“Undefeated”: Why I Refuse To Defend Sarah Palin…

June 9th, 2011 | By

sarahA couple of months ago Stephen Bannon, the director of “Fire from the Heartland”, called and said, “I’m working on a top secret film and I want you in it.”  “I’m there.”  Two weeks ago, I got to see the rough cut of that film, Sarah Palin “Undefeated”.  It’s a cerebral look at Who and What is Sarah Palin.  From the Valdez oil spill, to the Wasilla Mayor’s office, to the state oil industry, and through an incumbent Republican towards the Governorship; Palin’s record speaks for itself.  And I am honored to be apart of the film.

But, I will not defend Sarah Palin.  Since announcing my really insignificant role in an amazing story, I’ve been asked to defend Palin against Romney, Paul, Bauchman, and Cain.  I’ve been asked to explain why I would vote for a moron.  I’ve been told I’m pulling for a quitter.  I’ve been threatened with, “You’ve only going to give us four more years of Obama.”  (And yes, I consider that a threat.)  And I ignore them all.  I do not and will not judge ANY candidate on what the media says, what the Republican establishment says, or random people across the Social Networking world chime in.

It’s really very simple.  It’s WHWD.  What would He, the Hood, Hip-Hop, and History would do.

I will DEFEND Capitalism. (Hip-Hop)  The one trait I love about Sarah Palin is the one no one talks about.  Her main promise, above everything else, is to get the hell out of my life.  I would love a President who didn’t believe it was their job to create jobs.  A president who isn’t scared to let the free market work because SHE believes in Free Markets. And isn’t afraid to spend her time taking on the Corruption in Washington, instead of burdening the American People with more regulations.  A President who doesn’t believe in punishing the rich, but creating a level playing field where every American, connected or not, can obtain and build wealth.

I will DEFEND Faith.  (He)  Are we a Christian nation?  Were we endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights?  Are we an exceptional country where a boy born in Hawaii with Bi-Racial parents can become President or a girl from Alaska who grew up fishing and hunting could change the face of the Republican Party?  I don’t see the faith in waiting your turn or playing the political game that requires you to watch your state burn to keep your position.  Faith comes in moments of darkness, where you stand alone, and make decisions that require sacrifice.  Whether it’s in a hotel room out of state with the knowledge your child will be born Special Needs or it’s in front of cameras designed to record your downfall, can you put your heart above what other’s say is best.  That’s Faith.

I will DEFEND our Constitution.  (History)  We are a nation of laws.  Those laws are set in place by the greatest document ever written; which brings us back to getting out of my life.  I don’t want a President who can’t shoot a gun because, more than likely, they won’t have a problem with taking away my guns.  I want a President that understands States Rights, like when it comes to lack of an Energy Policy.  A President that has sent HER son off to war and understands the Constitution is in constant need of defense.  A President that sees her interference in my life through the Patriot Act is a violation of my Civil Liberties.  (Can we say 4th amendment?)

I will DEFEND Freedom.  (Hood)  I will defend my right to have a Reagan like Revolution during my lifetime.  I am craving a President that actually puts the responsibility of Government back into the hands of the People.  In my community, this is the only strategy that will work to bring about any real change.  And I refuse to engage anyone who says the People are too STUPID, UNSOPHISTICATED, or POLITICALLY IGNORANT to govern themselves, so only this politician can fix it. This nation wasn’t built on POLITICIANS, it was built on the STUPID, UNSOPHISTICATED, and POLITICALLY IGNORANT AMERICANS who believed that through their creator all thing were possible.  Or with the CONSTITUTION as there guide AMERICA would always be the land of the FREE.  Or if I just work hard enough, I can go from rags to riches.

Sarah Palin represents these things and that’s why I will not defend HER.  She is a grown woman who, on more than one occasion, has proven she can defend herself.  And with the pillars she represents, she doesn’t need defenders;  SHE NEEDS LEADERS TO STAND BESIDE HER.  As Andrew Breitbart pointed out in “Undefeated”, the Republican Establishment men won’t defend her.  As evident by numerous chances, the women’s groups won’t defend her.  The general public accepts the lies, so they won’t defend her.  Yet, she still manages to come out swinging and having more of an impact than her haters can handle.  So, I’ll do my part and DEFEND those things that matter most to me.  And if that means I see Sarah in November 2012, I’ll smile knowing I didn’t fight for a person, I fought for an idea.

20 Responses to ““Undefeated”: Why I Refuse To Defend Sarah Palin…”

  1. Susan says:

    Wow! I might have changed my mind about Sarah! You are indeed a great person of persuasion! 😉

  2. Pudgy Miller says:


  3. Charles Hudson says:

    I really like Gov. Palin. I do not agree with everything she does or say, but I do like her. She stands for what she believes in but who does!. I do not agree with this being a Christian nation for it is not. The founding Fathers never said that. Other than that little item great article

    Charles Hudson

    Edgewood NM

  4. Katherine Ewing says:

    Thanks. This is clear and strong. god bless you.

  5. Marta Blair says:

    Wow! That was an incredible article you wrote. I loved how you spelled it all out so wonderfully….It is about our freedom and standing up for this amazing nation that was founded with Godly principles. Thank you for your boldness, clarity and for speaking what so many of us are feeling…
    I wish every american could read it.
    And I am a Sarah Palin supporter because like you stated she represents what Americans want and deserve – Freedom. God help us as we approach 2012. This coming election is so critical to our nation and communicators like you are needed to declare with confidence – TRUTH. Thank you…
    God Bless you…
    Marta Blair
    Elk Grove CA

  6. Cynthia says:

    “Our laws and our institutions must necessarily be based upon and embody the teachings of The Redeemer of mankind. It is impossible that it should be otherwise; and in this sense and to this extent our civilization and our institutions are emphatically Christian… this is a Christian nation”.

    United States Supreme Court … 1892.

  7. Nicky says:

    Great essay! I think the best defense of Sarah Palin I have read.

  8. Ernst says:

    I am grateful to conservatives4palin.com for linking to this article and your web site. Your words, writen and spoken, are powerful. A testament to Truth.
    Shine On!

  9. sodakhic says:

    Yes, Sonnie, isn’t that amazing, in this great country, a boy from Hawaii and a girl from Alaska can affect the lives of millions. Keep speaking out, Thank you.

  10. JJ in SarahSota says:

    Wow, excellent essay! I’ll be sharing it with others. 🙂

  11. Rachel says:

    I appreciate everything you are doing and I admire your strength and determination. Thank you for seeing past the image and looking for the genuine qualities we need to be leaders.

  12. senikau says:

    I thought you wrote your article quite convincingly and are quite passionate. Sadly, I think you may be pinning your hopes on the wrong person. I do not believe that Sarah Palin is a good representative for your values.
    You state that no one defends her. Did you ever think to question why? A person’s works should speak for itself. While EX governer Palin may have started out with the values that you speak of, I hardly think she represents them today. You sign up for public office and promise your constituents that you are going to serve them for a limited amount of term and then you quit on them. Regardless of what is going on, you should keep your promises. Her excuse of saving the state money was exactly that – an excuse. Her own ethics investigation for herself – yes she did request that was found to be the most expensive one of all – not the others that were filed against her so she was her own reason to quit. Ba ha ha ha.
    Also I reject the claim that she is Christian. A TRUE Christian woman feels no need to LIE like she does over and over again. And a TRUE Christian woman would feel no need to use foul language or denigrate those who think differently then her. Can you enlighten me as to what christian faith she belongs to because I want to stay clear of them.
    Lastly, she is a terrible mother. That to me is the highest Christian ideal. Everything else is nothing if you aren’t doing your best to raise your children in a god like manner. Her children have horrendous manners – and most importantly – they don’t value education. That is evident from the kids NOT going to college. A value that their MOTHER did not pass on to them.
    GREAT JOB on picking Sarah Palin to be your role model. God bless you because god only knows what if she decides to quit the presidency too.
    Having a good laugh at your choice. Bwa ha ha ha ha.

  13. Annie says:

    Thanks for the great article…and new bookmark.

    Sarah Palin seems someone who loves America, the Constitution, and personal responsiblity. She represents freedom, on a personal level…and faith to become an evolvingly better individual…and ultimately be able to share those talents with others.

    Freedom is such an amazing thing…to be able to be yourself, instead of following the dictates of any ‘group’. I like how the Declaration of Independence states…”All men are created equal”…not all “mankind is created equal”.

    So the farmer…who grows our food, the repairman…who fixes our washing machine, the cleaning lady…who keeps the restrooms at a hotel sparkling…the teacher…who patiently coaches a child in math, the representative…who listens to your voice, and so many others, have a wonderful, unestimatable value in a society that is truly free.

    We all have individual gifts to be squandered or refined, as we each alone choose…facing the two-edged sword of honor and humility in accepting the consequences. It is only right, and truly free.

    My hat is off to all the moms who raise their children, as best they can…and love them, even if they sometimes fail. And to Sarah Palin, who wants to keep America “free”.

  14. Very clearly put, and powerful. Thank you!

  15. Rachelle Hills says:

    Great piece on Palin and why so many of us like her. Great bog overall. You are informative and entertaining. Now bookmarked for my reading enjoyment….looking forward to your book.

  16. allyHM says:

    Ms. Johnson, I am a late-comer to your blog, but I am so glad I found it. I am reposting this to my Facebook (I use my Facebook mainly to do a little “redistribution” – of information instead of wealth. 😉

  17. Bette says:

    Bravo? I’d vote for her any time.

  18. John R. Schuh says:

    WOW! The voice of a frontier woman.

  19. Michael says:

    Hi Sonnie,

    I just heard a clip from your discussion with Mr. Bannon from earlier in the week and thought I would stop by here before listening to the other clip. I am glad I did.

    Thank you for not defending Sarah Palin. I KNOW you are not defending her for all the TRUE and RIGHT reasons.

    You know the truth and that is why you are truly free.

    I would say God Bless You, but you know you are blessed.


  20. Michael says:

    I thought you might want to share this speech by Rev. Perryman with your readers…



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