The Democrats Need A Sarah Palin: She Would Fight Pay To Play

December 15th, 2008 | By

They call Chicago politics, “Pay to Play”. How funny is that? Once I asked, How much is your vote worth? Who knew you were the last person to get paid? Who knew other politicians were getting paid before you even got the chance to go into the ballot box?

I guess most of us did. No one can deny the corruption that in evident in almost every society. The question becomes who will stand up and be the Democrats’ Sarah Palin.

During the campaign season, no one on the left paid attention to Sarah Palin’s record. They laughed when Tina Fey made a funny but misleading attack on Palins’ intelligence. They said she was nothing but a prop used by McCain because Obama didn’t pick Hillary. Basically, they demeaned the woman.

Now with the Blagojevich scandal completely diminishing the Obama pre-presidency, the Democrats should be praying for a politician like Sarah Palin. In all their complaining about Palin’s experience, don’t you find it funny they could use her skill of cleaning up corruption.

Everyone wanted to look over the fact she was a maverick. I know that word was used like a campaign badge of honor, but none the less it was true. She came to power in a state that was riddled with corruption. Alaska is America’s biggest oil producing state and money flows between politicians and oil companies.

Instead of ‘Paying to Play’, Palin ran on the true purpose of the civil service; to best serve the people. She didn’t become Governor because she kissed the ass of all the right people. Well, actually she did. She just choose the right people. The people of the state of Alaska.

And one level wasn’t enough. When she was on the city council, she didn’t agree with the policy of her mayor, so she ran for his job and won. When she figured out she couldn’t clean up her local government because her state government was corrupt, she ran for state office.

She lost her first bid to be Governor, so she took a job working at the Alaska Conservation Committee. She hit the Jackpot. She was now in the main hub of most of Alaska’s corruption. And she did something about it. She raised her voice so she could be heard and the people of Alaska listened.

Upon defeating an incumbent Governor of her own party, she went right to fighting corruption. She signed ethic reforms into law and now Alaska has a more transparent government.

I’m sure it was not easy. Politics are hard when you have to run against someone of another party. The level of difficulty increases when first you have to fight within your own party. Especially when you don’t follow their way of getting to the top. I guess I should say, especially when you plan on destroying their way of getting to the top.

With all that being said, Who will be the Democrats’ Sarah Palin?

Now, I know Barack Obama promised change you can believe in but he can’t help in this situation. First, let me say, I’m impressed with Obama’s decisions in the last few weeks. I’m glad he doesn’t really plan to go through with all the ridiculous promises he made during the election. But he can’t stop the corruption in Chicago.

The problem with a machine is one part can make the entire machine fail. That is very true of the Chicago Machine. If not handled properly, the Blagojevich scandal could cause alot of skeletons to fall out of alot of closets. The out pour is coming. Just ask Tony Rezko.

Two components of the Chicago Machine are in trouble. Who honestly believes they were the only corrupt ones? When I told you a major reason Obama was elected to the Illinois State Senate involved getting other candidates kicked from the ticket, you were like, So. Well, one of those candidates could have been Illionios’ Sarah Palin.

But because they didn’t pay to play, they were discarded. How can you fight corruption when the people believe in those who were brought up in the corruption? I’m just saying. If my Democratic Governor’s kept getting indicted, I think I would look to another party for guidance. Or at least I’d pay more attention to the candidates from the Democratic side.

If the major Democrats of Illinois supports them, I wouldn’t. We know the guys on the top are corrupt, so do the opposite of what they suggest. You can honestly help a person who wants to bring real change by no longer giving power to those who used their wallets to gain that power.

We control the fate of our politicians. When will we stop making fun of those we don’t agree with and start holding those we give our vote accountable. I’m just saying.

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