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June 6th, 2008 | By Sonnie

Say it ain’t so. Don’t tell me the 2008 Democratic Primaries are over. I loved watching the black man and the white woman fight it out.

I’m just being funny.

I have such mixed feelings about this. I never thought the white people would actually back Barack Obama enough for him to defeat Hillary Clinton. You think I’m going to say because he is black right? Wrong.

I thought it would take more substance. I’ve watched Barack Obama speak numerous times. I just don’t now what change he’s going to bring.

What I do know? He plans on raising taxes for those who make over $75,000, because they are considered rich. I live in Northern Virginia and that’s just enough to get you by. That doesn’t allow for savings, investment, hell even a vacation. That’s not change I can believe in.

I know, he wants to pull the troops out of Iraq. We haven’t been attacked since 9/11 and I think that’s been accomplished because we created a new battle field. We now also have the means to collect more intellegence. He speaks of the soldiers that lose their lives defending us. It took 2 hours to cause more American deaths than five years in Iraq, and how long has it been since he went to Iraq to see those troops. He speaks of the cost of the war. How many attacks here before our economy is non-existant? That’s not change I can believe in.

What I don’t hear. How do you plan on helping the black community? What we need most is a Black Man with a message that we can do anything. Instead we get a Black Man that sat in a church that wants us to be victims. You are the first Black American to represent any party as a serious candidate for President. How can you not denounce Rev. Wright?

According to his logic, you shouldn’t be where you are. There is a little black boy sitting in that church developing a train of thought that the world owes him something. The world didn’t owe you anything. You worked and sacrified for it. Where is that message?

I love words, as you know. Sometimes though, you have to realize that words are just words if they aren’t backed by ideas, personal conviction, a history of action, and a true belief in their meaning.

I’m proud of the country that Rev. Wright damned. It gave Barack Obama a chance against all odds, (the Clintons).

I wonder how will you change the American family enough to begin fixing our communities and schools. I don’t think it will happen with more welfare benefits. How can you teach your children to work hard if you sit at home and collect a check.

My main point, Barack Obama. Don’t try to give us so much, that you don’t give us what you know. You know the importance of hard work. You know it isn’t easy. I want to hear that. I don’t want to hear slavery existed once and that’s the root of our problems. It’s not. We do more to hurt ourselves than any racist could ever do.

Come out and tell young black men to put down the guns. Don’t be afraid to point them out. You know they exist. You know how they’re hurting us. Not just blacks, but us all. If we cleaned our communities and opened businesses it would affect the entire country. It would lower the number of families without health care. It would raise the High School graduation rate and college admissions of minorities with no need for Affirmative Action. It would give people the resources to save for their own futures and Social Security wouldn’t be a ticking time bomb.

Politics will always be politics. Barack Obama is a politician. Let me repeat, BARACK OBAMA is a POLITICIAN.

There is no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. He wanted political associations so he joined Trinity. He left Trinity when it’s negatives outweighed his positives. That’s a politician.

So I’m happy for you. You ran a good race even though Hillary Clinton dominated in soooooo many states. I can’t be serious here. If it were any other candidate the things that went on in Trinity, the affliations with William Aires, not to mention a real lack of real experience, would’ve left a campaign deflated.

For some reason the have exhalted Barack Obama as the Great Black Hope. I just hope he doesn’t make it to the White House.

Magical Security

May 21st, 2008 | By Sonnie

Got a question. If Barak O’bama or Hilary Clinton became president and pulled the troops out of Iraq, where would we get our intellegence? Now alot of my comrads have told me, we should bring our troops home and protect the homeland.

How? In the Politically Correct Nation in which we live, gaining intellegence with out lawsuits, is an impossibility. Now you have to remember Clinton or Obama is President. What are the chances of getting the Fiza bill passed with protection from lawsuits or plugging the leak in our border.

President Bush doesn’t get a pass in this arguement. He will have a huge blemish in the history books when they write about his border security, but with us not being attacked since 9/11 his domestic security will be amazing. Now that O’bama or Clinton is president and there is no threat of veto, fiza will be passed. The difference, the democrats will be calling on the telecom companies for records of Presidents Bush’s two terms. They’ll pass the bill, with no protection for the companies they count on for information. Smart?

Our borders will go unprotected. Well to be fair, that would happen even if Bush got another term. He bowed to the pressure behind his party, but not with the vigor that actually got a real solid border in place. We are a soverign nation and we have the right to secure our borders.

Okay, so where are we. We don’t have troops to back up our undercover agents and informants. Iran and Syria will realize the pressure if off them, and Isreal becomes a huge bull’s eye.

Now Isreal with have actionable intellegence and guess where we’ll be? In congress, holding hearings, trying to figure out what went wrong. We’ll be trying to regenerate and deploy troops, while we are still vulnerable to our now emboldened enemies.

I don’t think I’m an elitist, but I do think we are the World Super Power. Though we are not perfect, we have a society of rules and rights, compassion and tolerance. We should share that with the world. In the same breathe we can’t be blinded by Utopia. We have to remember our enemies don’t think like we do. So while we’re getting complaints about gitmo, our soldiers our beheaded on T.V. (And shame on any network that would show those images, and give them all that free publicity.)

Not only should we lead the World in trade, foriegn aid, and ideas, we also have to lead with force. We tell the world to trust us. We promise them security to promote democracy and we have to honor those promises.

Magical Security happens when only words are spoken. No one takes Canada or France seriously because they have no military. In the same way we have to take Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea seriously because they are increasingly increasing their military strength.

“Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Now we’ve used our big stick once. We showed the world our reach. They saw how fast we took out Saddam. Yes, we maybe in a pickle in Iraq, but I bet they remember Shock and Awe.

There is not Magical Security. Osama Bin Laden told us how to end this worldwide war. All we have to do is convert to Islam. There is not a chance in hell that’s gonna happen, so we have to fight. Not withdraw within ourselves, but continue to speak to the World, and use the stick when it’s necessary.