil Cases, they couldn’t understand why.

M.S.B.– The rules everyone else has to follow, don’t apply to me. Every major Religion has ‘Thou shalt not Kill.’ In most Muslim countries, you can be killed for changing Religion but not for murdering for your beliefs. They complain when attacked by none Muslims, then answer by attacking their own people.

The Markings

B.M.W.– When the Kitchen gets to hot, they throw on a Bandanna. Red, Blue, Black; it doesn’t matter. They are quick to show people they belong to something. They fit in. But no, they don’t stop there. They have to go and get it permanently etched into their bodies. Tattoos that make it impossible to separate or individualize Themselves From Gangs.

K.K.K.-When the kitchen gets to hot, they throw on a Hood. White or Red; it doesn’t matter. They aren’t as quick to show people they belong to something. But they are quick to point out they fit in. They just use words instead of Ink. NIGGER THIS, NIGGER THAT, HOW CAN YOU TELL IF A NIGGERS DEAD? Yes there are K.K.K.’s that have Tattoos, but the majority keep their beliefs inside.

M.S.B.-When the kitchen get hot, they throw on a Scarf. White; but that doesn’t matter. They are desperate to show they belong to something. They fit in. They just don’t use Words or Ink, they use belts made to explode and inflict as much damage as possible.

Side Note: My niece told me there was a difference between putting a K.K.K. hood on a little baby and buying a little baby Fake Gold Teeth. She said one is not meant to set the Agenda to Kill. So I asked her. “What happens to that little boy when he grows up and wants everything that goes with those Gold Teeth? He becomes the one that robs, sells drugs, and eventually will make the decision to kill or be killed.

The Similarities

B.M.W.-I’m not wrong because I believe. These People know that slavery was once a part of the United States and they believe racism will always be a part of the United States. They believe a Black Man will never get a fair shake, no matter how many exceptions they are presented with. They believe they were put on this earth to fail. And no one is going to touch that Belief.

K.K.K.-I’m not wrong because I believe. These People want a return to the Glory days of Segregation. They believe they are far more adept than any Black Person could be. They believe White People settled this Country and Should Control it Forever. They believe the Purity of the White Race is the biggest Issue facing them. And no one is going to touch that Belief.

M.S.B.-I’m not wrong because I believe. These People only have to look towards the Koran to find Belief. When it can’t be found, they look toward the Sheiks. They believe Israel shouldn’t exist. They Believe Capitalism will ruin their Religion. They believe killing themselves is acceptable as long as they do it for a Good Cause. And no one is going to touch that Belief.

The Opportunities

B.M.W.-The Most Radical Need Not Apply. There are opportunities available to this faction, but they won’t accept them. Not because they don’t want them. It’s because accepting them down grades your creditability. To reject the Lifestyle would mean your a traitor, a backstabber, and embarrassment to your Faction. Why can’t I be Black and Smart?

K.K.K.-The Most Radical Need Not Apply. There are opportunities available to this faction, and they will accept them. They will take a position as long as another White Person is in Charge. Let a Black Man take over and it’s time to go. Not because he’s a Bad Guy, It’s because working under him down grades your creditability, To reject the Lifestyle would mean your a traitor, a backstabber, and embarrassment to your Faction. Can I pay my bill, even if a Black Man signs my check?

M.S.B. -The Most Radical Need Not Apply. There are opportunities available to this Faction, but they are given no chance to see them. Instead of learning to read, write and think independently, they are taught to shoot in Elementary School. I’m sure Muslim parents cringe at that thought, but they send them to school none the less. It’s not because they don’t want their children to have long lives. It’s because if the don’t fight for Islam your creditability is down graded. To reject the Lifestyle would mean you’re a traitor, a back stabber, and an embarrassment to your Faction. Can I pray to Allah, without wanting to Kill Someone?

The Point

Every group of People have Conservative thinkers, Liberal thinkers, and those who Follow One of the Two. No one in this World is meant to Go It Alone. We are born into families and our families are connected by Culture, Religion, and Common Ideals. When we lack those Families and Networks, we feel lost and want to belong to something.

That’s where the Factions come in. They scoop up those that are alone, hurt, and angry; with no where to place their frustration. They take them in and give them acceptance, but along with that comes the Negative. Nothing in this world comes without a price. The admission to these groups; Your Ability to think for yourself, Your Ability to break Stereotypes and Preconceived Notions, Your Ability to learn from other People, Cultures, or Religions, basically Your Soul. Just to Belong.

None of these Groups Are Respectable. None of these Groups bring any Good into the World. But the Sad reality is, they will always exist. Someone will always find a way to rally the troops and improve their personal position. There will always be someone that didn’t put in the Work but expects results. And when those results don’t come, they will look elsewhere to place the blame. There will always be those that believe in nothing, so they will fall for anything.

Are You Better Off Now Than You Were 8 Years Ago?

August 25th, 2008 | By Sonnie

That seems to be the theme of the Barack Obama campaign. So I’m going to do the assessment of myself. Then I hope you can do the same.

On the Inside

Eight years Ago, I got to vote for the first time.

I woke up election morning excited. I was going to vote for Al Gore. He was the Vice President to the 1st black President, Bill Clinton. He was the Democrat. That’s all I needed to know.

I voted for Al Gore, without knowing anything about the Politics that came with him. I’m so ashamed to admit that but it’s nothing but truth here. I’m better off now because I NOW Pay attention to the speeches, the nuances, and judge on my belief.

Eight Years Ago, I lived in Richmond Va.

Now I love my hometown. It raised me; How could I not? But they weren’t Good lessons. Many of my friends were killed, arrested, or drug abusers. Many of my girl friends lived in Public Housing, had multiple kids, and no hope for a future.

I moved away right after I realized I voted for Al Gore. It wasn’t the fact that I voted for him. It came with the knowledge I wasn’t educating myself anymore. When I got out of High School, I let my learning come to a halt. I am better now. I keep my distance from friends and family and I really miss them sometimes; But there comes a time when you have to make a choice to move on. To take the Lessons of the Past and leave the heartache and pain behind.

Eight Years Ago, I thought I would never have a child

Not going to get into the medical stuff but my body wasn’t supposed to be able to handle carrying a child. This really didn’t bother me. I didn’t want any Babies? I planned on getting my money right then adopting big kids. 11, 12, and up.

I’m not going to tell you patience comes with child birth. It doesn’t. It takes time. But I am Better Off. I have that patience Now. But more than that, It was a total renewal of my faith in God. Everyone has heard the sermon; the doctor’s said No, but Jesus said Yes. Amen.

Eight Years Ago, I awoke everyday Uncertain

I was a mess. I got hit on all the time but with a fresh Scar on my once pretty stomach, my self esteem took a blow. My heart still burned for someone I couldn’t have, even though I knew he was poison. I had gotten the disease out of my body but it had taken my soul.

I still awake everyday uncertain. But I am Better Off. Now I awake Uncertain of what I’m going to write, but it comes out none the less. I’m uncertain if I’m being the best Mom I can be, but “I Love You Mommy” are the first words out of my daughters lips every morning. I am uncertain if I will ever get my message out, but I let that roll off my back and keep pushing forward.

The Outside

Eight Years Ago, I cared about Brand Names

No different than a typical American Youth. I wanted somebody’s name on my butt. Some cool logo on my Shoes. Some pretty design on my nails. Somebody’s hair style on my head. Some form of Gold on my neck, ears, and wrists.

Full Disclosure; I Love Shoes. Having said that. I am Better Off. I still get my hair done, but not the $150 and up styles. If I buy name brand, you better believe it’s on sale. I stopped wearing jewelry the more I saw people getting robbed. The major difference; when I started looking inside myself, I didn’t care as much about the outside.

Eight Years Ago, I had NO Credit Card Debt

At a very young age, I realized the truth about Credit Cards. My step mother had skipped a Payment and watched her interest rate double. I knew I was no good managing money, so I never applied for a credit card.

Now, I have Credit Card Debt. But I am Better Off. I invested in Myself. I wanted my own business, so I made the moves to make it happen. I don’t know everything and sometimes learning comes with a price. But I believe in myself, so I know I made a wise investment.

Eight Years Ago, I drove a 89 Nissan Sentra

It was red. It was my first Car. I hated it. My dad said if I kept my grades up, when I graduated he would buy me a car. Instead, I got a Car Payment on a Car I didn’t want. But to be fair, I graduated a year early and he didn’t have the proper time to save.

I’ve never had a brand New Car straight off the Lot. I could have, but I never really cared about a car. As long as I can get from Point A to Point B, I’m cool. Am I Better Off? I don’t have a car note.

Eight Years Ago, I lived with my Grandmother

If you ever want to feel like you have no privacy, you should live with my Grandmother. She didn’t believe in Snaking, everyone should eat together. She didn’t believe in Girls riding alone in a Car with a Boy. I Love Her To Death, but I would never want to live with her again.

Now you can tie all the above together. If I had a car note, I probably couldn’t afford Gas. If I only brought brand name clothes, I probably couldn’t pay the Mortgage. If I didn’t invest in Myself, I probably wouldn’t have Hope For My Future.

Are You Better Off?

I had a couple conversations to try to gauge the response. Nobody is better off. Oh, except all the white people that rob Blacks of their Money. The Oil Companies, The Government, and the People that Make Food. All on a mission to kill off the rest of Us Black Folk.

You are no better off. You are still complaining about what someone else is doing. Look inside and tell me have you grown? Any? Or are you on a continuous loop of the same mistakes?

Do you want to keep up with the Jones’ so much, that you don’t plan for the future?

Will you buy a house you know you can’t afford, with a flexible rate, so you can show off for a couple months?

Will you Go buy an SUV because you saw it in a Video, even though you know the price of Gas?

Will you continue to Rent and help someone else grow their portfolio?

Or in Eight Years from Now, will you look back and say I am Better Off. Not because John McCain was President. Not because Barack Obama was President. But because I took the steps to change my habits to make a better life for Myself.

If you have two Hi Def T.V.’s, an XBox 360, a Playstation 3, every pair of Jordans’ from the last 10 years; you could have brought stock with what you spent. You could have invested in starting your own business. You could have had a down payment for a house. You could have paid for your child’s first 2 years in college.

When you look at those White People that hold you back, where is their Escalade sitting on 22’s? Why aren’t they dripped from Head to Toe in Gold and Diamonds? Why do they all wear the same Khaki Pants and Polo?

It’s because they are paying the Mortgage on their Million Dollar Home. It’s because the Own A BMW, Great on Gas. It’s because the Gold they own is in the form of Notes. They don’t have to tell you they have money, but they can LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.


Learn To Play Your Position: What More Can I Say?

August 19th, 2008 | By Sonnie

The Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Hope. Hope was having a very bad day. She got an A on her Math Test, but the teacher pulled her to the side and accused her of cheating. She got an A on her Oral Exam, but the class made jokes while she was speaking. She was allowed to spend her free period helping in the office, but the kids that were in trouble threatened her for helping the teachers process paper work. She was just having a bad day.

Then Hope goes home. She runs in the house to tell her mother about her day. The first thing her Mother says to her is, “Why didn’t you do something to your hair. You look Horrible.”

Hope tried to explain. “I had two tests to take today and I spent this morning studying. If I had spent time on my hair, I would’ve been late for school.”

Her mother replied, “You think you gon get something out a book? You better make sure you keep yourself up so you can find a Man to take care of you. You don’t want to end up like me.”

Hope was so confused, she to her best friends house. “Why weren’t you in school today? You know you missed two exams.” Hope questioned.

Her Friend answered, “I don’t know why you spend your time in school. I dance three nights a week and make over $5,000. You need to come and work with me.”

Hope couldn’t take anymore. She ran to the local playground. A post up boy saw her crying and approached. He put his arm around her and whispered ‘It’s alright, Ma. Don’t cry. You should be my girl and I’d make sure nobody makes you cry.’

Hope was tempted but she knew better so she continued on. Then she looked up at the Sky and asked Why?

Out of No Where, and Angel appeared. Hope was transfixed in disbelief. “Hello. I my name is Dream and you’re starting to piss me off.”

Hope thought to herself, ‘Oh No. Even the Angel wants to dog me.’

Dream came closer to Hope and began to speak. “Let’s start with your teacher. Did you cheat?” Hope shook her head No. “Then why are you letting her upset you. Does she ever smile? Do you ever see her in a good mood?” Hope shook her head No.

“Let’s move on. What was the topic of your Oral Report?” Dream asked. “How Black People Can Help Other Black People Succeed.”

“Did you believe the words you spoke?” Hope shook her head Yes. “Then you need to get some tougher skin. If you had the same opinion as them, they would probably still ridicule you. It’s not the message, usually it’s more about breaking the spirit of the messenger.”

“Your Mother. She is a lovely woman.” Dream uttered. “She has a job, owns a house, takes care of you, drives a BMW…”

“Yeah, I don’t get it. I study everyday, I teach myself new math, I do random science experiments, all in an effort to be like my Mom.”

“Your best friend is sliding down a pole.”

“Yes and I got Neighborhood boys trying to get in my pants. Do you want to hurt me more by making me repeat this day again in my mind.”

“Honey, Where are You?” Dream smiled.

“I’m in a dirty park, probably losing my mind, thinking I’m talking to a Ghost.”

“You are not in the house putting on make-up, you are not rubbing baby oil on yourself preparing to be groped by random Men; You are taking time to think about Me. Your dreams. You will not lower yourself for a Man because that’s Not what I’m about. You will continue to speak over criticism because My voice is Loud. You will start to SMILE when you face opposition because You’ve seen ME, and you know I’m Real. You will wait for a Good Man because You are Not willing to sacrifice Me.”

“Come with Me Hope, I want you to meet my best friend, His Name Is FAITH.”

The Point

Our dreams are never going to appear out of thin air. Our dreams are never going to fight for our attention. “All the world’s a stage, and all the Men and Women merely Players; they have they’re exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his act being 7 ages.” In other words, everyone will play their position. The question then becomes What’s your Position?

The Teacher

This does not just apply to School teachers. This applies to anyone who is supposed to supply knowledge, but takes offense when surpassed. Your Character’s focus should be on inspiration. When did it become more about your pride than their growth? Why try to bring them down a peg or two, when you helped them climb in the first place?

The Mother

Once again, this does not just apply to ‘Mothers’. This applies to people that have made it, but encourage you to follow a different path. They entered the military as lost souls, found themselves, came back knowing exactly who they are and what they want to be; but will tell you, there is nothing to be gained in the Military. They sacrifice to get accepted to a Great College, then instead of telling that story, they fight for Affirmative Action. Character is built through struggle. They struggle and succeed, then expect you to succeed without the proper sacrifice. Question Motives.

I just have to throw this in. I asked my Cousin; How many people in the hood do think would be good repairing a Helicopter? She laughed and said NONE. I didn’t laugh. I said, “How do you know, when they’ve never seen Helicopter, except flying overhead.” Little Lessons.

The Uninspired

These are the Name Callers. These are the ones’ who have nothing to say, but they want to be heard. They don’t want to listen but want your attention when they lay out their excuses. They know that things aren’t good, but they don’t know how to fix it; so They Do Nothing. Except criticize those who make an attempt.

The Forgotten

Every man plays different parts during his lifetime, but I’m sure all of us play this part at some point in time. Like that neighborhood boy. He could’ve been waiting for the next basketball game, but because of his location and appearance, Hope could’ve judged him as a Dough Boy. Like the Best Friend. How do we know she was stripping? She could have a part in Musical. She could be skipping school to improve her dance. They hire dancers on talent, Not on Grade Point Average. But the money amount would cause you to assume.

For what ever reason, we all get overlooked. It might be the color of your skin but it also might be the tone in which you chose to speak. It might be the fact that you’re a woman but it might have something to do with the way you carry yourself. It might be because your broke but it might have more to do with your broken spirit showing through. It might be that nobody cares but it might be everyone who does care; you criticize, you ignore, or you just treat as a Forgotten.

The Dream

I bet you taught this position wouldn’t exist, HUH? You thought it was the imaginary character. The disappointing fact, It IS. The plays that really need these characters find them none existent. The students who would have an excellent chance to excel in college but doesn’t have one person to help get them there. The boy or girl that gets beat up everyday in front of everyone because Gangs have more Respect than Police. The girl that sees a way out of abusive household by having a baby.

Where is their vision of a Dream? Will an Angel appear out the Thin Air and tell them which path to follow? Yes. We are out here, strong. We just haven’t found you YET. But don’t worry; The Calvary Is On The Way. We’ve been through your struggles and made it out. We’ve be judged, overlooked, kicked, then kicked again when we were down; We’ve been criticized, felt humiliated and lost, and scared to move forward. But we won’t stop because we know The Dream is Real. We see it in your need to question. We see it when you stand up when everyone else would have you on your knees. We hear you when you cry out for help. And we are Coming. If we’re not coming fast enough, then seek us out. I know I won’t turn you away, and I’ll assure you, I’m not the only one.

My Favorite Hope

We all have Hope in Us. Most of Us want Good Things for our lives. We hope to get a good job. We hope to find the right mate. We hope all our basic needs as humans are met. But some of Us don’t like the sacrifice it takes to get there. The price is so high, we focus on the negatives and forget about The Hope. When the Hope is gone, We fill the empty space with excuses.

But what if we stopped and looked at the people who were trying to take away our Hope. They say, those who can’t do, Teach. So if you’re surpassing your teacher, do not allow their words to stop you. You will be greater than them and they know it. If your “Mother” is Bitter and Angry because she can’t find a good man, don’t listen when she stakes your future on finding one. If you know some one has no hope, don’t waiver in yours because they insult you. But don’t Overlook them either. That may be the only way they know to ask for help. At least make an effort to be someones’ Dream. If they don’t accept it, Fine. God accepts your actions, not their response.


None of these things would be possible without FAITH. If you don’t have Faith, it’s a pretty safe bet your hopes and dreams are Lacking. Now I Love the Lord, with all my heart and soul, but that doesn’t have to be your source of Faith. It can be your refusal to make the same mistakes as your parents. It can be your acceptance that life isn’t perfect, but if I do right, I’m going to be Okay. But nothing feels better than dropping to your knees, telling God what pains you, and leaving that pain with him. Problems don’t seem that insurmountable. Haters don’t sound that Hateful; more envious. And Hopes and Dreams flood the spaces once filled with pain, then anger, then excuses.

I’m going to Quote Jay-Z. What More Can I Say?

Help Wanted: Equal Opportunity Positions Available

August 12th, 2008 | By Sonnie

Wanted: Young men to participate in Caged Experiment (2,000,000 Applications)

Salary: Negotiable; depending on time served

Requirement: Very low self esteem, innate ability to make wrong choice at every turn, strong desire to pass blame Elsewhere and the inability to function properly in society.

Benefits: Free Access to Health Care, Three Meals Everyday, Access to a Gym and Cable Television, and a chance to join the Felon Brotherhood.

This Nice Man will show you where to Apply


Wanted: Young women to participate in Breeding Experiment(750,00 Applicants)

Salary: To be paid in 18 years

Requirements: A Vagina

Benefits: Access to Free Health Care, Access to Public Assistance, and aren’t babies so cute

Do Not Apply If You Use These


Wanted: Person of Color to Run For Office (Applicants vary by District)

Salary: Limitless; Depending on Character

Requirements: Easy on the Eyes, Clean Cut Appearance, Articulate Inspirational Speaker, and Very Energetic.

Please make sure your Drug Using Days Are Over prior to Applying

Benefits: Access to a Platinum Race Card, Celebrity, Inside Access to Hide Your Shady Dealings


Wanted: Street Pharmaceutical Reps (Number of True Applicants Can’t Be Verified)

Salary: Limitless; Depending on Lack Of Character

Requirements: Math Skills, Ability to Negotiate, Acceptance of Incarceration, Indifference to Death, Ability to Work Long Shifts and Be Discrete

We no longer give race cards, due to their ineffectiveness in Court.

Benefits: You get it All NOW! The Car, The Girls, The Dough, and You Never Have To Grow Old. You could even win some new Bling and a Promotion


Wanted: Students to Participate in Educational Experiment (300,000 applicants every year)

Salary: N/A

Requirements: No effort put into learning, Total Disrespect For Teachers, Disregard for School Property, and eventually Dropping Out

Benefits: This is An Entry Level Position. Applicants could be promoted to any of the above positions.


When You Need Proof You’re Black

Apply For Reparations Here Blast the War Here

Click Here To See Newest Race Card Applicant

Wanted: Young People to Apply For Scholarships (Applicants decline yearly)

Salary: Limitless; Depending on Desire

Requirement: A Set Goal, Strong Work Ethic, A Lack of Excuses, Ability to Prioritize, Ability to Make Sacrifice, and a Desire to Seek Out Help

Benefits: There are NO GUARANTEES, but it is a Great Place to start

These Opportunities Are Sponsored By the Democratic Party

You Know You Can’t Do It Without Us, So Why Try?

Obama Playing The Race Card: And Your Surprised?

August 8th, 2008 | By Sonnie

I know I’ve been away for a minute, but I’m back.  And thank all you guys for the messages and support.  I love it, Thank You.

Having said that, Lets get rolling.

“I know I don’t look like the guys on the Dollar Bills”  Barack Obama in front of a black crowd pulling up the race card.  If you didn’t expect it, you should have been reading my blogs.  I told you it was coming.  He is the same as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the rest.  He knows we love excuses, so he gives us what we want.  Then when he gets called on it, direct the blame some where else. Are you Serious?

This is the Man you want to represent us as a whole.

What was the first thing you thought when you heard the sound clip?  Did you think he was talking about anything other than race?  Then he comes out and insults our intelligence.  I was talking about this; I was talking about that. I mean it, it gets to the point, I don’t even listen anymore.  I tune it out and cuss him out in my head.

Then I started to think.  We should take him at his word.  He doesn’t look like George Washington.  Barack Obama never fought for his country.  Barack Obama doesn’t believe it’s okay to fight for your country.  Washington had a successful business, then decided to fight.  I don’t see the resemblence.

“I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man” Thomas Jefferson.  Does this included pulling the race card in the middle of a campaign?  Doesn’t look like Barack Obama fits into that great quote.    But wait, even though both the British and the French were attacking American Merchants, Jefferson did everything he could to stay out of the fight.  Now that sounds like Barack Obama.

Abraham Lincoln is more like President Bush.  Look.  I don’t like what you’re doing and you need to stop.  The South said NO! Lincoln said, O.K., Let’s go. And then there was the Civil War.  If Barack Obama would’ve been president, (And I know a black man couldn’t have been President, but Obama wasn’t talking about color, right?), There would not be a United States of America.  Because sometimes you have to fight.

Alexander Hamilton died fighting in a duel.  I don’t see Barack Obama fighting over anything, so I’ll just stop there.
I’m wondering if Barack Obama is laying the frame work to be the first black face on a Dollar Bill.  I don’t believe it’s out the realm of his ego.  Maybe I’m getting a little personal now, but I can’t help it.  I know what’s coming, and if John McCain can’t stop looking like a dead man I feel bad for the state of our country.

But more than that, I feel bad for the state of our people.  If Barack Obama gets into office and raises the taxes even a little on us that are barely making it, he’ll drive us down.  Back into the base of his party, poor people.  I’ve been there, done that, and I don’t want to go back.
Don’t be surprised when the race card comes up again.  I bet in front of another black crowd. I bet it’ll be used to distract from a real issue.  Even worse, I bet it’ll work.