In Defense of Farrakhan & Rev. Wright: At Least They Tell The Truth

March 22nd, 2011 | By

If one thing is missing in this politically correct and perverted version of America, it’s the truth.  Nobody is willing to tell the truth about the debt, the economy, entitlements, and the list goes on.  So when someone actually tells the truth, we all look at them like them are ravenous dogs unworthy of our time, effort, or energy.  This is the plight we face with Louis Farrakhan and Rev. Jeremiah Wright.   We are told by the Media and the Elites to dismiss and ignore the voices of such crazed men.  Why?


 This is the exact conversation we need to have. Why are we running from it?  Is Marxism a good thing?  Here, you have a Reverend speaking about the greatness of Karl Marx theology and we must dismiss it? 

The first requisite for the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion.   Karl Marx

That’s Karl Marx.  Are you willing to give up your Religion for Earthly happiness?  Let’s not bother with such miniscule questions the left can call us unintelligent for posing; let’s try something else.  How about we start a body count of all forms of Government that are marked by Karl Marx’s legacy.  The formula goes like this, you take all the countries that are Capitalistic.  Heaven forbid you start with the “racial trash” that hasn’t even figured out Capitalism is the only way to build wealth so Marxist can steal it.  Then you take that country make it dependent on its government until you form a Socialist Government.  This will give the citizens time to deal with their new reality; you know, get over the fact that they are no longer FREE.  Finally, a dictator presents himself, or herself as in the case of Brazil, and the Era of Communism will begin.

Communism like we see in China; where women are forced into abortions, pro-democracy protesters disappear, and Nobel Peace Prize recipients get their award behind prison walls.  When Communism was first invoked in China, Mao cared so much for the little people that he gave them all numbers instead of names.  40,000,000 killed under Mao.

Communism like we saw in Stalins Russia.  Read about Robert Robinson and all the promises made to blacks about Communism.  Then read about the great purge and how he almost died during Russia’s Communist revolution.  How Russians refused to let him come back to the US because they didn’t want to lose the Communist Propaganda war.  47,000,000 people died by torture or in gulags under Stalin.

Communism like we see in Fidel’s Cuba; where people cross shark infested waters on rickety rafts to make it to Florida.  They say the people are in better shape than those in America.  Of course they are.  They have no food and no choice but to walk everywhere they go.  They have no choice but to be thinner and more in shape.  2,000,000 were killed under Che in Fidel Castro’s rise to power.

If I were to keep this up and go through South America, well, you get the picture.  I didn’t even make a stop in North Korea where people are eating plant soup.

Then you have Louis Farrakhan.

This is Fascism. I know, I know, Fascism is a “right-wing” thing. Well, don’t front like Farrakhan isn’t “right-wing”. If he were in Egypt, he would’ve been standing beside Mubarack. He is standing beside Qaddafi in Libya and I’m sure if we were ever to attack Iran, he would be against us on that endeavour as well. As he says, “this is more complex than you think”.  The only thing that keeps him from being “right-wing” in America is the fact  he hates white people.  If he were able to win a state and put it under his dominion, I gladly offer Illinois since they love him already, I’m sure it would be under strict Muslim rule.  I don’t think Rev. Wright would  be welcomed any longer.  

But no.  Let’s not have these conversations.  Let’s not decide what’s really best for us; let’s just keep our heads in the sand and deal with what ever is handed to us when the dust finally settles.  On this, I will stand in defense of Rev. Wright and Farrakhan.  Please keep speaking and forcing America to realize there is a real inside threat to this country.  Continue to help us prove the black Church is under assault and a lot of the “Christian” message being spread is in direct contradiction to the word of God.  Give us the ammunition so when Whoopi walks off stage next time, we can point out that there are black Muslims in America that are predicting our downfall.  They can’t keep calling us crazy as long as you keep telling the truth about your intentions.

4 Responses to “In Defense of Farrakhan & Rev. Wright: At Least They Tell The Truth”

  1. grace says:

    About Farrakan:”The only thing that keeps him from being “right-wing” in America is the fact he hates white people”.

    Sadly, but so true.



    You are truly a BLACK conservative.

  3. Thomas says:

    Not to be trite. Minister Farrakhan does not hate White people he just loves Black people more.

  4. All I will say is that in modern times fascism isn’t right wing it is far left wing…Hitler was a (national) socialist which lies squarely in the modern left wing. In modern times the furthest you go right is anarchy and the furthest you go left is complete totalitarianism. So hating whites doesn’t keep Farrakhan from being right wing, because again fascism is far left. The founding fathers and true liberty were/are slightly to the left of anarchy.

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