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If It Talks Like a Bureaucrat and Gets Paid Like a Bureaucrat, Don’t Be Surprised There’s Oil in the Gulf

May 31st, 2010 | By Sonnie

One of the first rules you learn as a child is if  it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, It’s a DUCK.  So, are you really surprised at the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico or the incompetence behind the clean-up?

Take heed as you read this article and look at the big picture.  This maybe one incident but it is the norm in Bureaucracies.  The bigger the Government grows, the less regulation we actually get.   The Elite of Big Government will always focus on what they want or need for their backers.  The small organizations and agencies propping up big government go unsupervised and therefore are prone to corruption because they hold tremendous power over a localized area or section of the economy.  

Since Obama became President, he has pushed his Agenda full force.  Like him or not, he will have his (SEIU, ACORN, you fill in the rest) will done.  With the Elite of the Federal Government focused on Healthcare, Cap N Trade,  and destroying the United States Financial Standing, are you surprised people at the Minerals Management Services were allowing BP to fill out their own evaluations?  Does it shock  you Elizabeth Birnbaum was fired, I mean “resigned”, even though she was an Obama pick for the position?    Are you wondering why the Federal Government had a plan of action in case an oil rig like Deep Water Horizon did explode, yet they didn’t have the actual materials to carry out that plan?

I’m going to give Obama a break on this one.  He is trying to take over an entire country, how in the world do you expect him to pay attention to an area so small?  He doesn’t have to worry about the workers getting sick off the dispersant’s BP is using to fool us about how much oil is actually under the surface, he’s assured those workers free Healthcare.  Why do I say it’s free?  Because they are now unemployed and their way of life is basically destroyed.  Oh, wait.  We’ve extended unemployment benefits, we’re taking care of them.

At the local level, you have Bobby Jindal.  An honest politician who acknowledges he doesn’t have the answers but knows doing nothing is not a proper course of action.   Governer Jindal wants to build land barriers to block the oil from reaching the shores of Louisiana.  Are you shocked the Federal Government actually OWNS the shoreline and the Bureaucrats in Washington are running test on what might happen instead of actually acting.   Are  you surprised politicians at the local level, with the exception of gems like Ray Nagin, have a far greater staked interest in prevention and clean-up? 

See, I’m not surprised.  I understand they are still trying to push a GREEN bill, even while we are currently facing the greatest Eco-disaster in our country.  In fact, I expect them to try to pass Cap N Trade with some money and resources allotted for the Gulf.  Come on, how could you vote against helping the clean up in the Gulf, even if it means raising energy cost to every single person in the country?  Never let a crisis go to waste.

It doesn’t shock me people at MMS were accepting bribes, sexual favors, and lump sums of cash.  They know they are expendable.  They know how their industries work.  They are going to get all they can, while they can and do you really blame them?  They can take the money, gifts, title and experience and move some where else in the country not affected by the mess they created.  The American Dream, right?!?!?!?

I’m actually glad America is getting to see what an actual executive looks like in Bobby Jindal.  I watch Jindal when he tries to speak on the National stage, nervous and reserved,  but let him talk about the state of Louisiana and you can understand why we need to restore the Republic.  Individuals elected at the local level should have the authority to handle local issues.  Not only should they have the authority, they should have the responsibility.  The Federal Government sticking it’s nose in thinking it knows what’s best, allows situations like Katrina and this spill to occur.  States now wait and some actually expect the Federal government to come in and save them.  What happened to States that legislate, defend, and protect their own boarders because that’s the role allotted to them by the Founders.

Before Obama signed the Healthcare bill we were shouting to the roof tops, do you want your Doctor’s Appointments to be run like the DMV, Social Services offices, or the Post Office.  Now I question, do you want your Healthcare run like this Oil Spill?  What about your energy?  What would happen if the Government controlled all our electricity, a bureaucrat was watching porn, and some how the lights went out.  Forty-Five days later they still can’t solve the problem but some lowly person you’ve never heard of has been fired. 

That is Big Government.  If it walks Like a Duck and Talks like a Duck, you better go and join a Tea Party.