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#DSST: 10 Non-Religious Questions to Ask Syrian Refugees

December 10th, 2015 | By Sonnie

In the wake of Donald Trump’s latest maneuver to steal the media spotlight, I thought I would drop in my 2 cents.

To borrow a line from President Obama…”Denying access to our country based on religion is not who we are.”

To take it a step further…Showing fear in the face of terror by shutting off our boarders from religion is not who we are either. Different religious ideologies meet in America. For the most part, we worship peacefully in churches, synagogues, and mosques in all 50 states. I don’t want to live in a country that let’s ISIS steal that identity.


We don’t need to change who we are to defeat ISIS. If you want to vet the radical elements out…just ask some simple non-religious questions. Of course, they’ll lie when answering but with a good profiler…10 lies should be enough to spot a jihadi.

1. Who is the Great Satan? And who is the Little Satan?

2. Do you believe in throwing homosexuals from the top of building for their sin? Would you bake them a wedding cake?

3. Do you believe in female mutilation to soothe male ego? Can a woman leave the house by herself? Drive?

4. Do you believe beheading the infidel is an appropriate punishment? Drowning in a cage? Exterminating an entire Yazidi population?

5. Do you believe in the Mahdi and do you welcome his return?

6. What do you think should happen to those the draw the Prophet Mohammed? Those that say his name without the blessing?

7. Did the holocaust actually happen? If it did, was it a good or bad thing? Does Israel have the right to exist?

8. Do you think it’s appropriate to dress little boys up like girls and keep them as sex slaves? Is an infidel an appropriate sex slave?

9. Do you believe in honor killings? If so, what offenses are worth murder? Should they only be carried out by a close family member?

10. Why do you want to come to America?


Some tips on Profiling…

(from a complete amateur with a hard knock education on how to spot a liar)

1 and 10 are subjective…one might even say, philosophical. Okay, an Elitist Progressive would say philosophical before they started explaining how terror is just a by-product of American imperialism.

To me…they are the truth bread in this profiling sandwich. If the Great Satan is anyone other than the people forcing them to leave their land or die…someone’s spidey senses should go off.

Number 5 is the pickle you didn’t expect…and didn’t really want. As a Christian, it SHOULD be hard to lie about welcoming the return of Jesus Christ. I would bet for someone who believed in the Mahdi…it would be equally as troubling to deny welcoming his return. And that has nothing to do with religion…that’s human nature.

(P.S. If you don’t know who the Mahdi is…do some damn research and get a concealed carry license.)

The other questions are like smoke signals. Their purpose isn’t to spot those coming to America to blow shit up. Those questions highlight the ideological and cultural differences that stand in opposition to WHO WE ARE AS AMERICANS. Forget your religion…if you, as an individual, believe you should kill your daughter for dating an American, you should not be welcomed in America. If you believe your wife is your property and you have the right to brutalize her in any fashion you see fit, you should not be welcomed in America. If you believe sex slaves are permissible…for any reason….you should not be welcomed in America.

YOU WON’T BE HAPPY IN AMERICA. That un-happiness can lead to radicalization and neither one of us wants that. If you want to live in the 13th century…then stay in Syria.

If they answer “I want to come to America to finally experience true Liberty and Freedom”…let them in…with the reminder, WE ARE AN ARMED, FREE SPEECH SOCIETY and we will not change to fit you.