Sacrificing Human Need For Material Want

March 7th, 2011 | By

As it usually happens for me, I can’t sleep and I there is nothing on the 300 channels I pay an arm and a leg to receive.   So, I stop on “Spanglish”, and laugh as the Hispanic Maid ripped the sides out of a outfit too small to fit her bosses daughter.  Just as my interest was fading, I heard an important argument I would like to share.  To paraphrase, all women yearn to be thick and full.  When they sacrifice that basic human  need to be fed and well nourished for fashion, they begin to hate everything associated with thick and full.  They find fault in women who don’t care about their waistlines, starve themselves with fad diets, and exercise until they drop; all in an attempt to disassociate themselves from their betrayal of human nature.

Is this not common?  Doesn’t every human, in some form or fashion, attempt to cut themselves off from human reality to live in the world of material want.  Some case studies, please:

  1. If you sacrifice freedom for safety, you deserve neither.   The most basic human need is to be free.  When we let Terrorist change our way of life with their deadly acts, we are, in fact, turning over our sovereignty to them.  We begin to limit Free Speech, criticize a Free Press, abandon a Free Market and gain comfort to enjoy of Materialistic lives.
  2. If you sacrifice love for money, you will forget how to love.  After freedom comes acceptance and we all want to be loved.  A person who pledges their devotion because of dollars, will not be spouse of the year, parent of the year, or friend of the year.  Once that threshold has been crossed, that person will sacrifice anyone or anything for their material possessions.   
  3. What profits a man to gain the whole wide world and lose his soul?  While we have a basic need for acceptance, we also have a Heavenly duty to obey God.  We begin to let Pastors, Profits, and Politicians lead us, whether they are obeying the scripture or not, and we dismiss those feelings in our gut that tell us it’s our time to stand alone. 
  4. If you sacrifice life for comfort, you will have a dis-comfortable life.  There is nothing more natural in all of creation than reproduction.  When we turn our backs on that human characteristic, it lowers us below beast, most of whom would fight to the death to protect their offspring.   Death for the living is easy to justify when you already accept death for the unborn.
  5. If you sacrifice financial independence for reparations, reparation will always be needed.  The basic human need to provide for yourself and your family, turned over to someone else’s management.  Is this why, with an 10.3% unemployment rate, their are jobs Americans won’t take?  Is this why we are losing the honor once awarded for hard work? 

Are we sacrificing the important things for they things that don’t really matter?  How safe can you be without freedom?  You can figure out the rest of the questions and ponder this:  What have you sacrificed today?

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