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Did You Forget Pearl Harbor? Protectionism is Alive And Well in U.S.

December 8th, 2008 | By

Before all this economic mess, I was satisfied with President Bush. No President is perfect but we haven’t been attacked since 9/11. I live in Northern Virginia. Too close to Washington D.C. not to care that the terrorist haven’t struck again………….

The Day That Will Live in Infamy

You’ve probably heard me say this before, War is not the answer, it’s the solution. It’s a nice thought that all people can live together in Peace and Harmony but history shows us the impossibility of such a dream. There will always be forces that would rather fight than give concessions to it’s people or the people of the world community.

The belief that sitting out a fight will bring it to close faster is ridiculous. Just ask the men and women stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Imagine waking up knowing your country is at peace. You get up, get your children ready for school, and yourself ready for work. It’s just another ordinary day, until you hear a report that bombers are flying over a U.S. Military base. Until you hear they have killed thousands of Americans in a strike we never saw coming. (Conspiracy theorist be damned. I got one coming for you though.) Until we are thrust into a War we thought had nothing to do with us.

Just imagine Pearl Harbor. Imagine that taking place in New York. Oh wait, you don’t have to, just remember Sept. 11. Imagine that taking place in Washington D.C. Oh, 9/11 again. O.K., imagine it happening in the middle of some country town. Damn, 9/11 again.

Are you getting the point?

Those who don’t know History are destined to repeat it.

Let’s get to know some of our history. The Japanese wanted to make sure America wouldn’t interfere in it’s War in the South Pacific. Japan wanted more natural resources and war was the way to get them. The United States placed many sanctions on the Japanese. Yet, talking did not cause the Japanese to stop.

And we had the power to sway. The Japanese were getting most of their supplies from the U.S. We were sending them planes and machinery up until 1940. The U.S. signed the Export Control Act, denying Japan any more assistance in building their arsenal.

We had another big card we didn’t play. We controlled the oil going into Japan. And we didn’t stop sending it. The U.S. thought it would be perceived as an act of War. When we did finally stop sending oil to Japan in the summer of 1941, it wasn’t because we were punishing them for their atrocities is the South Pacific. It had more to do with America trying to conserve it’s own oil supply.

That doesn’t matter though. Japan had a plan and we were a stepping stone in that plan. Japan gave us more credit than we deserved. They thought if they were to attack the the Philippines, America would come to the rescue. Japan thought we had the backbone and the will to fight. But Roosevelt didn’t. He was content in allowing the Japanese to wage war.

On December 7, 1941 America was attacked by the Japanese. We lost over 2,400 people and more than 1,200 were injured. We lost ships and planes, but we gained resolve. We strengthened our backbones and a sleeping giant was awakened.

And we still believe in Protectionism

We are one country out of hundreds. Yes, I believe we are the biggest and the best, but we still are one country. Our boarders are water and two unmilitarized countries. So yes, we can believe that we can’t be touched. But will our belief cause our ultimate downfall?

We are locked in this America were all we think about is what’s happening to us. Prime example, this economic crisis. Let’s take the car industry.

Americans wanted S.U.V.’s. Come on and take your place at the blame table. We played a part in this mess. We watched video’s with stars pulling up in huge Hummer’s and we wanted one. (If you are one of the assholes that rides around in your hummer by yourself, you sit at the head of the table.) If we didn’t do anything else, say save money or invest wisely, we were going to ball.

Now that the crisis is in full effect, it’s the governments fault. They should not allow any other country to sell cars in the U.S. That’s protectionism. Thinking we can exist by ourselves. We forget that other countries build manufacturing plants in our boarders that supply thousands of Jobs. But more that, think about the decision you’ve made.

Did you buy American when you had the chance? I’ll admit, I bought my current car before I cared about any of this. I only cared if the car could get me from point A to point B. It didn’t matter if Americans would lose their jobs if I didn’t buy a Ford. GM’s bottom line wasn’t a concern. The thought of an entire industry failing never crossed my mind. Did it cross yours?

Now, we want to protect. Now, we want to bail out. Now, we want to place blame elsewhere. We want to blame and punish Toyota for diversifying their cars. It can’t be the American companies messed up and made unwise decisions.

We will die trying to protect our own. In some cases, that’s a good thing. But when it comes to the world economy, we can not be content operating within our own boarders. There is at least one car in each American household. In China, about 1 in 7 households have a car. Same in India. If we are going to compete globally, we have to have products in those markets.

If we start telling other countries they can sell in the U.S., they won’t let us sell in their countries. And we will lose.

Just as we lost so many men and women in Pearl Harbor because we thought all we had to do was protect our homeland and we would be all right. Our strength comes with our allies and business partners. Punish them and we only end up punishing ourselves.


To The Pearl Harbor Victims and Survivors

Thank You. I always try to come up with something to say but it always comes back to those simple three words. A uniform doesn’t make a solider. It takes a man or women with the mind to fight and protect to build a strong military.

You are one of those people that gave me the freedom to write my thoughts freely. Thank You. I know with out your sacrifice, my life would not be in my own hands. So once again, all I can say is Thank You.

Michael Steele For the RNC

November 14th, 2008 | By

For those of you who say I bash black politicians, you are wrong. I bash politicians that rail against free market, family values, self responsibility, and the right to life. This doesn’t come in color, it comes in my values.

With that being said, Yes, I have a black man to support. Michael Steele, the former Lt. Governor of Maryland. I have given my support to the grassroots effort of electing Steele to head the RNC. Here is the interview with Steele hearing our call for new leadership in the Republican Party.

You can throw your support behind Michael Steele. Sign the petition and let the Republican Party know we mean business. Change is coming and this is change I can actually believe in.
Draft Michael Steele

“We are no longer fighting to sit at the diner. We are now fighting to own the diner.” Michael Steele

Once we understand this, we can really bring change.

My Experiment With Gears of War 2

November 11th, 2008 | By

As you know, I love video games. I love Gears of War. And even though I have some beef with the game (I’ll get to that later), I used my playing time to do a little experiment.

I have 50 friends on my XBox Live account. I monitored over the weekend how many people got the game when it was released. I must note, I don’t accept friend invites from kids. They just ruin the game.

O.K. The game was released Thursday at midnight. My man was there to pick up our copy. There were 40 people in line when he went to pick up the game. A Best Buy is right across the street from our local gaming store and they had a line around the building. So a lot of people were out in the middle of the night with enough money to buy the $60 game.

When we finally got online, 8 of my friends were playing Gears of War 2. And the numbers only got higher as the weekend went on. Friday night, 18 of my friends had the game. Saturday night, 25 of my friends had the game. Sunday night, 32 of my friends had the game. Yesterday, I had to erase some of my old friends that didn’t have the game to replace with new friends I met over the weekend. As of this morning, 37 of the 50 on my friends list has Gears of War 2.

What does that mean? Gaming is really a recession proof industry. In this time of credit crunch and piling bills, people are still buying video games. If you are looking to diversify your portfolio, I would suggest doing research into the gaming industry. When Halo 3 came out, I’m sure alot of people made a lot of money.

A quick message to Cliffy B. I gave you geneous status but now I take it back. Did you not understand the number of women that run Gears of War. I thought we were going to have a multiplayer girl. Why don’t we? You are starting to piss me off. Everyone I kill today will be a death laid at your footsteps. Girls Rule.

It’s Veterans Day! Thank You

November 11th, 2008 | By

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

What does it take to knowingly walk into a dangerous situation, far from home? Even more, what does it take to do it for people that you don’t even know? What does it take to volunteer your life in the service of your country?

What does it take as an American to say Thank You? Whether you agree with a war or not, that has nothing to do with the troops that serve. The ones that strap up and move out on the orders of a commander and chief of the greatest nation in the world. The ones that sleep on the hard ground only to be awakened by the sound of gunfire. The ones that tell their family and friends goodbye as they march towards and uncertain fate. Just say Thank You.

I threw a party for my girlfriend last year. One of her friends bought a solider just back from Iraq. I’m not the type to cater to anyone but this man got my undivided attention. I constantly made my way to this hero every chance I got, asking if I could refresh his drink or get him something to eat. My girl thought I was hitting on him but he knew different.

He pulled me aside and asked if he could talk. I was excited because I thought he was going to talk about what he went through. Instead, he told me to stop being so nice because he was just doing his job. I told him I was just doing my job, giving him a little praise for his service to me. He wasn’t willing to accept anything for his service but I refused to stop.

That is the wonder of an American Solider. While other countries parade their troops around in neat formations, our troops take mortar fire. While other countries cry for us to change policy, our soldiers are changing countries. While other countries make their soldiers fight to eat, our soldiers volunteer to fight so we can eat, drink, and be merry.

In this time of financial disaster, I think we forget one really important thing. Our economy would mean nothing if it weren’t for our military might. We have the ability to work our way through this down turn because we have troops willing to fight to protect us while we figure out what to do next. While average Americans try to figure out how to pay their light bill, there is a solider giving you the freedom. While the government is giving another bail out, there is a soldier saving his fellow soldiers life. And all I can say is Thank You.

So today, stop thinking about yourself. Instead spend a couple seconds thinking about where your freedom comes from. We would still be under Englands’ rule if there weren’t soldiers to fight. Black people would still be slaves if there weren’t soldiers to fight. Jews might have been killed off if there weren’t soldiers to fight. Kuwait would be apart of Iraq if there weren’t soldiers to fight. Where would you be if we didn’t have soldiers willing to fight?

And while you are thinking about these things, write a letter to a solider abroad and just say thank you.

These are the sites I write to. Just take a couple moments to send a Hero a message to keep them going. Say hi. Say I’m thinking about you. Say Thank You.

Barack Obama Always Late

October 30th, 2008 | By

Social Welfare or Corporate Welfare; The Here and Now or the Future

October 6th, 2008 | By

The main issue on the heart of Americans right now is the $700 Billion Bail Out of Wall Street. Most of Us don’t want it and are pissed off the bill was passed into law. But that’s said and done and there is no real reason to continue to protest. So I decided to take a look from another perspective.

A term used to explain this bail out is corporate welfare. Allowing companies that continuously make decisions based on the right now and not the future, to continue to exist no matter how detrimental. Blame is placed at the feet of Wall Street and the entire country wants them to be held accountable for the mess. The Politicians don’t want to point fingers at themselves. The American people don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. So all fingers are pointed towards Wall Street.

When did we stop pointing fingers at the people that take advantage of Social Welfare? You know the ones’ that make decisions based on the right now and not the future, no matter how detremental. They want to point fingers else where, but that’s o.k. When did the calls cease to make these people stand up and take responsibilty for their actions or inaction?

Oh there she goes picking on black people again.

Let me fill you in on something. There are more than just black people on public assistance. Why do you always jump to throw black people into the category of the poor and needy? That’s a sterotype you need to work on. Stop bringing it to me.

Now back to what I was saying. Let’s deal with some of the differences first. Get the arguments out of the way.

Wall Street is already rich; Why do they need a bail out?

O.K. Wall Street is a place. Without people Wall Street would be a road with some buildings. So the true statement is most people on Wall Street are rich. But let me break that down for you even more. If you have a 401K then you are a part of Wall Street. If you own a home, then you are a part of Wall Street. If you invest in anything, stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, you are a member of Wall Street. Now tell me again that most people on Wall Street are rich.

Wall Street is greedy; Why do they need a bail out?

Americans are greedy. You know it and I know it. It isn’t a bad thing though. It forces companies to compete, lowering prices and garnering more choices. It forces Average Americans to continue their educations and save money to reach the American Dream. It’s when you lose track of your purpose that the problems come in.

When you begin to think owning a home is a birth right and not a privilege, you are letting your greed out weigh common sense. As a politician, if you think it is more important to give some one a house instead of teaching them to be home owners, your political greed outweighs common sense. As a business owner, if you think it’s more important for your C.E.O. and Board of Directors to get large checks instead on focusing of the over all strength of your company, you guessed it, your greed outweighs common sense.

Side note: Giving houses instead of teaching people to be home owners. Please read my article “I want to eat for a lifetime” Then you can understand the importance of this comment.

So how does the Bail Out of Wall Street compare to the yearly Bail Out of Main Street? Basically, Corporate welfare Vs. Social Welfare.

Last year, the Federal Government spent $570 Billion on Social Welfare programs. That’s welfare and Medicaid, combined. So if you take the one time major Bail Out of Wall Street, (I’m not so stupid to think another one isn’t coming) and compare it to the annual Bail Out of Main Street, who actually should be getting alot more blame placed at their feet?

It’s right to say that Wall Street took a risk with it’s money. It’s right to say that they are greedy. But it’s also right to say that Main Street should look at itself when talking about huge deficits and more government spending. Just because the numbers aren’t loudly talked about, doesn’t mean they don’t exist and don’t have a tremendous impact on our economy. Not just in a crisis but overall.

With all the finger pointing, alot of things get lost in the translation. The first step in this process was a good premise. Let Wall Street help Main Street by giving more loans to more people. You would call Wall Street greedy for going along with this but they didn’t have much of a choice.

There is Group called ACORN, the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now. Are there any famous community organizers you know? Of Course, Barack Obama. He was once a lawyer for this group. They mainly work on Voter Registration but they also dabble into housing issues. Well a young Barack Obama stood with ACORN against the state of Illinois for not offering an adequate amount of loans to lower class citizens and he won.

Making it more difficult for financial institutions to turn down mortgage loans. See, what started as Main Street Assistance lead to the big Wall Street Bail Out. Then when the shit hits the fan, nobody wants to take responsibility. So we all point the finger at a road with some buildings on it because the road can’t fight back.

So the next question becomes, “What will happen with more Social Bail out on top of the Corporate Bail Out? Will that make everyone happy? Or is that exposing the real greed of America? Wanting everyone to get something, no matter how it weakens our Government as a whole.

Are we really that greedy? Or is this the time we strap down and conserve. Maybe the retail stores would hit a snag but that would be better than major finanicail institutions going under. This should be the time we do invest. Show confidence in your Country to do more than Bail Out Wall Street or Main Street. Show your Country you have confidence in her recovery. Show the world we are not Greedy and when times get tough we suit up and move out, even when it doesn’t include our military.

Show the world we still believe in self responsibilty, so when we question actions of others, we don’t seem hypocritical.

They say that every generation should have to fight a war and deal with financial strife. Well we got both in the the first decade. I just hope we can learn the lessons quickly and have some time of peace. But I fear we’ve learned nothing.

The American People have forgotten how it felt to be hit on 9/11. How it was so important then that we let the world know we would react instead of waiting to be hit again. So we went into Iraq after Afghanistan. It seems that everyone has forgotten that the entire world thought there was weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. There was U.N. records of the weapons, not the mention the fact Saddam Hussein used them on his own people. Who do you think would have gotten the blame if we didn’t invade Iraq and those weapons made it to the streets of the U.S.? Bush would have been roasted.

Many of us were not alive during the Great Depression. So we take for granted what social programs were initially used for. For people who had nothing. Not because they didn’t work hard, but because they were wrapped up in a Government that failed them. Now Social Dollars are given to those who don’t want to work and still blame the government for their inability to reach the American Dream.

One more time for reference. If we, the American People, contiue to thinkof the right now instead of the future, what does that make us?

My Missing Week; In a Nutshell

October 5th, 2008 | By

I was going through some stuff this week. So I missed a chance to tell my opinion on this week in the news.

So here it goes in a nutshell.

Politics in Church- Last Sunday Pastors’ around the country took on the I.R.S. for freedom of speech from the pulpit. I believe every person has freedom of speech, but please leave Politics out of the church. If you are a Pastor and you want to endorse a candidate, do it in a Newsletter. Not from the Pulpit.

Many Americans need to hear from God, not from a Man with his own opinions.

The Bail Out Bill fails in the House- Some politicians are listening to voters in their districts. I am among the Americans that say let the banks fail. Let them implement their own policies that will ensure this crisis never happens again. This can’t happen with a bail out.

The Senate picks up the Bail Out Bill- When the House stood up to the President and members of the financial community, the Senate stepped in to be the Heros. Politicians are not listening again. Damn that didn’t even take a week. And what do they do? They add more money to the bill. Tax breaks for wooden arrows and rum. Are you kidding me? It past overwhelmingly.

The House passes the Bail Out Bill and the President Bush Signs it into Law- I used to think History would record Bush’s Presidency with applause. I don’t any more. I’m not a politician and I know another bureaucracy is on the horizon. More people hired by the government only works with national security and even then it has it’s pitfalls. This bill will cause more problems in our economy down the line.

Harry Reid tries to get the Insurance companies to fail- I wish someone would do some research into both parties ties with insurance companies. They are going to be the next to get a bail out. When Reid tells the country a major insurance company with a name everyone knows is going to fail, he’s basically setting them up to fail. You don’t believe me. Check the drop of insurance companies in the markey after Reid’s comments. I wonder which one of his friends wants to get some government funds in their pockets.

Auto Bailout goes unmentioned- Hey, we’re asking the American people for $700 Billion for Wall Street, let’s not even mention the $25 Billion we’re giving to the Auto industry. I don’t believe the Auto Industry should be blamed for this need though. With an ineffective energy policy, the American People’s desire to have the biggest car, and the recent oil prices; they have been hit hard. Why build the cars the rest of the world enjoys, if our major source of energy is oil? The American people went crazy with SUV’s and Hummers; so the car companies started making what the people wanted. Until gas prices hit $4 a gallon. Probably explains why McCain pulled out of Michigan. Democrats got them that money, who do you think they are going to vote for?

And through all this, the stock market has went up and down. Loans are only being givin to those who can afford them. Congress has been pointing fingers. Politicians have been using this whole experience as a campaign tool, not as a necessary step to fix the American Economy. And the American People are stuck wondering, “How did this happen?”

That’s it. My missing week in a Nutshell.

Taxpayers Bailing Out Wall Street

September 22nd, 2008 | By

I was supposed to spend the weekend celebrating my Birthday, instead I found myself glued to the T.V. Watching analysis after analysis of why the government needs a blank check from the Taxpayers. Then comes the numbers, $720,000,000,000. What? $720 Billion. Now I’m pissed off at both candidates.

First thing I noticed, both want to point fingers. You can’t watch one of them speak without talking about the other. i don’t want to hear Barack Obama’s plan from John McCain or Vice Versa. This should have bought a pause in the Partisanship and started an American Debate. Where democrats stood up and said; “We started the deregulation in an attempt to get more Americans into homes, our bad. And the republicans stood up and said; “We allowed it to continue longer than should have been allowed. So this is a mark on both our houses. Let’s work together to solve this problem.

In a way they did, but it centers around the numbers on the check. If you want to bring Congress together, put a large amount of cash between them and watch the sparks fly. I wonder why do we have to come close to a total meltdown before someone in the Government stands up and stops it.

Now I don’t like to play conspiracy theory but when you can’t get a straight answer from a politician than what other choice do you have? Now John McCain tried to get legislation pushed that would have stopped these loans about 3 to 4 years ago, but was blocked in Congress. Both Democrats and Republicans were receiving money from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, so neither party wanted to stop the money from flowing into their pockets.

President Bush even wanted policy passed that would’ve stopped loans given to people who couldn’t afford them. But an unpopular President with the rival party in control of Congress has little chance of getting any policy passed. So that leaves the American People to clean up the mess.

But don’t move to fast on that. The American people also have to stand up and take their part in this debacle. We love free stuff. No matter the cost later down the line. So while we were all lining up to sign our name on the dotted line, we should have been thinking this really sounds to good to be true. But we didn’t. We continued to reap the benefits of a broken system, until it crashed on our heads.

Will I be the only person to say this. It’s a plague on all our houses. From the White House, to the stock market, and all the way down to main street. So who should really get help? I’m not going to pretend to be some financial wizard with the answers to all the questions. But I am a concerned American citizen who doesn’t want my daughter to have to pay for the mistakes of my generation.

So my first question would be, who was complaining before all this went bad. The white house could boast they had the largest number of home ownership in American history before the crash; so there was no complaining there. Wall street watched as the stock market continued to climb, even in the mist of rising gas prices; so there was no complaining there. Average Americans went and bought property with no money down and a flexible interest rate with the idea they could sell the property down the line for a profit; so there was no complaining there.

Then, as most problems do, the hit came to the people first. The foreclosure rate started to rise and give platforms to political candidates. The same candidates that allowed the problem to get out of hand, while taking money from the companies that were digging our financial graves. And we expect them to solve the problem by throwing more money at it. Or at us because we should also benefit when the government starts giving out money. Just realize we will have to pay that money back in the form of taxes. So if you are hoping the Government is going to bail you out of foreclosure, remember your taxes will go up to offset the the help given to you. So in essence, you would actually be paying for yourself to get out of foreclosure; it just comes in an IRS envelope over time.

Okay. I get it. There is a lot of blame to go around but how do we fix it?

My answer to that would be, allow the market and American people to take a hit. I know it sounds cruel but it’s how I live my life. Sometimes you have to take a loss to learn a lesson. When you look to gain something from the situation for yourself, sometimes you get in the way of realizing the gravity of the lesson. BIG THOUGHT.

The Great Depression started because Wall Street was given the ability to gamble with the savings of Millions of Americans. Unemployment was at 24%, people where standing in bread lines, and the government let it happen. Until Roosevelt stepped in A New Deal. The government came in and ushered out money. New programs to help everyone affected by the crisis on Wall Street. While we can’t be mad at the progress made during those times to save our economy, everyone got something. And we forgot the Gravity of the Situation. If you don’t believe that; why did we repeat the same mistake so close to the last one? The Great Depression didn’t happen thousands of years ago. It started in 1929. That’s not even 100 years ago.

Just as in life. If you continue to make the same mistakes, you will continue to get the same results. If the government comes in and bails out every sector that takes unwise risk, then why stop taking the risk. Instead of spending money on the Bail Out, keep our Military Strong enough to protect us during this period and allow the market and the people to learn a lesson about what we all owe America. Yes it’s the land of opportunity, but not at the expense of the Overall standing of our nation. Sometimes we have to take the hit to make the U.S.A. stronger. She has allowed us all to have some measure of success. If it’s just the feeling of knowing that there is a chance for me to build a life in peace.

We all take advantage of the Freedom we have. It’s a blessing to live in The United States of America. We can not continue to put her Sovereignty in jeopardy because we are unwilling to take a couple bumps and bruises of our own making. And if you say, I’m paying my mortgage, so I didn’t create this problem. Think about this. Are you paying attention to your local elections? Do you know if your Senator is know trying to add Billions of dollars worth of Pork into the already $720 Billion Bill? If you’re not paying attention, then you’re not understanding the gravity of the situation and you too are caught up in America’s problem of your own making.

The only silver lining in all this is the fact that the government will probably make back the money from the loans. The truth of the matter is, our economy is still pretty strong. During the great depression people were standing in bread lines, now people are standing in line to buy the new IPhone. In a few years, people will have rebounded and the government will be selling property back to the market. The loans will be safer, the american people will be looking for a deal, and we will continue on.

The only problem. There will be another problem. In some other sector and the government will again step in. Instead of making one sector learn a lesson from the downfall of another. We will let each sector figure it our for themselves. Always leaving a weak link in the chain of our economy. And a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

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It’s 9/12: What I Wanted To Say Yesterday

September 12th, 2008 | By

For the first time since starting this blog, I used discretion yesterday. I got a little boost because someone told me I was a bit to nice. And since I normally don’t hear things like that, I’m tempted to stay on that course. You know I’m lying. That’s not my style. I’m up in your face and today is no Exception.

I awoke yesterday and turned on the News. I wasn’t really feeling anything, I just wanted to see the memorials and remember. It was all good until Fox played a 20 minute piece on people’s reaction on Sept. 11, 2001. I instantly got mad. I was furious. My daughter sat and watched my expression and asked me what was wrong. She wasn’t even a thought in my mind when this tragedy happened and now I have to explain to her what makes someone fly a plane into a building.

As I watched John McCain in Pennsylvania, I wondered where Barack Obama would be. Then I heard he was waiting to have lunch with Bill Clinton and he wasn’t going to make an appearance at either memorial until he and John McCain made a joint appearance at Ground Zero. That was it.

The most inspirational part of 9/11 came when the Men on Flight 93 refused to let the Terrorist have any more of our buildings. They were willing to die, even though they weren’t apart of any army, for the America they loved so much.

So I ask? Could you imagine Barack Obama on that plane trying to be diplomatic with the Terrorist? Diplomacy has it’s place, don’t get me wrong. But does that place exist when you have people that are willing to kill themselves to kill you. Imagine the terrorist trying to negotiate with the Men on Flight 93. It would not have happened. Their collective will to protect America would have over shadowed any words from the mouth of anyone and that’s what we’ve got to understand.

You have these liberals that say War is Bad. No War. Then we get attacked and they come to our side until there is a new election. Then we’re back to Big Bad America trying to pick on the rest of the World. Fuck That. They picked on Us first. All through Clinton’s Administration, we were hit with Terror Attack after Terror attack. But the World loved Bill Clinton. He was a symbol of everything good about America. But that didn’t stop terrorist from attacking us. They didn’t fear Bill Clinton.

Does this mean I want the entire world to fear US? Hell Yeah. Why? Because most of the idiots that hate us so much depend on the U.S. for their safety. Besides England, who has a military in Europe? I’m not talking a couple of soldiers, I’m talking about a force that would cause Russia to think twice about it’s aggression in Georgia. I guess I answered my own question. There are none or Russia would have thought twice about going into Georgia. They don’t fear Europe. They want to control Europe. So what happened to the U.S. when we had a President everyone liked? We got attacked, constantly at home and abroad. Connect the dots here. If China, Russia, or Iran have no Fear of European attacks what will continue to happen.

Straight talk for a minute okay. If you got two dudes standing in front of you. One has on glasses and a pocket protector and One has knife marks and bullet holes. You’re a little less likely to try which one? Seriously. Don’t try to bring Politics into it. Your in the street and you have to make this decision. Which one would you fight? Now you have the bad asses that would fight the tough dude because they don’t beat up on defenseless people, i.e. The United States of America. Then you have all the rest that would choose the easy fight.

Now lets make a little flip on the situation. You have the same two guys in front of you. Now the guy in the pocket protector says let’s talk. We’re two grown men, this doesn’t have to resort to violence. You can respect this guy, but do you fear him? Will anything he says actually convince you to change your Opinions or Actions? Or will you continue to act in your own best interest? Now the guy with the stab wounds says Go ahead and try if you want to. I’m not playing with you. Of course you don’t like this guy, but would you try him? Or would you re-evaluate the situation?

Of course, there is always a way to flip an arguement so let me try to cut it off before it starts. Just for a moment, I’m going to make Martin Luther King Jr the guy with the pocket protector. So the answer would be yes. Yes a man who uses his words can affect the change of people’s actions and opinions. But what happens when that man is gone? Will the population remember all those words? Now let’s make Knife wound guy Al Pacino in Scarface. (It’s a real stretch but I’m trying to make a point) Compare the number of times in one year where you hear a reference to Scarface to how many times you hear a quote of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Which one wins? Who are more people in our society trying to emulate?

So, you’re saying the more violent we are the better? No . It’s a basic human instinct to want to be strong, to be able to defend yourself. So we more readily identify with those that live by those principles. We love stories of men and women who fight for something against overwhelming odds hoping if ever faced with that situation we would do the same. It doesn’t matter if they are good guys or bad guys, as long as they are willing to fight. Then when we get into the voting box, we forget all that.

I love comparisons so let’s try this one. You have a volunteer group and A Gang. Now the volunteer group wants the gang out of the city. The gangs have money and guns. Who wins? Weapons or Words? Come on, don’t go soft on me now. Who wins?

Now you take a strong police force and put it behind the Volunteer group. The situation changes. Or does it? What if the people in the city decide they don’t want the “extra” violence that would be brought by actually using the Police? Who wins? Are you going to make me say it? Just look at our cities and tell me who wins? I don’t want to trivialize deaths in the cities, but they are relatively low compared to the attacks that happened in one day because of inaction to fight.

Yesterday, seven years ago. Or have we already forgotten? There are those out there that have merged our pocket protector guy and our knife wound guy. They are killing innocent people in an attempt to weaken us. And we take the opinions formed by those abroad into consideration of our protection. Are you serious? They get knocked down and want to talk. And thank God Bush was President because when we got knocked down, we came up with full force. No words. It was time for Action. Just like the Men on Flight 93. Just like every fire fighter, police officer, or civilian that ran into a burning building to save human life. Just like every American that signed up to go into the Military after 9/11.

I want the war planes in the air while you’re conducting diplomacy. So it’s known that we are not playing. You know what you did and you know why we’re coming. I want them calling us saying, hey let’s talk about this. You don’t really need to drop bombs on my country, do you? Not us calling them like, I know you attacked us today, is there some way we can stop you from doing it again. I would really like a peaceful resolution to this conflict. Could you imagine?

If President Bush would have done something to stop the influx of illegal immigration. If President Bush would have vetoed more bills loaded with Pork. If we as Americans had taken more responsibility for our own financial decisions; you know getting adjustable rate mortgages on big houses. Then the fact that we haven’t been attacked in Seven years would hold testament to the Greatness of the George Bush Presidency. There would still be critics of the Iraq War but critics are seldom written in the history books. Tracking down Al-Qadea and killing them everywhere they hide would be the blue print for Protecting this Country. Against any body. Go to them before they can get to us.

And when we go to them, it can’t be with words. And it can’t be words backed up by a military. It has to be Military first, then wait for them to come with the words. And if they don’t, then they really want a fight. And no words you say to them are going to change that. And no words that come from other people with out action will sway them either. And even worse if they control the energy supply of a WORLD dependent on oil. They have money. And the ability to cut you off. What can you say to them?

I like George Bush’s Answer. And if you like Tupac, you should too. Bomb First. Please reconsider before you die. We ain’t even come to fight tonight, but if it’s my life or your life, Then I’ma Bomb First. Oh! You love it when it’s in a song, but when it comes to real life you don’t agree. You sing it like you feel Pac, but then you criticize Bush doing the same thing. Or are you starting to change your opinion on Tupac? Yeah right. You know I’m right you just find it hard to admit.

And that’s okay. I don’t need to hear it. Just remember when you go to vote. Clinton talked and we got hit. Bush bombed and we’ve been safe for 7 years. Barack Obama will talk. John McCain will bomb. Democrats control Congress, so they will still be the majority on legislation. We need a Commander in Chief in the White House. And I don’t think he should be a talker.


To Every American fighting for our Country, I say thank you. I live near Quantico so I see a lot of military men and women. I always stop them and say thank you and encourage my daughter to do the same. I’m always humbled when they say I’m just doing my job. I think education is the most important thing for a child, so I teach my daughter all kinds of different things. I especially teach her the importance of the Military. My sister asked me once if My Daughter were grown and wanted to go into the Military, would I let her go. I said in a heart beat. She said I was lying. I would want her to go to college. She acted as if she couldn’t do both.

And there are Millions of you that do it everyday. Leave Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Husbands, Wives, Children, and Careers behind to protect my right to have this little blog. What would I be without you? What would this Country be without you? They criticize your intellegence for making the decision to put your life in harm’s way to save mine, yet you keep fighting. And that’s amazing. Thank You.