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From the days of slavery, lynching was used as a scare tactic. My sister even told me that’s where we get the word Picnic. The Good Ol’ Boys would pick a nigger to hang and eat as they watched him die. Pic a Nic. Get it.

Don’t be stupid and think I think slavery was a good thing. I don’t. I think it was a part of history, and it had to happen to get us to where we are today.

Having said that. After the Civil War, many slaves rose up to punish their Masters’. There were numerous deadly attacks in which former slaves lashed out. This scared the White People so much they got posses together and lynching became the most powerful weapon they had. (Remember: “THE MOST POTENT WEAPON IN THE HAND OF THE OPPRESSOR IS THE MIND OF THE OPPRESSED.” )

Slaves with newly given rights were fully aware that the laws still did not apply fairly. So when one of theirs were strung from a tree, they gathered around him, prayed for him, and gave him a proper burial. It didn’t matter if he was guilty of the crime of which they accused him, it only mattered that THEY did it.

Fast forward to now.

We still have a slave mentality.

We still rush to the aid of any black person we see, even if we know they are wrong.

The difference.

Former slaves were lynched for crimes committed against white people. They were not given trials or even a chance to have their day in court. Even the guilty deserve that. So it’s understandable to rally when you see numerous grave injustices carried out.

Modern day, everyone gets their day in court. So that natural urge to rally, should be used when there are true injustices. Instead we rally to those we know are wrong. Those that commit crimes against our own people.

I gathered many examples. I planned on listing them all, instead though, I want you to think about it. I know you know some one that has done some fucked up shit, but when they get caught, “The police is always fucking with a brother.”

The sad part is we empower our young black men and women to be victims. We say “they locked him up cause he was black”, not paying any consideration to the black family he robbed, the black sister he beat, or the black boy he killed for some stupid reason.

We want stories of cops beating black men all over the T.V. because then we can stand up and protest. Why don’t we protest for the black boys that join gangs because all the other little black boys beat him or rob him. Why don’t we protest for all the sister’s that are having babies and taking care of them when the brothers turn their backs.

We don’t want those stories, because then we would have to examine ourselves. Then we would see that we hold some accountability in our current situation. Then we could actually make positive change.

A Lynching Mentality

It doesn’t matter what he did, I like him so the police shouldn’t have fucked with him!

Problem with that: It’s only a matter of time before the things he does could affect the ones you love. Think about it. He robs someone, comes to visit you, someone see him, and they come back and shot up your house. Who’s culpable?

They hemmed him up for some shit he didn’t do!

Problem with that: He got away with all the other shit. Hello. You complain when some one pays their way out of a crime, but not when some uses the race card. How many bad things does someone have to do before it’s just better for them to be off the street. The government uses technicalities to arrest people all the time when they can’t be found guilty on the primary charges. A killer doesn’t belong on the street even if they were only arrested him for a robbery.

They want to lock niggers up

Problem with that: Most states would love to cut a huge chunk of their budget and close state prisons. Some states spend more on Prisons’ than they do on Education. We have to realize, crime costs. Not just the victims of the crime, but the cities and states that have to investigate, prosecute, and the incarcerate criminals. It also cost the citizens that live in the state. Higher insurance rates in heavy auto theft regions. Reduced public programs to pay for additional police in high crime areas. The only people this benefits is those politicians that use race as a platform. And we re-elect them on this platform, even though our communities continue to get worse. I digress.

The whole point!

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