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August 29th, 2008 | By

Eight Is Enough

As I watched the Economic Report and learned the our Economy is continuing to Grow. By over 3% this year. New home sales are on the rise. Unemployment is Down. Consumer Spending is also up. So with all that said, I expected a more uplifting speech from Barack Obama.

From the Beginning, Obama has said he is not the Average Politician. His whole campaign is centered around Change and Hope. But his speech at the Democratic Convention, Left me Little Hope He Will Bring that Change.

The Major Problem

I only had One Major Problem With Barack Obama’s Speech. He started sounding like he was only running as A Democrat because he’s black. What do I mean by that? Most Black People are Conservative, yet we continue to Vote for the Democrats because History has told Us it’s the right thing to do. Barack Obama sounded like a conservative though he votes like a liberal.

We should be able to have Guns without AK 47’s being on the street. We should be able to Agree we need to cut down on the Number of Abortions in this Country. Same Sex Couples should have the same rights as Married Couples. A mother should not be seperated from her Child because of Illegal Immigration.

We should be able to Disagree and still be cordial, but Barack Obama is asking more of Us Than That. He is asking us to Put Him in Office with a Democratic Controlled Congress; And there might be a change on the Supreme Court. Now most people I talk to don’t understand what that means.

They don’t understand that if Barack Obama becomes President and One Justice of the Supreme Court were to leave, then the entire Government will be run by the Same Party. If you think George Bush is Bad, wait Until You See Congress finally starting to pass Bills.

Abortion is Legal; No Matter How Far Along You Are.

Now Barack Obama has a great Relationship with Planned Parenthood. He believes they do wonderful work in our Communities and said he will Continue to Give Them Government Funds. While in secret, Planned Parenthood was excepting donations for Abortions targeted at Minority Families. In other words, we should work towards less Abortions, just not in the Black and Spanish Communities. Please Pay Attention.

No Felonies; And You Still Can’t Have A Gun

Recently, A Washington D.C. Man went before the Supreme Court to Argue for his right to Bare Arms. D.C. had one of the strictest Gun Laws in America. You were not allowed to have a Hand Gun and any other Gun you owned had to be dismantled and stored in a different location than Bullets. Early in the Campaign Barack Obama said he agreed with the Gun Laws in Washington D.C., then when the Court came out with the decision to strike down the law, he agreed with that too. Majority of those AK 47’s aren’t legally owned Guns, so if the Average Citizen loses His Right to Bear Arms, the only ones with the Guns are Criminals and the Government.

If Illegals bring Their Families; They Should All Stay

When did we become a Nation that ignores our own Laws? And when this transition took place, why did it not apply to Black Men. This is my Issue with Illegal Immigration. Now they say we’ve lost to many jobs to Out Sourcing and in the same breath want to give immunity to Illegals because we need the workers; which one is it? If we need workers and you’re willing to forgive breaking the law to get them, then why not let out Non Violent Offenders from our Jails. Why not give immunity to Actual Americans? The main reason, they broke the law and have to serve their time. Well every single Illegal Immigrant that crossed the American Boarder should be deported because they broke the law. If you have so much compassion for kids separated from their Parents, then start with the little black boy that never Got to See His Father, except through a Cell.

Is it Marriage; Or is It a Civil Union

I don’t care if You’re Gay. I don’t care if you’re Gay and you want to adopt. I don’t care if You’re Gay and Want to have the same rights as everyone else. You get my support on that. Go ahead and adopt. There are too many kids out there with no one to take care of them. Go ahead and love another Person with Your Heart and Soul, to much of that is missing in the World Today. Fight for your right to visit your Companion in the Hospital, the courtroom, or on a Tax Form, but it still won’t be a Marriage. Not because you don’t mean as much or deserve the same rights, it’s because your Union doesn’t fit the definition of Marriage. Fight for an identity for yourself and I’ll stand beside you, but please don’t tell me I have to change my understanding because of your life style. How fair is that to me?

The Formula for Disaster

A Liberal Congress passing bills and accepting Judges. A liberal President signing those bills into law and placing those Judges in Key Positions. A Liberal Supreme Court judging on their own personal belief (Look at California if you want to see the destruction possible by Liberal Judges) instead of the Constitution.

That’s what I got from the DNC Last Night and it scares the Hell Out Of ME. I watched some of the commentary After the Speech. They swooned over the Greatness of Obama’s speech. He lifted his voice in authority a couple times, but he stumbled on basic words. He came on excited to Accept the Democratic Nomination, then turned into Just Another Politician. Spouting the same speech he’s used time and time Again.

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