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Blacks Against Obama Suffer Stockholm Syndrome: Jeanine Garofalo, This One’s For You

April 20th, 2009 | By

This is the problem with Hollywood. They have their heads so far in the clouds, they don’t know what regular everyday people are thinking. And they better wake up and realize they are the rich they are seeking to destroy.

Jeanine Garafalo, where do I start?

I used to love watching “The truth about cats and dogs”. I love Jeanine Garofalo in the movie. Before I became politically savvy, LOL, I probably would have listened to what she had to say like it was gospel. O.K., I was never that far gone.

On tax day, there were tea parties in 200 cities in all 50 states. People gathered together peacefully, without any incidence of violence, to protest higher taxes, reckless government spending, and a national debt that will cripple future generations. Full Disclosure: I supported the Tea Parties and am planning something big for the July 4th rally on Washington D.C.

Watch video…I refuse to put it on my page.

But Ms. Garofalo thinks I have Stockholm syndrome. See, I’ve been victimized by the far-right, white power movement to the point where I don’t know what the truth is. My limbianic brain, her words not mine, refuses to allow me to see the error of my ways.

All white people who care about taxes are racist and the black people are victims following the brainless.

Dear Ms. Garofalo

It’s nice when you have Olberman sitting across from you agreeing with everything you say. But why not come and sit with one of us brainless Americans and hear what we’ve got to say. We are not victims nor do we suffer some latent effects of racism. We are above that.

We are not thinking in terms of color. Let me take that back, we are thinking in terms of color, Green. Not the green you think off; new windows on failing schools, higher taxes on oil and coal before new sources of energy are introduced, or bowing to the Saudi King instead of drilling for oil and natural gas we have in our country. Not that Green.

But the Green we are spending on things we can’t afford. Does this make me stupid? I know that the Federal Reserve is printing money like there are no consequences, does this make me uninformed. I know that the jobs created by the government will also increase the amount of debt to every single tax payer in America. For this, I am compared to a monster with an inability do simple arithmetic.

See, this is the nice me. The calm and cool cucumber that likes civilized debate. Just simple questions asked for the sake of starting a conversation that will get race out of politics, much like you want God out of politics.

Now, the mean me, she isn’t so nice. She would say, if what you speak is the truth, how come every radio show you host fails. If the people who actually watch the news, watch Fox news, then what does that say about the people that follow you. Are they not the ill informed ones?

Your favorite stations, MSNC and CNN get crushed in the ratings by Fox at every turn. So where are your well informed followers getting their information if not from the news? The newspaper? Well, most liberal newspapers are going under, so that can’t be it. Talk Radio? We all know what happened to Air America.

(If you don’t, the liberal radio station went bankrupt no matter how many times the founders tried to save it. Hey, wait a minute. Wasn’t your show on that network, I guess not that many people were listening to you then either.)

Obama won the election and now he is president. Just as you had no problem cheering on Code Pink or fighting for Gay Rights in California, we will stand and fight for the future of our children. It’s the American thing to do, because we love our country and in four years we want to be able to still recognize it.

But I will give you this, a lot of blacks are suffering from Stockholm’s syndrome. They have been coddled in your interpretation of their victimization and now they believe the evil racist are out to stop them. Obama is president, where were the evil racist?

My entire tirade has been focused on the racial aspects of your interview, but let me let you in on a little secret. To show you how informed we really are, let me point a couple things out.

When all else fails, Blame Bush: Explain the ever expanding deficit. Bush started building this deficit.

When all else fails, Blame Race: Explain 3.4 Trillion dollar budget. You’re just hating on the black man.

When all else fails, Blame our Arrogance: Explain America’s reputation in the world. Our soldiers are bombing and killing innocent people in the middle of the night.

When all else fails, you look for someone else to blame. It can’t be some thing as simple as we can both agree to disagree. No, we have to be stupid because instead of looking for someone to blame, we seek actual answers to the questions. We don’t follow blind faith in a man.

Just a little hint. Maybe that’s why every show you do fails. People don’t want to be told that they are stupid for disagreeing or they are victims for forming their own opinions. So, instead of analyzing the world through your rose colored glasses, you should actually take the time to talk to the people who rail against.


Card Check, Union, and Government: Should Workers Really Want More Money?

March 15th, 2009 | By

The title would suggest that I have lost my mind and maybe I have. Everybody wants to make more money, the question is, “Is the union the best way to accomplish this?”

Congress is currently considering re-instating Card Check. To become unionized, 50% of workers have to sign a card saying they want to start a union, and they get a union. Under the current process, the business gets to make it’s case to the workers and the vote is held in secret.

Card Check passing through Congress currently, has another little loop hole tucked in. If the business and the workers can’t come to a resolution, a Washington bureaucrat, with no knowledge of the company in question, will be able to set salary for workers.

Supporters of Card Check say, “How can it be a bad thing to build up the middle class?” If workers make more money, they have more money to spend. They spend more money, our economy booms. Couple that with government healthcare and new green technology, and our country will be set to go into the next century.

Now, I’m self-educated but pretty sharp, so let’s work through this.

First thought, a business’s main purpose is to make money. I know in the current environment, it’s to fail and get a government bail-out, but majority of business’s start with the goal of being successful.

Let’s create a company to play with. How about Liberals Steal Futures Inc. or LSF Inc.

So, LSF Inc. is a national company that produces food products, cleaning products, and the major components of wind power turbines. Great company to be invested in. They are diversified in their holdings, so no one glitch in the market would affect them that much.

50% of their people sign cards requesting the company become unionized.

The C.E.O., unaware a union sign-up was even in progress, was in the final stages of opening his new green construction company. He had poured a majority of LSF Inc.’s recent profits into expanding the company. The expansion would create thousands of new jobs and change the face of the construction business.

Card Check is passed and a union is started before the C.E.O. can even announce the expansion. What should be a wonderful time for the company becomes a fight with the union. Higher wages, more sick days, and health care for part time employees.

LSF Inc. drops in the stock market and a lot of investors lose money. Instead of announcing adding new jobs, they announce they are cutting jobs.

In the current climate, the average American not affected directly by the falling stock price or loss of jobs, doesn’t care about the strain put on the business. They got the money, they should pay their employee’s more.

But here comes the dirty little secret. The C.E.O. is not stupid. He knows that he still needs to turn a profit, so what does he do? He raises the price on your bread, eggs, and milk. The price rises 20% on your dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, and body soap. The wind power they want us to depend on, now goes even higher in price because LSF Inc. is the only company that makes the turbines.

It’s fine if they want to raise the price, I’ll just buy another brand. Just try. All the other American brands went up because they too have become unionized. All that’s left is foreign products three times cheaper than those made in America because they don’t have to deal with such issues.

“You left one important part out of the equation, if the government is paying for health care, the prices won’t be that high for businesses.”

Correct. But where does the government get it’s money? From you. So they will give you a pay raise, put you in a higher tax bracket and charge you more in taxes.

What did you really gain? You pay more in taxes, it cost you more to provide for your family, and jobs are disappearing because foreign companies can provide cheaper products.

I’ll even go one step further for you. What would happen if wind was no longer a worthy source of power? The workers get mad because of lay-offs or benefit cuts and they strike. The Union and LSF Inc. can’t come to a conclusion so they have to meet with a government mediator.

The government mediator decides since government no longer believes wind power is viable, they think the people’s wages working in that division should shrink substantially. So a year ago you were making $20 an hour and now the government thinks your job is worth $11 an hour.

And there is nothing you or the Union can do, because the government has the final say.

This weekend, I watched bits and pieces of Norma Rae, Sally Fields portrayal of a textile worker inspired to start a union at her company. Very moving story but New Jack City was on another channel. As I flipped back and forth between movies, I got an interesting idea. Be on the Look Out for a very funny story.

We Are A Nation Of Cowards And Are Not Ashamed

February 26th, 2009 | By

The First Black Attorney General Eric Holder stood in front of reporters and called America, “a nation of cowards” when it comes to talking about race.

Rarely do I agree any Democrat but I’m half-way there on this one. I’d make a few changes though. He could’ve said, “We are a nation of cowards when it comes to being broke.” I’d agree. Or he should have said, “We are a nation of cowards hiding behind victimization,” when it comes to race.

Let’s deal with one at a time


I think about the Stars that grace the Billboard charts, Magazines, and television, and we are represented. Not always in the best light, will the real hip-hop please stand up, but we are there. Now, we even have a black face in the White House.

All that means nothing. We can’t have a civilized conversation amongst ourselves without turning it into something ugly. How can we have the conversation on a National level?

When I bring up “black issues”, I’m assaulted because I don’t place blame elsewhere. Even if I give every concession that “the white man” is the cause and root of all our problems, I can never get passed that. Yes, that evil man did it, but what do we do next.

“We make them pay.”

O.K. while we are waiting on them to pay, because it’ll never happen, what do we do in the mean time.

“We make sure everyone knows that they are responsible.”

O.K. but what do we do to better ourselves in the mean time. Why is our entire existence based on what “they” do or don’t do. Don’t we get to make some choices instead of waiting on “them”?

As individuals, most of us have made a choice. We work, raise our families, and handle the stress of it all with pain grimaced through a smile. Life isn’t always fair, but we keep going. But as a collective, we have stopped moving forward. We are patiently waiting for some invisible “white person” to say they are sorry and some how “pouf” away our problems.

Problems we have created waiting. And that’s the problem. We allowed criminals to run our streets with no accountability. We don’t let snitches in and out of our communities. If we stuck together with the same strength towards gangs and dealers, we could police our own streets.

Isn’t that what we crave. To be the big man on the block. How come the big man never wants to create jobs with health care and retirement? And if these are the things missing in our communities, why don’t we give acceptance to the richer people who do?

Why would I give praise to a “white person”? Who says they are white. Russell Simmons, Oprah, Blah Blah Blah I could go on and on, but it would be fruitless. Why?

Because they are surrounded by people afraid to call them on it. A black rapper come out publicly for McCain, career suicide. Yet, AFTER the election Scarface came out and said he voted for McCain, nice and quiet like. Those who disagree with Obama, fear the backlash of a collective of black people stuck and stagnate. The collective is the mob and no one wants to be on the wrong side.

Then you have white people without a racist bone in their body to afraid to stand up. A black politicain can come out and race bait at his choosing but a white politician better watch his words.

We are such a Nation of Cowards

If you think race was bad, Income level is even worse

All my people who have ever been broke and made it out, our time is coming. We all want to look back and remember how good or bad our childhood was. If you were broke, whether it was good or bad, you learned a few tricks of the trade.

You know how to turn one chicken into three dinners and that experience is invaluable. The cowardice of which I speak won’t come from us. It will come from those who had everything handed to them on a silver tray, those that got it the easy way and don’t know how to maintain it, and those who wanted to take short cuts to get to their destination faster.

They will be the ones finding it hard to get assistance because they stomped on so many people along the way. They will waste time worrying about what they lost and not what they still have. They are the one’s clamouring to spend now because they don’t want to suffer.

They are cowards. Being broke isn’t fun, but it is manageable. It takes strength to realize what is necessary and what is not. If I don’t want my daughter to worry about college, I can’t buy a new dress now. How trifling would I be if I bought a new dress in hopes of meeting a rich man to pay for college for her?

Not only trifling, I would be a coward. And through all this, my daughter would be watching. How could I explain?

They say this financial crisis will change the face of Governments all over the world. Once we were the people willing to sacrifice ourselves for our country. Now we will sacrifice our country for ourselves. Is that not the very definition of Coward.

Guilt, Reparations, And Stimulus: Democrats Paying For Past

January 30th, 2009 | By

Let’s get down to business. Check out Now, It’s Our Turn to fully understand my feelings about reparations.

But was I wrong?

Of course, I’m going to continue to believe we have to live up the rich history left to us, but the more I found out about our past, the more I believe reparations are in order.

For far to long, our rights have been abused. We were turned away from the polls. We were not allowed to own property. Hell, we were slaves. It’s definitely time for some payback. But who should we look to for these reparations or are they already being handed to us?

We can all agree, there has to be two sides to a fight. Each side has an objective and a desire to stop the other side from succeeding. Basic, right?

In the Civil War, who’s side were you on?

The south? Do you understand their need to keep their working population? Does it not bother you they used whips and chains to keep their fellow men subservient? Do you believe the country would’ve been better off if we had broken into two separate nations?

The North? Are you glad your nation was willing to tear itself apart to do what was right? Are you forever grateful Abraham Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation? Do I have to even ask any more questions here?

I could do my typical thing and say, “Ah Hah, got you. You were a Republican in the Civil War up to The Civil Right’s Act, even if you are a Democrat now.” And it would be true, funny, and ironic all wrapped up into a little smile you can’t see through the Internet.

But that would get us no closer to an absolute truth. To do that, it’s always better to look at human behavior.


You are hanging out with two of your friends. Your money comes up missing but you don’t know which one took it. You wait a couple weeks and bring the subject back up. Now, there are two different reactions in your friends.

Both deny, but one can’t help put tip his hand. It’s not in just his words, it comes in his actions as well. See the friend who didn’t steal the money, forgets about the accusation and moves on.

The guilty usually has one of two reactions. The Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton approach; they turn the spotlight else where or complain about how bad a time they are having. Or the Democrat approach; they begin to be nice and accomadating to try to relieve themselves of guilt.

It’s no mistake I used the examples above. Just a beautiful transition to my next point.

The validity of some Liberal arguments can’t be denied but their reactions to those arguments have to be examined as well.

It’s often said the Republicans ignore problems in the black community. I think they have a clean conscience in race affairs. Like I said, you were rooting for the Republicans from the Civil War until a bullet killed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. They waged war so we could vote and run for office and they won.

So who’s fault is it we elect corrupt or ineffective politicians? I’m not going to get off subject.

Now, look at the Liberal Two Prong Approach. On one hand, you have Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton. Never mind what we’re doing with the opportunities presented to us, let’s just look at what’s been done to us. Backwards thinking prolonging our romantic embrace with racism.

On the other hand, you have the rest of the Democrats. Oh, let us take care of you. Your life has been so hard. Now, I’m the type to question motives. So, my first reaction is why do you feel it’s your job to take care of me. A guilty conscience?

Maybe Democrats feel bad they took the wrong side in the Civil War all the way up to Dr. King’s march on Washington. Maybe the hypocrisy of the first black President coming from the party that fought tooth and nail to prevent such a thing from happening is lost on them. Or maybe we like the attention, no matter why it’s being rendered.

Either way, Democrats have a lot of making up to do. How do they start? Time for reparations.

Here comes the slippery slope. They can’t call it reparations. Why? They would have to admit their faults. They would have to explain why a former Grand Master of the Klu Klux Klan is still occupying a Democratic Senate Seat or why they were not surprised John Murtha called residents of his own district racist. They would have to explain why History Books leave out the fact Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican.

So, a guilty conscience devises a Trillion Dollar spend fest in the name of Stimulus to start the reparations process. We robbed you of rights in the past, let us make it up to you by fixing the schools we once burned down. We’ll repave the roads marked by your steps and blood. We were right about you not being able to take care of yourselves, we just dealt with it wrong.

You remain ignorant and unskilled and we will take care of you. Blame diverted. And since you love us, our conscience is soothed. That’s just the first step. Barack Obama isn’t finished paying for his party’s past sins. The future will hold judges that legislate from the bench due to circumstance or public sentiment instead of the Law. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Right now, I must question the true value of our history. Is this a grass is always greener moment? While we are rushing to solve monumental problems quickly, are we leaving behind more than we are gaining? Is it more important we have a black President or we have proud black patriarchs to past down family tradition and values?

Why do you have to choose? It would be nice if you didn’t, but some where there is a father trying to teach his son to be responsible. The son, who looks up to Obama, sees him writing a check he knows we can’t afford, with no hesitation.

I’m one to encourage business. So if that son wants to take a chance and invest in himself, I’m all for it. As long as it’s done responsibly. He can’t say, I’m going to buy a fly car, some fly clothes, hang out at the club and become a rapper. Like this stimulus package, that is a rushed plan doomed to fail.

The best idea would be to save and plan for success, even if it means you have to stay in your parents basement a little while longer.

How much are we willing to give to this quick fix? We know black communities didn’t change when Obama took office and I can promise most won’t find a high paying secure job the day after this stimulus is signed. Are we going to let Democrats alleviate their guilt of the past by mortgaging our children’s hope of the future?

I always end up with more questions than answers.

Abortion: A Woman’s Right or A Stepping Stone Towards Socialism

January 27th, 2009 | By

I usually start off with a personal story. You know a little look back on my existence to validate my thinking but today I find it hard. See, I was a little prude as a teenager. I thought the worst thing that could happen to me involved having a child. All my friends had kids, even my little sister, and I saw their struggles.

Abortion. I have always believed that a woman has a right to choose. I know if I had gotten pregnant as a teenager, I probably wouldn’t have kept the child. Looking back, I probably wouldn’t have told my mother because she would have made me keep it. It’s all speculation now. Could I really have done it? I guess we’ll never know.

But abortions as stimulus I find perplexing. Until I took a little time to think about it.

Former President George W Bush started us down the path to socialism. (O.K. real fast let me say this. Isn’t it funny how as soon as you bring up Socialism, the Democrats don’t refute it, they only call out Bush as the starting point. Didn’t we all learn as kids, just because one person does something doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. I’m just saying.)

And President Obama is picking up right where he left off. But what does abortion have to do with Socialism? I’m glad you asked.

See, a Socialist society depends on the rich taking care of the poor. What happens when the number of poor people outweigh the pocketbooks of the rich? The society fails. People in government are not stupid. They might believe in Socialism but they know it has to be managed. Meaning they have to be able to control the number of new births, especially in the poorer communities.

The rich are easily controlled when it comes to childbirth. Most rich people got that way because they understand how to manage their money. They know they won’t stay rich having 8 kids in a Socialist society. With excessive tax rates and lack of any real tax relief, most will forgo having more than one or two kids.

But the poor people. That’s a whole different story. They have struggled their whole lives and the added burden of multiple children doesn’t seem to slow them down. You can’t preach self responsibility because the people will start to realize they don’t need the government, the government needs them. So, instead make it cool and easy to get an abortion.

But first they have to convince you that it is not only a Constitutionally provided right but that it also should have no stigma placed upon it.

Now, I’m going to stand up for my sista’s of every race and creed on this one. No one has the right to judge you. If you made the decision that you thought was best for you, I applaud. Taking care of a child is a serious job and if you’re not ready for it, no one should have the ability to force it upon you.

Now, having said that. You don’t have the right to then turn around and place the guilt you feel at the feet of other Americans. Just because it was the right choice for you, doesn’t make it the right choice for every other person. You can’t demand respect for your choices if you don’t give that same respect to choices made by others. Simple. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Now, having said that. Both sides of this issues need to put a hold on proving they are right and look at the effects this could have on our communities. Everybody can agree that Communism is not the best form of government. The only difference between Communism and Socialism is religion.

China has no problem convincing it’s people that abortion is O.k. Hell, they demand it. They even allow for the killing or mass deportation of children to control it’s population. They don’t have a God to answer to, only a government. Is that what we want for America?

I know, I’m taking it too far. I’m trying to turn basic contraception into a fight for our nation’s identity. Or am I the only one willing to point it out. By our own admission, we are at the low end of the totem pole. So who are the real targets of these free abortions?

That’s where Nancy Pelosi comes in. In her press conference, she stated the true intent of adding government funding for abortions to the stimulus bill. Abortions will cut the cost of entitlements at the state level, therefore cutting the federal governments matching of such entitlements. Basically, it’s not about a woman’s right to choose, it’s about the government starting to control how many kids come from which neighborhoods.

Am I taking it too far again, or am I once again the only person that will say it. We rail because every corner in our neighborhoods have a liquor store. What will we say when everyone of our neighborhoods has free abortion day? Or instead of offering food stamps and public housing, they mandate you already have to many kids to be cared for under our current system, so you have to terminate your pregnancy to continue to get benefits.

They wouldn’t do that. Yeah, right. Just look how the system is currently set up. If you get a job, they immediately terminate your benefits. This is the price you pay for allowing government to make decisions that should be left up to the men and women who take care of their children.

Every woman should have the right to choose, but don’t fight so hard for that right that you unintentionally give it up. At 17, you didn’t want a child. But at 25, you no longer have the right to decide because the population of your town has already met the maximum allowed by the state. So now, you are forced into abortion.

Nothing comes for free. Even the Democrats know there is a price to pay for socialism. They just don’t tell you in the future it might include your right to choose. Not whether you want to terminate a child but whether you have the right to keep it.

A Scandal Is A Scandal: Or Is It?

December 16th, 2008 | By

I have a couple simple questions. Since the new president elect has promised transparency in his administration, why do we have to wait until he takes office to get it. O.K. This is not really about Barack Obama. It’s more about the scope of scandal.

Here are my questions.

Why will no news organization point out the fact that Blagojevich is a Democrat?

You know the basics of advertising. A company will attach their name to a funny slogan or memorable character in hopes that every time you think of that melody or figure you think of their product. Personally, my favorite is You know the singers that completely change song style each commercial. I look forward to hearing what they will do next.

Anyways, does this example give an answer to my question? Do the news organizations not mention Blago as a Democrat because they don’t want you think scandal when ever you think of the party? Is that fair game for a credible news organization? Hiding or omitting information to further push their cause.

Will you fail to put 1 and 1 together? Will you just assume that this is ploy by some unknown white man to tarnish the name of Barack Obama? I ask this for a simple reason. No matter the cleanliness of Obama in this situation, he is still born and breed in Chicago politics. If this is the norm, do you not believe that some where along the way Barack Obama didn’t have to pay to play?

Another question. Did you realize what kind of scandal each party participates in?

With the exception of Bill Clinton, most sex scandals involve Republicans. I have no problem saying that because it’s true. The party that rallies for moral value is often the party caught with it’s pants down. I heard this on this on a t.v. show once. You find what a man rallies against and you just might find his corruption.

In the same breath, the Democrats are often caught with their hand out. Which kinda throws a monkey wrench in my previous analyzation because they preach putting your hand out. They tell the American people that the government owes them more than truthfulness and transparency. And they believe the same. They are owed more than just the chance and opportunity to serve the American People. They should receive something tangible.

Where does this leave the American people? Republicans following people they believe in a speech but not by the practice of their morality. Democrats having to pay to get a seat at the table to give a voice to those who disapprove of corruption. And Independents in the middle trying to figure out which is less of two evils.

And that is a tough decision to make. A true moral conservative should have serious reservations about supporting someone that will lend credibility to the destruction of our most basic values. A true free liberal should have serious reservations about building a Socialist society when the foundation is steeped in corruption from the beginning. And those in the middle are just praying for a chance to vote without sacrificing too much to either side.

Is corruption nothing more than a necessary evil?

This is a question with to many side to have just a simple answer. First, you have to define corruption. Now Webster has the definition as impairment of integrity, virtue, or moral principle. So what are some real cases of corruption. Those I mentioned above.

If you are morally against same sex marriage because you think it’s going to destroy the traditional state of marriage, then don’t go and cheat on your spouse. Plan and simple. In doing so, you are a corrupt man or woman.

If you are morally against the rich because you don’t think they pay their fair share, then don’t try to rob or extort those who may not have money but still want to serve in public office. Plan and simple. Where is the integrity in telling a poor man he can’t serve his people because he can’t pay you?

That’s the black and white of it. What about the gray areas? Is Nepotism a form of corruption? Is racial preference a form of corruption? What about situational preference? (O.K. I think I just made that one up but I’ll explain in a moment.) Let’s take them one at a time.

Nepotism is when you give a family member special favor, like a job. Are you compromising your integrity because you want your son or daughter to one day control the business you started? Are you lessening your values by placing a corporation in the hands of your sister’s offspring? Are you down grading your moral value giving your brother a contract to help him start his new business?

No. Unless, those things should be in control of the American People. If you are a Senator giving away contracts to your family when the money comes from tax payers dollars, corrupt. You should never be allowed to hand your child a House seat. I mean are these things so hard to figure out?

O.K. Racial Preference. Are you compromising your integrity in hiring all black woman to work in an urban beauty salon? Is your virtue lessened by only playing Hip Hop music that draws in a black crowd? Does your morality take a hit because you surround yourself with like minded people with hopes of serving those in the community to which you belong?

No. Unless, you hold public office. It is wrong to hire an all white or all black staff when you are holding public office, especially if you have a mixed community. Especially when you campaigned to all those in the community. The moment you decide to shut out any ethnicity, you lose a portion of you moral value and in doing so become corrupt.

What about Situational Preference? Are you compromising your integrity by hiring a man with two kids instead of a high school student that still lives with his mother? Do you lack virtue because you donate money to an organization for battered women because you were once in their shoes? Are you morally stained because you chose to rent your house to a white woman living on the street at a discount price instead of a black college kid that can afford full price?

No. You guessed it. Unless you are a paid public official. You can longer choose what’s best for your mental well being. You have to decide what’s best for the people you serve. All woman are not battered woman, so you also have to contribute to other circumstances. And yes, maybe it is in the best interest of the people to have one less homeless person on the street, so both your conscience and your civil duty can be served with out damaging your morality.

So, Is corruption really a necessary evil? Does it have a legitimate place in our government? Or does it take to much compromised virtue, integrity, and morality from our society?

I think we have every right to expect more from our elected officials. Often it is said that they don’t get paid enough to avoid corruption. I say you pay them more and it’ll cost more to play the game.

So, no I don’t believe it’s necessary. But I do believe it’s inevitable. We are only human. We take the lessons we’ve learned and apply them to all aspects of our life. If you did give your son a job working in your business, why would it be wrong to do the same when you become Mayor? If you did give a contract to your brother even though his bid was higher, why should it be a problem when you get on the appropriations committee?

Because it is. If your son ruins your company, it was your risk to take. If your brother botches a new building, you take the hit. As soon as you choose to serve the American People, the rules change. You are no longer affecting just your legacy, you are now controlling the future of your town, your state, or this country. You should act accordingly. I’m just saying.

I Say Merry Christmas

December 4th, 2008 | By

I will admit I watch Bill O’reily regularly. I’ve noticed since taking the lead over all the network news broadcasts, O’riely is extra “for the people.” His constant shouts of looking out for the people are making me question his sincerity. If your going to do it fine, but don’t keep reminding us. Damn.


Since I was a child and we had to wake my mother before touching anything so we could first thank God, I’ve said Merry Christmas. Since my mother gave each of us some money to buy something special for brothers and sisters, I’ve said Merry Christmas. Since I had a role in every Christmas play at my church, I’ve said Merry Christmas.

And yes, I will thank Santa for his contributions to Christmas, but he is not the Reason for the Season.

I used to hate when I had to wait to open presents. We would rush and my mother would take longer because we weren’t getting the message. We cared more about Santa than we cared about the Birth of our Savior.

Celebrating Christmas with my daughter, with my mother looking down, I realize even more why it’s important to remember why we celebrate. And I have a four year old. All she can think about is the horse that does this, the game that does that, and the doll with wings. It has become a balancing act for me.

I remember the joy I had waiting for Santa but I also remember the three wise men, the manger, and a little bitty baby. I remember the joy of opening a gift but I also remember being surrounded by my family and friends. But I love it because I Love Christmas.

Now, in our politically correct society, it’s wrong to say Merry Christmas. Two years ago, on black Friday, I went to a Target in Richmond Virginia and the greeter told me Happy Holidays. I paused for a moment and responded Happy Holidays. Then as I walked through the store buying Christmas gifts, it hit me. I like the sound of Merry Christmas.

When I left the house to go CHRISTMAS shopping, I was thinking about my daughter being excited about Santa and being surrounded by my family thanking God. Happy Holidays took those thoughts out of my head. I got tighter with my money. Holiday’s come and go, but Christmas, Christmas is different.

I had a friend in High School. Her mother was a Christian and her father was a Jehovah’s Witness. Her mother passed and she was raised by her father. She was not allowed to have birthday parties nor could she come to my birthday party. But for two days out of every year, her father would realize Christmas is different.

On Christmas Eve, he would put up a Christmas Tree. He even invited us to help decorate. The tree would stay up all of Christmas day. Then, pouf, it was gone. But for two days, Christmas important to even a Jehovah’s witness.

So what’s the problem with those that have no religion. If I weren’t to bluntly state my opinion, I would recieve well deserved Hate Mail, so I’ll pass. Instead, I will question the need to take Christmas from the rest of us. If you don’t have fond memories of Christmas past, what gives you the right to impede upon mine.

Now, with that question, I give more respect than is actually garnered. It doesn’t matter what anyone does, they can not impede upon my Christmas. As long as I can Pray to God, I’ll always have Christmas. I fight because my daughter hasn’t built that steadfastness yet. I’m not saying outside forces will have an actual affect on my daughter’s belief but I would appreciate not having the extra fight.

Like the people in Washington State, who put up a sign saying there is No God, No Angels, No Devil; There is only our natural world. Religion is but a myth and superstition that hardens hearts and inslaves minds. Did I forget to mention it was right next to a nativity scene?

I’m not one of those super sensitive people. I raise my daughter and she will know Jesus is why we celebrate Christmas. But I am cautious of turning my head and looking away. To say a little sign doesn’t make an impact would make me irresponsible. It would make me pigheaded and blind to the impact of a Society that doesn’t mind the voice of the few outweighing the call of the many.

I wonder if anyone from the Atheist group puts up a Christmas Tree. i don’t care if they call it by a different name; you can put make up on a pig. Do they invite their families and friends over to share the evening? Do they roast marshmallows or watch Frosty or Rudolph with their kids? If so, then they should shut up and celebrate the winter solace surrounded in love.

Cause that’s what I’m going to do. And when I approach someone and say Merry Christmas and they reply Happy Hanukkah, I’ll understand they understand. And when I approach someone and Merry Christmas and they reply Happy Kwanzaa, I’ll understand they understand. And while we’re spreading well wishes to those who don’t believe the same as us, there will be those who have no reason to spread joy. They only have hate and intolerance.

To those I’ll say, I’m praying for you.

Merry Christmas to All.

What’s The Difference Between A Republican and A Democrat

November 10th, 2008 | By

I got this little joke from the Forum on Check out the site if you haven’t.

A Republican and a Democrat are walking down the street. They come across a homeless man. The Republican stops and gives the homeless man his card. He tells the man to come to his office and he’ll try to get him a job. Then he gives the man $20.

The Democrat is touched by the Republicans’ act of kindness. They continue to walk down the street and come across another homeless man. The Democrat hands the man directions to the unemployment office. Then he reaches into the pocket of the Republican and takes out a $20 bill. He takes $15 for a surcharge and gives the homeless man the other $5.

That’s the difference between a Republican and a Democrat.

When Is It O.K. To Be A Racist?

November 9th, 2008 | By

I wanted to stay in and play Gears of War 2 all weekend but I’m a mother and it doesn’t work like that. Yesterday I had to go out and run the normal errands.

I was in the Grocery Store and there was a black woman and a white woman walking down the isle. As I was looking through my coupons, I overheard their conversation. They were laughing that white people had been taken down a peg or two when Obama won the Presidency.

I thought to myself, damn this white girl must really want to fit in. She was white and allowed her black friend to openly express bigotry.

When is it O.K. to be a racist? Here are a couple scenario’s, tell me which one’s are acceptable.

  1. It’s a black neighborhood. The corner boys are posted up when a white man rolls through. After realizing he was not there to score, the corner boys tell the white man; “You are in the wrong neighborhood”. They beat the crap out of the white man. Is this fair?
  2. It’s a white neighborhood. The skin heads are skateboarding down the street when a black man rolls through. After realizing he drove a better car than their parents, they tell the black man; “You are in the wrong neighborhood. The beat the crap out of the black man. Is this fair?
  3. Two black people are talking. One says, “This whitey at my job is really nice”. The other says, “No cracker is any good”. Not wanting to argue, the first agreed. Is this not bigotry?
  4. Two white people are talking. One says, “This nigger at my job is really nice”. The other says, “No monkey is any good”. Not wanting to argue, the first agreed. Is this not bigotry?
  5. A white man and black woman are walking down the street. They pass a group of black men that start making comments about the couple. They question why the fine black woman would choose a cracker. The white man just ignores them and pulls his girl in closer. Do you blame her?
  6. A black man and white woman are walking down the street. They pass a group of white men that start making comments about the couple. They question why the white woman wants to mingle with a porch monkey. The black man just ignores them and pulls his girl closer. Do you blame her?
  7. It’s a black family reunion. Over the years, some of the black men and woman have chose white men and women to share their lives. The older adults don’t understand this. They still have pent up frustration over marching in the 60’s and fighting in the 70’s. How dare you bring a cracker to my home?
  8. It’s a white family reunion. Over the years, some the white men and women have chose black men and women to share their lives. The older adults don’t understand this. They remember a time when it was a blessing to be white. They remember how the government bent to the will of the black people. How dare you bring a nigger to my home?
  9. A black person that voted for John McCain is a field jockey. They are nothing more than puppets used to dance for master. They do research to try to justify picking the white man. Who cares what each believes. Vote on color.
  10. A white person that voted for Barack Obama is a nigger lover. They are scared to stand up and fight for white rights. They just don’t want to be called what they really are, racist. Who cares what each believes. Vote on color.
  11. A white cop pulls over a black man. He warns the man that his back tail light is out and let’s him go. The black man goes back to his friends and the first thing he says, “Damn crackers always fucking with a nigger.”
  12. A white cop pulls over a black man. He warns the man that his back tail light is out and let’s him go. The white cop goes back to the other cops and is asked why he didn’t give that nigger a ticket. The white cop says, “it was only a broken tail light”. The other cops said, “So what, niggers would kill you given the chance.
  13. A black man refuses to go to a job interview because he believes no white person would give him a job.
  14. A white man refuses to give a black man a job because he believes all black men are lazy.

Are you starting to get the point?

Race doesn’t matter to me. In no shape, form, or fashion. I have five brothers. One is married to a white woman and they have 2 kids. One has two mixed kids with another on the way. One doesn’t care what color a girl is as long as they are fly. The other two love black women. And I love them all.

About ten years ago, I moved in with my Aunt. My best friend at the time was a white girl. I asked if my friend could visit and my Aunt said yes. When she found out she was white, she told me she had to go home. I was shocked. I didn’t know she even harbored feelings like that, especially since she shares her home with her husbands’ three mixed kids. And thanksgiving is going to be interesting because her son just had a mixed child. Will the baby be allowed, even though the mother is rejected?

The whole point is there is no excuse for racism. If you want to judge me for not caring about the color of a man’s skin, then judge on. But please do not complain when there are people just like you on the other side. Think about it like this; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Don’t expect racism to cease while you still perpetrate it.

So for those who call me names because I look at policy not color, I waiting for you to come to your senses. For those who hate me because I’m black, hate on. For those who don’t consider themselves racist, stop using the words that show different. Let go of your racism and then we can throw stones because we don’t live in a glass house.

Bringing Politics to the Streets: Would You Trust Obama?

November 1st, 2008 | By

Barack Obama is a master politician. I will give him every bit of credit he rightfully deserves. He has managed to string together a campaign with no actual question on the man himself. I don’t know if any other politician in our history could have accomplished this, at least not after the invent of Radio, Television, and the Internet.

I watched Bill O’Reily last night before my Radio Show (Check it out if you haven’t). He made a really interesting comment. “I haven’t been able to find a single media person that knows Barack Obama.” O’Reily seems to think the only person who really knows Barack Obama is Michelle Obama. With that, I give Michelle Obama kudos.

But that leaves the rest of us to try and figure out the character of this man, possibly the next President of the United States of America.

I want to make a special request of my readers today. Today I want you to make sure you bring your street smarts with you. Don’t leave them at the door. Take the lessons you have learned in your lifetime and apply them to what I’m about to say. Oh Yeah, In this comparison, I’m only using examples.

You are on your block and a new guy shows up. No one knows who he is or where he came from. No one will personally vouch for him, even though they swoon over his clothes or his car. Would you invite him into your inner circle?

Then he sends out a text message and tells everyone in the neighborhood, I need you to make people believe I fit in. See, it’s hard for me to even continue with this because I know your block would start to talk. I know the red flag would start to go up and this man would not be accepted.

But let me continue. Your cousin from a different block comes and says, Hey I know that guy. He was friends with the guy that snitched on Big Tony. Would you allow him to stay in your inner circle? (I don’t believe in not snitching. If you see a child murdered in front of your eyes and you don’t speak up, you are just as culpable as the one that pulled the trigger)

If that wasn’t enough, your girl comes to you and says, Hey I know that guy. He protested with us about Hoopers. You know that store that was hiking up all the prices on eggs, milk and bread. Then he turned around and made a deal to get reduced prices for his friends store, while the neighborhood still had to deal with the high prices at Hoopers. Would he still be in your inner circle?

You and the new dude are riding around in his car. You get pulled over and the cop walks to the car, sees who it is and says he’s going to let you go. You sit and think to yourself, if it were me, I would be laying on the ground while my car was being searched. Would you start to question this guy?

So, now the new guy feels comfortable enough, he decides to move into the neighborhood. Your entire neighborhood is fighting against the owner because they refuse to fix any problems. Your heat doesn’t work, your water comes out black, and the roaches won’t quit. He goes to this man and all of a sudden he gets the best house on the block and then they condemn the land behind it, giving him more property. Are the questions about this man beginning to pile up?

One of this Guys’ closest friends moves into the neighborhood shortly after he does. His friend starts a campaign to shut down public housing and build new houses, no matter the cost. Everyone in the neighborhood says, wait, you are going to far. We don’t want our entire neighborhood destroyed, we just want some improvements to be made. But his friend will not budge. So, the new guys tells everyone, I no longer like this guy because he wants to tear down this neighborhood. If he was your friend before this, why are you so quick to cut him off and what does that say you will do to me if I have an unpopular opinion. Would you really trust a friend like that?

News Alert flash on Television, Radio, and word of mouth. A guy blows up the local radio station claiming they don’t play enough Jay Z songs on air. He had planned to set the fuse when the building was empty but there were still 5 people inside. No one was hurt. The guy that blows up the building is the same guy that helped the new guy move into his new house. So everyone wants to talk to the new guy to find out about the guy that blew up the radio station. The new guy says, he just helped me move, I don’t know him personally. Then comes the next new flash, an old commercial where the new guy was advertising for the bomber. On top of that, you find out the new guy also worked at the company with the bomber. They even worked together on moving certain houses. Would you call this guy a liar?

The new guy does make a new friend in the neighborhood. The only problem with that, it’s the guy that everyone in the neighborhood already calls a sell out. Nobody likes this guy because he doesn’t stick to the politics of the street. He goes out and supports the people who supposedly systematically destroys the image of what a black man should be. Does this man vouching for the new guy make you change your mind?

The new guy decides he’s going to get married. So all the women in the neighborhood rush to meet the new women. She tells all the females, you are all mean and give me no reason to be a proud black woman. You know that woman would get stumped out fast. I’ll show you how mean we are. And when she tried to restructure the sentence, she wouldn’t have a chance because no one would give a damn about what she had to say. Do you limit your time around certain dudes because their girlfriends are stuck up?

How much more do you need? One more, O.K. here it goes. There is a group of both white and black people who hate interracial people. If you are black, your fine. If you are white, your fine. But if you are a mixture of the two, you are a disgrace. The leader of this group is a personal friend of the new guy. He often praises his efforts, even allows him to baby sit his kids. When the mixed people stand up and say, wait, why would you support someone that blatantly points hate in our direction? The new guy says, there are more important issues at hand than how you feel. Would that be enough to break the camel’s back, so to speak.

The Point

If this were any other man, except Barack Obama, you would have serious reservations about him. F that. You would not give him the time of day. He would not be invited to your home because you wouldn’t trust why he wanted to be there. He would not be invited into your community because you know he doesn’t really care about that community, only what he can get out of it. You would not vouch for him with the people you know because you know that if something goes wrong, all eyes will point back at you.

Why would you forget everything you’ve learned to advance someone else? Instead, why not forget all the reasons they say you can’t make it and make some advances for yourself?

Now, let me fill in the blanks on some of the examples from above. I’ll try to stay in order, so you can get the reference.

The streets are always talking and when the New Guy, Barack Obama, shows up, it’s no exception. The only difference is you look at his color and placement and you want to cheer for him. When on the streets, you make a man prove his worth and when he fails to do so, he is ostracized. We all know that trust should not be easily given. Why forget that when going to the polls?

If a man went to the biggest drug dealers on the block and said, I want take your influence to let everyone know I fit in. The dealers would laugh at him. You don’t get to come up in here and ride my coat tails with out me benefitting. They might respect the fact that he was willing to lay all his cards on the table in the approach. But best believe, they won’t increase someone else’s popularity without knowing if that person intended on taking the dealers position. So the new guy ends up oweing the dealers for his success.

Barack Obama in a nutshell. He wrote in ‘Dreams of my Father’, to paraphrase, I picked my friends so I wouldn’t seem like a sell out. He picked Rev. Wright, Rev. Fleager, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, and Rashid Khalidi so you wouldn’t think he was a sell out. What does that say about what he thinks of you? He picked the most radical people he could associate himself with because he thought you would approve.

Do you approve? Would you still approve in the drug dealer scenario? If he thought to win your hearts and minds all he had to do was win over the drug dealers. Would you advise him to carry on? If that answer is yes, what are you saying about black people?

The Barack Obama campaign has done a wonderful job in telling you associations don’t matter. But you know better than to believe that. If you associate with drug dealers on the street, the police pay more attention to you. If you associate with gangs, rival gangs will target you. If you associate with the church, you are holier than thou, you know what I mean. Associations do matter. If you want to find the character of a man, seek out the people he surrounds himself with.

Campaign Finance- Barack Obama was on the side of public finance. Meaning, each candidate has the same amount of money, giving each an equal opportunity in the election. So while he complains about people having to much money, he decides he wants to be one of those people. Instead of a level playing field, he chose to out raise and out spend. Think about that when you praise how much money this man is making. McCain took public financing.

The Media- The media is supposed to be the force pushing fairness. It’s purpose is to inform the American people of everything that is going on, not just the news that supports a candidate they favor. So when that police officer pulls over the new guy but let’s him go with no question. How does that make you feel. Knowing damn well they would paste your face all over the news for something you have done. Are you questioning why Barack Obama is the only black man that goes unopposed by the media?

Tony Rezko- Barack Obama’s comrad in Chicago. He is now a convicted felon. So while Barack Obama is a community organizer, he is also getting benefiting from a slum lord. Rezko found Barack Obama land to purchase under market value and then bought the adjacent lot so it couldn’t be built on, thus increasing the property value of Obama’s home. Think about that. He’s benefiting from the same person that would refuse to fix your plumbing, heating, or insect problem. Where are the questions? I forgot to mention that Obama actually spoke up for Rezko.

Rev. Wright- O.K., you sit in a church for 20 years with a pastor that married you and baptized your two children. You tell the world he is your spiritual advisor and how he helped shape the man you have become. When the public catches wind of what that pastor may have actually taught you and cause an uproar, you act as though you just met the man. Come on people. Rev. Wright was a hero until the American people questioned him. Barack Obama cuts him off and the masses follow suit. When Rev. Wright openly says Barack Obama is doing nothing more than playing politics, everyone magically starts to blame Wright. What makes you think he wouldn’t throw you under the bus if it suits him? We want to blame white people for slavery, even though it was black people that sold us to the slave traders.

Bill Ayers- An unrepentant terrorist who still hates America. He didn’t bomb building abroad. He bombed the Pentagon, police stations in New York, and several members of his group killed themselves trying to make more bombs. Barack Obama writes a blurb in his book. Then he says, they are trying to scare you about me. Hell, yeah. I’m scared. Not because you associate with Ayers but because you continuously lie about it. “He was just a guy in my neighborhood.” Why not mention with your own mouth, I also sat on a board with him. Why make the public have to seek out the information, unless you have something to hide. If someone you just met forgets to tell you he’s friends with someone that he knows doesn’t like you, how long would that person be your friend?

Colin Powell- I have nothing but respect for Colin Powell. I’ve used him for years as example of what could happen to a black man that joins the military. Most black people called him a sellout. That was before he chose to support Obama. I can remember all the conversations where people totally bashed Powell. Now, he is the example. Now he is throw out every second by the Obama campaign. Why is Powell now a hero. If you didn’t like him before, why are you cheering for him now. Do you think he may have picked the candidate that would make him appear less of a sell out? (I really don’t want to question Powell’s endorsement. He has every right to make any decision he chooses. And I will continue to hold him in high esteem.)

Michelle Obama- I do love the attitude of this woman. As a black woman, she sets a wonderful example. Anyone that finds a man, love that man, and have that man love you back they way her and Obama do, it’s wonderful. I hope all the women reading this learn that lesson. Find that one that makes you complete. But I do have beef with her. “Americans are down right mean.” “This is the first time I’ve been proud of my country.” And you wonder why they pulled her off the campaign trail. If she would’ve continued to show her personality instead of becoming a talking point specialist, I would’ve added her to this list. Would you trust a dude’s girl you know doesn’t like you but pretends she does? Or could you respect her for telling you the truth because you at least know where she’s coming from? Because that’s me.

Rashid Khalidi- Former member of the PLO. There are even pictures of him throwing rocks into Israel. Now Hamas and Iran have endorsed Obama and he’s friends with Khalidi. I fear for Israel. I don’t understand why they don’t have the right to be a peaceful country. Every country won land in War. If we allow Israel to lose it’s sovereignty what right would we have to keep Texas or California. What’s even funnier, Obama is dominating the Jewish Vote. I just don’t understand.

I know I’m getting long winded, so I’m going to stop. I ljust really want people to take a look at the only source you have to judge the character of Barack Obama, his associations. Yes, he can give one hell of a speech but is that really enough for you?