My Michael Jackson Tribute: A Thank You To The Guest of WHWDRadio

June 26th, 2009 | By

I woke up this morning, hoping it was all a bad dream. I was scared to turn on the news because I didn’t want to see a tribute that reminded me, Michael Jackson is dead at he age of 50. Damn!

First, send a prayer out to Michael Jackson’s family, friends, and fans. Now, for my personal tribute.

My favorite Michael Jackson song is, “Man in the Mirror”. “If you want to make the world a better place, take a lookat yourself and make that change.”

Don’t get me wrong, I know all the moves to “Thriller”, I remember singing “Bad” on a record player, “Billie Jean” got me in trouble with my mother, and “Smooth Criminal” was my ‘ish’, but Man in the Mirror has been the one song that always stuck with me. When I was doing stuff I had no business, when I was struggling with my illness, and when I eventually decided it was time to make my voice heard, Michael Jackson was never that far away.

Michael Jackson was a true inspiration, no matter the controversy that surrounded him. He made the world sing together, smile together, and hope together and all he asked in return, that we look in the Mirror and realize we all have the power to make change. In tribute to Michael Jackson, I would like to thank the people that have helped me realize this about myself. We never know how long we are going to be here, so always show appreciation for the people that influence and inspire.

Hip Hop Republicans– Finding a place of acceptance is a difficult task for some, for me especially. I refuse change the way I write or speak, I don’t sugar coat or look for political correctness, basically I don’t fit the mold of the average “Republican”. Yet, they promote both my blog and my radio show. They offer me assistance, advice, and inspiration, with no censorship or maybe you should try it this way. They step back, let me make my mistakes, and support me regardless. That’s the side of the Republican Party we need to share with the rest of the country. Thank You Hip Hop Republican.

Lenny McAllister– I am an official “Lenny should run for office” stalker. I could list his accomplishments but I’d be here all day. To me, he has become a sounding board, a voice of reason, and a “I’ve been where you’re at” perspective. He is always willing to share inspirational words and has exceptional point of views on a varitey of different subjects. Thank You Lenny, for listening on the days I don’t know which way is up.

Nadra Enzi A.K.A. Capt. Black– Have you ever met a man that made you want to become a Super Hero? If not, then you need to meet Nadra. While urban communities focus on what the government is not doing, Nadra focuses on how the urban community is failing itself. With the invent of “Al Thugga”, the name given to the street thugs that run American inner cities, he is shining a light on the destructive forces we give sanctuary. Thank you Nadra, for believing we have the right to walk the streets in our own neighborhoods with out feeling afraid.

Rev. Isaac Hayes– Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Every once in while, you get a reality check on this statement. Rev. Hayes was my reality check. Check out the musician, DWELLA, and see if you can make the connection. Seriously, check it out. Thank you Rev. Hayes, for giving me confidence that God uses all instruments to send down his word.

Dr. Timothy Johnson– Usually, when people get into positions of power, they forget about the little people. The new VP of the NCGOP, definetly has a lot on his plate. Yet, he took the time to conversate with me on conservative principles and sharpen my ability to fight against Liberal propaganda. But the most inspiring thing about Dr. Johnson, his ability to forgive, both himself and others. No man is without sin but it takes a real man to step up, admit thier faults, ask God for forgiveness, and leave it with the Lord. Thank you Dr. Johnson, for showing me making up for mistakes of the past is one thing, basing your life around them is another.

Andrew Simon– My competitor, LOL. Andrew visited the show this week and indulged me in a little talk about Hip Hop. We took the easy way out because we have some major disagreements about Health care. Regardless, I had an empty slot on my show and he volunteered to step in. Thank you Andrew, for giving me conversations to look forward too.

To all listeners, callers, and critics, I say thank you. Just showing up to hear my annoying voice is enough for me. You are all appreciated.

In looking at my true reflection in the Mirror, there is one more person I have to thank.

Specta– My confidence giver, my idea accelerator, and my first inspiration to do more than just blog. Things happen for a reason and your arrival in my life, truly played it’s part. Thank You for continuing to support me, even froma distance.

If you’re wondering how all this ties into the Death of an Icon, remember, Michael Jackson inspired people. He inspired me and I appreciate his inspiration. And though he knew we loved his music, dance, and creativity, I wonder if he knew how much we appreciated the lessons learned from that music, dance, and creativity. Last night, my daughter watched “Thriller” for the first time. As I watched her imitate the same moves I once spent hours perfecting, it hit me, if we don’t share the lessons of those that inspire us, there will always remain only one reflection in the Mirror. Michael Jackson deserves more.

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