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The Cosby Show Revisited: Do You Remember Social Justice?

June 11th, 2011 | By Sonnie

Hate is a strong word.  I really try not to hate anyone but I think it’s okay to hate an idea, a notion, or a concept.  Because what we are going to cover in this article fills me with utter disgust.  I’m a news junkie and lately, a lot of analyst have been comparing Muslim shows and Gay shows to the Cosby show.  See, the Cosby show was slated as a look inside the black family.  It was supposed to introduce Blacks in a new light to the rest of America and the World.  And it did.  I’ve seen every episode multiple times.

If you listen to Hip-Hop though, you keep hearing a common theme.  I didn’t grow up like the Huxtables.  Does this mean you didn’t have a mom that was a lawyer and dad that was a doctor?  Is the money the issue? Or, is it the family unit; Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Big Sis and Husband?  Here’s the slick part, those are the things you remember.  But, do you remember this?


How many of us remember this episode?  Like I said, I’m a huge fan of The Cosby Show, so it instantly came to my mind when I first heard the words Social Justice.  How can Social Justice be wrong?  When the Bill Cosby “Dirty Laundry” comment came out, I was dragged back to this episode.  How can the man that represented what Social Justice meant to me, now turn around and call my generation, and those after us, “Dirty Laundry”?

See, Hip-Hop is right.  We aren’t like the Huxtables because we didn’t go to Hillman.  S/O Kanye West.   In the video, Dr. Zachariah Haynes says, “if a Hillman Grad,” comes give them assistance.  If they ask for a job, don’t send them to GOVERNMENT,  go get them yourself.  Feed them a good meal and let them know they are not alone.  If this is the actions of those that believe in Social Justice, then why do those same people push more and more GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE.  Oh, that’s right, the help is for those connected to the system, not the average black person.

They don’t mind making you feel all alone and helpless.  They don’t care if  you have to catch the bus downtown to the Social Services building and wait in line to be assigned your ration of food credits.  They don’t care if the black unemployment of those between the age of 17-40 is 29%, triple the national average.  No, none of those things matter because you didn’t go to Hillman, or Harvard, or Yale, or Tuskegee.  You received a hard knock education and therefore, you are dirty laundry.

To add insult to injury, they so intermingle Conservative Principles with Liberal Lies, that you can’t tell one from the other.  You need an example, OK.  Progressives/Liberals, those that believe in Social Justice, tell you to hate the rich.  They have money and they don’t want you to have any.  Yet, they say give someone a job.  Well, have you ever seen a poor person give another poor person a job?  S/O Glenn Beck.  So, isn’t that like telling you to bite the hand that feeds you?  Except if it the Democratic Party, of course.

But the best example is The Huxtable Family Unit.  Even without money, if they had the same cohesion, their kids would still be raised successfully because they had all they needed.  They learned about History from those that were there, consequences for their actions were enforced, and love and understanding always ended the show.  The very idea of Social Justice destroys this premise because it destroys the family. 

Parents are no longer judge and executor, now the public has a say.  If you teach your child to praise God openly, you better prepare to send them to a private school because the public school will dictate when and where prayer is acceptable.  You can’t tell a child, “You live under my roof, so you will follow my rules,” because the courts now say you have to give them 90 days to leave the house that you own.   You can try to teach a child consequences for their actions but as soon as they leave the house, the general population will tell them it’s the police, the man, or the system. 

 And if you keep them inside, turn off the TV and the Computer because shows like Cosby will teach them Social Justice.  They will show the results of Conservative Principles but will label them under Liberal Lies.  That’s why the good Dr. didn’t explain what he meant by Social Justice. He just let your mind assume it meant reaching your highest potential and then helping those in need.  That’s what us Conservatives believe.  The Liberal/Progressives, those that push Social Justice, believe in waiting on the Government to do it.  You know, sending you on public transportation.

If you didn’t believe before that they have been trying to indoctrinate you, I dare you take a look back at The Cosby Show; the Liberal success story after they filled the 70’s  with Jive Turkey.  Where are the food stamps, the public housing, or any form of Government assistance?  Did the first lady tell Cliff what to Eat or did Claire keep him in check?  Did any adult on that show tell the children “NOT” to listen to their parents and their advice?  Get Real.  It was a truly Conservative show that will forever be linked to an insanely Liberal idea.  Real Social Justice will come when we can separate the two.

Pride and the Black Conservative

January 24th, 2011 | By Sonnie

It’s 2011, A Brand New Year.

It’s customary to make a resolution, isn’t it?  We’re supposed to promise to lose weight (or in my case, gain a few pounds), stop smoking, be better stewards of our money, or this will be the year I find the love of life.  What ever the case, you’ve probably already given up on that resolution.

Instead, I offer you a reflection- in the form of a question- for the New Year.  Do you think you escaped the Indoctrination Process?

Over the last month I’ve been without my computer, special shout out to my hacker, but that time gave me a perspective of the Black Conservative Layout.  We are a Prideful bunch.  Each of us, walking around, all finding something to beef about and never accomplishing anything.  I never thought I would find myself agreeing with Van Jones but we have not been taught “how to rise up and grab the whip”.  I’m not talking the crazy Communist views of this man, but his analysis is alive and well on our side as well. 

The same arguments we use against Liberals, I find in a strong abundance amongst Black Conservatives.

There are those who wait for a White Republican to say something out of line and they pounce.  How does this differ from the NAACP?

There are those who always complain about the problems but when asked to participate, they are too busy or caught up in their own lives to come up with solutions.  How does this differ from the uneducated masses you rail against?

There are those who offer themselves and their ideas as the be all, end all, solution to every problem that ails our communities.  How does this differ from the Elites currently in power, on both sides?

There are those who want to get paid and don’t care how they have sell their people short to accomplish this goal.  How does this differ from Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton?

There are those who act as Racism never existed, doesn’t currently exist, and refuses to give any credence to those who point out obvious contradictions to that belief.  How is that any different from those on the Left who play the Race Card for everything, not matter how ridiculous the argument?

Am I the only one who sees a problem here?  We are putting together the same power structure as the Left.  We are all trying to fit into their game board and we will lose.  Or should I question, have we already lost?  If the awakened and educated among us can’t be humble enough to realize we’re still playing in traps, did you escape the indoctrination?  

And now time for my Personal Indoctrination Testimony!

I don’t trust people.  I learned very young in life, you can’t trust people.  You can admire them, love them, accept them, but very rarely can you trust them.  My mother didn’t teach me this lessons, I didn’t learn it from the Bible, but it was my chief principle during my teenage years.  Don’t trust a guy who says he just wants to chill, at home, for the night.   He’s not by himself.   Don’t trust females that have self-esteem issues.  They gossip and will trash you the moment the opportunity presents itself.  Don’t trust those who place blame on others.  Soon, they will be asking you to give them a ride to the store.

In all of this, I lost the ability to trust myself.  If no one is worthy of trust, then how can I trust myself.  I expect those around me to turn the minute it gets hot in the kitchen.  So when the kitchen gets hot, I’d turn as well.  Even with all I’ve learned about the importance of distrust in breaking a part our communities, I still find it extremely difficult to let people in.  In 2010, I not only started to trust people but I found people trusted in me.    This prospect scared me to death.  It’s unfamiliar, uncharted territory and I don’t like it.

Here’s the question:  Do I let my preconceived notions rule my life or do I walk in God’s word, no matter the discomfort?

Here’s the point:  We must get our head out of the clouds and back to reality.  We all grew up in a society that enforced fear, envy, and distrust.  We can’t pretend we escaped without some of the Liberal mindset sinking in.  Imagining we are without sin, or believing our sin weighs less than others, keeps us from reaching our true potential.  I implore Black Conservatives to find out what part of Liberalism most affected you and reflect if it still affects you.  The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

If It Talks Like a Bureaucrat and Gets Paid Like a Bureaucrat, Don’t Be Surprised There’s Oil in the Gulf

May 31st, 2010 | By Sonnie

One of the first rules you learn as a child is if  it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, It’s a DUCK.  So, are you really surprised at the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico or the incompetence behind the clean-up?

Take heed as you read this article and look at the big picture.  This maybe one incident but it is the norm in Bureaucracies.  The bigger the Government grows, the less regulation we actually get.   The Elite of Big Government will always focus on what they want or need for their backers.  The small organizations and agencies propping up big government go unsupervised and therefore are prone to corruption because they hold tremendous power over a localized area or section of the economy.  

Since Obama became President, he has pushed his Agenda full force.  Like him or not, he will have his (SEIU, ACORN, you fill in the rest) will done.  With the Elite of the Federal Government focused on Healthcare, Cap N Trade,  and destroying the United States Financial Standing, are you surprised people at the Minerals Management Services were allowing BP to fill out their own evaluations?  Does it shock  you Elizabeth Birnbaum was fired, I mean “resigned”, even though she was an Obama pick for the position?    Are you wondering why the Federal Government had a plan of action in case an oil rig like Deep Water Horizon did explode, yet they didn’t have the actual materials to carry out that plan?

I’m going to give Obama a break on this one.  He is trying to take over an entire country, how in the world do you expect him to pay attention to an area so small?  He doesn’t have to worry about the workers getting sick off the dispersant’s BP is using to fool us about how much oil is actually under the surface, he’s assured those workers free Healthcare.  Why do I say it’s free?  Because they are now unemployed and their way of life is basically destroyed.  Oh, wait.  We’ve extended unemployment benefits, we’re taking care of them.

At the local level, you have Bobby Jindal.  An honest politician who acknowledges he doesn’t have the answers but knows doing nothing is not a proper course of action.   Governer Jindal wants to build land barriers to block the oil from reaching the shores of Louisiana.  Are you shocked the Federal Government actually OWNS the shoreline and the Bureaucrats in Washington are running test on what might happen instead of actually acting.   Are  you surprised politicians at the local level, with the exception of gems like Ray Nagin, have a far greater staked interest in prevention and clean-up? 

See, I’m not surprised.  I understand they are still trying to push a GREEN bill, even while we are currently facing the greatest Eco-disaster in our country.  In fact, I expect them to try to pass Cap N Trade with some money and resources allotted for the Gulf.  Come on, how could you vote against helping the clean up in the Gulf, even if it means raising energy cost to every single person in the country?  Never let a crisis go to waste.

It doesn’t shock me people at MMS were accepting bribes, sexual favors, and lump sums of cash.  They know they are expendable.  They know how their industries work.  They are going to get all they can, while they can and do you really blame them?  They can take the money, gifts, title and experience and move some where else in the country not affected by the mess they created.  The American Dream, right?!?!?!?

I’m actually glad America is getting to see what an actual executive looks like in Bobby Jindal.  I watch Jindal when he tries to speak on the National stage, nervous and reserved,  but let him talk about the state of Louisiana and you can understand why we need to restore the Republic.  Individuals elected at the local level should have the authority to handle local issues.  Not only should they have the authority, they should have the responsibility.  The Federal Government sticking it’s nose in thinking it knows what’s best, allows situations like Katrina and this spill to occur.  States now wait and some actually expect the Federal government to come in and save them.  What happened to States that legislate, defend, and protect their own boarders because that’s the role allotted to them by the Founders.

Before Obama signed the Healthcare bill we were shouting to the roof tops, do you want your Doctor’s Appointments to be run like the DMV, Social Services offices, or the Post Office.  Now I question, do you want your Healthcare run like this Oil Spill?  What about your energy?  What would happen if the Government controlled all our electricity, a bureaucrat was watching porn, and some how the lights went out.  Forty-Five days later they still can’t solve the problem but some lowly person you’ve never heard of has been fired. 

That is Big Government.  If it walks Like a Duck and Talks like a Duck, you better go and join a Tea Party.

A Good Ole’ Fashion Lynching: Secrets Revealed

February 11th, 2010 | By Sonnie

uring the last week, I’ve asked 10 random friends “Do you know who Willie Lynch  is?”  9 out  of 10 responded, He’s the guy they named Lynching after.  And that’s the problem with how American History is portrayed.  Bits and Pieces of missing information that until linked together makes a Black Person’s skin boil.  We are not going to research the person who invented Lynching because we think of Black People hanging from trees with good ole’ boys laughing.  We assume  we know Lynch’s true intent.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Lynch was, using Obama’s word’s, A Fat Cat.  He was a man that put profit over human dignity and suffering.  To him, it was all about maximizing your inventory and profit.  He looked down upon the average “Lynching” as bad economics.  It’s sheer brutality and lack of future planning resulted in uprisings, run away slaves, and an unsafe environment for slave owners.  It was not good business, you see.

*There is a dispute over the authenticity of Willie Lynch’s The Making of  a Slave.  I say this: if I gave you a recipe to turn rocks and dirt into diamonds, would you care who wrote it?

 The formula contained in this document is sickening.  I literally had to re-read it ten times before I could comprehend the evil in this man’s heart.  I also realized, no matter how sickening it was, it wasn’t about Black People.  It was all about money.  *Now, before you Liberals jump in and try to bash capitalism, keep this in mind:  the top 50 companies in 2008 made 362 Billion in profit, the Obama Administration had a 2009 budget of 3.5 Trillion.  Who has more of a money incentive?

Lynch realized in order to get the money, you had to “regulate” or “control” the population which served you.  Which brings me to one of the most important tid bits in Lynch’s letter, the control of language.  As simple folk, we don’t speak the same language as the politicians.  We don’t talk inflation and deficit, we say stuff costs more and we’re in over our head in debt.  Politicians like it that way.  WHY?  “Take a slave, if you teach him all about your language, he will know all your secrets, and he is then no more a slave, for you can’t fool him any longer and having a fool is one of the basic ingredients of and incidents to the making of the slavery system.”

Then you’ll have Tea Party People marching on Washington demanding to be heard.  You can’t have that.

Ouch!  Secret Revealed.  All we need is Fools’ to follow us.   People who don’t realize without the Republican Party there would be no Black History Month. Hell there maybe no Black History, except slavery, at all.   We as black people complain about not being taught our history, even though we have an entire month dedicated to it, yet we never question Who leaves them out of the history books?  The answer: THEM.  Who’s them, the Republicans?  Republicans don’t want you to know a Great Black Republican Carter Woodson said “If the Negro in the Ghetto must eternally be fed by the hand that pushes him into the Ghetto, he’ll never have the strength to get out of the the Ghetto.”  I would think Republicans would put that on the front of the text book, especially with a 90% of blacks voting Democratic.

Democrats “control” the message by controlling what you learn in history books.  Not only do they control what language you speak,  they also control what becomes fact by common knowledge, not by actual events.   As disturbing as that sounds, there is good reasoning behind it. “Our experts warned us about the possibility of this phenomenon occurring, for they say that the mind has a strong drive to correct and recorrect itself over a period of time if it can touch some substantial original historical base; and they advised us that the best way to deal with phenomenon is to shave off the brute’s mental history and create a multiplicity of phenomenon or illusions so that each illusion will twirl in its own orbit, something akin to floating balls in a vacuum.”

Oops!  I did it again.  Secret Revealed.  Why have we yet to reach Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream?  Illusions!

 When a white person looks at a black person what do they see?  A Black Person. (Seriously, what do you see when you look at a white person?)  What does a black person see when they look at another black person?  Differences!  I HAVE OUTLINED A NUMBER OF DIFFERENCES AMONG THE SLAVES; AND I TAKE THESE DIFFERENCES AND MAKE THEM BIGGER. I USE FEAR, DISTRUST AND ENVY FOR CONTROL PURPOSES.” 

 Let’s pit the old vs the young.  Light vs Dark.  Tall vs Short.  Educated vs Illiterate  Rich vs Poor  And let them argue amongst themselves and be envious and distrustful of each other.  That will stop the phenomenon of correction!  DISTRUST IS STRONGER THAN TRUST AND ENVY STRONGER THAN ADULATION, RESPECT OR ADMIRATION    How many black conservatives are reading this like, DAMN.  Is that why I get raked over the coals for having a point of view? YUP!  Have you noticed how quick a black person is to judge another black person, unless that black person is in Democratic Power. 

While Obama could be a useful example, take the new tax on public radio.  There is virtually little black resistance to the devastation currently running through public radio in anticipation of this new tax.  Donnie Simpson, B.E.T. great and DC AM man, just had his contract cancelled because they didn’t want to pay him an appropriate salary.  While everyone called in and sent letters of love, there is still no backlash for the Democrats that are causing Black Professionals in the Radio industry to lose their jobs.  So while they respect and admire Donnie Simpson and all the people he employs, they are more concerned with the Democrats sticking it to the rich.  YOUR SLAVES TRUST AND DEPEND ON US.  THEY MUST LOVE, RESPECT AND TRUST ONLY US.

But Donnie Simpson will be alright.  He’s worked along time, he’s got money.  And they say we have a slave mentality, they would follow Democrats to the lynching of a black man.  You Doubt Me.  T.I.- while everyone talked about the Government going after a Black Man, which was easy because Bush was in office, no one looked at the policy that forces T.I. to buy illegal weapons.  Democrats push more and more gun “regulation” or “control”.  True believers in the Second Amendment, mostly on the Republican side, believe reformed felonies should be able to regain their rights to bear arms.  No Democratic Policy, T.I. legally applies to get his rights back and never goes back into the prison system. 

The sad part, that’s only two illusions.  Let’s move on to Lynch’s most important factor, Breaking the Family.  if you break the female, she will break the offspring in its early years of development and, when the offspring is old enough to work, she will deliver it up to you. For her normal female protective tendencies will have been lost in the original breaking process. For example, take the case of the wild stud horse, a female horse and an already infant horse and compare the breaking process with two captured nigger males in their natural state, a pregnant nigger woman with her infant offspring. Take the stud horse, break him for limited containment. Completely break the female horse until she becomes very gentle whereas you or anybody can ride her in comfort. Breed the mare until you have the desired offspring. Then you can turn the stud to freedom until you need him again. Train the female horse whereby she will eat out of your hand, and she will train the infant horse to eat of your hand also.

Most Black Men have no problem playing the role of stud in limited containment.  In fact, they don’t mind making boat loads of money off that persona.  This is what slave owners had planned for you.  See, they didn’t want you to stay around and be a father to your sons and daughters.  They wanted you drop your seed and move on to leave the women defenseless against their attacks.  They knew your absence would break the female completely and she would teach YOUR sons and daughters to depend on them, not you.

Back in the days of slavery, most men resisted this.  They made time and put in effort to teach their children stories and lessons of life, even though they couldn’t read, write, or afford $100 Nikes.  Even on a plantation where the child would see his father brutalized and beaten.  They understood their role and they unbent their backs and were role models in the worse of circumstance.  While there are some of those men still around, what about those that follow this script to the tee?  Your natural state is not a STUD, it’s at the head of your dinner table teaching your child to eat from your war torn hands.

That’s a shout out to all the male Hip Hop Artist that rhyme about Bitches and Hoes, then go home to your Wife and Kids.  Thanks for keeping the cycle going.

Before I jump to Black Women, I need to inject this.  When I was young, my mother was on food stamps; everyone in my neighborhood was on food stamps. LOL  When we would ask for money to go to the ice cream truck or to the store, if my mother didn’t have cash we didn’t get money.  Even though all the kids in the neighborhood used food stamps, we were not allowed.   It was a necessity for her at the time but she refused to let it become apart of who we would be. 

That’s a shout out to all the Black Women who get it done, by any and all means necessary, and don’t take any mess along the way.  You’re not alone.

To my Black Women in the Projects.   “Take the female and run a series of tests on her to see if she will submit to your desires willingly. Test her in every way, because she is the most important factor for good economics. If she shows any signs of resistance in submitting completely to your will, do not hesitate to use the bull whip on her to extract that last bit of bitch out of her.”

What’s one of the first and most important things they tell you when  you apply for Section 8 or Government housing?  You can NOT have a man living with you.  It is cause for immediate removal.  That’s the first test, are you willing to allow the Government to become the Father in your home?  If the father is a Stud in Limited Containment, the first test is easy.  Matter of fact, they make it easier if you have  a Stud in Limited Containment.  If you got a man that sticks around, then the Government wants his Social Security, W-2’s, and anything else that will break him.  That’s why there are a lot of kids running around with no Father’s name on the Birth Certificate.  Second test, will you choose the Government over your baby daddy and allow them to collect and redistribute what they think you should have?  (Notice this is very different from child support where a mother can choose where she wants to live because she is payed in CASH.  I’m talking about the Government paying you back in a welfare check, public housing, and food stamps.)

And what happens ifyou get bold and decide to get a job and save up for a car?  They knock you back down to size and threaten to take away all Benefits for Obediance.  They cut off the check, drastically reduce food stamps, and you are informed your lease won’t be renewed.  How dare you try to make it without us?  And this is not to rag or put down anyone, you know I’m right.  How are you supposed to get off welfare if every time you try, they slap you back down?  If you don’t have family or a support system, it’s almost impossible.

Unless,  For fear of the young male’s life she will psychologically train him to be mentally weak and dependent but physically strong. Because she has become psychologically independent, she will train her female offspring to be psychological independent as well. What have you got? You’ve got the nigger woman out front and the nigger man behind and scared. This is perfect situation for sound sleep and economics. Before the breaking process, we had to be alert and on guard at all times. Now we can sleep soundly, for out of frozen fear, his woman stand guard for us,  we break this cycle.

We do no service to our men allowing them to be weak.  We do more damage to our black men demanding Prada, Gucci, and Bling, than any white man could do in this day and age.  Most of us take value in our own money but have no concern on how we spend the ill gotten gains of those we say we love.  We don’t demand daddy daughter time every Saturday, we seek $60 for the club on Saturday night.  And we complain about a failing school system and a Government that doesn’t care when our children have three pair of Nikes and not a single book at home.

We are the women who stick our chest out and dare you to say something, though I LOVE that trait in us, we must make the Men come up to our level.    Our black men have no problem proving their physical strength; some cowardly men hide that lack of physical strength behind a gun but I digress.  They are not scared of standing toe to toe with a white man in a fist fight but they are threatened by seating across from them in a class room.   What is wrong with this picture?

We take our children to visit their father in Jail Cells convincing them it was the system, not the Father’s actions that landed him there.  And upon their release, “when you gonna start making money again.  I need this, I need that.” Bam, he’s right back in jail and the system is at fault.  Then when your son thinks that money is more important than an education, you wonder where you went wrong.  We must challenge our Son’s to be mentally strong.  While he’s dribbling a ball, teach him the physics of trajectory.  While he’s playing football, stress the mathematical force behind two linemen colliding. While he’s rhyming, collect books filled with Great Philosophers that encourage him to create High Quality Hip Hop, if that’s his choice. (Yes, this means you might have to teach yourself a new trick or two.  We’re smart, we can do it.) 

 So, with all that being said.  I think it’s time for a Good Ole’ Fashion Lynching.  “For example, if you put a slave in a hog pen and train him to live there and incorporate in him to value it as a way of life completely, the biggest problem you would have out of him is that he would worry you about provisions to keep the hog pen clean, or take the same hog pen and make a slip and incorporate something in his language where by he comes to value a house more than he does his hog pen, you got a problem. He will soon be in your house.”

Lynch’s theory included a time table of One Year.  If used unrelentlessly, never missing an opportunity(to quote Rahm Emanuel), this cycle will repeat itself.  So, if we spend an entire year bombarding our family,  neighbors, and friends with the plan that was meant for us and how we have fallen into it, we can be the phenomenon.  That great forces that throws a Noose around the neck of Willie Lynch’s monstrous plan, turned into a Progressive Democratic Platform.

Start here.  “… that true faith flowers from and through doubt. If you never questioned your beliefs, – you are just a puppet dancing to somebody’s strings. If God had wanted your mindless obedience, you would’ve been created without mind and without free will. But you have both so… you can come to God of your own accord. Just look at the lives of saints, – most of them had gone through a dark night of the soul, and that’s why their faith was so strong. The path to true faith always goes through doubt. So ask those questions you’ve always been afraid to ask, and find the answers, and then your faith will become unshakable.”

Their distrust in Republicans is stronger than their trust in Democrats.  Make them question that blind faith.  Do not allow them to make it about you cause it’s not.  It’s about how we currently treat each other and WHY?  Do not talk in “us” vs ‘them” because we are speaking two different languages.  They see black and white, not the elite and the rest of us.  We’re having two different conversations about the same subject and that’s why we don’t understand each other.

God Be With You and I’ll See You Back Here Next Black History Month

Black Billionaires and Multi-Millionaires under Bush: Hip Hop and Capitalism

January 17th, 2010 | By Sonnie

Conservative Whisper

Question:  Why do Hip Hop Artist only talk about LIBERAL Policy when they talk about how broke they were, never when referring to how rich they are?

Answer:  Do as they DO not as they say.

During the 2008 election, the vast majority of Hip Hop Artists and Black Elite backed Barack Obama.  Some were direct and stated his black face won their approval.  Others were direct and stated racism of the past made them vote for Obama.  Yet, there was one group that lied through their teeth and stated hard times as a reason for “CHANGE”.   Surprise, Surprise  Most of them reached Billionaire or Multi-Millionaire status under President George W. Bush.

Back to the question at hand, name the Hip Hop song that promotes “Welfare as a mean to Wealth”.  Don’t get it twisted.  Not “Welfare to Riches” because most artist fit that category.  I mean the Hip Hop anthem that encourages public assistance as the pathway to the house on Cribs, the worldwide vacations, or the highly gas efficient Lambo Hybrid (yeah, right).

Question:  If life teaches lessons, why are the Black prevayers of Multi-million dollar businesses not truthfully sharing those lessons with the rest of the black community?

Answer: “Your single was 99cents, mine was Four bucks”  Jay-Z  or “I didn’t enter the game for the music, I did it for the business”  50 cent

They are!  You just hear it in the music, not in their endorsement of a candidate for office.  Hip Hop Artist and Black Elite separate the success they’ve garnered with the policies that got them there.  If you don’t believe me, here’s the proof:

All Under Bush

Oprah Winfrey– avid Obama supporter, yet no friend to the Hip Hop Community.  Oprah has been on T.V. for 25 years and made it on the Billionaire list in 2003.   I know what you’re thinking,  it took her time to build her audience, I agree.  In five years, all under that evil George W. Bush, Oprah tripled up.  She is now worth 2.7 Billion.  Look at the ratio, 20 years to 1 billion and 5 years to 1.7 billion. 

How?  Bush tax cuts that allowed her to invest in O magazine,, and Dr. Phil.  She got to keep her own money and made that money work for her.  That’s capitalism, yet she backs the “spread the wealth” candidate.   Oprah is spreading the wealth, think about all the people she employs.  Why won’t she back the capitalism that made her who she is and provides her opportunity to say, “you get a car, you get a car, you get a car”?

Bob Johnson– backed Hillary Clinton in Democratic Primaries and Obama in National Election.  The founder of BET made his fortune designing a successful business targeted at the black community.   In building his own financial security he provided numerous opportunities, behind and in-front of the camera, to the black community.  He provided Careers, not jobs, for a willing economic group.  Capitalism!  Let’s see how he fared under Bush.

Mr. Johnson was added to the Billionaire list in 2001.  Two years later he was dropped from list after divorce from wife (Yup, 50% straight down the middle).  In 2007 he recouped his loses and made it back to Billionaire Status, all under that evil Bush.  Hey, doesn’t he now own a NBA Basketball team?  Some dream of playing, others dream of owning the team.  Gotta love Freedom.

Jay-Z– Avid Because He’s Black Obama Voter.    (Remember this:  I can’t say I’ve never kneeled before God and asked for better cards, sometimes to no avail.  But I never sat back feeling sorry for myself.  If you don’t give me Heaven I raise Hell)

Let’s take Roca-wear, formed in 1999 as a basic collection of clothes.  During Evil Bush’s tax cuts, Roca-wear grew to purses, shoes, belts, jewelry; basically you name it, they have it.  Jay-Z opened 40/40 club, his own fragrance line, a vodka company, and a small stake in the New Jersery Nets.  His estimated value is around $720 million.

Now, while I’m a huge fan of “Reasonable Doubt” and ” Life and Times, Vol. 1″,  they didn’t sell like they should’ve.  That forces me to believe majority of his funds came during the Bush Administration.  I guess a little money to invest in yourself goes a long way.  (Would you like Liberal Version: I never kneeled before God and prayed for better cards cuz Government prevails. So I always sit back feeling sorry for myself.  They say this is Heaven, what’s hell?)

Ludacris-avid LIAR Obama Voter.   Ludacris made is preliminary fortune selling cd’s out the trunk of his car.  Say it with me, Capitalism.  I strongly dislike the music he produces, but I have to respect his business savvy.  He owns his own record label, has created his own line of Cognac, and owns multiple satellite radio stations.  Did I mention all under Bush?  His net worth is around $500 million.  Not bad.

Sean “Puffy” Combs– avid LIAR and Scare Tactic Obama Voter.  Seriously, hiding under a sheet afraid of a White Woman.  Why did he retain his black card?  He doesn’t make music anymore, at least music anyone listens too, I’m sure he suffered under evil Bush. 

No, Capitalism to the rescue.  Bad Boy (laugh), Sean John (Chi-ching), cologne and perfume, t.v. shows, and production companies (yup, check Run’s House credits).  He does it all and occasionally guest stars in a music video.  Those evil Bush Tax cuts garnered a mere $600 million for P. Diddy.

50 Cent– admittedly not interested Obama Voter.  Fifty didn’t drop his first CD until Bush was fully in office, let’s see how he’s fared. (Remember:  If I can’t do it, homie, it can’t be done.)

G-unit records, Vitamin water, clothing line, movies, production companies, and a promise this is only the beginning.  Wow, those tax cuts make it impossible for the little man to get ahead.  All under George W. Bush, Curtis 50cent Jackson has stacked over $500 million dollars.  (Could he do it with the Liberal Lyrics:  If Government can’t do it, homie, it can’t be done”?)

The proof lies in the number of zero’s lining these icons bank accounts.  None of them list welfare checks or extended unemployment as a major contribution to their uprising.  Instead, they all display belief in their individual abilities to succeed.  When they garner a small amount of success, they take those profits and reinvest in themselves.  That’s the beauty of Capitalism.  You are allowed to fail or succeed by your own desire. 

It is also the prevailing message in Hip Hop.  I sell more  than you, so I have a bigger car.  I’m hotter, so the hood feels me more.  We are in constant competition over who’s the best.  What is the difference in the competition between Exxon Mobil and Shell?  Or Ford and GM? 

It’s all capitalism and ignoring the similarities puts Hip Hop in a position of failure.  If $250,000 a year is rich, how do you think the Billionaires and Multi-millionaires will fare under Obama administration?  The Hip Hop Career creators will stop investing. (Have you heard Oprah turned over to broadcasting network and planned to cancel her show in 2011.  Wouldn’t have anything to do with those pesky taxes in the pipeline, would it?)

Not to mention, the over-whelming damage not acknowledging Capitalism creates in the inner city.  They can listen to a song and dream of living “the good life” but that same artist turns around and advocates for more public housing, food stamps, and overall government dependency.  When will Hip Hop draw the line and share the whole story about their success with the very people that need the most inspiration? 

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Help Wanted: Equal Opportunity Positions Available

August 12th, 2008 | By Sonnie

Wanted: Young men to participate in Caged Experiment (2,000,000 Applications)

Salary: Negotiable; depending on time served

Requirement: Very low self esteem, innate ability to make wrong choice at every turn, strong desire to pass blame Elsewhere and the inability to function properly in society.

Benefits: Free Access to Health Care, Three Meals Everyday, Access to a Gym and Cable Television, and a chance to join the Felon Brotherhood.

This Nice Man will show you where to Apply


Wanted: Young women to participate in Breeding Experiment(750,00 Applicants)

Salary: To be paid in 18 years

Requirements: A Vagina

Benefits: Access to Free Health Care, Access to Public Assistance, and aren’t babies so cute

Do Not Apply If You Use These


Wanted: Person of Color to Run For Office (Applicants vary by District)

Salary: Limitless; Depending on Character

Requirements: Easy on the Eyes, Clean Cut Appearance, Articulate Inspirational Speaker, and Very Energetic.

Please make sure your Drug Using Days Are Over prior to Applying

Benefits: Access to a Platinum Race Card, Celebrity, Inside Access to Hide Your Shady Dealings


Wanted: Street Pharmaceutical Reps (Number of True Applicants Can’t Be Verified)

Salary: Limitless; Depending on Lack Of Character

Requirements: Math Skills, Ability to Negotiate, Acceptance of Incarceration, Indifference to Death, Ability to Work Long Shifts and Be Discrete

We no longer give race cards, due to their ineffectiveness in Court.

Benefits: You get it All NOW! The Car, The Girls, The Dough, and You Never Have To Grow Old. You could even win some new Bling and a Promotion


Wanted: Students to Participate in Educational Experiment (300,000 applicants every year)

Salary: N/A

Requirements: No effort put into learning, Total Disrespect For Teachers, Disregard for School Property, and eventually Dropping Out

Benefits: This is An Entry Level Position. Applicants could be promoted to any of the above positions.


When You Need Proof You’re Black

Apply For Reparations Here Blast the War Here

Click Here To See Newest Race Card Applicant

Wanted: Young People to Apply For Scholarships (Applicants decline yearly)

Salary: Limitless; Depending on Desire

Requirement: A Set Goal, Strong Work Ethic, A Lack of Excuses, Ability to Prioritize, Ability to Make Sacrifice, and a Desire to Seek Out Help

Benefits: There are NO GUARANTEES, but it is a Great Place to start

These Opportunities Are Sponsored By the Democratic Party

You Know You Can’t Do It Without Us, So Why Try?

Obama Playing The Race Card: And Your Surprised?

August 8th, 2008 | By Sonnie

I know I’ve been away for a minute, but I’m back.  And thank all you guys for the messages and support.  I love it, Thank You.

Having said that, Lets get rolling.

“I know I don’t look like the guys on the Dollar Bills”  Barack Obama in front of a black crowd pulling up the race card.  If you didn’t expect it, you should have been reading my blogs.  I told you it was coming.  He is the same as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the rest.  He knows we love excuses, so he gives us what we want.  Then when he gets called on it, direct the blame some where else. Are you Serious?

This is the Man you want to represent us as a whole.

What was the first thing you thought when you heard the sound clip?  Did you think he was talking about anything other than race?  Then he comes out and insults our intelligence.  I was talking about this; I was talking about that. I mean it, it gets to the point, I don’t even listen anymore.  I tune it out and cuss him out in my head.

Then I started to think.  We should take him at his word.  He doesn’t look like George Washington.  Barack Obama never fought for his country.  Barack Obama doesn’t believe it’s okay to fight for your country.  Washington had a successful business, then decided to fight.  I don’t see the resemblence.

“I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man” Thomas Jefferson.  Does this included pulling the race card in the middle of a campaign?  Doesn’t look like Barack Obama fits into that great quote.    But wait, even though both the British and the French were attacking American Merchants, Jefferson did everything he could to stay out of the fight.  Now that sounds like Barack Obama.

Abraham Lincoln is more like President Bush.  Look.  I don’t like what you’re doing and you need to stop.  The South said NO! Lincoln said, O.K., Let’s go. And then there was the Civil War.  If Barack Obama would’ve been president, (And I know a black man couldn’t have been President, but Obama wasn’t talking about color, right?), There would not be a United States of America.  Because sometimes you have to fight.

Alexander Hamilton died fighting in a duel.  I don’t see Barack Obama fighting over anything, so I’ll just stop there.
I’m wondering if Barack Obama is laying the frame work to be the first black face on a Dollar Bill.  I don’t believe it’s out the realm of his ego.  Maybe I’m getting a little personal now, but I can’t help it.  I know what’s coming, and if John McCain can’t stop looking like a dead man I feel bad for the state of our country.

But more than that, I feel bad for the state of our people.  If Barack Obama gets into office and raises the taxes even a little on us that are barely making it, he’ll drive us down.  Back into the base of his party, poor people.  I’ve been there, done that, and I don’t want to go back.
Don’t be surprised when the race card comes up again.  I bet in front of another black crowd. I bet it’ll be used to distract from a real issue.  Even worse, I bet it’ll work.

Black Men: There is Power in the Military

August 2nd, 2008 | By Sonnie

In WWI there were >350,000 black troops. None were allowed to fight.

In WWII, the numbers increased. Though there were some exceptions, most troops still weren’t allowed to fight. They did play a major role as drivers on the Red Ball Express, the backbone for delivering supplies across Europe.

It wasn’t until Vietnam that black men got to actually fight for the United States of America. Of course, not counting the Civil War. Check for all kind of stats and stories.

Today, I get sick when I hear people say, the military isn’t a place for a black man. There are a couple factors that contribute to my disgust.

Using it as a Race Card

If you’ve read any of my articles, you know how I feel about excuses. But this is even worse, because they are setting up excuses for the future. Now what happens if no black men enter the Military for the next ten years. Ten years from now, you can would hear Democrats running of the platform there are no black faces in the Military. Of course, there isn’t. We have a volunteer military, if they don’t apply there won’t be any black faces.

They just send them places to die

More black men die on the streets of America in one year, then we’ve lost the entire time in Iraq. A Black American has more of a chance of being killed here, than any other place in the world. What makes it worse? Here, it’s usually another Black American committing the crime.

Experience can be your way out

How many dudes in the hood get the chance to work on an Airplane? How many dudes get the opportunity to learn how diplomacy works. Well I take that back, it’s a lot of diplomacy in the streets. But how many of them know, that’s what they’re doing? How many dudes wouldn’t make it in college, but would excel in security or be a great commander? Most people never know what their real passion is, because they never get a chance to experience it.

Other people get the Power

Most elected officials have had some sort of military back round. Those that don’t are usually very liberal and/or come from money. Military service gives you creditability. Just the simple fact you decided to serve, makes people listen to you just a little more. Whether it’s to complain or compliment, they listen. That’s power, especially to someone who’s never felt it before.

The Just

Normally, I would write out these long blogs. Telling of this and that, but this time I wanted to keep it short. We are a country at War. Two Wars, with more brewing around the corner, but that not an excuse. I wanted to join the Military, but I had Crohn’s and wasn’t excepted. I scored a 91 on my test and was told I could do any job I wanted.

They didn’t say, ‘well usually we sign black girls up for this.’ They didn’t say, ‘I think you’d be more comfortable doing this.’ They said I could do anything I wanted. By the time they laxed the rules, I had a baby.

Where would I be right now? I can’t answer. Maybe I would have hit a land mine and blew off my leg. Maybe a sniper would have taken me out. Maybe I could’ve been captured and held for months. Or maybe, just maybe, I could have pointed to something others missed and caught Bin Laden. Maybe I could’ve been the one to convince Saddam to allow the inspectors in. Maybe I could’ve been the one to get close enough to Ahmadinejad to assassinate him.

Maybe it could be you that stops the next war. Or you that wages the next war, with a winning strategy from the beginning. If we never try, how will we ever know our true potential. Just Ask Colin Powell.

$100 Million Man: Black Poverty

July 31st, 2008 | By Sonnie

A man wins $100 Million Dollars.  He decides to build a big house, and let’s all his unemployed friends move in with him.  He offers them food, help with their education, and a nice place to live. His friends are pleased, so what ever he says, they agree.

The $100 Million Dollar Man is a good friend.  He doesn’t push them to work, because they’ve had tough lives and deserve a break.  They just chill out all day, enjoying the free stuff.  Some of the $100 Million Dollar Man’s employed friends realize if they quit their mediocre jobs, they could live in the big house for free.  So, they quit.

One of the unemployed stumbles upon a good job, with benefits.  He’s excited, only to find out he has to move out of the Big House.  The man doesn’t understand why his friend won’t help him, when he’s trying to help himself.  He decides the bumps and bruises are worth it and moves out.

Conditions inside the house deteriorate.  The free stuff starts to run out, the tenants start wanting more, and the $100 Million Dollar Man is running out of cash.  The tenants decide it’s time to move on.  They begin packing. Right when they are about to leave, another $100 Million Dollar Man shows up.

He says stay.  I’ll take care of you. I’ve got more free stuff, and you have gone through so much, you deserve a break.  The people agree and return to the big house.  No changes are made and conditions in the house continue to get worse.

The friend that found a job, came back to visit.  He noticed the outside of the house didn’t look as tempting as it once did.   He goes inside to check on his friends.  And there they were; all in the same place where he had left them.  He found his best friend and asked him how he was?  His friend said, We’ve been done so wrong, this is the only safe place for us.

The man thought about his travels around the world, the property he owned, and the life he had built for himself.  He looked at his friend and said ‘If you leave the Big House, a world of opportunity would open up to you.’  His friend looked back and said, “Is there free stuff?”

The man looked back at his friend and said NO.  “You have to work for it, but boy is it worth it.   Not  depending on another man for your lively hood is an amazing feeling.”

“Your a sellout.  You could be here with us chilling, instead you want to go out with all those white people.  You sure done changed.”

The man realized it was pointless and left.  He returned to his life, and never looked back.

The End

<em><strong>The Characters</strong></em>

$100 Million Dollar Man was played by every politician that says “You’re black, you can’t do it yourself, let’s let someone else pay for it.”

The Big House is Public Housing

Free Stuff is very low rent, food stamps, and checks

2nd Million Dollar Man came at re-election.

Career Man was played by those black people that make it out, then think it pointless trying to help those left behind.

<em><strong>Question Motives</strong></em>

Did you ever ask yourself why Democrats are always pushing for more Public Services, not better Public Services?  They flush money into food stamps, public housing, and minor checks, instead of health care, community programs, and faith based groups that actually work in the communities.

If someone was constantly giving me more incentive to stay poor, I’d question it.  Why would you immediately cut off my food stamps when I get a job?  At least let me save a little first.  Why would you kick me out of my apartment, before I have money for a down payment at a new one?  Why would you give me more money for more children, but won’t offer any money to help me with childcare for the kids I already have?

It’s a real easy answer.  To get your vote, next time.  Politicians promise you change with more more programs, but when they take affect, most people who need them find out it doesn’t apply to them.  So the politician says next time we’ll fit you in.  They do, but squeeze another group out of the equation.  There is no progress, and our people suffer because of it.

Black Poverty exists because we allow it.  No one is going to invest in us, if don’t find ourselves worthy of it.  And constantly electing people to office that preach “We’ll do it for you” proves we don’t find ourselves worthy.  We got the money.  Some of us are making bank, but even those people won’t give money with no hopes of a return.  And I’m not talking revenue, I’m talking appreciation.