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If It Talks Like a Bureaucrat and Gets Paid Like a Bureaucrat, Don’t Be Surprised There’s Oil in the Gulf

May 31st, 2010 | By Sonnie

One of the first rules you learn as a child is if  it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, It’s a DUCK.  So, are you really surprised at the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico or the incompetence behind the clean-up?

Take heed as you read this article and look at the big picture.  This maybe one incident but it is the norm in Bureaucracies.  The bigger the Government grows, the less regulation we actually get.   The Elite of Big Government will always focus on what they want or need for their backers.  The small organizations and agencies propping up big government go unsupervised and therefore are prone to corruption because they hold tremendous power over a localized area or section of the economy.  

Since Obama became President, he has pushed his Agenda full force.  Like him or not, he will have his (SEIU, ACORN, you fill in the rest) will done.  With the Elite of the Federal Government focused on Healthcare, Cap N Trade,  and destroying the United States Financial Standing, are you surprised people at the Minerals Management Services were allowing BP to fill out their own evaluations?  Does it shock  you Elizabeth Birnbaum was fired, I mean “resigned”, even though she was an Obama pick for the position?    Are you wondering why the Federal Government had a plan of action in case an oil rig like Deep Water Horizon did explode, yet they didn’t have the actual materials to carry out that plan?

I’m going to give Obama a break on this one.  He is trying to take over an entire country, how in the world do you expect him to pay attention to an area so small?  He doesn’t have to worry about the workers getting sick off the dispersant’s BP is using to fool us about how much oil is actually under the surface, he’s assured those workers free Healthcare.  Why do I say it’s free?  Because they are now unemployed and their way of life is basically destroyed.  Oh, wait.  We’ve extended unemployment benefits, we’re taking care of them.

At the local level, you have Bobby Jindal.  An honest politician who acknowledges he doesn’t have the answers but knows doing nothing is not a proper course of action.   Governer Jindal wants to build land barriers to block the oil from reaching the shores of Louisiana.  Are you shocked the Federal Government actually OWNS the shoreline and the Bureaucrats in Washington are running test on what might happen instead of actually acting.   Are  you surprised politicians at the local level, with the exception of gems like Ray Nagin, have a far greater staked interest in prevention and clean-up? 

See, I’m not surprised.  I understand they are still trying to push a GREEN bill, even while we are currently facing the greatest Eco-disaster in our country.  In fact, I expect them to try to pass Cap N Trade with some money and resources allotted for the Gulf.  Come on, how could you vote against helping the clean up in the Gulf, even if it means raising energy cost to every single person in the country?  Never let a crisis go to waste.

It doesn’t shock me people at MMS were accepting bribes, sexual favors, and lump sums of cash.  They know they are expendable.  They know how their industries work.  They are going to get all they can, while they can and do you really blame them?  They can take the money, gifts, title and experience and move some where else in the country not affected by the mess they created.  The American Dream, right?!?!?!?

I’m actually glad America is getting to see what an actual executive looks like in Bobby Jindal.  I watch Jindal when he tries to speak on the National stage, nervous and reserved,  but let him talk about the state of Louisiana and you can understand why we need to restore the Republic.  Individuals elected at the local level should have the authority to handle local issues.  Not only should they have the authority, they should have the responsibility.  The Federal Government sticking it’s nose in thinking it knows what’s best, allows situations like Katrina and this spill to occur.  States now wait and some actually expect the Federal government to come in and save them.  What happened to States that legislate, defend, and protect their own boarders because that’s the role allotted to them by the Founders.

Before Obama signed the Healthcare bill we were shouting to the roof tops, do you want your Doctor’s Appointments to be run like the DMV, Social Services offices, or the Post Office.  Now I question, do you want your Healthcare run like this Oil Spill?  What about your energy?  What would happen if the Government controlled all our electricity, a bureaucrat was watching porn, and some how the lights went out.  Forty-Five days later they still can’t solve the problem but some lowly person you’ve never heard of has been fired. 

That is Big Government.  If it walks Like a Duck and Talks like a Duck, you better go and join a Tea Party.

Racism vs Elitism: Which Game are You Playing?

April 19th, 2010 | By Sonnie

This article is weeks in the making.  I’ve actually sat at the computer and started to write four time already, to no avail.  I really don’t want to write another race article, yet God has put it on my heart  so here we go.

What is Racism?  Dictionary Definition- a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.   WOW! 

This leads me to all sorts of questions.   Let’s start with America’s most known racist, the KKK.   The Ku Klux Klan was created by Democrats after the Civil War.   After the Confederates defeat, there were a lot of soldiers and land owners who wanted to maintain White Supremacy.   Why?  If they we’re really Racist, they would be unafraid of giving blacks their freedom.  In fact, they were cowards afraid to compete.

Just think about it.  These white men had been taught their whole lives that they were the cream of the crop.  They were the race that God put here to dominate America but in their heart of hearts, they knew better.  They had seen the Black Men in the fields and they knew they could not outwork them.   They knew the only thing standing in the way of Black People rising to take over the South was lack of education.    Now they were no longer in the position to deny them that right. 

Blacks outnumbered whites in the South, so if they found out they could vote, it was all over.  This is what sparked the KKK.  FEAR!   Fear they were not pre-destined to greatness.  Fear they were really equal to blacks, therefore we had to be put in our place.   Fear of their own inferiority.  So, were they racist or  elitist, thrown from their mis-placed high perch? 

Their mothers and fathers, not God, gave them the feeling of Superiority.  They were Elitist.  Dictionary Definition-  the socially superior part of society or a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence.   As long as slavery existed, they could control the minds of the people and keep their social stature.  Elites are always scared to compete.  That’s why Kings, Queens, and Slave Owners ruled with absolute power.  Who are you to question me?

I’ve run this concept across a couple of people and I get the same reaction from those who disagree, just look at the Nazis’.  Ok but first we have to look at the Jews.  What is the primary argument used to justify hating the Jews?  Most say, “they crucified Jesus”.  Ok, they played their part in God’s will.  What else you got?

The real reason Jews are hated is because they are perceived as the pervayers of money and power.   They are the reason this group is poor or that group is unhappy.  They have  been used as a scapegoat all throughout History to redirect a nation’s hatred away from the “ELITES” that rape and plunder private property and personal funds.  Just blame the Jews.

Now, if you are Hitler and you already have the people, what’s next?  If you were really that secure in the dominance of the Blue-Eyed Blond-Haired race why not build a nation on that dominance?  Like, “German People stand up, strap up your bootstraps and let’s show the rest of the world how a perfect White Society looks”.  Instead, it became “if we could only get rid of the Jews”.  Why?  Are Germans so inferior that you have to eliminate all other ethnicities to be successful? 

This is Cowardice, not Superiority.  Are Germans incapable of practicing frugality?  Are they to stupid to manage, stack, and re-invest the resources and capital within their society?  Why is their whole existence predicated on the extinction of another race?  Nazi’s were not racist, they were Elitist who believed they could forge a perfect society once they became the only strong group.  While all Jews were sought after, those who owned land, businesses, and personal wealth were the first to go. 

This is the part where I really piss some people off.  If the definition holds true, we are the most racist people on the planet and to make it worse, most of our racism is targeted back towards ourselves.   We were taught by our mothers and fathers, “A white man doesn’t want a black man to succeed”.  Does this actually affect a Black Person’s ability to succeed?  Only if that Black Person believes they are inferior.

And as a community, we have brought into this notion hook, line, and sinker.    “They” want Black Communities to fail and we stand and watch as they crumble.  “They” don’t represent us and our needs in Government, so we stand back and let them make the decisions for us.    “They” want to see our Black men in prison, so we sell drugs and shoot each other to make their job easier.  Here comes the million dollar question, WHO is THEY?

Are “They” white men in sheets or are “They” the black people that convinced our mothers and fathers we needed government?  I ask this question because I’ve been learning my history.  When those white men were running around afraid to show who they really were, Blacks were building towns, industry, and healthy, happy families.  While those white men hung us from trees and burnt down our churches, we were taking our rightful place in the food chain of America.  For all the hate and destruction perpetrated by the KKK, in actuality, they were a complete failure as a group.  We beat them by building, when all they could do was destroy.

While white racism towards blacks may still exist in America, is it the true force behind our ills?  Take a look back at the footage of the Civil Rights movement.  Most Blacks were in suits and dresses with their heads held high as they marched through White neighborhoods unafraid.  They didn’t care what White people thought, maybe because they had white people marching along side them, they marched because of their own strength and dignity.  They owned homes, businesses, and were productive members of society, whether a white man wanted them to be or not.

So how did we get to thinking we have to take everything from White People to be successful Black People?  When did our existence start to depend on the extermination or degradation of another racial group?  When did we become Cowards afraid to compete because of our own inferiority?  I don’t believe this is who we truly are.  I believe we are powerful beyond measure when we count on ourselves instead of focusing on tearing down someone else.

Where did our current lack of self-sufficiency begin?  In my opinion, it started in the 1920’s with W.E.B. DuBois.  While Progressives like Margaret Sanger were trying to develop means to destroy the black community, DuBois stepped in and said Wait.  All blacks are not inferior.  There are 10% of us who are equal to white people.  The other 90% can be controlled by us Black Elites.  What percentage of the black vote did Obama receive?

Then the Civil Rights movement began.  We wanted to prove we were equals and all we demanded was an equal playing field.   This movement wasn’t started by the Elite.  It was started by a single black woman, Rosa Parks, who had enough pride and dignity within herself to say enough is enough.  She became a national treasure because she showed the strength of a single American to start a Revolution.

And where were the Elites?  They were negotiating with President Kennedy.  It didn’t matter to them that Kennedy had both Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X under government surveillance, it only mattered that they be the one’s that officially broker the deal of Civil Rights.  How upset the Talented Tenth, DuBois’ Elite 10%, must have been to have the 90% of inferior citizens move mountains.

After King’s Death, the Elite went right to work within the Democratic Party.  They missed their chance to win over the black community, who still voted Republican, and they were hell bent on proving their superiority.   They were now amongst the Elites from the KKK, the Elites from the Progressives, and the Elites of the Unions.   

If you are a White Democrat and you want to secure the black vote, you must now go through the Black Elite.  And this is where we have been for the last Forty Years.  It doesn’t matter if a Democrat has our best interest at heart, it only matters they are accepted by those who presume they are the Cream of the Black Crop.  The Jesse Jacksons’ throw out accusations of a Racist America, when they are Millionaires.  The Al Sharptons’ preach on “fairness” and “social justice”, without explaining what they mean is Socialism.    They make it seem like being Black in America is a plague, yet they are invited to all the parties, galas, and conventions with the other Elites.

And we are left to argue over Race.  We still talk in Black and White, while the Elites have moved on to giving favors to the Unions, Car Companies, Banks, and other Financial Institutions.  Slowly but surely, this generation of perceived Black Elites are learning a hard lesson.  Barack Obama didn’t come up through the traditional “Harlem” channels.  He didn’t seek out Al Sharpton, he had Andy Stern.  He didn’t seek out Jesse Jackson, he had “Chicago Politics”.  And now they are surprised there is no “Black Agenda”.

We must stop talking race and start talking Financial Freedom.  We must stop waiting for Government to be “FAIR” and “SAVE” us, we must begin building the life boats to save ourselves. We must declare our own equality copying those before us.  We must build.  We can no longer play the game of React and Destroy, remember you reap what you sow.  We can no longer accept someone else’s failure as our only access to success.  We’ve done it before, can we do it again?

o Uninspired: Barack Obama at The Democratic National Convention

August 29th, 2008 | By Sonnie

Eight Is Enough

As I watched the Economic Report and learned the our Economy is continuing to Grow. By over 3% this year. New home sales are on the rise. Unemployment is Down. Consumer Spending is also up. So with all that said, I expected a more uplifting speech from Barack Obama.

From the Beginning, Obama has said he is not the Average Politician. His whole campaign is centered around Change and Hope. But his speech at the Democratic Convention, Left me Little Hope He Will Bring that Change.

The Major Problem

I only had One Major Problem With Barack Obama’s Speech. He started sounding like he was only running as A Democrat because he’s black. What do I mean by that? Most Black People are Conservative, yet we continue to Vote for the Democrats because History has told Us it’s the right thing to do. Barack Obama sounded like a conservative though he votes like a liberal.

We should be able to have Guns without AK 47’s being on the street. We should be able to Agree we need to cut down on the Number of Abortions in this Country. Same Sex Couples should have the same rights as Married Couples. A mother should not be seperated from her Child because of Illegal Immigration.

We should be able to Disagree and still be cordial, but Barack Obama is asking more of Us Than That. He is asking us to Put Him in Office with a Democratic Controlled Congress; And there might be a change on the Supreme Court. Now most people I talk to don’t understand what that means.

They don’t understand that if Barack Obama becomes President and One Justice of the Supreme Court were to leave, then the entire Government will be run by the Same Party. If you think George Bush is Bad, wait Until You See Congress finally starting to pass Bills.

Abortion is Legal; No Matter How Far Along You Are.

Now Barack Obama has a great Relationship with Planned Parenthood. He believes they do wonderful work in our Communities and said he will Continue to Give Them Government Funds. While in secret, Planned Parenthood was excepting donations for Abortions targeted at Minority Families. In other words, we should work towards less Abortions, just not in the Black and Spanish Communities. Please Pay Attention.

No Felonies; And You Still Can’t Have A Gun

Recently, A Washington D.C. Man went before the Supreme Court to Argue for his right to Bare Arms. D.C. had one of the strictest Gun Laws in America. You were not allowed to have a Hand Gun and any other Gun you owned had to be dismantled and stored in a different location than Bullets. Early in the Campaign Barack Obama said he agreed with the Gun Laws in Washington D.C., then when the Court came out with the decision to strike down the law, he agreed with that too. Majority of those AK 47’s aren’t legally owned Guns, so if the Average Citizen loses His Right to Bear Arms, the only ones with the Guns are Criminals and the Government.

If Illegals bring Their Families; They Should All Stay

When did we become a Nation that ignores our own Laws? And when this transition took place, why did it not apply to Black Men. This is my Issue with Illegal Immigration. Now they say we’ve lost to many jobs to Out Sourcing and in the same breath want to give immunity to Illegals because we need the workers; which one is it? If we need workers and you’re willing to forgive breaking the law to get them, then why not let out Non Violent Offenders from our Jails. Why not give immunity to Actual Americans? The main reason, they broke the law and have to serve their time. Well every single Illegal Immigrant that crossed the American Boarder should be deported because they broke the law. If you have so much compassion for kids separated from their Parents, then start with the little black boy that never Got to See His Father, except through a Cell.

Is it Marriage; Or is It a Civil Union

I don’t care if You’re Gay. I don’t care if you’re Gay and you want to adopt. I don’t care if You’re Gay and Want to have the same rights as everyone else. You get my support on that. Go ahead and adopt. There are too many kids out there with no one to take care of them. Go ahead and love another Person with Your Heart and Soul, to much of that is missing in the World Today. Fight for your right to visit your Companion in the Hospital, the courtroom, or on a Tax Form, but it still won’t be a Marriage. Not because you don’t mean as much or deserve the same rights, it’s because your Union doesn’t fit the definition of Marriage. Fight for an identity for yourself and I’ll stand beside you, but please don’t tell me I have to change my understanding because of your life style. How fair is that to me?

The Formula for Disaster

A Liberal Congress passing bills and accepting Judges. A liberal President signing those bills into law and placing those Judges in Key Positions. A Liberal Supreme Court judging on their own personal belief (Look at California if you want to see the destruction possible by Liberal Judges) instead of the Constitution.

That’s what I got from the DNC Last Night and it scares the Hell Out Of ME. I watched some of the commentary After the Speech. They swooned over the Greatness of Obama’s speech. He lifted his voice in authority a couple times, but he stumbled on basic words. He came on excited to Accept the Democratic Nomination, then turned into Just Another Politician. Spouting the same speech he’s used time and time Again.

Playing it Safe: Michelle Obama At the Democratic National Convention

August 26th, 2008 | By Sonnie

I’m on East Coast time and have a little girl to chase around all day, so I missed Michelle Obama’s Speech last night. I watched the convention all day yesterday just waiting to hear from Michelle Obama.

They say she is completely on Board with the Campaign. She was willing to get a make over, practice her Public Speaking More; basically anything that would help her husband get elected. I laughed because I could just see this being a disaster.

When she was being herself, America is down right mean, and She just found Pride in Her Country since her Husband started Running and Winning. But in this truly sincere, well scripted, and practiced speech, we will see the Real Michelle Obama.

Got up this morning, Found the Video and The Words and Now it’s time to Go To Work.

The first part on the speech focuses on her Brother. Nice Words. No Complaints; Let’s move on.

“And he’s been there for me every step of the way since that clear February day 19 months ago, when – with little more than our faith in each other and a hunger for change – we joined my husband, Barack Obama, on the improbable journey that’s brought us to this moment.” Full text

Little more than each other. Yeah, right. After Barack Obama’s Speech at the DNC for John Kerry, you had a lot more than just each other. You had the extreme left of the Democratic Party pushing for An Obama Nomination. They had a candidate that could say he was against the War from the Beginning. And that made him a Dream to the Bring Our Troops Home People.

Not to mention, the simple color of Barack Obama’s Skin got him a couple votes. There are people that have supported Hillary Clinton since Bill’s Presidential Days; that turned their backs to vote black. These are people that have worked with Senator Clinton to get actual Legislation passed, have never worked with Barack Obama, but will say that he is more qualified. You can’t tell me that Hillary Clinton is that inept.

Michelle Obama then starts to tell of her Father. How he got up everyday and went to work, even after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. As he got sicker, he had to get up earlier to get ready for work. It didn’t stop him, though his paced was slowed.

He wanted something for his children, so he worked for it. Remarkable Story. Hey, Tell that Story more than once. Tell People that Shit Happens, but you have a choice on what to do Next. You could lose your home and complain that it’s all the Government fault or you can fix your credit, save for a down payment, and this time read the entire Loan Application. And if you don’t understand something, Ask. That’s your choice.

Her father could have said. “I’ve worked for enough years, the President should assign money to my family so I don’t have to work so Hard. I shouldn’t have to save to send my Children to College. I shouldn’t have to work for my Children to have Health Care.”

But if he said All That, “Would he still be Michelle Obama’s Rock? Would she have been able to recognize the qualities she loves so much in Barack Obama? Or could she have ended up as another statistic? Poor, black, and stuck in the same place.

It’s in the struggle. Character is built in Struggle. Confidence is built through Struggle. Success is the by product of Struggle. Why would you want to take that away? To give people more of a reason to feel entitled, and then when the programs stop; the people are left with no way to take care of themselves because they have never struggled.

Give me a enlightened story of a Man with No Struggle. The greatest People have stories fill with pain and heartache. Why? Because that made them strong enough to with stand storms and still persevere. It’s not easy to stand when you feel the entire world is falling around you, unless you’ve been there before and you know it’s going to be okay. Don’t try to give so much to your kids, that you forget to give them what you had.

“And you know, what struck me when I first met Barack was that even though he had this funny name, even though he’d grown up all the way across the continent in Hawaii, his family was so much like mine.”

Listen up People. This Black Man was raised with a white Family and they still had the same values. Is it Possible that White People Struggle Too? This is not a Knock on Either Obama. This is a little shot out to the Racist of our Communities. The ones that think Life would be Great, If they had been born White. White People Struggle too.

Life is not handed to them on a silver Platter. There are White Families where the Father walks out and doesn’t play a Role in his Kids Life. There are white Families that have lost their homes. There are White Families that don’t have Food to Feed their Kids. Stop using excuses. Especially if they are completely Baseless.

“…to know that the only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work for them.”

Where is the Part about the Government Financing your Dreams? Isn’t that why you want to raise the Taxes on the Rich? You mean I can work for it, without Government Assistance, and still make it? No Way. Doesn’t that go against the entire Barack Obama Campaign. He doesn’t say, “Study more in High School so you can get a Scholarship to College. He says “I’ll give everyone the ability to go to College. Why?

So they can be rushed out by Professors, so the next group can come in. So colleges can stop caring about entrance scores and start thinking about how much money they’ll be getting from the Government. So we have a large group of Citizens with Degrees, but none with pride in the Accomplishment.

“And he urged us to believe in ourselves – to find the strength within ourselves to strive for the world as it should be. And isn’t that the great American story?”

I’m going to be here all day. To believe in Ourselves. That’s Funny. If we believed in Ourselves we would leave towns crippled by No Economic Growth. If we didn’t leave, we would hold the local Public Office Accountable. Not Continue to Re-Elect those that do nothing to solve the Problem.

Black Democrats govern most Black districts. We are a diverse people, all with different beliefs, values, and economic situations. How is it possible the 97% of us all believe in Barack Obama? I don’t really do statistics, but I’m sure the chances aren’t good. The only places were anyone gets that kind of support is Countries were it’s not wise to step outside the box.

So is this the Position we’re in now. If I actually believe in myself enough to know I don’t agree with Obama positions, that makes me less black. I’m a trader, an outsider, a disgrace to my own people; because I follow Obama’s advise. Because I believe the American Dream shouldn’t stop when you reach Success. Because I believe if I earn $5 million, the Government shouldn’t take $1.25 million or more. To me, that’s like putting a cap on your Success; Don’t let our company grow to fast, or we’ll be in the High Tax Bracket with little chance for more expansion.

Corporations cost money. I plan on building one. I think about things like that. When I get there, let me keep my money. I got investment ideas to help the economy, let me spend my money as I see fit. I think I’d do more for the community opening businesses, than giving more money to Social Programs. That’s how much I believe in Myself.

“The young people across America serving our communities – teaching children, cleaning up neighborhoods, caring for the least among us each and every day.”

Little jab at those who believe you should only take care of yourself. If you plan on voting for the Obamas’, you should know they expect you to lend a hand to your fellow man. Your Hero is giving you a glimpse inside the change he’s bringing. What’s up?

“It was strong enough to bring hope to those neighborhoods in Chicago.”

I’m just wandering. Kanye West is from Chicago. Barack Obama was a Illinois Senator. Kanye came out with a song talking about the Violence in Chicago. Are you seeing where I’m going. Kanye West is a proud Barack Obama Supporter.

I’m just saying. If the Senator of My State was running for President, I would question how 30 people could be killed in One Weekend in my town. I would be wondering why didn’t you bring this change you talk so much about to the community that gave you a start. Yes you fought for this, and yes you campaigned for that, but where are the changes? We are still getting slaughtered in the Streets?

Where is the Barack Obama Doesn’t Care About Black People Speech?

All in All, I think Michelle Obama has adopted her Husband’s style beautifully. She says everything People want to hear, with little actual substance. See gives messages of Hope, but not self reliance. She gives a Great Family Message, but doesn’t advocate the path that got her there.

There were some really Great Things she said.

“All of us driven by a simple belief that the world as it is just won’t do – that we have an obligation to fight for the world as it should be.” Declaration to Fight

But each of us also comes here tonight by way of our own improbable journey. Expect Problems

Instead of heading to Wall Street, Barack had gone to work in neighborhoods devastated when steel plants shut down, and jobs dried up. Starts with Me

The world as it is” and “The world as it should be.” And he said that all too often, we accept the distance between the two, and settle for the world as it is – even when it doesn’t reflect our values and aspirations. Equal Opportunity

I stand here today at the crosscurrents of that history – knowing that my piece of the American Dream is a blessing hard won by those who came before me. All of them driven by the same conviction that drove my dad to get up an hour early each day to painstakingly dress himself for work. The same conviction that drives the men and women I’ve met all across this country: It’s Our Turn

Obama Playing The Race Card: And Your Surprised?

August 8th, 2008 | By Sonnie

I know I’ve been away for a minute, but I’m back.  And thank all you guys for the messages and support.  I love it, Thank You.

Having said that, Lets get rolling.

“I know I don’t look like the guys on the Dollar Bills”  Barack Obama in front of a black crowd pulling up the race card.  If you didn’t expect it, you should have been reading my blogs.  I told you it was coming.  He is the same as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the rest.  He knows we love excuses, so he gives us what we want.  Then when he gets called on it, direct the blame some where else. Are you Serious?

This is the Man you want to represent us as a whole.

What was the first thing you thought when you heard the sound clip?  Did you think he was talking about anything other than race?  Then he comes out and insults our intelligence.  I was talking about this; I was talking about that. I mean it, it gets to the point, I don’t even listen anymore.  I tune it out and cuss him out in my head.

Then I started to think.  We should take him at his word.  He doesn’t look like George Washington.  Barack Obama never fought for his country.  Barack Obama doesn’t believe it’s okay to fight for your country.  Washington had a successful business, then decided to fight.  I don’t see the resemblence.

“I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man” Thomas Jefferson.  Does this included pulling the race card in the middle of a campaign?  Doesn’t look like Barack Obama fits into that great quote.    But wait, even though both the British and the French were attacking American Merchants, Jefferson did everything he could to stay out of the fight.  Now that sounds like Barack Obama.

Abraham Lincoln is more like President Bush.  Look.  I don’t like what you’re doing and you need to stop.  The South said NO! Lincoln said, O.K., Let’s go. And then there was the Civil War.  If Barack Obama would’ve been president, (And I know a black man couldn’t have been President, but Obama wasn’t talking about color, right?), There would not be a United States of America.  Because sometimes you have to fight.

Alexander Hamilton died fighting in a duel.  I don’t see Barack Obama fighting over anything, so I’ll just stop there.
I’m wondering if Barack Obama is laying the frame work to be the first black face on a Dollar Bill.  I don’t believe it’s out the realm of his ego.  Maybe I’m getting a little personal now, but I can’t help it.  I know what’s coming, and if John McCain can’t stop looking like a dead man I feel bad for the state of our country.

But more than that, I feel bad for the state of our people.  If Barack Obama gets into office and raises the taxes even a little on us that are barely making it, he’ll drive us down.  Back into the base of his party, poor people.  I’ve been there, done that, and I don’t want to go back.
Don’t be surprised when the race card comes up again.  I bet in front of another black crowd. I bet it’ll be used to distract from a real issue.  Even worse, I bet it’ll work.

It’s About Time: Obama Has To Speak Against Ludacris

July 31st, 2008 | By Sonnie

Hah!  Now that Ludacris has targeted Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama has to call him out.  In a song leaked on the underground circuit, Ludacris calls Hillary Clinton a B!*$#, John McCain should be paralyzed, and President Bush is Mentally Handicapped.  So Barack Obama sent a surrogate to with a statement.

Lyrics to Politics As Usual

I’m back on it like I just signed my record deal

Yeah the best is here, the Bentley Coup paint is dripping wet, it got sex    appeal

Never should have hated

You never should’ve doubted him

With a slot in the president’s iPod Obama shattered ’em

Said I handled his biz and I’m one of his favorite rappers

Well give Luda a special pardon if I’m ever in the slammer

Better yet put him in office, make me your vice president

Hillary hated on you, so that b**** is irrelevant

Jesse talking slick and apologizing for what?

If you said it then you meant it how you want it have a gut!

And all you other politicians trying to hate on my man,

watch us win a majority vote in every state on my man

You can’t stop what’s bout to happen, we bout to make history

The first black president is destined and it’s meant to be

The threats ain’t fazing us, the nooses or the jokes

So get off your ass, black people, it’s time to get out and vote!

Paint the White House black and I’m sure that’s got ’em terrified

McCain don’t belong in any chair unless he’s paralyzed

Yeah I said it cause Bush is mentally handicapped

Ball up all of his speeches and I throw ’em like candy wrap

’cause what you talking I hear nothing even relevant

and you the worst of all 43 presidents

Get out and vote or the end will be near

The world is ready for change because Obama is here!

’cause Obama is here

The world is ready for change because Obama is here!

No, I’m not joking those are the words.  So Barack Obama camp released this statement.

“<a title=”Luda and Barack” href=”” target=”_blank”>As Barack Obama has said many, many times in the past, rap lyrics today    too often perpetuate misogyny, materialism, and degrading images that he    doesn’t want his daughters or any children exposed to.” </a>

Then in the same breath.  “This song is not only outrageously offensive to Mrs Clinton, Rev.    Jackson, Mr McCain and President Bush, it is offensive to all of us who are    trying to raise our children with the values we hold dear. While Ludacris is    a talented individual he should be ashamed of these lyrics.”

When are you going to realize Barack Obama is just another politician?  He maybe black but he is a politician none the less.

<em><strong>A few things I wonder</strong></em>

How can you praise a man you won’t let your daughter listen to?  Even when she was grown, would you want her to hear Ludacris’ music?

If you had to ride an airplane, and they let you choose the pilot.  One is black with no experience, and One is white with 25 years of experience?  Which would you choose?

Let some one talk about his wife, and Obama shouts it across the mountain tops.  Are your wife and kids the only women that mean anything?  Why are there no speeches against Ludacris.  Instead we get info from surrogates, when this is an opportunity to tell those men that look up to you to respect women.  Women as a whole, not just your wife.

Barack Obama! You Can’t Pick and Choose Your Morals

July 24th, 2008 | By Sonnie

Race is an important issue in this campaign. I’m not talking about them picking on Barack Obama because he’s black. I think it’s important to learn the real lessons of racism of this election.

Does this upset me?

Yes, but what else does this show me? It shows me you can’t stop a Nigga from doing anything. Back in the day, if you were black you could actually be lynched, now all they can do is draw a picture. This picture isn’t ruining Barack Obama’s chance at becoming President. It didn’t even make national news.

This picture was created to show the Conservatives relentless attacks on Michelle Obama. The point of political cartoons is to garner as much interest with one look, and the author accomplished that. So I say Kudo’s, because I know this is a picture and nothing more.

Does this upset me?

More than any stupid drawing ever could. If you’ve read YOU WON’T GET MY MONEY, you know how I feel about Ludacris. How can Barack Obama justify this picture? He wasn’t talking to the misogynistic Hip hop’er about cleaning up his lyrics, he was talking to him about the future of our black kids.

So you have a conversation with a rapper that only degrades women about the state of little black girls and boys. This is the man that tells little girls, their ass is a money maker. What if someone came out and said that about Michelle Obama? She’d make a great first lady because her ass is fat?

Imagine the outrage. Why not outrage for the everyday sister’s that are tired of only hearing negative shit? Is Michelle Obama some how better than us? She doesn’t deserve any scrutiny, but all the rest of us do? What about your daughters? Are they protected against attack? Of course they are, but not my daughter.

Racism is not an issue of color. It’s an issue of How does it benefit me at the time? Barack Obama doesn’t want to be the black candidate, but he pulls the race card when it suits him. If you’re a Barack Obama supporter, ask yourself this. Why does he only talk about black issues when he’s in front of a black audience. Congress is not black audience, so do you really think he’d bring up our issues when it really matters? He doesn’t go in front of white people and talk about absentee fathers. What his he really saying about black people.

The just. Morals should be set in stone. You should know what you believe in and follow those rules. If you love Michelle Obama and think that she is a strong black woman, then you should refuse to talk to an artist, who’s lyrics imply as a black woman, your wife is a HOE. Don’t forget your daughters, because the messages Ludacris sends out, will help shape the man that could one day marry your daughter.

More than that. Black people have been fighting ourselves to get out of this rut. So when a black presidential candidate will pose with anyone with any message, it doesn’t help our fight. It gives us more to overcome, because you lend him creditability. Little black boys see Ludacris surrounded by half dressed woman, calling them everything but a child of GOD, and then they see him standing with Barack Obama. You tell me how to separate the two.

Is Barack Obama the Tony Soprano of Politics?

July 22nd, 2008 | By Sonnie

I wasn’t completely wrong in my assertion on Barack Obama, I just underestimated the Gangsta in him.

You think I’m being funny, I’m not. In the Mafia underworld there is a tier of power and at the top sits THE DON. Is it really that hard to make the comparison, we’ll here I go?

Don’t touch my Made Men

Everybody knows you can’t touch a Made Man. If you have a problem with that Made Man you go to the Don and ask his permission to handle your business, but if THE DON says no, keep your hands off.

Barack Obama has made Michelle Obama a Made Man. She is now cloaked in his protection. If anyone has something to say about Michell Obama, Barack is coming after you full force. Never mind she made herself a public figure by going out on the campaign trail and making comments that warrant reporting. Never mind that most Americans think the character of a First Lady matters. NO. NO. NO. THE DON says she is untouchable, so there she stands.

I decide the fate of my MADE MEN

If a MADE MAN becomes more trouble then their worth, THE DON will handle the situation.

When Jeremiah Wright was Barack Obama’s top seller, helping him get elected in Chicago, he was a MADE MAN. So when Wright’s comments became a media story, most reports waited to hear what THE DON had to say before voicing their own opinions. Then when he could not longer provide protection to Wright without compromising himself, he took away his status. Now everyone thinks Wright is the the LOON. Never mind the fact, Barack Obama said that he got most of his values and morals from this man. Never mind the fact, Barack Obama spent over twenty years in Trinity Church, got married there, and even let his children be baptized there. Wright is wrong because THE DON said so.

I wasn’t wrong, I was right

Incorrect assessments can lead to a power struggle, so THE DON can never be wrong.

Barack Obama is now in Iraq visiting the troops for the first time since he started to campaign for President. This will be the first time he has talked to the Generals on the Ground, and now he’s starting to imply the surge is working. Anyone who watches the news knows the surge it working. Everyday we don’t hear something about Iraq, we know were winning. Yet Barack Obama can’t bring himself to say, the country I love is winning in Iraq. Why?

Because the Don can’t be wrong. Even though he knows his main supporters aren’t going anywhere, he still refuses to state plain facts, because they contradict his original position. See, that’s gangsta, to know you’re wrong and have everyone to scared to call you on it. Gangsta.

Don’t question me

Even THE DON has to sit down to meetings he doesn’t want to. If another family has just as much power as your family, and they want to talk, you go and talk.

Now this really makes Barack Obama Gangsta. Fox News is the highest rated news network on cable T.V. That’s a fact. More people sit and watch O’Reily than all the other networks combined. Why hasn’t Barack Obama appeared on O’Reily, Hannity and Combs, not even a little sit down with Geraldo?

They would ask tough questions that Barack Obama would have to answer. Now you would think this far along in the campaign, Barack Obama could handle anything. He should be able to spit answers to any question asked of him. THE DON doesn’t want to speak, so he doesn’t. Never mind he is running to become President of the whole United States, not just the left wing that supports CNN and MSNBC. How about us independents that want real answers to real questions?


Let’s do a little run back. Don’t you talk bad about anyone close to me. Even though I’m surrounded by crooks, shady people, and far out preachers, don’t question my ability to judge another man’s character. My wife is off bounds, I don’t care what she does. I don’t care if they say we’re winning, I don’t want to fight. I don’t need to know what’s actually going on, if I’m wrong, I’ll say I was right when the smoke clears. And don’t you ask me any questions about my opinions, just believe in the CHANGE I stand for.

Tell me how that’s not Gangsta. The funny part, the American People love a good Gangsta.

P.S. It’s funny because there are different kinds of Gangsta. President Bush is a Gangsta, but he puts his money where is mouth is, and dares you to stand in his way. He is more concerned with his own ideals than the ideals of others. He is a respected Gangsta. You might not like him, but you gotta respect him.

Now Barack Obama is another type of Gangsta. He’s the type that only cares about the power. When it comes down to getting his hands dirty, he passes the buck. His opinions will change when the sentiment of his peers changes, not when common sense calls for it. It’s hard to respect a man, we you don’t know where he’ll stand tomorrow.

Please Help! Barack Obama

June 30th, 2008 | By Sonnie

With the Presidential campaign in full swing, it’s only right I get pissed off about something.

Barack Obama doesn’t want to be just another politician. I didn’t believe it when he said it, and everyday I believe it even less. John McCain has all this experience and a record of bipartisanship, but lacks the charisma of a garden snake. So what to do?

Barack Obama. Everyone knows your black. Even the white people who voted for you all over this country, they know you are black. So why do you show up at a black event and bring up race. Literally. I thought you didn’t want to be known as the black candidate. You had already won the Democratic Nomination, why then would you want to play the race card.

I want to like you. I’m trying. I loved the speech at one of those graduations, when you stood up and told fathers they need to play a greater role in their Children’s upbringing. I loved when you stood up and told graduates to go out and find a purpose instead of seeking out a hummer payment.

What I don’t understand? Number 1, wanting to pull out of Iraq. I haven’t heard anything about that in the news lately. Why? Because we’re winning. We are winning a war and the would be next president wants us to pull out. Only a real politician would change the message that got him elected when it no longer made sense. Oh wait any rational person would change their minds with differing circumstances. What makes a real politician, a presidential nominee that won’t acknowledge his own country’s success, because it would have a negative affect on his campaign.

Iraq, Jeremiah Wright, Trinity Church, time to go when you bring to much negative spotlight on Barack Obama.

Number 2, NO ENERGY POLICY. To hear a democrat tell it, we can get ourselves out of this oil crisis by taxing the oil companies. This is how I figure it. Imagine you invented a new drug to cure cancer. Now over the 15 years it took you to develop this technology, the government has been giving you tax breaks. Basically rewarding you for not really receiving a profit, because in the development phase your not making alot of money.

Your drug is approved and hits the market. It works. Everyone is cured and we live happily. Then there comes another kind of cancer, so you say, O.k. I got these tax breaks, so it won’t hurt the investors researching a new drug. Then along comes the government and says you have to solve this problem. We are going to repel all your tax breaks to help treat the sick people.

Why would you research a new drug? You would be like, people still pay for my first product. Why should I spend all this money, with no incentive. Oil companies have been investing billions of dollars in their companies, and now that their product is in high demand you hammer them with more taxes. Who would want to invest in a company they know will be paying a majority of their profits to the government.

And I have a question. Do the Caribou have to pay taxes for their trips across A.N.W.A.R? Is the cost of their food going up? Shouldn’t people care more about other people? It makes sense to drill where there is oil. To the critics that say we wouldn’t see that oil for at least ten years. That was the excuse over 12 years ago, when Bill Clinton signed the bill that made it illegal to drill of oil off our coast.

Then there’s the alternatives. Ethanol is eating up our food supply. Wind, solar, tidal, etc. are all years and years into the future. The most viable way to get off oil dependency lies in nuclear power, but yet again the democrats say No. The insurance companies say it’s not safe. You would think the trail lawyer democratic party would relish in the thought of suing the power plants, but I guess they draw the line at making policy that would matter.

In the life I’ve lived, you learn to see through bravado and look for substance. I just don’t see any substance in Barack Obama. The thought of him being in office, makes me not want to enter the next tax bracket. If he gets into office, it would probably be better to stay lower class and allow the government to take care of you. Because the harder you work and the more money you make, the more he’ll require you to give to those that don’t make as much.

So instead of having extra money to pay down your student loan, you will be paying for the tuition of someone that didn’t even try to compete for a scholarship. Instead of having extra money to save, you’ll be paying for insurance for someone that’s never worked a day in their life. Instead of having the money to put a down payment on a house, you will be bailing out the companies that robbed millions of people of their dream of homeownership. That’s scary.

I would like to think the harder I work, the more I should have, and the more I have, the more I can use to help people. People I really think need help. Working mothers that need help with childcare. College students that take lower paying jobs helping their communities, because their student loan is held for a year or two. Young people who study hard but have never had someone tell them they can go to college. Not because it’s free, but because you worked for it.

I want someone to write and tell me some substance of Barack Obama. Please help me.


June 13th, 2008 | By Sonnie

With his successful campaign, without the support of “black Leaders”, Barack Obama has already started signing the pink slips of Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and the rest.

Now, Al Sharpton can come out a publically make an ass out of himself accusing the Duke Lacrosse Team of Rape, but can’t give his support for the first black candidate to actually have a real chance of becoming president. Maybe a little jealousy you weren’t taken seriously?

Rev. Jesse Jackson was also silent in the big build up to history. Though Jackson’s image was damaged in the black community with his mistress and love child, the Media still hold him as a ‘black leader’. Where was he shouting Barack Obama’s praises?

I thought about it hard, and I figured it out.

Barack Obama is about to cause some major layoffs. He will ship the “there is some magic white man out to get you” jobs overseas never to return. How can they continue to attack a government about not caring, when the president is a black man?

Now we should have been the ones to run these so called ‘black leaders’ off the scene. Take Al Sharton. He was taped by the government trying to negotiate a drug deal. His defense, they were out to get me. Okay. He is constantly in trouble for not paying taxes, most recently before starting his 2004 campaign when investors paid his owed taxes to clean his resume. I have to pay taxes, what makes you better than me? More recent than that, he was promoting Loan Max. You know the company that charges ridiculous rates for car title loans. Yeah they prey on poor minorities, not just blacks, and Sharpton was their spokesperson.

Now Jackson did the damage to himself, and we judged him accordingly.

Now they see their careers going down the drain. If they don’t have the race card, their hand is weak. They can’t win. People will start to realize the boundaries they set are imaginary. There is nothing that can stop them. How are they going to survive when black people are succeeding and they can’t intimidate people into taking them seriously.

I don’t plan on voting for Barack Obama, but I am so proud that he won the nomination. I can’t back his platform, but I respect the amount of work he put into accomplishing his goal. He ran a campaign free of facts and still one, that takes some charisma.

Having said that. Barack Obama sign those pink slips and will personally walk around and hand them out. I mean it. I will personally hunt down all those who tell us we can’t because a white person will stop us. On my own dime, I will tell them, your services are no longer needed.

Then we could place ads for real black leaders to step up. You know the people of color that made millions of dollars last year. Our ads would read: