A Conversation Between A Man And A Woman

November 20th, 2008 | By

This is something I wrote a while ago. It was a part of another project but I made some changes and it didn’t make the cut. So now I want to share it with you.

Let me give you a little back round first. A man, fresh out of Jail, with an opportunity to make changes in his life. He meets a non sense woman and the sparks fly. This is a conversation between the two, I hope you like.

The Man: I’m not right for you now. I don’t have anything to give you. I don’t know when I’m going to be ready to love you. I’m not a man because I can’t give you the things you need.

The Woman: I don’t need you to save me.
I might be a lady but I’m mighty.
I got the strength to hold you up, but I’m not going to give more of myself than you deserve.
I bear the brunt of my mothers’ weight on my back.
I make money in my sleep and that fly as shit.
I don’t bitch and moan cuz I keep running into black men with no plan to get ahead.
No desire to do something for themselves.

The Man: That’s not me. I was lead by those that took care of me.
I woke to money piles and weed and bitches with asses so fat you wouldn’t believe.
Then I gave my heart to a broad that walked away hard leaving nothing but dust in her tracks.
A seed that looks up at me and doesn’t see anything I’ve done in my past.
All she sees is her dad. She sees her dad.
Not in glimpses between drunken binges and smoked out benz or behind bars. I got a chance.

The Woman: It takes a lot more than a brother with problems to push me away.
I’m down to fight when the cause is right and the payoff is worth the pain.
To look inside and make a wise decision is something we been missin,
Left out of old traditions we still hold.
A man that understands a chance is nothing more than the opportunity to prove everyone wrong.
It might come in a touchdown or in a song, or a cold beer after a shift so long.
The man that stands up and points out the wrong, that lift up the weak and chastises the strong.
That over look the social crooks of the communities to which they belong.
I’ve meet the guys that realized and made it out.
They come back here with fancy degrees and screams and shouts.
There is racism everywhere, they’ll never let you out.
I can’t make it out. You made it out. What’s that about?
You and me let’s sit down and figure it out.
Did some magic man come and hand you a certificate to excel?
Did they add it all up and you were the one that tipped the scale?
Hell? You got some of that fairy dust to sell?
Or did it come at a cost?
Were you eating oodles and noodles and drinking the sauce?
Did you have to party less and study more, take a job scrubbing kitchen floors.
On campus no less.
Everybody seeing you, no one wanting to be you, and nothing but will pulling you.
See the ones who want to see the light, will question why day never comes after night.
Problems. Problems won’t push me away.
A brother that decides to stay in a mentality with no gray just black and white.
Never questioning why day never follows night.
That just ain’t right. You worth the fight?


I’m on the move and my writings are going with me. This should be fun.

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