Rhianna’s Back With Chris Brown: The Public Is Outraged

March 9th, 2009 | By

And that show’s your stupidity.

I’m sorry to be so harsh, but it’s the way it is. We are not a society that values every human life. We are giving and strong, we always want to help the victim. The aggressor is overlooked, maybe punished, but definitely overlooked. At least until it’s time to make the movie.

I talked to my niece this weekend. She was singing Chris Brown and I asked her what she thought about Chris Brown and Rhianna. She told me, “I’d take him if she didn’t want him”. So, I asked my cousin what he would do if Chris Brown hit my niece, he said nothing if Brown could hook him up with Rhianna.

I know he was joking but there are a lot of men that would answer that question the same way and be dead serious. There was a time when the men of a neighborhood would beat the crap out of a man that put his hands on a woman. Now we don’t even bring it up, unless we are talking about the woman’s choice to stay.

I have not heard one story telling about the weakness of character of Chris Brown. Not one. It is our fault, he is getting off with a plea deal and no time. We don’t care what He did or the attitude He holds, we only want to look at the victim, Rhianna.

How about this? Let’s make both of them victims. Brown is the victim because Rhianna let him hit her. If she would’ve left the first time he hit her, his career wouldn’t have been affected so much. He is also a victim of a society that teaches him “keeping your pimp hand strong” is a necessity. See how easy it is to become a victim. No matter who you are or what you did, all you need is one person to give you justification.

Now that we’ve got Chris Brown victim status, let’s start the discussion about what makes a MAN so weak he has to show his “Bravado” by beating a woman. I don’t know the answer, but I do know we need a change of focus.

Women are offered help from every direction. Well, isn’t that only natural. She got her ass beat, she needs help. Maybe the best way to help her is to offer her man some help. Like Rhianna has proven, they go back. Help her, by helping him.

We wait until men are forced into help. We don’t crucify them to the point they have no choice but to get help to fit in to society. We pay them no attention. We give them at one dirty look, then we dance to “P.I.M.P.” in the club. And you thought I was the one giving Brown justification.

Ever heard the phrase, You take one step, God will take two or God never gives you more than you can handle. O.K. We’ve taken a giant step, massive unemployment and hard times. Right on the cusp of all this hardship, we get hit with a mega news story about a man beating a woman.

Historically during difficult economic times, domestic abuse rates rise. Men lose their jobs, their ego’s are pride are hurt, and they lash out. Their significant other usually catches that blow.

I think we miss the important opportunities to help ourselves by learning from the mistakes of others. We have not given enough attention to the situation to help curve the numbers to come and that’s our fault. We shouldn’t be outraged, we should be ashamed.

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