I’m An East Coast, Down South Kinda Girl

January 6th, 2009 | By

You might find this funny but I love to watch the little music shows on public T.V. There is always some silly song or hilarious act straight out the 70’s that make you realize we aren’t that times may change but rarely do the ideas and principles of the people. I often find myself relating to those that seem to have very little in common with me at first glance.

I heard this song this weekend and it got me thinking. (Mostly because my beau dropped my daughter’s bed on my foot and I’ve been immobilized for the last few days.) But there are some things I Love about the east coast and some things I don’t. There are some things I Love about the South and some things I don’t. So I hope you enjoy.

I’m An East Coast, Down South Kinda Girl

My Youth was the South

Southern drawl dripping from my mouth

And I liked it.

The down home cooking made my day

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday was the time to pray

And I liked it.

When I was five I didn’t have any shoes

Not one single pair

If we were going some where me and my cousin would take turns and share

I won’t say I liked it but I didn’t really care.

We didn’t worry about locking doors

Mother’s weren’t ashamed of mopping floors

As long as food and clothes could be brought from the stores

And I liked it

The East Coast was my teenage years

My niggas taught me to live with no fear

And I liked it

New meaning came to words I’ve known forever

I was chased by dudes who’s tongues were clever

And I liked it

Style became important and I tried to follow the lessons

Even when it came to crushing some of my blessings

I won’t say I liked it but it countered teenage depression

The music, that’s what I remember the most

Artist didn’t spend their time trying to brag and boast

The idea was to enlighten and uplift the folks

And I liked it.

Time moves forward and so does the world

Even for this East Coast, Down South Kinda Girl

So now looking back, I’d change Liked to Loved

In each and every sentence above

I Love Virginia Baked Ham and Candied Yams

I Love fresh picked Collard Greens and Butter Beans

I Love anythings that’s fried with Mashed Potatoes on the side

The South wins food hands down

I Love men with no gold in their mouth

That’s a negative for most men down south

I Love women with a plan, Not those waiting for a man

Something most Down South Women don’t understand

I Love Big Cities and Bright Lights

The hustle and bustle of the East Coast at night

The East Coast wins swag hands down

When it comes to the moral side of the issue

Every thing gets a little more official

Most of my morals come from the South

Praising the Lord, not afraid to Scream and Shout

But the East Coast has some values to lend

You gotta make money to have money to spend

So where does my soliloquy end

Back at the beginning

I’m An East Coast, Down South Kinda Girl

And I Like—X that—- Love It


Gotta add this. Down South girls don’t be mad at me. I know you have dreams and plans but our mothers still insist we need a man. That’s all I’m going to say. I know you understand.`

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