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David Bartholomew: The Absolute Definition of Insanity

October 19th, 2010 | By Sonnie

I’m getting so tired.  I mean, it’s to the point, I think I’m talking to myself.

I made a promise to myself when I decided to become the President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of Virginia.  I promised I would Be Revolutionary Not Reactionary.  Lately, I’ve found I’m surrounded by people who just don’t get it.

The Joke


I went down this morning to sign up my Dog for welfare.

At first the lady said, “Dogs are not eligible to draw welfare”.

So I explained to her that my Dog is black, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and has no frigging clue who his Daddy is.

So she looked in her policy book to see what it takes to qualify…

My Dog gets his first check Friday.

Is this a great country or what?


How did you respond?  Did you laugh?  Did you look for the dose of reality in the joke that makes it funny?  Or did you follow the Sharpton/Jackson template and say “Off With His Head”?  Did you react to the stupidity of one man, who rightfully resigned, instead of focusing on the Revolutionary thought of using this as one of those “Teachable Moments”?

First of all say, Sad but True.  Black Unemployment is double the National Average.  How many jobs did Bartholomew’s resignation create?  One for the person that will take his position.  And that person will answer to the same network, make deals with the same circles, and probably show the same disrespect for the black community.  Why?  Because we don’t show up.

Now, some of my black conservatives should know what I mean by not showing up but I digress.   What I really mean is, we haven’t captured the hearts of OUR communities, so why should the GOP care?  Elections take money and we aren’t donating.  Why should they care?  Candidates get elected by having a majority of the votes.  How many new black voters have you brought to the GOP?

Why do we act like Liberals when it comes to situations like these?   Why do we get in a huff and puff mode of condemning someone, for something I’m sure we’ve all done, instead of pointing out that some of them are lazy.  Yet, a huge majority are hard-working and given the opportunity would become huge assets to any company.  How many men were inspired by Bartholomew’s resignation?

Why don’t we question why they can’t speak English?  Why can’t we say, the Democrats who control the school boards have more to do with making this joke funny than any other entity in this state.   We spend billions of dollars on Education and our kids are still failing to learn the basic essentials like reading, writing, or filling out a job applications.  How many kids will graduate High School since Bartholomew resigned?

Don’t we all complain that one of the major issues in the black community is the lack of a two parent home?  Why shouldn’t we use this moment to point out that the underlying principle of  this joke is, Democrats and their I care so much attitude, basically pushing us down to the point of dogs.  They created the cycle of poverty and deprivation but instead of focusing our attention on them, we focus on those we feel are closet to us.

That’s a shame.  The people in our Communities should be the ones closest to us.  They should be the ones WE tell this joke to and say, see what they’ve made you into.  A Republican might have forwarded the email but Democrats, through their policy, have made it a reality.  Which is worse?

We claim to be against black leaders who use the race card.    Yet, all we do is release a message when a White Person does something racist.  Well, I believe the most racist act is standing by when death is busy in OUR neighborhoods.  It’s not coming from an email.  It’s coming from a community shaped by Democratic policy.  When will we start making that case?

Racism vs Elitism: Which Game are You Playing?

April 19th, 2010 | By Sonnie

This article is weeks in the making.  I’ve actually sat at the computer and started to write four time already, to no avail.  I really don’t want to write another race article, yet God has put it on my heart  so here we go.

What is Racism?  Dictionary Definition- a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.   WOW! 

This leads me to all sorts of questions.   Let’s start with America’s most known racist, the KKK.   The Ku Klux Klan was created by Democrats after the Civil War.   After the Confederates defeat, there were a lot of soldiers and land owners who wanted to maintain White Supremacy.   Why?  If they we’re really Racist, they would be unafraid of giving blacks their freedom.  In fact, they were cowards afraid to compete.

Just think about it.  These white men had been taught their whole lives that they were the cream of the crop.  They were the race that God put here to dominate America but in their heart of hearts, they knew better.  They had seen the Black Men in the fields and they knew they could not outwork them.   They knew the only thing standing in the way of Black People rising to take over the South was lack of education.    Now they were no longer in the position to deny them that right. 

Blacks outnumbered whites in the South, so if they found out they could vote, it was all over.  This is what sparked the KKK.  FEAR!   Fear they were not pre-destined to greatness.  Fear they were really equal to blacks, therefore we had to be put in our place.   Fear of their own inferiority.  So, were they racist or  elitist, thrown from their mis-placed high perch? 

Their mothers and fathers, not God, gave them the feeling of Superiority.  They were Elitist.  Dictionary Definition-  the socially superior part of society or a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence.   As long as slavery existed, they could control the minds of the people and keep their social stature.  Elites are always scared to compete.  That’s why Kings, Queens, and Slave Owners ruled with absolute power.  Who are you to question me?

I’ve run this concept across a couple of people and I get the same reaction from those who disagree, just look at the Nazis’.  Ok but first we have to look at the Jews.  What is the primary argument used to justify hating the Jews?  Most say, “they crucified Jesus”.  Ok, they played their part in God’s will.  What else you got?

The real reason Jews are hated is because they are perceived as the pervayers of money and power.   They are the reason this group is poor or that group is unhappy.  They have  been used as a scapegoat all throughout History to redirect a nation’s hatred away from the “ELITES” that rape and plunder private property and personal funds.  Just blame the Jews.

Now, if you are Hitler and you already have the people, what’s next?  If you were really that secure in the dominance of the Blue-Eyed Blond-Haired race why not build a nation on that dominance?  Like, “German People stand up, strap up your bootstraps and let’s show the rest of the world how a perfect White Society looks”.  Instead, it became “if we could only get rid of the Jews”.  Why?  Are Germans so inferior that you have to eliminate all other ethnicities to be successful? 

This is Cowardice, not Superiority.  Are Germans incapable of practicing frugality?  Are they to stupid to manage, stack, and re-invest the resources and capital within their society?  Why is their whole existence predicated on the extinction of another race?  Nazi’s were not racist, they were Elitist who believed they could forge a perfect society once they became the only strong group.  While all Jews were sought after, those who owned land, businesses, and personal wealth were the first to go. 

This is the part where I really piss some people off.  If the definition holds true, we are the most racist people on the planet and to make it worse, most of our racism is targeted back towards ourselves.   We were taught by our mothers and fathers, “A white man doesn’t want a black man to succeed”.  Does this actually affect a Black Person’s ability to succeed?  Only if that Black Person believes they are inferior.

And as a community, we have brought into this notion hook, line, and sinker.    “They” want Black Communities to fail and we stand and watch as they crumble.  “They” don’t represent us and our needs in Government, so we stand back and let them make the decisions for us.    “They” want to see our Black men in prison, so we sell drugs and shoot each other to make their job easier.  Here comes the million dollar question, WHO is THEY?

Are “They” white men in sheets or are “They” the black people that convinced our mothers and fathers we needed government?  I ask this question because I’ve been learning my history.  When those white men were running around afraid to show who they really were, Blacks were building towns, industry, and healthy, happy families.  While those white men hung us from trees and burnt down our churches, we were taking our rightful place in the food chain of America.  For all the hate and destruction perpetrated by the KKK, in actuality, they were a complete failure as a group.  We beat them by building, when all they could do was destroy.

While white racism towards blacks may still exist in America, is it the true force behind our ills?  Take a look back at the footage of the Civil Rights movement.  Most Blacks were in suits and dresses with their heads held high as they marched through White neighborhoods unafraid.  They didn’t care what White people thought, maybe because they had white people marching along side them, they marched because of their own strength and dignity.  They owned homes, businesses, and were productive members of society, whether a white man wanted them to be or not.

So how did we get to thinking we have to take everything from White People to be successful Black People?  When did our existence start to depend on the extermination or degradation of another racial group?  When did we become Cowards afraid to compete because of our own inferiority?  I don’t believe this is who we truly are.  I believe we are powerful beyond measure when we count on ourselves instead of focusing on tearing down someone else.

Where did our current lack of self-sufficiency begin?  In my opinion, it started in the 1920’s with W.E.B. DuBois.  While Progressives like Margaret Sanger were trying to develop means to destroy the black community, DuBois stepped in and said Wait.  All blacks are not inferior.  There are 10% of us who are equal to white people.  The other 90% can be controlled by us Black Elites.  What percentage of the black vote did Obama receive?

Then the Civil Rights movement began.  We wanted to prove we were equals and all we demanded was an equal playing field.   This movement wasn’t started by the Elite.  It was started by a single black woman, Rosa Parks, who had enough pride and dignity within herself to say enough is enough.  She became a national treasure because she showed the strength of a single American to start a Revolution.

And where were the Elites?  They were negotiating with President Kennedy.  It didn’t matter to them that Kennedy had both Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X under government surveillance, it only mattered that they be the one’s that officially broker the deal of Civil Rights.  How upset the Talented Tenth, DuBois’ Elite 10%, must have been to have the 90% of inferior citizens move mountains.

After King’s Death, the Elite went right to work within the Democratic Party.  They missed their chance to win over the black community, who still voted Republican, and they were hell bent on proving their superiority.   They were now amongst the Elites from the KKK, the Elites from the Progressives, and the Elites of the Unions.   

If you are a White Democrat and you want to secure the black vote, you must now go through the Black Elite.  And this is where we have been for the last Forty Years.  It doesn’t matter if a Democrat has our best interest at heart, it only matters they are accepted by those who presume they are the Cream of the Black Crop.  The Jesse Jacksons’ throw out accusations of a Racist America, when they are Millionaires.  The Al Sharptons’ preach on “fairness” and “social justice”, without explaining what they mean is Socialism.    They make it seem like being Black in America is a plague, yet they are invited to all the parties, galas, and conventions with the other Elites.

And we are left to argue over Race.  We still talk in Black and White, while the Elites have moved on to giving favors to the Unions, Car Companies, Banks, and other Financial Institutions.  Slowly but surely, this generation of perceived Black Elites are learning a hard lesson.  Barack Obama didn’t come up through the traditional “Harlem” channels.  He didn’t seek out Al Sharpton, he had Andy Stern.  He didn’t seek out Jesse Jackson, he had “Chicago Politics”.  And now they are surprised there is no “Black Agenda”.

We must stop talking race and start talking Financial Freedom.  We must stop waiting for Government to be “FAIR” and “SAVE” us, we must begin building the life boats to save ourselves. We must declare our own equality copying those before us.  We must build.  We can no longer play the game of React and Destroy, remember you reap what you sow.  We can no longer accept someone else’s failure as our only access to success.  We’ve done it before, can we do it again?

Harry Reid Turns Conservatives into Racial Victims!

January 12th, 2010 | By Sonnie

Here we go again.  I’m beginning to think the strength in the Republican party is reaction.  This coming from the party that wants to be proactive in every other arena.  But when it comes to the Obama Administration and its destruction of our country, Republicans wait until its politically sound to speak up.

Then to add insult to injury, they play the Liberal game.  Harry Reid has taken a racial statement from his own mouth and used it as a weapon against the GOP.   Instead of sticking up for the 1st amendment and an idiots right to get caught with his foot in his mouth, they want to label Republicans as victims.  What?

Isn’t that what we’re fighting against?  Political Correctness that hinders our ability to stop a terrorist from getting on a plane because we don’t want to point out his ethnicity.  I mean isn’t that what all this profiling talk is about?  Destroying political correctness?

You have the Leader of the Senate, Harry Reid,  caught telling his own self truth.  His mind still reverts to a time when we were called “Negro” and I’m guessing he didn’t hang with many black English Professors during that period.  So let’s put two and two together.  During the time period when he fought for us lil ol’ Negros, he didn’t know any of us, or at least none that matched his standard of what was acceptable?

This is another example of how the Democratic Elite views minority communities!  WAKE UP!  Either you are light- skinned or you’re pookie.  Remember, house nigger and field nigger, same difference.  A white man in a position of power just divided our race into the acceptable and the unacceptable and the blacks around him defend it.  What group do you think they’re in and what do you think they label you?

Why isn’t that the focus of all the condemnation?  Harry Reid told the truth and the Democrats that surround him are assisting him in getting off the hook.  I’m not talking about losing his Leadership position, I’m talking about forcing Liberals to have a real conversation on Race and their true held beliefs.   Are they fighting for minorities because its the right thing to do?  Or do they hold the “Helter Skelter” mentality that one day we’ll destroy ourselves and beg for their wisdom?

Instead, we’re talking about Trent Lott and Strom Thurman and I have yet to hear anyone point out Thurman was in a segregationlist splinter cell of the Democratic Party.  They say Dixiecrat, like we don’t know what they’re talking about. 

(For those that don’t know; A Nutshell:  Strom Thurman, the man they vehemently oppose and are offended by, was a DEMOCRAT.  He broke from the main branch of the party to a splinter group, the Dixiecrats.  These are “White Power” Democrats who were mad at the party’s attempt to undo their champion, (DEMOCRAT) Woodrow Wilson’s federal segegregation laws.  They were fighting with other Democrats about how openly racist they should be.)

And that’s where we are, Democrats still fighting about what level of racism is allowed and by whom.  By becoming VICTIMS, Republicans miss the opportunity to point out truth.  We have a first amendment, Reid knew there would be no legel reprecussions for his comment. Why were these comments made in private?    Why did he call Rev. Al Sharpton to apologize?  I’ve got the answer to these questions, but you’ll have to tune in to WHWDRADIO  Wednesday at 6 p.m. eastern to hear it.

Nigga Vs Nigger: Yeah I Said It

August 13th, 2008 | By Sonnie

I Know I’m Gonna Catch It For This One!

I had an interesting conversation today, and it left me quite unsettled. So I had to stop and think. I spent the majority of the day thinking about this one topic. Should we stop using the word Nigger? Now those that label me “Conservative” might be surprised to find out, I love the word. To me, it no longer holds any power, racially. If used to describe me, I accept because that person must not know me very well. And more over, they can’t stop me. They don’t deserve my energy, I keep it moving.

But I got deeper in thought, That’s What I Do? There are two different definitions, Let’s go through the difference.

Drug Dealers

There are different kinds of drug dealers. Don’t disregard and say all dealers are bad. Some are reserved in the fate that is awaiting them. Is it right? No. But it is reality and that’s the realm in which I work.

The Nigger drug dealer will sell to a mother, while her children watch, knowing they are hungry. He will take the money and walk away. Even though, he was once that little kid and he knows how it feels. NIGGER.

The Nigga drug dealer will sell to mother, after giving her children a dollar or two, then catch them on the fly and take them to the store. He will buy them some thing to eat. That might be all he does, but it’s more than the Nigger.

C.R.E.A.M. As long as we believe it, there will drug dealers. Until we give the Community real hope, there will be addicts. Reality. I’ve been there, I know that all dealers aren’t bad people. I know that some just don’t care, About Anything. So when I see that Cops killed a BLACK DRUG DEALER, I think of my NIGGAS that told me that that’s how they would go out. And I believed them.

And when I say they are smart. They will break down economics to you. They can give you an opinion on the Middle East. They do more reading than some of the “Liberals” that provide them with excuses they don’t use. But the minute you tell them they would be good in the “Real World” they pull away. Why? I have no idea. If they believed in themselves just a little bit, I wouldn’t have anything to write about.

Baby Daddy’s

Sex. What can I say? Again, the REALITY in which we exist doesn’t make the abstinence fight very affective. They even target the young girls with BRAT dolls. My daughter will never get one. But in our society, sexuality is more main stream.

The Nigger Baby Daddy has the means to take of his child, be they legally or illegally and doesn’t. Even worse are those that degrade the Baby Mothers’ by demanding services for assistance. Sex for Diapers. NIGGER.

The Nigga Baby Daddy got a girl pregnant before he was ready. He got a job, but it’s just not enough. He knows he has to finish school but the Baby Mama degrades him from not hustling. Keep going, because one day you will be standing on your own two feet and will have made it because you worked for it. MY NIGGA.

Children don’t ask to be born. Nor does their birth mean the end of your life. I didn’t start this thinking process until after I had my daughter. I want so much for her, but I don’t want to begrudge her the things I loved in my childhood. I want her to get a Fantastic Education in a Black School. I want her to Love Hip-hop because the music has a message.

Black Men it’s O.K. that you are not perfect. As long as you are trying, We got you’re back. So think about that when you try to hollar at that girl and she turns you down because your broke. That’s a blessing. Just do you a little while longer and God will send that WOMAN that will love you, fight you, and struggle with you. You will find your rib.

Baby Mamas

Sex! Yadda, Yadda, to much sex in videos, Yadda, Yadda, Girls Kissing on T.V. Yadda, Yadda. You get the point. Teach more Self Responsibility. Another Blog Another Day!

The Nigger Baby Mama will welcome public assistance. She will invite her drug dealing boyfriend to live with her. When he gets locked up, she’ll move to the next man, and get pregnant by him, too. Then as it gets harder to attract men, 2 Kids and All, she goes for child support. She gets new shoes, her hair done, and new outfit for the club Friday Night. I thought it was CHILD SUPPORT! NIGGER!

The Nigga Baby Mama will welcome public assistance. She will continue her studies and try to be the best Mom she can. When she gets a job, the government will cut her off, IMMEDIATELY. No more food stamps, No more access to public housing, all without giving a chance to allow for saving. But she carries on. And it might not be perfect, but her kids are healthy, clean, and being properly educated. My NIGGA.

And it’s the truth. There are Mother’s that don’t ask for hand outs and it’s not because they don’t need the help. It’s because the real help they need is not offered to them. Ask most Mothers’, Do you want a Rebate Check or AFFORDABLE Child Care rates? Ask most Sistas’ in the hood, if you could keep your benefits for 6 months to a year, would you actively seek a job? Yes. But you can’t ask them to work at Wendys’ knowing they are going to lose everything they receive now instantly.

Now I know every state is different, but in V.A. you can’t get public assistance if you have a car of real value. Meaning you bought a Car 3 for 4 years ago and since then have fallen on hard times. They tell you to sell your car, then come back and apply. That’s not effective assistance. Lose your means of getting to and from a job, and we’ll give you food stamps. Question Motives People!

I could go on all night at this, who knows, I might do a part 2 in the future, but right now, I think I need to cover my Ass.

In each example, I used a description of a person I know, Personally. So I’m not applying this to everyone. Unless you know I was talking about you. I can’t help you there. You need to do some soul searching about YOUR CHOICES.

But to all of those that fall somewhere between the lines of the two, take something out of it. Maybe I didn’t describe your situation, but I beat you know both types. Sit back and think of the last decisions you’ve made and see which line are you closer to. It’s not some thing you have to take offense at. “She wants me to look inside, Look Inside for What. I Know Who I Am!”

Good. Since you are so self assured, do the test. Think about the people around you and the decisions they’ve made and see where they fall. Does it mean they are Bad People? No. Does it mean you should no longer associate with them? No. It will make you more conscience of YOU? Maybe You’ll decide you were getting a little to close to the wrong line, and since then things have started going down hill.

I do it all the time. I question if the advice I give my daughter is appropriate at such a young age. I told myself I was going to be the first to talk to her about all the important stuff. But it’s hard to look at her and bring up Sex, at 3. So I don’t. Then she goes on a playdate and comes back talking about “Being Sexy For The Boys”.

I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to yell but that’s not the kind of mother I want to be. So I told her to play, like nothing wrong. I took my time, straightened my thoughts and went to my 3 years old and talked about what is SEXY. Did she understand? I don’t think so. But the next playdate was at my house. When the little girl said “Let’s play Sexy”, My Daughter said “I’d rather be smart.” I entered, set up Dora’s Chutes and Ladders and we played in Spanish.

I get to personal on this thing, but I want you to understand. I understand. We are all different. With different circumstance, different support systems, different thinking patterns. In those differences we have to find strength, not excuses. If each one of us draws those lines, and make decisions accordingly.

Now to those who find the “N” Word Offensive. I apologize but nothing is worse than someone trying to fake who they are. I am a work in progress and one day I may look back and realize the word causes detrimental harm. If that happens, you can take comfort in the fact you were right. You can even write me and give me a personal I Told You So. Until then I think the word is nothing compared to our current thought process. If you didn’t know, my favorite quote, “The most potent weapon in the hand of the Oppressor is the mind of the Oppressed.” Think About It.

Obama Playing The Race Card: And Your Surprised?

August 8th, 2008 | By Sonnie

I know I’ve been away for a minute, but I’m back.  And thank all you guys for the messages and support.  I love it, Thank You.

Having said that, Lets get rolling.

“I know I don’t look like the guys on the Dollar Bills”  Barack Obama in front of a black crowd pulling up the race card.  If you didn’t expect it, you should have been reading my blogs.  I told you it was coming.  He is the same as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the rest.  He knows we love excuses, so he gives us what we want.  Then when he gets called on it, direct the blame some where else. Are you Serious?

This is the Man you want to represent us as a whole.

What was the first thing you thought when you heard the sound clip?  Did you think he was talking about anything other than race?  Then he comes out and insults our intelligence.  I was talking about this; I was talking about that. I mean it, it gets to the point, I don’t even listen anymore.  I tune it out and cuss him out in my head.

Then I started to think.  We should take him at his word.  He doesn’t look like George Washington.  Barack Obama never fought for his country.  Barack Obama doesn’t believe it’s okay to fight for your country.  Washington had a successful business, then decided to fight.  I don’t see the resemblence.

“I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man” Thomas Jefferson.  Does this included pulling the race card in the middle of a campaign?  Doesn’t look like Barack Obama fits into that great quote.    But wait, even though both the British and the French were attacking American Merchants, Jefferson did everything he could to stay out of the fight.  Now that sounds like Barack Obama.

Abraham Lincoln is more like President Bush.  Look.  I don’t like what you’re doing and you need to stop.  The South said NO! Lincoln said, O.K., Let’s go. And then there was the Civil War.  If Barack Obama would’ve been president, (And I know a black man couldn’t have been President, but Obama wasn’t talking about color, right?), There would not be a United States of America.  Because sometimes you have to fight.

Alexander Hamilton died fighting in a duel.  I don’t see Barack Obama fighting over anything, so I’ll just stop there.
I’m wondering if Barack Obama is laying the frame work to be the first black face on a Dollar Bill.  I don’t believe it’s out the realm of his ego.  Maybe I’m getting a little personal now, but I can’t help it.  I know what’s coming, and if John McCain can’t stop looking like a dead man I feel bad for the state of our country.

But more than that, I feel bad for the state of our people.  If Barack Obama gets into office and raises the taxes even a little on us that are barely making it, he’ll drive us down.  Back into the base of his party, poor people.  I’ve been there, done that, and I don’t want to go back.
Don’t be surprised when the race card comes up again.  I bet in front of another black crowd. I bet it’ll be used to distract from a real issue.  Even worse, I bet it’ll work.

U.S. Govenment Apologizes For Slavery; Now It’s Our Turn

July 30th, 2008 | By Sonnie

When I was about 11 or 12, my mother rented all the episodes of ROOTS. I tried to watch it, but I couldn’t. I got real emotional and left the room. My siblings stayed and watched, but my mother joined me in another room. She told me it was O.K. because it was the past. It’s important to know the past. I didn’t watch the complete Roots, until I was 20.

When I was 14, we went to the slavery museum in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s a wax museum with a duplicate of a slave ship. I almost vomited when they started explaining what it might smell like, how long they had to endure these conditions, and how many of them killed themselves. I hated it.

I’m not big on apologies though. I never had to ride on a slave ship. I never wore chains around my feet, waist, and arms. I never had to endure 1/10th of the things slaves had to endure.

If the United States government wants to apologize, do it to all the people that love excuses. I love progression. If it weren’t for slavery, I wouldn’t be an American. If it weren’t for slavery, black people wouldn’t be apart of this great melting pot. That’s the truth.

The real apology should come from us Black Folk. I know I’m going to catch some flack for this, but fuck it.

I want to apologize to my Ancestors that were once slaves.

Once you were shackled and chained, separated from your children, and sold and traded like chattel. You were told were to live, how to live, and sometimes when to die. But you continued to sing songs of praise, and upliftment. You had a million and one things to complain about, but instead you put your faith in God to get you through.

I’m sorry we refuse to follow your example.

I want to apologize to Martin Luther King Jr


You knew this fight would probably cost you your life, but you fought anyways. I know you didn’t think you would see the changes in your life time, so that meant you were fighting for the changes in my life time. Your work wasn’t easy, but boy did you throw your heart and soul into it. I thank you.

I apologize for letting your death mean the opposite of your life. Your fight wasn’t about making excuses, it was about changing perception. You didn’t want black men in the streets creating violence, you wanted them at home with their families. You wanted them to teach their children the lesson you taught them. How we let you down.

I want to apologize to Malcolm X


Your life showed the struggle of a black man. When all that surrounds you are things to bring you down, you found light. You looked inside yourself to find what was missing. You allowed to see that growing is inevitable, not something to be ashamed of.

I apologize for not realizing that it takes all of us to make a positive change. If we want white people to start giving us respect, we first have to learn to respect ourselves. We wear pictures of your face and hold you in reverence, at the same time we’re spitting on the lesson you taught us.

I want to apologize to Rosa Parks


How much nerve did it take for you to sit at the front of that bus? I smile to myself thinking about it. That is a moment in American History were black women had some power. As black women, we always want to help out a black man, but sometimes that means showing them how to do some things. I get that from you.

I want to apologize for the place black women have allowed themselves to dwell. You proved our actions could have major repercussions. You showed us that our voice could be mighty. We pay you back by dancing on stripper poles, chasing niggers with temporary money, and refusing to realize we can make our own money with our brains and actions, not just our bodies. We owe you so much more.

I want to apologize to every single white person that participated in the Civil Rights Movement


You had no real reason to stand beside us. You did it because you felt it was the right thing to do. You marched with us, you got arrested with us, and you were subject to the same mistreatment as us, all by choice. Thank you.

I want to apologize for the attitudes we still carry; all white people are racist and won’t give a black man a chance. I know that there are white men that create black charities. I know there are white men that give black men opportunities. I know that there are white men that can look at a brother and not see color, but see a man.

Think about these things next time you want the government to apologize for the past. Alot of people fought to get us were we are today, and instead of looking for hand outs, follow the lessons left to us by some pretty remarkable people at a time way worse than it is today.

Black Family Breakdown+ Excuses Excuses Excuses+ Refusal to Integrate= The Black Plight

July 25th, 2008 | By Sonnie

On CNN’s, Being Black in America, I was surprised by the lack of excuses put forth by many of the contributing Black Folk. It’s even better because they are all rich, accomplished, and made it to the spotlight.

Russell Simmons caught my attention. He said you can’t blame the rappers for the music. You can’t blame an artist for painting a picture of what he sees. Instead, we have to take the problems showcased in Hip Hop, and solve them. So let’s start there.

  1. The breakdown of the Black Family.

When you were growing up, did you have that woman in your neighborhood that would beat other people’s kids? Yeah, that was my Mother. I was hated because she would whip your ass. My mother believed, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

How do you develop a suitable village to raise your child? See most of you are thinking it comes with a nice house, in a nice neighborhood, with nice schools. That’s not it. It comes when Uncles spend time with Nephews because their father isn’t around. It’s a grandmother telling her history, because you make your child sit down and listen. It’s not about economics, its about time spent.

A Home should be a sanctuary. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of a ghetto or in the Hollywood hills. It should be a place where morals are established, goals are set, and a plan is hatched to succeed in those goals.

I’m a strong woman, so you won’t hear me say “Women need a man,” but I will say life is better when you have a real one. It’s important because your daughters are watching. If you bring an unacceptable man home, your daughter looks up to that, especially if she doesn’t have contact with her father. She’ll look for the things that make you happy, and if you only care how much money a man makes, that’s all she’ll care about.

Men. My black men. I just don’t understand some of you. Now, for my brother’s that didn’t plan to have that kid, but are taking care of your responsibilities, you got the message. You hated the fact your father wasn’t there, so you decide to break the cycle. Thank You. But all you brother’s with so much hate in your heart because your father wasn’t around, why are you the ones that walk away Someone close to me doesn’t know his father and cries about it constantly, but doesn’t put any effort into his son, because his new girlfriend doesn’t like it. He’s a big boy, literally. I could imagine if his real father came and told him he wasn’t there because of a girlfriend, he be ready to fight.

2. We love excuses

This is the worst. The breakdown of the family comes first because that’s where a lot of these excuses come from. It’s hard not to believe there is racism around every corner when it comes from your family. My family asked me what my perfect job would be. I said, I would love to write for a living. They told me you can’t make any money being a writer. My first response was J.K. Rawling, the author of Harry Potter. I choose her as an example because she is the richest author ever. I shot high with my aspirations. They told me I wasn’t white like her, so I couldn’t succeed. I’ve written a couple novels, a few screen plays, even came up with some ideas for reality shows. I know better than to listen to haters.

But what about the kids that don’t know any better? What about the kids that have dreams of becoming a doctor or lawyer, but are surrounded by people with no dreams or aspirations because they listened to the hater speech? Where is the accountability of our elected officials that should be saying “I made it and you can to”, instead we only see them when bad stuff happens? The message is simple. I made it. You can’t. Continue to vote for me. And it works.

Are there racist people in America, Sure. You’re probably one of them. Whether you hate Muslims for 9/11, Mexicans for immigration, or white people for slavery. Everyone carries some sort of Racism, but does that make America a Racist country. No. White and black people marry and raise families. Mexicans add their flavor to hip hop and the music sounds good. This is a melting pot. If you chose to make excuses instead of applying yourself, one day you will have to look back and realize racism didn’t steal your dreams, your undeniable belief in Racism did.

3. We don’t want to integrate

I was out with my daughter and see saw this really fancy store, so she wanted to go in. I was apprehensive taking a three year old into a store with crystal every where. So when the sales associate approached me upon entering the store, I wasn’t surprised. She asked me to keep a good eye on my daughter. I said O.K. My sister lost it. She went off. “I bet she don’t tell white people to watch their kids.” Everyone in the store started looking at her. Then she had to add “Racist Bitch.”

I was about to start my tirade, when the white sales associate came over. This white lady let the ghetto out. ” Nobody is Racist, your ass is just loud as fuck.” Then like some message from God, the lady’s husband walks in, Black as Tar. I couldn’t help but laugh. I didn’t think the lady was being racist. My daughter like to touch everything and I’m sure other kids do too. I’ve seen bad ass white kids is a store. I knew she was concerned about the merchandise, not because I was black, she was concerned about my daughter destroying it, and so was I.

We can take the previous two problems and add them in here. Black Family breakdown+ Excuses Excuses Excuses+ not wanting to integrate= the black situation of today. It’s no getting around it.

Why should we have to integrate into white society? You don’t, but you have to be respectful of it. You can’t demand respect, if you don’t command respect. Meaning, if you don’t want to be treated like a Nigger, don’t act like one. If you walk in a store with your pants falling down, talking loud on a cell phone about how much you liked jail, with a mouthful of Gold, as a black woman, I think nigger. No different than you seeing a man on a horse, wearing a cowboy hat, and spurs on his boots, I’d say cowboy.

We want to be treated as equals without acting equal. We want the ability to tell the cops when and where they can arrest us. We want to tell the government they have to pay for us, because we can’t work for ourselves. We want the entire world to think America is a racist country, without taking one step to improve our own situation.

Integration doesn’t only mean white people accept us and our culture. It also means we have to all other people and their cultures.

When we put all these things together, we have the solutions to the problems that plague us. The only question is if we want it solved