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Barack Obama! You Can’t Pick and Choose Your Morals

July 24th, 2008 | By Sonnie

Race is an important issue in this campaign. I’m not talking about them picking on Barack Obama because he’s black. I think it’s important to learn the real lessons of racism of this election.

Does this upset me?

Yes, but what else does this show me? It shows me you can’t stop a Nigga from doing anything. Back in the day, if you were black you could actually be lynched, now all they can do is draw a picture. This picture isn’t ruining Barack Obama’s chance at becoming President. It didn’t even make national news.

This picture was created to show the Conservatives relentless attacks on Michelle Obama. The point of political cartoons is to garner as much interest with one look, and the author accomplished that. So I say Kudo’s, because I know this is a picture and nothing more.

Does this upset me?

More than any stupid drawing ever could. If you’ve read YOU WON’T GET MY MONEY, you know how I feel about Ludacris. How can Barack Obama justify this picture? He wasn’t talking to the misogynistic Hip hop’er about cleaning up his lyrics, he was talking to him about the future of our black kids.

So you have a conversation with a rapper that only degrades women about the state of little black girls and boys. This is the man that tells little girls, their ass is a money maker. What if someone came out and said that about Michelle Obama? She’d make a great first lady because her ass is fat?

Imagine the outrage. Why not outrage for the everyday sister’s that are tired of only hearing negative shit? Is Michelle Obama some how better than us? She doesn’t deserve any scrutiny, but all the rest of us do? What about your daughters? Are they protected against attack? Of course they are, but not my daughter.

Racism is not an issue of color. It’s an issue of How does it benefit me at the time? Barack Obama doesn’t want to be the black candidate, but he pulls the race card when it suits him. If you’re a Barack Obama supporter, ask yourself this. Why does he only talk about black issues when he’s in front of a black audience. Congress is not black audience, so do you really think he’d bring up our issues when it really matters? He doesn’t go in front of white people and talk about absentee fathers. What his he really saying about black people.

The just. Morals should be set in stone. You should know what you believe in and follow those rules. If you love Michelle Obama and think that she is a strong black woman, then you should refuse to talk to an artist, who’s lyrics imply as a black woman, your wife is a HOE. Don’t forget your daughters, because the messages Ludacris sends out, will help shape the man that could one day marry your daughter.

More than that. Black people have been fighting ourselves to get out of this rut. So when a black presidential candidate will pose with anyone with any message, it doesn’t help our fight. It gives us more to overcome, because you lend him creditability. Little black boys see Ludacris surrounded by half dressed woman, calling them everything but a child of GOD, and then they see him standing with Barack Obama. You tell me how to separate the two.