Another Teachable Moment: Sonnie Johnson was Completely RIGHT about Anthony Kaufman

July 14th, 2011 | By

*****I just posted Another Teachable Moment: Anthony Kaufman Apology Rejected****


I planned on posting it tommorow, if Anthony Kaufman didn’t accept my invitation for an interview.  Thought I would give him some time.  Behind the scenes, he was once again asked to interview me.  He said no because he is a movie critic and doesn’t have the platform.  Yeah, right! 

Are you surprised he came out with article, having nothing to do with movie critique, just a few moments later?   HE REALLY WANTS A BITCH SLAP

So what have we learned in this teachable moment?  My pillars work.  All the rules and reasoning I laid out perfectly predicted Anthony Kaufman’s movements.  He didn’t want to speak to me in person, but he can take our issue in front of the whole congregation.  He sent me a private apology, waited a day, and came to smack my face again by completely dissmissing everything I said to focus on Breitbart and Big Hollywood for posting my article.  He wanted me to accept the olive branch, while he was plotting his next diss record.  He resharpened his fangs, picked a new target, and again used me in the assault.

Liberals never learn their lessons.  Kaufman, please continue to form your “weapons’ and spew your hate.  You have been weighed.  You have been measured.  And you have been found wanting.   Now I have perfect example to prove my point.  I’ll take what I can get.

OH YEAH, I almost forgot.  If you got Bitch Slapped, who exactly are you calling the Bitch? 


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    you are AWESOME

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