A Big House Reality: Chapter 5

November 14th, 2008 | By

Rose wasn’t allowed to answer the phone, unless Daniel or one of the boys were around. Cain rushed in looking like he was expecting a call. Rose motioned for him to slow down and picked up the receiver.

“Marshall Residents.”

“May I speak to Daniel Marshall?”

“He’s at work right now. Maybe you should call him on his cell.”

“I don’t have that number. Would you leave him a message for me?”

“I don’t concern myself with his personal affairs, so I think you should call him on his cell. I can give you the number.”

“No, that’s okay. I found a fax number for him. I’ll reach him that way. Thanks.”

“I know that wasn’t her.” Cain said disappointed.

“Cain, if she wanted to talk to you, she would have called by now.”

“I know mom. I just had a feeling she would call today.”

“Where’s your brother? You know your father likes to see him when he gets home.”

“Don’t worry when dad gets here, Marcus will come out. Until then let’s not rush it. Wanna play a game of chess?”

She nodded her head as she moved toward the chess board.

“Mom, do you miss her, even a little bit?”

“Let’s not talk about that. It’s your move.”

Cain appeased his mother and moved a pawn on the board. This was a game his mother played well. If only she was that good at chess.

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