Anthony Kaufman: Allow Me To Introduce the Hip Hop Palinista

July 13th, 2011 | By

First may I say Thank You for putting your foot in your mouth and inspiring me to start the conversation.  I’m a Southern Girl so I always start with good manners first.

Now let’s get to the point.  Anthony Kaufman published a little blog piece on IndieWire.  In it he takes shots at Stephen Bannon, Writer and Director of “The Undefeated”.  Bannon is a grown man and he can speak for himself.  But I will tell you what I tell everyone else that asks how I got involved in the the film; Not only is Bannon a genius, he also has good taste.  In case you didn’t check your facts, Bannon also included two blacks in “Fire from the Heartland”.  And after that interview he gave me the best advice I’ve received. “They will try to change you.  People will tell you what you could be, what you should be, or what they can make you.  Don’t let them take away that which makes you great.”

And I haven’t. 

Here’s the part in which I take issue:

For me, the most shocking moment in “The Undefeated,” however, comes with the appearance of a black person about two-thirds of the way through. I’m not sure if it’s what Bannon had in mind when he wanted to seize the audience’s attention, but the arrival of black conservative female activist Sonnie Johnson made me realize just how white everyone is, in both Alaska and the Tea Party.

I was able to meet Gov. Palin in Pella, IA for the premiere of “The Undefeated”.  One of the first things she said to me was, “are you ready for all the hate that will come your way for being associated with me”.  I told her, “I’ve got Palin in my blood”.  I wish you would’ve known that little fact before you would downgrade me to the token black in your limited view of the Tea Party.  I am no one’s token.  Nor am I a punchline of what you think is a bad joke.  If seeing me in the film was such a shock to your cerebral, then why didn’t you grow a sack and interview me yourself?  Or is Breitbart right and your lack of a set is shown in your need to hide behind a blogpost.  Are you a Eunuch?

That’s not a name calling on my part, it’s more a need to understand.  Bannon would’ve told me if you had asked for an interview.  My name in plastered all over the web and social networking, so I’m very easy to find.  Why not come and ask me your questions and alleviate your surprise?  Isn’t that the job of a journalist?  Or is this your version of how a white boys chooses when its appropriate to play the race card? 

Well let me introduce you to a new breed of Black Conservative.  We are not your Carlton Banks, Clarence Thomas, or Condi Rice.  We learned conservative values from our black churches and the frugal nature of single parent homes.  We learned capitalism from Street Corners, while also trying to escape the traps Liberals set for us.  We’ve fallen, gotten back up, and now have families that we are willing to fight for.  Our Hip Hop culture has done more to disprove the idea of mutual salvation than all other sources of Conservative Talk, Blog, or TV and we are here to be a voice for those you and your Liberal cohorts have stereo typed for years.

If you want to know how Black I am, I dare you interview me yourself.  Just tell me when and where.   I’ll come to you.  It would be my pleasure.  Until then be grateful that, temporarily, you still have Obamacare.  If my appearance was a shock to you, then just wait until our voices are really heard.  You are going to need High Blood Pressure pills to keep your heart in your chest.  We are finding each other, becoming active in our communities, and giving blacks a choice to your Elitist and Dismissive Arrogance.

  In the end, if it’s a choice between you and I, it won’t be my blackness that puts you in your place.  It will be my voice, that will wish had remained silent.  My passion, which if you aren’t careful, might pull you in.  But most of all my “The Undefeated” nature that makes me a perfect fit for the film.

12 Responses to “Anthony Kaufman: Allow Me To Introduce the Hip Hop Palinista”

  1. Christina says:

    Sonnie, liberals only love black people they can control and who will obediently keep in their place. A black person who dares to question the liberal masters will be beaten back down into submission. Liberals use minorities and women as a means to an end. Whenever someone dares to step out of the box, liberal racism and sexism rears its ugly head. To point out that a black woman was in the Palin movie is indicative of a racist mindset that sees race as a pawn on a Marxist chess set.

    Anthony Kaufman doesn’t give a damn about you as a person but sees your skin color as an opportunity to produce a distorted narrative to manipulate public opinion. It’s not only intellectually dishonest but transparent.

    Thank you for being a front-line Tea Party warrior of a beautiful political revolution. You definitely have the Palin blood of courage flowing through your veins. But more importantly, as a fellow Virginian, you have the Old Dominion spirit and tenacity. You go girl!

  2. Laurie says:

    Sonnie, I think education is called for with Anthony Kaufman. I happened across this article yesterday, “From a black Conservative to Liberals: We are NOT sellouts… Think about it!” ,
    and I found it to be very powerful. The writer was very passionate.

  3. Paige says:

    Hmm. Liberals purport to be all about the minorities, but let a woman or a black American–let ALONE a black American woman–step out of her appointed “place”, and stuff gets real with a quickness. Thank you for refusing to consider yourself, and the rest of us, bought and paid for. The only One who ever bought and paid for ME, did so with His blood. The Democrats don’t own nearly what they THINK they do.

  4. Frank says:

    You are a true role model. Stick to your guns!

  5. Dan says:

    God bless you Sonnie!

  6. ReaganerThanThou says:

    Anthony Kaufman should be ashamed of himself for his bigoted comment about Sonnie. It says a lot more about him than it does about Sonnie and other black conservatives.


    God help the Black person who differs with the status quo, Left or Right.

    Sonnie is too Hood and Libertarian for some to accept her views, which when last I checked were hers by natural law and Constitutional recognition to have.

    If I’m “free” to think only what liberals and/or Democrats prefer I think, I’m still a subject instead of a citizen and visa versa!

    I’m not a Palin fan but I am a Sonnie fan!!!!!

  8. Frank says:

    you go girlfriend!!!!

  9. minchurgolf says:

    Sonnie, you are my new hero! Tell it like it is and keep telling it!

  10. Kira Davis says:

    As a black conservative I wrote something similar to this in a letter to Janeane Garofolo as she insulted the intelligence of Black people everywhere. I SO know where you are coming from. We have to stand up to such bigotry. It is the WORST kind, because it cloaks itself in the guise of “social justice”. Grrrrrr… Everyone needs to read your response. Good on you girl. We fight on. Like girls. Dear Janeane Garofalo

  11. shelby says:

    Great article! Thank you. I’ve been a constitutional conservative my whole life, and that means “sell out” “uncle tom” and other racist statements.

    I grew up poor, no dad, on the east side of detroit, and saw front jump what liberals were up to. I saw men abandon their families with no shame, and women having babies with no shame, especially if the government would pay you for it.

    In fifth grade I was required to take “ebonics” to “learn my african american culture and embrace it.” I raised my hand and asked how speaking like this would help me in college or get a job, and the teacher just smiled (obviously thinking “you stupid black girl, babies and welfare for you only, sweets”)

    Your statement demonstrating we ain’t carlton banks is spot on! To me it makes perfect sense: how can you grow up in the inner city and see the consequences and NOT be a constitutional conservative?

    I hope you will all attend the move-on-up black conservative conference in st. Louis. We need to unite and counter the CBC and NAACP.

    Find them on facebook (

  12. Shirjay says:

    Sonnie, I believe that souls do not come in ‘colors’- God recognizes us for His true believers and that is all that counts! I applaud your courage and your lack of apology for showing that courage! Keep on keeping on! You are a beacon to truth! Just like Sarah Palin!

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