Why Can’t I Find A Man?:A Look at Black Femenist

October 13th, 2010 | By

Every female has a friend that can find fault in every man that comes around her.  She is the one you don’t invite when you’re introducing your new beau to the fam.  Every man she does like ends up wanting to knock you in the head from time to time.  That is your Feminist Friend.

Since the release of Fire from the Heartland, I’ve been introduced to a new segment of the population I didn’t take seriously.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still don’t take them seriously but I’ve begun to notice what part they play in breaking down the black community.  They create the bitter, uptight, always want to tell you about your man when she  never has one, woman in your life.  She is of the feminist mold.

 That is not most black women.  We are strong and don’t mind being independent but we still want a man.  Personally, I’m not changing a tire, checking the oil, or taking out the trash.   That is what my man is for.  I will, however, cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I will go over and over spelling words and spend hours braiding hair because that is what the woman does.  I bake cookies, sign up to go on field trips, and for the first Five years of my daughter’s life I have shaped her outlook on life.

To you, nothing I’ve written so far sounds bad.  You’re thinking that’s right, that’s how it’s supposed to be, but the feminist consider these life choices to be destructive to Womenhood.  That unless your husband is a cheating politician, a lying Global Warming Billionaire, or is attracted to you because you’ll inherit Daddy’s Millions’ then there is no reason for you to consider marriage.

I remember the argument when I was about 10 years old.  Murphy Brown was intentionally becoming a single mother on T.V.   The debate became is it something wrong with a woman raising a child on her own?  What was left out of the debate makes all the difference.  We didn’t know the effects of providing for the mother and the child; leaving the father to fend for himself in the streets.  They didn’t tell us part of the Communist plan was to destroy the notion of what is family.  They forgot to remind us the first thing slave masters did was separate the family as the means to break both the women and the men.

Yet again, they made the conversation about the symptoms and not the actual problem.  Yet again, Hollywood was used to tell us the heartbreak we were starting to experience in our neighborhoods was socially acceptable.  Once again, we became the guinea pigs.  Where was Al Sharpton telling the black community not to listen to such non-sense.  Oh, that’s right, he was taking money from Planned Parenthood.   And we look around and wonder what’s wrong with our community?

The feminist of today are right there with Sharpton, killing black babies because they don’t want them brought up in poverty.  They created the atmosphere that keeps the poverty rates high in black communities.  When will we wake up?  They tell us it’s cool to be a single mother, then complain that little black boys grow up in a home with no father.  The show pity to the black community with more handouts, while they are on their Fifth marriage.  They keep trying to get it right and keep financing your inability to even try.  (Try getting food stamps with a man in the house.)

You may think I’ve gotten of target with the title but I know what I’m doing. LOL  This is why, WE CAN’T FIND GOOD MEN!  As women, we all have an idea in our head of what our man should be.  How he should look.  How he should dress.  His shoe size.  We never question their character.  Whether your married, in a relationship, or single, have  you even thought about what principles you want in a man?   Would you trade his wallet size for the respect he shows you and your family.  Could you trade looks for a strong work ethic?   Should you pick a man because of what he can do for your social status or what he can do for your spirit?

We have bought the Liberal/Progressive/feminist lies.  We look past men who drive buses, dump trash, or clean floors because we don’t hold men in high regard when they work their fingers to the bone to provide for their family.  Therefore, men don’t see the point in “degrading” himself to manual labor.  So they sell drugs, get locked up, or are measured for caskets.  These are the symptoms of the Liberal/Progressive/feminist attack on the black community.  They are the Real PROBLEM. 

We need to fall back on our principles.  We all want a home, a family, and security.  They want to make sure we hold no value in these things.  They want us to believe we must turn to them for a solution to all our problems, problems they created.  If we want to get back to happy, healthy famililes, then we must first start voting our principles and not endorsing candidates that go against everything we believe.

3 Responses to “Why Can’t I Find A Man?:A Look at Black Femenist”

  1. Dennis says:

    you never cease to amaze me

  2. sam smith, washington,dc says:

    Very insightful article here which needs to be talked about among black folks. The black feminist is here alive and well causing discord with other sistas about relationships. As you stated, there are “good men” out there but I will go one step further & say a christian conservavtive black woman needs to pray for a godly man. There is a difference between a godly man & good man. The godly man will stand for Christ & His word no matter how bad thibgs get. A good man will vacillate on His stance for Christ or may just abandon Christ altogether with his liberal worldview. This is my take on this important article.

  3. Blaž says:

    you’re totally right on that. Not only black families had problems with that. Look up white ones. The father figure is lost and boys are staring to act like girls and sometimes imitate them (emos),are becaming irresponisble, taking drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking stuff, parting all day… and at the end the divorce rate is high, abortion rate is high (lack of taking responsibility, only the pleasure is important) adn in the end the boy never grows up and become a bad father, and the circle keeps rotating into full communiest state.

    I’m from ex communist state, and can’t get off that marxist ideology. The main reson is that communist after 1945 killed conservetive opposition (100.000 people out of 1.500.000), take over school system and destroyed fammily. Now, they still vote for a communist parties, rasing our debt, destroying economy which was renew after 1990, high unemployement (110.000 out of 1.000.000)… i cannot explane this none other but result of destroying fammiles. Responsible mother and father would never teach their young how to steel public money, how to disobey the laws, ditch God and how to cheat. Only society with strong fammiles values can survive in a long run.

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