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One of my favorite speeches EVER!

#DSST: Catch Me About Five Patron Shots In and Ask Me About Inner City Democrats

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Never mix alcohol and politics…at least, not around me.

#DSST: We Must Stop Killing Ourselves

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No politican. No Pastor. No Republican. No Democrat. No Conservative. No Progressive.

“We have to Stop Killing Ourselves”

#DSST: Moment of Clarity

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Always love chatting with students at @YAF.

RIP Andrew Breitbart: Gone But Never Forgotten

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As the saying goes Make Sure You Tell The Ones You Love How You Feel Before It’s Too Late.  Luckily, I got to share my appreciation for Andrew Breitbart with him and the world at #CPAC.

There are two types of Conservatives I’ve met in my travels.  One group constantly qualifies every statement they make and consider diversity a cause.  Then there are the conservatives that say what they feel and never consider diversity because they focus on commonality from the beginning.  Andrew Breitbart was the latter.

Most of the “tolerant left” who spew hate and evil, vile comments his way never got the chance to meet Andrew.  They never got to see his upbeat tempo, his fearless exuberance, or his endless passion.  They never got to experience his smile that melted your heart, his words that lit up your spirit, or childlike nature that made you shake your head in disbelief that he was the man that brought down ACORN, Anthony Weiner, and gave us the BIGS.

But their hate can’t replace what those of us who had the privilege of knowing Andrew will always remember.  The first time I met him we were at the RightOnline conference.  I saw him at the top of the escalator surrounded by people.  I rushed up to get my chance to meet him and he spotted me the moment I reached the top.  I stuck out my hand to shake his and as I tried to introduce myself, he grabbed me and hugged me and said “Hello, Sonnie.  It’s great to finally meet you.”   He invited me to lunch but I hadn’t even put my things in my room yet, so he stated, really demanded, I take down his phone number and call him when I was settled.  Twenty people were surrounding him and he made me feel like the center of attention.  That’s the Andrew Breitbart I knew.

When Andy Kaufman was spooked about a black face in The Undefeated, I fired back with a scathing article.  Many news organizations, radio shows and online publications contacted me for an interview.  Every single one of them focused on media bias and unfair treatment of conservatives.  Andrew Breitbart was hosting the Dennis Miller show that week and invited me on as a guest.  I just knew he would spend the entire time talking about alleged racism in the Tea Party or the Left’s attack on blacks on the right, instead we spoke about my mission, God, and how we were going to save this country.  He never once brought up Kaufman.  That was the Andrew Breitbart I knew.

This year at #CPAC Andrew requested that I introduce him.  I took it as an honor.  I sent him a copy of my intro and sent me a tweet saying he was glad I accepted.  When I arrived at CPAC I asked him what he thought of my intro.  He said he didn’t read it; he trusted me to say what needed to be said.  As we sat in the room waiting for Andrew to give his KEYNOTE speech, he grabbed a piece of paper and started to jot down little notes.  I asked him what he was doing, he said “writing my speech”.  As we stood behind the big screen and waited to take the stage, I started to feel the butterflies in my stomach.  He looked at me, holding my stomach, and said “this sounds like some hard core porn music”.  I laughed uncontrollably and said Thank You for reminding me who I’m introducing.”  That is the Andrew Breitbart I knew.

But the one thing that sticks out in my mind the most was leaving the stage as he walked on.  He grabbed me and hugged me so tight. I was trying to give him the stage he rightfully deserved and he looked me dead in my eyes and said Thank You.  That is the Andrew Breitbart I choose to remember.

I never got to meet his wife or his kids.  I would’ve told them thank you for sharing him with us.  Thank you for handling the attacks and lies and letting him be who God put him on this earth to be.  Thank you for allowing him to inspire so many of us to stand up and fight for the country we love.  Thank you for being the reason he fought.  Just Thank You, God Bless You, and know that you are in our prayers.

But…..OUR TEARS CAN’T LAST for there is still work to be done.  Andrew Breitbart did not want followers. HE WANTED LEADERS.  He wanted those of us who felt afraid to speak our beliefs to be silent no more.  He wanted us to know our voice was as powerful and necessary as any on the left.  He wanted us to understand WE THE PEOPLE are the last line of defense for this country and our silence could no longer be accepted.  He wanted us to know the -isms (racism, sexism) shouldn’t scare us but should embolden us.  But most of all, he wanted us to know we weren’t alone and if he could do it there was no reason we couldn’t.

Now the question is will you remember Andrew Breitbart with a tweet, a blog, a radio show, or with results.  You only have two choices America or Occupy.  Decide.

The Relationship of Politics Part 2

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So my male friends got a kick out of Part 1 but refuse to believe the same rules apply to them.  #GameOn

It’s Friday night and the boys are ready to hit the town.  “I’m gonna find me a bad ho tonight.”  “Yeah, you know those bitches from the southside are off the hook.”  (Don’t get mad at me over the language.  I have 5 brothers.  This is what the conversation sounds like.)

They get to the club and instantly seek out the baddest girl there.  She is pop, lock, and dropping it all over the place.  All the guys want her but Tre knows one of her girls, so she introduces him to Miss Thang.  He spends the night filling her with drinks and mean grilling any dude that would come to close to hitting on her.   The end of the night rolls around and Tre takes Miss Thang home and Miss Thang makes him feel good.

The next morning Tre wakes up and Miss Thang is not laying beside him.  He wipes the cold from his eyes and instantly checks his pants for his wallet.  GONE.  His chain, GONE.  She even took his class ring.  Tre yells out, “Bitch”.

Guys, your response should be simple, “Just like a Democrat.”

The same rules from Part 1 apply.  Democrats want to make you feel good and they don’t care what they have to do to accomplish that goal.  It’s only after you get that feeling do you realize what it really cost you.  Since you never questioned Miss Thang you have no idea where to find her or how to hold her accountable for her thievery.  And in the end, you have no one to blame but yourself because you set out to find a Bitch and you got exactly what you were looking for.  If you set out to find a political party that will take care of your feelings, don’t be surprised when they tell you exactly how you should feel.

Now Tre is pissed and he really needs that feeling that someone wants him.  His phone rings, it’s his Jump Off.  Tre and his Jump Off have a checkered history.  He’s cheated on her, she’s cheated on him but they still flirt with each other when times get tough.  Jump off says. “I really want to see you. I miss you.  You know nobody else can do you like I can.”

Tre agrees to spend the day with Jump Off.  She makes him breakfast, washes his clothes, and they spend the day lounging around the house enjoying each others company.   Jump off conveniently leaves her light bill on the counter and Tre rewards her for inflating his ego by giving her the money to pay it.  About 7:30 that night, Jump Off’s phone rings and she takes the call in the bathroom.  A few minutes later she comes out and tells Tre he has to go.  (ie, Allen West in FL.  Think about it)  She got what she needed and now she needs to make room for her real man to swing through.

Guys, your response should be simple, “Just like a Republican.”

The same rules apply from Part 1.  Republicans have a short term memory about what you’ve done for them.  When it’s a choice between who’s currently there and who they deem to be most important, the current occupier gets the boot.  The Jump Off forgets her real man hasn’t called her in two weeks or stormed out after their last date because she dared to ask for a real relationship.  She goes back to what she wants and forgets about the one that shows up when she needs him the most.

Tre leaves the Jump Off really, really pissed and there is only one thing he can do.  He calls his Bun Bun.  With Bun Bun he knows he won’t get his ego stroked.  He knows she won’t let him come and lay in her bed.  He knows he better call ahead of time and ask if she is hungry because she isn’t getting up to cook for him after he’s spent the night before and the entire day running through different women.  Bun Bun will open her doors and let him in but she will refuse to listen to his sob stories about how the Miss Thang and Jump Off have done him wrong.

Bun Bun hits him with a gut check.  “You’re stupid for spending all your damn money on those chicks in the club.  How do you expect to pay off your school debt if you keep wasting money?  I don’t know why you keep dealing with Jump Off when you know she only calls you when she needs you to take care of one of her bills.  And I hope you didn’t think you was gonna come up in here and ruin my night because you keep doing the same silly shit over and over again.  At some point in time you need to grow up.”

Tre doesn’t want to hear it but he knows she’s RIGHT.  He looks at Bun Bun and says to himself, “If I were ever going to marry a girl, it would definitely be her”.

Yeah, Bun Bun is just like a “Conservative”.

The Relationship of Politics

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Many of the conversations I have within my inner circle, amongst my family and friends, often lead me back to political comparisons.  There is a neat trick I’ve learned and I want to share it with you.  This mostly works with females but can be tweaked to apply to men as well.

Let’s start at the beginning….

Your friend comes to you and says, “Girl I met this guy the other night and he was the bomb.  We was at the club and he was paying for the drinks, dropping money like it was nothing.  He took me home in his brand new truck.  I was in heaven.”

At this point you say, “Good for you.”  You don’t express your concern for the fast pace of the relationship, nor do you try to convince her all that glitters is not gold because if you do, she’ll call you jealous or hater.

For a two week period expect that friend to disappear, not to answer her phone or stop by for those unexpected visits.  You have to understand she is wrapped up in how good everything feels.  She has romanticized this man in her mind and is in love with the idea of being in love.  SHE FEELS.  And for her that is stronger than the commonsense of her girlfriends.

A month later, that friend will show up on your doorstep with tears in her eyes.  Her dreams met up with reality.  She finds out he had that nice truck because he lives in his mother’s basement.  He owes her so much money that she finally decides to kick him out.  Now he is laying on her couch, playing video games, eating her food, and not contributing to any of the household expenses.  Plus, now he doesn’t want her going to the club, hanging with the girls, or having conversation he doesn’t agree with.  She is venting, “His ass has to go.”

But when she goes home he’s cleaned the house, cooked dinner, ran her a bath, and she regains that feeling of how lucky she is.  He takes her shopping, buys her new shoes, a new outfit, and even gets her hair and nails done.  Now this is what she was expecting.

The next week, he’s back on the couch, video games, and pizza boxes everywhere.

When she comes to vent your response should be simple, “Just like a Democrat.”

The Democrats’ platform revolves around making people feel good.  There is this utopia out there just waiting for you and all you have to do is let them into your house, onto your couch, monitoring your conversations and all will be right with the world.  Of course, you’ll get upset with them from time to time but instead of changing their habits (their platform), they’ll throw you something nice to get you feeling good again. 

So what is a Republican?….

So, your friend finally decides homeboy has to get off the couch and out the house because she can’t let his lies, letdowns, and excuses ruin her life any further.

There’s this guy that works with her.  He asks her out once a week but she always says no because the rumor around the office is he’s insensitive and neglectful.  On Monday, he brings her a single red rose and leaves it at her desk.  On Tuesday, he restocks all her supplies before she gets in, giving her 30 extra minutes to fully awaken for the day.  On Wednesday, he brings up the perfect cup of coffee and a delicious blueberry muffin.  On Thursday, he brings her another single red rose, restocks her supplies, brings her the perfect cup of coffee and delicious blueberry muffin, and she decides to give him a shot.  She agrees to go out with him on Friday night.

Friday morning he doesn’t come to work and Friday evening, after she’s primped and pressed for their date, he doesn’t show up.  He doesn’t even bother to call.

When she comes to vent your response should be simple, “Just like a Republican.”

The Republican platform sounds good and is often backed up with some results.  The problem comes when you finally decide to give them a chance and they change their minds about your relevancy.  Their main motive is to get you to say yes and then conveniently forget they ever asked you  in the first place.

So your friend comes to you with the argument, “All men are dogs and all the good ones are married.” 

You answer, “John Doe has been there all along.”

Now she will be pissed because Joe Doe is boring and predictable.  He works six days a week and spends all his free time volunteering at the church or coaching his son’s little league team.  He doesn’t want to take her out on a date because he’s cheap and doesn’t want to spend the money.  He’d rather cook for her and catch a movie off cable.  His shoe game is weak, hell he doesn’t own a single pair of Jordans.  And he always wears a simple white shirt, he has no class and no style.

Your answer should be simple, “That’s just like a conservative.”

He doesn’t make you promises he can’t keep or raise your expectations beyond reality.  He works six days a week and never spends money frivolously because he has dreams of owning a house with land.  He doesn’t buy expensive clothes because he believes in constantly padding his savings accounts.  You call him boring but he’s stable.   You call him average or plain but he has his priorities in line.  You overlook him, when he’s everything you’ve been looking for.

Yeah, “He’s just like a conservative.”

I Want To Support Newt Gingrich BUT…..He Has a Glass Jaw

February 1st, 2012 | By

I really hate to start a blog with a qualification but today I think it’s necessary.  I wanted Sarah Palin to be our next President.  I even told her I would dedicate an entire year to making that dream a reality.  Alas, she declined to run and we are left with Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, and Paul.  What is a newly activated conservative to do?

Most people call Ron Paul a nut job and I have to admit I’ve joined in the banter of laughing at his expense.  But one thing can be said about Ron Paul that no other candidate in the race can claim; you know where he stands on every issue.  Welfare reform, massive spending, excessive debt, etc.; he always brings it back to a loss of liberty and the Constitution.  It’s starting to make more sense than I would like to admit. Plus his message of the disparagement of arrest and imprisonment of minorities in our judicial system attracts a lot of blacks into at least listening to his message.

A lot of people call Rick Santorum the true Conservative with nothing to be ashamed of in his past.  Cool but he also has nothing that inspires me about the future.  If I wanted a Sunday school teacher or at-risk counselor, then I would definitely call Rick Santorum.  But what really pissed me off about Santorum is when he went on the attack about the lack of social awareness in the black community with the issue of abortion, two parent homes, and government dependency (which had me looking at him in a totally different and optimistic light), he shrunk down and apologized to the race baiters like what he said was wrong.

Mitt Romney is the inevitable candidate.  The most electable candidate.  Following in the Republican tradition, since he lost in the primaries last election and Mike Huckabee decided not to run; all the in house Republicans threw their support his way.  I say “in-house” Republicans because the term establishment really means nothing to me.  Outside of Romneycare, his once pro-abortion stance, his 2nd amendment pitfalls, and the attacks that will surely come from the Mormon view of blacks; Romney’s main downfall with me is his lack conservative principles.  During the debate over his finances (which I’m glad he made millions in the free market system), Romney stated he turned his investments over to a blind trust 10 years ago to avoid any conflict of interest while running for President; then I hear he changed his position on abortion, 2nd amendment, etc three years later.  I can do the math, you are telling the people what they want to hear, not what’s really in you heart.  We don’t believe you.

Which leaves me with Newt Gingrich.  Where to start?  The ethics violations brought about by Democrats to diminish the face of a newly elected Republican majority in Congress.  All but one charge was dropped and Gingrich was found not guilty on the last charge once he was out of office.  Gingrich was voted out of power by his fellow Republicans after four years of a (current corrupt political accounting) balanced budget, $405 Billion in debt reduction, and major Welfare Reform.  I’ve listened to his fellow Republicans reasoning for the ouster but have paid more attention to what they did once they got the majority and the White House.  Let’s just say we haven’t seen a balanced budget, debt reduction, or any major reform since; not to mention the deficit started under a Republican administration and being administered steroids under the Democrats.  Last but not least, the multiple marriages and infidelity.  I never criticized Bill Clinton for his infidelity, not because it wasn’t important but because I’ve run the table on sin in my lifetime.  I truly believe in not throwing stones when you live in a glass house; plus Gingrich has said he’s repented and if it’s a lie then God will punish him worse than my judgement ever could.

But there are things that inspire me when it comes to Newt.  “We must build strong local governments so once we start shrinking the Federal Government, local communities are able to handle the added responsibility.”  That has been a main platform of my argument everywhere I speak.  Many average citizens believe they have no real control over the government and unless we begin to bring them into the process and allow them to shoulder the burden of creating the America they want to leave to their children, the Big Government Liberals will continue to have an iron fist on Urban areas with victimization and race as their ammunition.  And while Newt is catching a lot of flack over his comments about a moon colony, my seven year old daughter (who is in love with everything pink and fashion related, puke) watched his speech with me and afterwards told me she wanted to be an astronaut because she thought it would be cool to visit and maybe live on the moon.  Her comments made me pause and realize the power of really dreaming big.  What really inspires me the most, by far, is his unwillingness to cave when called out on racial arguments.  Gingrich called Obama the Food Stamp President.  The left called Gingrich a racist.  Gingrich is still calling Obama the Food Stamp President and backed it up with an offer to debate Al Sharpton on the issue.  He is unafraid to match rhetoric with principles and results.

Let me pause for a moment to answer a question I know is coming from my fellow conservatives.  Why does it have to be about race?  Why do you keep talking about the black community when we have to save all of America?  Let me be as plain as I possibly can.  Everyone of us has one vote and with that one vote we are to do what is best for us individually, what is best for our families, and what is best for our communities.  That is how we do what is best for our country.  Now you should understand why I’m beginning to see Ron Paul’s point of view.  I am black, my family is black, and I live in a black community.  I can not ignore my reality.  If I am to campaign for a Presidential candidate in my community, I have to start with the issues that matter to the people that live in my community.  It greatly helps my cause when the candidate has the backing of Tomas Sowell, J C Watts, Herman Cain, and most blacks in my inner circle and my social networking list.  I am constantly called upon to do minority outreach but often preached to for talking about issues highly prevalent in the black community.  You are already an open conservative, I don’t need to convince you.  Please back off and let me do what God has put me here to accomplish.

With that being said, I don’t feel I would have to coach Newt on what to say and what not to say.  He says he is willing to take his message of Food Stamps vs Paychecks, Dependency vs Independence, and Freedom vs Government Bureaucracy to every ethnicity in every community and trust the people to choose their children’s future over Big Government.  And I would love to see such spreading of Conservative Principles and fearless delivery take place.  It would be nice to have a candidate who hasn’t forgotten or written off the black community.  Am I wrong in wanting as much attention paid to the black community as is paid to the Latino community?

Now here comes the BUT….

Newt Gingrich has a GLASS JAW.  Let me explain for the Hip Hop challenged. This is the guy that is willing to start a fight but when the fight is brought to him, he gets flustered or fearful.  It’s the guy who is willing to throw a punch but his jaw doesn’t absorb one without shattering into a million pieces.  That’s Newt Gingrich.  In the beginning, when all his staffers walked out, Gingrich stated he would continue to run and he would run a positive campaign befitting this great nation. Round 1 in Iowa, Gingrich took a pounding.  Romney attacked from a distance, with the help from his Pacs to keep his hands clean, and Newt stayed positive.  This was the first sign of a Glass Jaw, the desire not to fight.  Round 2, Newt basically wrote off NH.  This is the second sign of a Glass Jaw, refusing to fight on someone else’s home turf.  Round 3, South Carolina and Newt regained his swagger and confidence.  In front of the home crowd, so to speak, the man with the glass jaw isn’t afraid to fight.  He feeds off the crowd blowing his head up and this is when he strikes.  He doesn’t fight from a distance, no he gets up close and personal with direct attacks on his opponent.  He wins and marches on with an over inflated ego.  Round 4, Florida and he should expect to get hit back but his ego doesn’t allow him to plan for the inevitable.  So when he is hit with a two piece combo of $17 million worth of negative ads and a poor debate performance his jaw shatters and he starts complaining about it not being fair and everybody’s picking on me. 

What did you expect?  The media would suddenly get on your side?  Romney not to spend his war chest to bring you down?  The “in-house” Republicans who love spending tax payer money on Big Government solutions (as long as it’s their Big Government solutions) to suddenly want reform and real change?  Conservatives, who want a fighter, to back a candidate that can be so easily thrown off his game? Or did you think the Reagan Conservative trademark would insulate you from all attacks?

We can’t have another 4 years of Obama in the White House.  This is the deciding election of our lifetime.  We can’t run Obama-lite and expect to win.  But we also can’t run a candidate that will shatter under the weight of Obama’s political machine.  Mitt Romney’s primary attacks will be a school yard fight compared to the heavy weight brawl of the actual election.  I don’t see a Glass Jaw withstanding the attack of the Liberal onslaught.  If the Newt Gingrinch of Florida’s Lincoln Day dinner speech and Florida concession speech can show up in Nevada, then I will throw my support behind Newt Gingrich.  If he continues to show his jaw is fragile, I will vote my conscience on election day but I refuse to campaign or support the “in-house” Republicans and their pick for President.

P.S.  The fifth and final sign of a Glass Jaw is also the definition of insanity; continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results.