A Big House Reality: Chapter 3

September 8th, 2008 | By

Othea was in her kitchen, listening to her Sunday gospel. Though it was Thursday, Othea believed every day was a day for the gospel. She hadn’t seen Mason in two days. She wondered where he was, but didn’t give to much attention to finding him. If he wanted to go out and sing that rap, than she would pray for the devil to give back his soul. He never had to live that gangsta life. She had made a wonderful home for him. They didn’t live in the ghetto, they always had food to eat, and she tried her best to teach him the ways of Jesus. Mason was just a bad seed.

The phone rang. Othea belted out the last refrain from ‘Go tell it on the Mountain’ before turning down the music, and answering the phone.

“God is Good.”

“Mrs. Roberts. This is Wendy Watchman from FR Productions.”

“Hello Ms. Watchman, how are you this blessed day?”

“Very well, ma’am. I’m sorry for the delay, we were having problems with some of our financial backers.”

“No problem, just keep your faith in God and there is no problem he can’t solve. Hallelujah.”

“Yeah. Well. We have scheduled the taping two weeks from now. The weekend of June 3rd.”

“Ms. Watchman, I’m sorry but that is the weekend of my church’s anniversary. I’m getting special recognition for replacing the roof. I can’t miss it.”

“Well, all you have to do is return the check for $50,000 my company sent to you.”

“I don’t have the money. I spent it on the roof for the church.”

“Then I suggest you show on the weekend of the 3rd or explain to your church why their roof is being pulled off. I mean you’re a church woman, isn’t it more about the act than the recognition.”

“Fine, Ms. Watchman. I will see you on the third.”

“Please make sure Mason joins you or the contract in null.

“No problem, Ms. Watchman.”

“Confidentiality still applies as well.”

“No problem Ms. Watchman.”

“Good. I look forward to meeting you and your son. And Mrs. Roberts, have a truly blessed day.”

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