A Big House Reality: Chapter 4

October 26th, 2008 | By

Carver sat on the edge of the bed in Vanessa’s three bedroom house. It was nice, you know, clean and welcoming, but it was no Oliver Estates. The place he once called home until Stacey found out about Vanessa. It wouldn’t have been that bad, if Stacey hadn’t caught him in hospital while their nine month old was having seizures. I wouldn’t have been completely horrible if Vanessa wasn’t having a baby at the time. He screwed up, and he knew it. He never loved anyone other than Stacey, and now she was gone for good.

He had the money to get his own place, but Carver hated being alone. There was always a woman waiting for him, and if there wasn’t he went and found one quick. The only problem, he didn’t like condoms, and wouldn’t let the doctor get close enough for a vasectomy. He just kept having babies.

The house was quiet, Vanessa and CJ were gone out for the day. Carver looked at the picture of him and Vanessa at high school prom. Then he looked at the recent picture of her and CJ. She had changed and Carver realized she wasn’t cute enough for him. He got up off the bed, and began throwing things into his suitcase. He had never unpacked it, so repacking was easy. He grabbed a pen and pad to leave Vanessa a note, but he couldn’t figure out what to say. He had done this so many times, he could always find the words, but nothing. He threw the pad on the bed, grabbed his bags and left.

He got in his car, and stared at the little house. He put the car in reverse and began pulling out the driveway. The vibration of the phone in his pocket startled him. He knew why? He felt guilty. He didn’t want it to be Vanessa. He couldn’t lie to her right now. He turned off his phone.

He waited until he pulled up the Holiday Inn to check his voicemail. There was only one message. It was from the production studio that wanted him for a realty show. They’re shooting in two weeks. They also understand why his wife Stacey couldn’t be there. He was excited, this is exactly what he needed.

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