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James sat in the office once occupied by his senior V.P. It had been six months since he had to sell his business to keep from going bankrupt. He was lucky the new owners saw some potential in him and kept him around. They even kept him as the CEO; the only difference was the office. He hated this office. His new office was occupied by Cindy Walsh, a perky little white woman that swept through like a hurricane.

She fired half his staff, dropped most of his long time customers, but managed to take the near bankrupt company into the black. James had owned Simmons programming for the last twelve years, and he needed seven of those years to turn a profit. Though it was meager, it was a profit none the less. He resented Ms. Cindy for doing what he could never do, in a shorter period of time. He resented her for the fast talking constantly moving people that now surrounded him. Most of all he resented himself for letting it happen.

The phone began to ring. He dreaded when the phone would ring these days, especially when the secretary didn’t buzz first.

“Simmons Programming, this is James Simmons can I help you.”

“You need to come home and get your son. He rigged the bathroom door to electrocute me when I touch it. You need to let him go away so he can stop doing things like this.”

He could hear Tom in the back round yelling over Shavon’s tears. “She got her pills and her vodka in there. She’s alright”

“Come get this boy before I kill him.”

“I know more ways to kill you. Maybe I’ll just up the wattage. What do you think Ma?”

“I’m sure he’ll let you out if you calm down. I don’t know what you did to provoke him this time, but don’t call me.”

“I did nothing to provoke him, he’s the devil. You have to come get him before he really hurts me.”

“Hurt you. Tell him what you did to Julie. Tell him how you called her a slut and pushed her down the steps. Tell him that, while you’re crying about me.”

“Where’s Julie?”

“She ran her fast ass out of here, probably at one of those little boys house.”

“I’ll be home soon just calm down.” He hung up and called Tom on his cell phone.


“Up the wattage, I’ll be home late tonight. Oh yeah, remember to unplug the phone this time.” He hung up.

The phone rang again. “Daddy, what time you getting off today?”

“I was just about to call you. You alright?”

“I’m fine. It wasn’t as bad as Mason made it out to be. Wanna get something to eat?”

“Scants in thirty minutes?”

“See you there.”

The phone rang again.

“What?” he shouted into the receiver.

“Mr. Simmons, this Wendy Watchman from FR productions. Is this a bad time?”

“No. I’ve been waiting to hear from you. I mean you just send us a check and then nothing.”

“Sorry we were having a little trouble with our financial backers, but know we have a perfect location reserved for two weeks from now. That won’t be a problem will it?”

“No problem. I own my own business I can take off when I want.”

“I must stress that the agreement is only valid if your entire family shows.”

“No problem. I have a wonderful family. I know you’re just going to love them.”

“And you’re sure that you have kept confidentiality?”

“I’ve told no one. My family will just think we’re going on vacation

“Great, all the information you need will be delivered by email. I look forward to meeting you and your family.”

James hung up the phone and let the smile masked his pain slide away. He would have cried but he was meeting Julie and she could always tell. He told his secretary he was leaving for the day, and purposely walked the long route, so not to pass his old office. He missed his office.

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