They Say

March 3rd, 2009 | By

They say she’s special

And I am!

But not for the reasons they think

They see breast and eyes

Ass and thighs

Playboy pin-up up live

And personal

And Versatile

They say she is flexable

And I am!

To a Point, but don’t push it

Willing to see your side

Willing to compromise

Damn right I can make head touch thigh

But realize compromise is a two way street

Or ass and foot can meet

They say she’s mean

And I am!

What’s the excuse you use?

I’m a product of my envirnoment

I’m used to violence

I’m worried in silence

Emotion is an unexperienced pilot

So Yes, I refuse to get on the plane

They say she’s complicated

And I am!

I’m worth it, so work for it

My cook game on point

Massage game on track

Work your feet to your back

Then ESPN and a snack

They say she’s perfect

Have you lost your damn mind?!?

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