Who Am I?

I wish I could tell you Who I Am?

But I’m still in the process of figuring that out

You know, that magical thing that tells you what I’m about

I carry pain from my Mother’s abandonment

I carry anger from my Father’s indiffernce

I carry doubt from my culture’s Ideals

But I am not doubtful of my abilities

I’m not angry over the past

I’m not riddled with pain over things I can’t change

What am I?


I’m judged by our men for not giving In

to their pressure for sex

I’m judged by women for being to thin

and not letting In all their drama and mess

I’m judged by black people for trying to stress

“We can do anything.”

But I don’t give in and I have been

called a bitch once or twice

I might roll my eyes at another sister

not caring if she’s nice

Black people don’t want to hear what I’ve got to say

I’ll amplify the mic

In that aspect, I know who I am.

What I don’t know is my place in this world

I know I’m not just another black girl that can’t make it

I don’t want to fake it

I want it to be real

So I can instill lessons in my daughter

That were never taught to me

About looking inside and discovering


And letting the entire world see

You picked a destination

It wasn’t without complications

But was reached by pure determination

So, What am I?

A strong black woman who loves words

To think racism could stop me, I find absurd

We need to stop the excuses

And start en-acting verbs

GET a job

BUY a house

TEACH your children

INVEST in your future

CLEAN out our neighborhoods

VOTE our principles

I guess that’s who I am!!