Is Barack Obama the Tony Soprano of Politics?

July 22nd, 2008 | By

I wasn’t completely wrong in my assertion on Barack Obama, I just underestimated the Gangsta in him.

You think I’m being funny, I’m not. In the Mafia underworld there is a tier of power and at the top sits THE DON. Is it really that hard to make the comparison, we’ll here I go?

Don’t touch my Made Men

Everybody knows you can’t touch a Made Man. If you have a problem with that Made Man you go to the Don and ask his permission to handle your business, but if THE DON says no, keep your hands off.

Barack Obama has made Michelle Obama a Made Man. She is now cloaked in his protection. If anyone has something to say about Michell Obama, Barack is coming after you full force. Never mind she made herself a public figure by going out on the campaign trail and making comments that warrant reporting. Never mind that most Americans think the character of a First Lady matters. NO. NO. NO. THE DON says she is untouchable, so there she stands.

I decide the fate of my MADE MEN

If a MADE MAN becomes more trouble then their worth, THE DON will handle the situation.

When Jeremiah Wright was Barack Obama’s top seller, helping him get elected in Chicago, he was a MADE MAN. So when Wright’s comments became a media story, most reports waited to hear what THE DON had to say before voicing their own opinions. Then when he could not longer provide protection to Wright without compromising himself, he took away his status. Now everyone thinks Wright is the the LOON. Never mind the fact, Barack Obama said that he got most of his values and morals from this man. Never mind the fact, Barack Obama spent over twenty years in Trinity Church, got married there, and even let his children be baptized there. Wright is wrong because THE DON said so.

I wasn’t wrong, I was right

Incorrect assessments can lead to a power struggle, so THE DON can never be wrong.

Barack Obama is now in Iraq visiting the troops for the first time since he started to campaign for President. This will be the first time he has talked to the Generals on the Ground, and now he’s starting to imply the surge is working. Anyone who watches the news knows the surge it working. Everyday we don’t hear something about Iraq, we know were winning. Yet Barack Obama can’t bring himself to say, the country I love is winning in Iraq. Why?

Because the Don can’t be wrong. Even though he knows his main supporters aren’t going anywhere, he still refuses to state plain facts, because they contradict his original position. See, that’s gangsta, to know you’re wrong and have everyone to scared to call you on it. Gangsta.

Don’t question me

Even THE DON has to sit down to meetings he doesn’t want to. If another family has just as much power as your family, and they want to talk, you go and talk.

Now this really makes Barack Obama Gangsta. Fox News is the highest rated news network on cable T.V. That’s a fact. More people sit and watch O’Reily than all the other networks combined. Why hasn’t Barack Obama appeared on O’Reily, Hannity and Combs, not even a little sit down with Geraldo?

They would ask tough questions that Barack Obama would have to answer. Now you would think this far along in the campaign, Barack Obama could handle anything. He should be able to spit answers to any question asked of him. THE DON doesn’t want to speak, so he doesn’t. Never mind he is running to become President of the whole United States, not just the left wing that supports CNN and MSNBC. How about us independents that want real answers to real questions?


Let’s do a little run back. Don’t you talk bad about anyone close to me. Even though I’m surrounded by crooks, shady people, and far out preachers, don’t question my ability to judge another man’s character. My wife is off bounds, I don’t care what she does. I don’t care if they say we’re winning, I don’t want to fight. I don’t need to know what’s actually going on, if I’m wrong, I’ll say I was right when the smoke clears. And don’t you ask me any questions about my opinions, just believe in the CHANGE I stand for.

Tell me how that’s not Gangsta. The funny part, the American People love a good Gangsta.

P.S. It’s funny because there are different kinds of Gangsta. President Bush is a Gangsta, but he puts his money where is mouth is, and dares you to stand in his way. He is more concerned with his own ideals than the ideals of others. He is a respected Gangsta. You might not like him, but you gotta respect him.

Now Barack Obama is another type of Gangsta. He’s the type that only cares about the power. When it comes down to getting his hands dirty, he passes the buck. His opinions will change when the sentiment of his peers changes, not when common sense calls for it. It’s hard to respect a man, we you don’t know where he’ll stand tomorrow.

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