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I Want To Support Newt Gingrich BUT…..He Has a Glass Jaw

February 1st, 2012 | By Sonnie

I really hate to start a blog with a qualification but today I think it’s necessary.  I wanted Sarah Palin to be our next President.  I even told her I would dedicate an entire year to making that dream a reality.  Alas, she declined to run and we are left with Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, and Paul.  What is a newly activated conservative to do?

Most people call Ron Paul a nut job and I have to admit I’ve joined in the banter of laughing at his expense.  But one thing can be said about Ron Paul that no other candidate in the race can claim; you know where he stands on every issue.  Welfare reform, massive spending, excessive debt, etc.; he always brings it back to a loss of liberty and the Constitution.  It’s starting to make more sense than I would like to admit. Plus his message of the disparagement of arrest and imprisonment of minorities in our judicial system attracts a lot of blacks into at least listening to his message.

A lot of people call Rick Santorum the true Conservative with nothing to be ashamed of in his past.  Cool but he also has nothing that inspires me about the future.  If I wanted a Sunday school teacher or at-risk counselor, then I would definitely call Rick Santorum.  But what really pissed me off about Santorum is when he went on the attack about the lack of social awareness in the black community with the issue of abortion, two parent homes, and government dependency (which had me looking at him in a totally different and optimistic light), he shrunk down and apologized to the race baiters like what he said was wrong.

Mitt Romney is the inevitable candidate.  The most electable candidate.  Following in the Republican tradition, since he lost in the primaries last election and Mike Huckabee decided not to run; all the in house Republicans threw their support his way.  I say “in-house” Republicans because the term establishment really means nothing to me.  Outside of Romneycare, his once pro-abortion stance, his 2nd amendment pitfalls, and the attacks that will surely come from the Mormon view of blacks; Romney’s main downfall with me is his lack conservative principles.  During the debate over his finances (which I’m glad he made millions in the free market system), Romney stated he turned his investments over to a blind trust 10 years ago to avoid any conflict of interest while running for President; then I hear he changed his position on abortion, 2nd amendment, etc three years later.  I can do the math, you are telling the people what they want to hear, not what’s really in you heart.  We don’t believe you.

Which leaves me with Newt Gingrich.  Where to start?  The ethics violations brought about by Democrats to diminish the face of a newly elected Republican majority in Congress.  All but one charge was dropped and Gingrich was found not guilty on the last charge once he was out of office.  Gingrich was voted out of power by his fellow Republicans after four years of a (current corrupt political accounting) balanced budget, $405 Billion in debt reduction, and major Welfare Reform.  I’ve listened to his fellow Republicans reasoning for the ouster but have paid more attention to what they did once they got the majority and the White House.  Let’s just say we haven’t seen a balanced budget, debt reduction, or any major reform since; not to mention the deficit started under a Republican administration and being administered steroids under the Democrats.  Last but not least, the multiple marriages and infidelity.  I never criticized Bill Clinton for his infidelity, not because it wasn’t important but because I’ve run the table on sin in my lifetime.  I truly believe in not throwing stones when you live in a glass house; plus Gingrich has said he’s repented and if it’s a lie then God will punish him worse than my judgement ever could.

But there are things that inspire me when it comes to Newt.  “We must build strong local governments so once we start shrinking the Federal Government, local communities are able to handle the added responsibility.”  That has been a main platform of my argument everywhere I speak.  Many average citizens believe they have no real control over the government and unless we begin to bring them into the process and allow them to shoulder the burden of creating the America they want to leave to their children, the Big Government Liberals will continue to have an iron fist on Urban areas with victimization and race as their ammunition.  And while Newt is catching a lot of flack over his comments about a moon colony, my seven year old daughter (who is in love with everything pink and fashion related, puke) watched his speech with me and afterwards told me she wanted to be an astronaut because she thought it would be cool to visit and maybe live on the moon.  Her comments made me pause and realize the power of really dreaming big.  What really inspires me the most, by far, is his unwillingness to cave when called out on racial arguments.  Gingrich called Obama the Food Stamp President.  The left called Gingrich a racist.  Gingrich is still calling Obama the Food Stamp President and backed it up with an offer to debate Al Sharpton on the issue.  He is unafraid to match rhetoric with principles and results.

Let me pause for a moment to answer a question I know is coming from my fellow conservatives.  Why does it have to be about race?  Why do you keep talking about the black community when we have to save all of America?  Let me be as plain as I possibly can.  Everyone of us has one vote and with that one vote we are to do what is best for us individually, what is best for our families, and what is best for our communities.  That is how we do what is best for our country.  Now you should understand why I’m beginning to see Ron Paul’s point of view.  I am black, my family is black, and I live in a black community.  I can not ignore my reality.  If I am to campaign for a Presidential candidate in my community, I have to start with the issues that matter to the people that live in my community.  It greatly helps my cause when the candidate has the backing of Tomas Sowell, J C Watts, Herman Cain, and most blacks in my inner circle and my social networking list.  I am constantly called upon to do minority outreach but often preached to for talking about issues highly prevalent in the black community.  You are already an open conservative, I don’t need to convince you.  Please back off and let me do what God has put me here to accomplish.

With that being said, I don’t feel I would have to coach Newt on what to say and what not to say.  He says he is willing to take his message of Food Stamps vs Paychecks, Dependency vs Independence, and Freedom vs Government Bureaucracy to every ethnicity in every community and trust the people to choose their children’s future over Big Government.  And I would love to see such spreading of Conservative Principles and fearless delivery take place.  It would be nice to have a candidate who hasn’t forgotten or written off the black community.  Am I wrong in wanting as much attention paid to the black community as is paid to the Latino community?

Now here comes the BUT….

Newt Gingrich has a GLASS JAW.  Let me explain for the Hip Hop challenged. This is the guy that is willing to start a fight but when the fight is brought to him, he gets flustered or fearful.  It’s the guy who is willing to throw a punch but his jaw doesn’t absorb one without shattering into a million pieces.  That’s Newt Gingrich.  In the beginning, when all his staffers walked out, Gingrich stated he would continue to run and he would run a positive campaign befitting this great nation. Round 1 in Iowa, Gingrich took a pounding.  Romney attacked from a distance, with the help from his Pacs to keep his hands clean, and Newt stayed positive.  This was the first sign of a Glass Jaw, the desire not to fight.  Round 2, Newt basically wrote off NH.  This is the second sign of a Glass Jaw, refusing to fight on someone else’s home turf.  Round 3, South Carolina and Newt regained his swagger and confidence.  In front of the home crowd, so to speak, the man with the glass jaw isn’t afraid to fight.  He feeds off the crowd blowing his head up and this is when he strikes.  He doesn’t fight from a distance, no he gets up close and personal with direct attacks on his opponent.  He wins and marches on with an over inflated ego.  Round 4, Florida and he should expect to get hit back but his ego doesn’t allow him to plan for the inevitable.  So when he is hit with a two piece combo of $17 million worth of negative ads and a poor debate performance his jaw shatters and he starts complaining about it not being fair and everybody’s picking on me. 

What did you expect?  The media would suddenly get on your side?  Romney not to spend his war chest to bring you down?  The “in-house” Republicans who love spending tax payer money on Big Government solutions (as long as it’s their Big Government solutions) to suddenly want reform and real change?  Conservatives, who want a fighter, to back a candidate that can be so easily thrown off his game? Or did you think the Reagan Conservative trademark would insulate you from all attacks?

We can’t have another 4 years of Obama in the White House.  This is the deciding election of our lifetime.  We can’t run Obama-lite and expect to win.  But we also can’t run a candidate that will shatter under the weight of Obama’s political machine.  Mitt Romney’s primary attacks will be a school yard fight compared to the heavy weight brawl of the actual election.  I don’t see a Glass Jaw withstanding the attack of the Liberal onslaught.  If the Newt Gingrinch of Florida’s Lincoln Day dinner speech and Florida concession speech can show up in Nevada, then I will throw my support behind Newt Gingrich.  If he continues to show his jaw is fragile, I will vote my conscience on election day but I refuse to campaign or support the “in-house” Republicans and their pick for President.

P.S.  The fifth and final sign of a Glass Jaw is also the definition of insanity; continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results.

Pride and the Black Conservative

January 24th, 2011 | By Sonnie

It’s 2011, A Brand New Year.

It’s customary to make a resolution, isn’t it?  We’re supposed to promise to lose weight (or in my case, gain a few pounds), stop smoking, be better stewards of our money, or this will be the year I find the love of life.  What ever the case, you’ve probably already given up on that resolution.

Instead, I offer you a reflection- in the form of a question- for the New Year.  Do you think you escaped the Indoctrination Process?

Over the last month I’ve been without my computer, special shout out to my hacker, but that time gave me a perspective of the Black Conservative Layout.  We are a Prideful bunch.  Each of us, walking around, all finding something to beef about and never accomplishing anything.  I never thought I would find myself agreeing with Van Jones but we have not been taught “how to rise up and grab the whip”.  I’m not talking the crazy Communist views of this man, but his analysis is alive and well on our side as well. 

The same arguments we use against Liberals, I find in a strong abundance amongst Black Conservatives.

There are those who wait for a White Republican to say something out of line and they pounce.  How does this differ from the NAACP?

There are those who always complain about the problems but when asked to participate, they are too busy or caught up in their own lives to come up with solutions.  How does this differ from the uneducated masses you rail against?

There are those who offer themselves and their ideas as the be all, end all, solution to every problem that ails our communities.  How does this differ from the Elites currently in power, on both sides?

There are those who want to get paid and don’t care how they have sell their people short to accomplish this goal.  How does this differ from Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton?

There are those who act as Racism never existed, doesn’t currently exist, and refuses to give any credence to those who point out obvious contradictions to that belief.  How is that any different from those on the Left who play the Race Card for everything, not matter how ridiculous the argument?

Am I the only one who sees a problem here?  We are putting together the same power structure as the Left.  We are all trying to fit into their game board and we will lose.  Or should I question, have we already lost?  If the awakened and educated among us can’t be humble enough to realize we’re still playing in traps, did you escape the indoctrination?  

And now time for my Personal Indoctrination Testimony!

I don’t trust people.  I learned very young in life, you can’t trust people.  You can admire them, love them, accept them, but very rarely can you trust them.  My mother didn’t teach me this lessons, I didn’t learn it from the Bible, but it was my chief principle during my teenage years.  Don’t trust a guy who says he just wants to chill, at home, for the night.   He’s not by himself.   Don’t trust females that have self-esteem issues.  They gossip and will trash you the moment the opportunity presents itself.  Don’t trust those who place blame on others.  Soon, they will be asking you to give them a ride to the store.

In all of this, I lost the ability to trust myself.  If no one is worthy of trust, then how can I trust myself.  I expect those around me to turn the minute it gets hot in the kitchen.  So when the kitchen gets hot, I’d turn as well.  Even with all I’ve learned about the importance of distrust in breaking a part our communities, I still find it extremely difficult to let people in.  In 2010, I not only started to trust people but I found people trusted in me.    This prospect scared me to death.  It’s unfamiliar, uncharted territory and I don’t like it.

Here’s the question:  Do I let my preconceived notions rule my life or do I walk in God’s word, no matter the discomfort?

Here’s the point:  We must get our head out of the clouds and back to reality.  We all grew up in a society that enforced fear, envy, and distrust.  We can’t pretend we escaped without some of the Liberal mindset sinking in.  Imagining we are without sin, or believing our sin weighs less than others, keeps us from reaching our true potential.  I implore Black Conservatives to find out what part of Liberalism most affected you and reflect if it still affects you.  The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.