A Time For Change: Chapter 4

September 8th, 2008 | By

When the cab turned onto my street, I sat up and began getting my things together. Okay Trish, he’s not home tonight, you can get some good sleep. I reached down and fastened the straps on my shoes. I stretched up and looked out the front window and spotted Twon’s car. It was parked in the playground parking lot that cornered Telsa Street.

“Driver, keep going please!” I shouted as I ducked down in the back seat of the cab. I caught a glance of Twon peeping out the upstairs window. That slick bastard. He knows that if he cuts off that light I won’t come in the house. He just can’t wait for me to come home.

“Where to now, Ms.?” The cabbies barely understandable voice broke my train of thought.

“Just drive.” I snapped back. Then I composed myself and apologized. He nodded back. “Just get us out of the complex.”

What next. If I go home, I swear I think I’ll kill him. I reached into my purse looking for my cell phone and saw the card given to me by the mystery man. Then I grabbed my phone and dialed Sky’s number. I rang five times before she grunted hello into the phone.

“Were you a sleep?” I questioned not knowing what to expect.

“No. I’m trying to put some smoke into the air, but I ain’t got no wraps.”

“Well, I can bring you some if you let me come over.”

“Okay. Make sure they ain’t dry. Matter fact just get 3 of every flavor.”

“Anything else?”

“Yeah, a coke.”

“Be there soon.” Click. She cut me off before the sentence got all the way out of my mouth. “Driver, can you take me to the store on Minnieville, then I need to go to Lynnville. He looked at me through the rearview mirror with worry etched into his face. “Please.” I added with a little bat of my eye and flip of my lip. He nodded and turned forward. The rest of the trip, he never looked at me in the eye.

We pulled into the parking lot going way to fast. The jerking reaction made me slide to the far end of the cab. I reached down and collected the contents of my handbag as the cabbie stole the last parking space from a little old woman.

I got out of the car, searching for my credit card. I stumbled on the sidewalk right into the arms of the handsome man. He had dark eyes that made looking away impossible. His girlfriend walked up behind him. She chuckled as she walked to the opposite side of the jeep parked next to my cab. She knew her man was amazing, and she didn’t mind that other women appreciate that. I told him thank you and moved away so he could join his girl in a good laugh. Good for them, at least someone is happily in love.

After I filled Sky’s want list. $65 worth. I got back in the cab, and wondered what kind of reception I would get from Sky when I arrived. Fuck it. I’m on my way now. Maybe I’ll even put some smoke in the air.

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