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MTV: The Modern Day Star Trek

February 19th, 2009 | By

I am not a Trekkie. I hope I spelled that right. I have never watched Star Wars, don’t care who’s Luke’s father, but never above watching a few episodes with the Borg. Again, I hope I spelled that right.

I had a black friend in high school that was all about Star Trek. I occasionnally listen to music outside of the accepted spectrum, so I don’t judge. One day, I asked why he liked it so much. I thought it was going to be some long drawn out answer having to do with science.

To my surprise, he said it’s the greatest show for a racial integration. So, now I’m stuck wondering what he’s talking about but not really interested in hearing about Sci-Fi. I bit.

He told me each person was judged by the job they do, not their planet of origin. They all praise different Diety’s, have different moral code, and different culturual values. Yet, they manage to work together to keep the ship in the air.

Watching “G’s to Gents” on MTV yesterday, I thought about my friend, at least about what he had told me. It hit me. MTV is the modern day Star Trek.

No race, ethnicity, or sexual preference is lost on MTV. No social status, age, or preconceived notion is over-looked. Just think about the diversity of the shows.

Does it matter if the kid that want’s to make the basketball team on “Made” is black or white?

No. You want to cheer if they achieve or laugh if they fail.

Does it matter if Rev. Run is black?

No. It matters how he keeps his family together when surrounded by all our social ills.

Does it matter if the brat on “Sweet 16” is gay or straight?

No. You just want to reach through the screen and smack their ungratful………I digress.

The point. When you are talking about real life, only the story matters. Star Trek may have been a show, but the object is to create real life situations in fantasy settings. No one cares about the race of the pilot if the spaceship is about to get crushed by a comet.

And that’s what MTV has realized. We don’t have to target a specific gender, sex, race, or anything else. We have to target problems. Every race and religion has to deal with self-identity, humility, family, money, and every thing in between. Why place any limits on who gets the message we send out?

And that’s the beauty of MTV. It’s more about the issues we all face, and less about the differences between us. We may arrive by different paths but we all wind up in the same place. Instead of a flat picture, you get 3-D and surround sound because you can look at it from so many different views. Now, that’s good T.V.

My Top 5 Shows on MTV

1. America’s Best Dance Crew—Go Beat Freaks

2. Run’s House/Daddy’s Girls

3. G’s to Gents—Who needed help more than Riff-Raff

4. Made

5. Making the Band

*-The “True life” stories are excellent. I just didn’t count them as a show.

*-“T.I.’s Road to redemption”, great show.

*-Sway gives the best interviews

I’ve Never Voted For A Reality Show; Until MTV’s America Best Dance Crew

August 14th, 2008 | By

So, I’m supposed to be getting ready to spend a three day weekend with my fam. I have to pack for me and my daughter and I’m a woman so you know how long that takes me. While packing, I was listening to the SPECTA Show and, and half way watching America Best Dance Crew, on Mute. I get engaged by the witty intellect of the host and call in.

That should be sufficient groveling I’ll end it there. 🙂

Anyway I get nothing accomplished. So I turn on the sound and watch the rerun of America’s Best Dance Crew. I am a huge fan of the Show. But I never call in and vote. I just accept the results for what they are. Sometimes I don’t agree but that’s cool. What affect does it have if I don’t vote?

Then last week they sent home Fannie Pack and I was crushed. They were by the far the most consistent and always entertaining. They were my favorite crew. But I still didn’t feel bad for not voting. I mean they all will benefit from just being on the Show. I bet Broadway got in touch with Fannie Pack before the show was over. So I’m still cool with not voting. Oh yeah, I forgot about Supreme Soul, they left way to soon.

Round 1 goes to SuperCrew. Round 2 goes to So Real Cru. In the package before the third dance the leader of SuperCrew slaps me in my face. He says, “Everyone always told me I wasn’t good enough. But look at me Now. I SHINE. MY CREW SHINES.”

The first time I ever voted for a “Reality Show”. I realized that this is way more than just my entertainment, it is these groups passion. They won me with that. Of course, I waited and watched both performances, but the passion he demonstrated in those words tugged at me. So Real Crew killed it too. But I couldn’t get past those words.

Eight years they’ve been together. They have lost jobs to follow their passion, they’ve faced ridicule, and countless disappointments. Eight long years later they are reaping the rewards. Perseverance. Sacrifice. Dedication. And a couple of people willing to Struggle with you. That’s more than any performance, by any crew, on any set, in any town.

Now I’m laughing at myself because it’s late and I’m up writing to you. But I guess if I’m Dedicated and willing to make a couple Sacrifices, I will Persevere. And if you’re willing to struggle with me, then one day we may reap the rewards. Just a Thought.