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My Ghetto

August 8th, 2008 | By Sonnie

A quarter for frozen Kool-Aid

Hydrants sprouting water

Mother’s watching all the kids, not just theirs

It was my ghetto.

My Moms made us clean up trash

Help older neighbors unload groceries

Turn down tips to get more frozen Kool-Aid

Be home before the street lights come on

Don’t dare judge someone by what they have

It’s by the grace of God you are where you are

That’s a strong black woman

Neighborhood boys didn’t post up by playgrounds

They stepped in and stopped fights

In their own way; doing a little good

I had one say, “You gonna be bad lil mama,

Don’t let them play you”

To young to know exactly what he meant

But I remember those words

Thank you for the advice, brother

That crazy old lady that chased you for no reason

Forcing hugs and kisses upon your face

Smelling like a concoction of all bad scents

Never knowing until to late

The pain that got her there

Husband killed fighting in War

Two sons killed fighting in the streets

A soul lost to TOOO much pain

I would’ve hugged back had I known

Green Eyed Brown Skinned Girls

Judging you by what they see in the mirror

To insecure to ask for help

They hate you for having the answers

Because you were born to look like you do

You can’t be smart and talented too,

Why can’t I?

While you dance and prance

I read and write

While you fix your hair

I increase my vocabulary

Whose wrong?  Whose right?

And yes, I would like that supersized

I’m out the hood now

But I Remember

My Moms (God rest her soul)

My neighbors

My Post-up boys

My Crazy old lady

My Ghetto girls

And I am thankful

I didn’t have the material things

But I had what I needed to make it in life

So many lessons from my ghetto