Please Help! Barack Obama

June 30th, 2008 | By

With the Presidential campaign in full swing, it’s only right I get pissed off about something.

Barack Obama doesn’t want to be just another politician. I didn’t believe it when he said it, and everyday I believe it even less. John McCain has all this experience and a record of bipartisanship, but lacks the charisma of a garden snake. So what to do?

Barack Obama. Everyone knows your black. Even the white people who voted for you all over this country, they know you are black. So why do you show up at a black event and bring up race. Literally. I thought you didn’t want to be known as the black candidate. You had already won the Democratic Nomination, why then would you want to play the race card.

I want to like you. I’m trying. I loved the speech at one of those graduations, when you stood up and told fathers they need to play a greater role in their Children’s upbringing. I loved when you stood up and told graduates to go out and find a purpose instead of seeking out a hummer payment.

What I don’t understand? Number 1, wanting to pull out of Iraq. I haven’t heard anything about that in the news lately. Why? Because we’re winning. We are winning a war and the would be next president wants us to pull out. Only a real politician would change the message that got him elected when it no longer made sense. Oh wait any rational person would change their minds with differing circumstances. What makes a real politician, a presidential nominee that won’t acknowledge his own country’s success, because it would have a negative affect on his campaign.

Iraq, Jeremiah Wright, Trinity Church, time to go when you bring to much negative spotlight on Barack Obama.

Number 2, NO ENERGY POLICY. To hear a democrat tell it, we can get ourselves out of this oil crisis by taxing the oil companies. This is how I figure it. Imagine you invented a new drug to cure cancer. Now over the 15 years it took you to develop this technology, the government has been giving you tax breaks. Basically rewarding you for not really receiving a profit, because in the development phase your not making alot of money.

Your drug is approved and hits the market. It works. Everyone is cured and we live happily. Then there comes another kind of cancer, so you say, O.k. I got these tax breaks, so it won’t hurt the investors researching a new drug. Then along comes the government and says you have to solve this problem. We are going to repel all your tax breaks to help treat the sick people.

Why would you research a new drug? You would be like, people still pay for my first product. Why should I spend all this money, with no incentive. Oil companies have been investing billions of dollars in their companies, and now that their product is in high demand you hammer them with more taxes. Who would want to invest in a company they know will be paying a majority of their profits to the government.

And I have a question. Do the Caribou have to pay taxes for their trips across A.N.W.A.R? Is the cost of their food going up? Shouldn’t people care more about other people? It makes sense to drill where there is oil. To the critics that say we wouldn’t see that oil for at least ten years. That was the excuse over 12 years ago, when Bill Clinton signed the bill that made it illegal to drill of oil off our coast.

Then there’s the alternatives. Ethanol is eating up our food supply. Wind, solar, tidal, etc. are all years and years into the future. The most viable way to get off oil dependency lies in nuclear power, but yet again the democrats say No. The insurance companies say it’s not safe. You would think the trail lawyer democratic party would relish in the thought of suing the power plants, but I guess they draw the line at making policy that would matter.

In the life I’ve lived, you learn to see through bravado and look for substance. I just don’t see any substance in Barack Obama. The thought of him being in office, makes me not want to enter the next tax bracket. If he gets into office, it would probably be better to stay lower class and allow the government to take care of you. Because the harder you work and the more money you make, the more he’ll require you to give to those that don’t make as much.

So instead of having extra money to pay down your student loan, you will be paying for the tuition of someone that didn’t even try to compete for a scholarship. Instead of having extra money to save, you’ll be paying for insurance for someone that’s never worked a day in their life. Instead of having the money to put a down payment on a house, you will be bailing out the companies that robbed millions of people of their dream of homeownership. That’s scary.

I would like to think the harder I work, the more I should have, and the more I have, the more I can use to help people. People I really think need help. Working mothers that need help with childcare. College students that take lower paying jobs helping their communities, because their student loan is held for a year or two. Young people who study hard but have never had someone tell them they can go to college. Not because it’s free, but because you worked for it.

I want someone to write and tell me some substance of Barack Obama. Please help me.

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