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January 3rd, 2009 | By

I’ve been gone for to long. Let’s catch up.

Barack “The Magic Negro”

I had to start off with this. I didn’t hear the song back in 2007. I’m sure I would’ve laughed then.

I just have one question. When in the hell did our skin get so thin? I thought the whole point of being black was having the ability to deal with all the tough shit and get through. Or did I miss something? Of course I didn’t miss anything. We love the double standard.

What would happen if l a black man made a parody of a white man? I’m not even going there. You hear them all the time. But as soon as some thing is taken out of context we jump to say ‘there they go’.

No. There you go. Putting credence in someone and something that really doesn’t matter. Making a big deal out of something you do on a normal basis. Wanting to point a racial finger like that is some how going to change something in your community.

Like I said in my previous article, I’m like Katt Williams, I’m getting a laugh out of everything this year. I want to live longer and happier.

Barack ” The magic Job Creator”

People I want you to really think about this. What kinda job is rebuilding a school? For those of you who think it is a great job, I question, how many schools are actually going to be built where you live?

O.K. let me slow down and explain. Infrastructure in the U.S.A. does need to be improved. Our bridges are falling, our schools are outdated, and if going green saves the government I’m all for it. But these are local jobs. And I’m guessing they will be going to the lobbyist of the present governments choice.

This does not provide a stable job creation system for two major reasons.

You will be paying your own salary. The government gets it’s money from you. So if the government is paying you, then you are in fact paying yourself. If that is the road you want to take, start your own business.

I know that government jobs are a necessity. But if government is the only institution that is creating jobs, then we have a problem. A huge problem. How long does it take to build a school? How long does it take to fix a road? And what happens when you finish?

Bringing us to the second reason. These jobs won’t last. Is the government going to go around and break shit just to give you more to fix? No. Instead, a few years from now, there will be a massive government layoff and you will be a victim. It’ll probably happen right when you sign your mortgage papers or buy that new fuel efficient car.

And it won’t be the governments fault. They told you the jobs would be for infrastructure. You knew they would be temporary and yet you attached your future to that job. So in eight years you will be begging for a Republican to get into office and create real lasting job creation.

Why do you think we don’t let one party stay in office that long? One party comes in a fixes a mess left by the other, while creating new problems for the other party to fix on their go around. Obama is going to stick his name to a huge government let down to the people. Private industry creates lasting jobs. Government jobs create more bureaucracy.

So while you are waiting for those jobs, lobbyist and loyalist will be getting paid first. You know I’m right.

Blagojevich “The Senate Seat Giver”

Roland Burris, what can I say? You know how you see a car wreck and you can’t help but look. This is the funniest car crash I’ve ever seen.

I won’t blame Blagojevich. He is just smart. He knows this is how they play the game and he has survived in Chicago politics by following the rules. You want to say I’m incompetent, I’ll do my job and make you prove it. You won’t me out, come and get me. You gotta respect the moxy.

But did Burris have to come out and play the race card. I’m being nice. He came out with race cash. I’m not waiting for a bill to come in the mail, I’m paying my bill in full, out right. Try to challenge the only black Senator to a Senate seat. Go ahead I dare you.

Damn. My very first experience with race cash. And I’m laughing. This is what we all deserve. We act like race is the only issue that causes us problems. I think it’s less about race as it is wealth. But when you don’t have wealth, you play to your strengths, your color.

I hope the Sergeant at Arms makes Burris sit in the back of the Senate. Then he’ll feel like he really belongs. When he wants to sit in the front, he can act like its 2009 not 1960……….

Santa Brings Death to Christmas

I’m not going to even write about the bastard that took 7 lives at a Christmas party. I hope hell turned the furnace up for his arrival.

I just want to send a prayer out to every one that was personally touched by this tragedy. You have a nation of people praying for you. There is nothing I nor anyone else could say that would take away the pain but know you are in our hearts and minds.

War In the Middle East

Israel started it. No. Hamas started it. No. It was all Bush’s foreign policy. No. It’s all an Israeli political ploy. No. It’s Hamas’s outcry to get from under Israel’s thumb.

B.S. It’s a few people that profit from the war never ending. The sad part is they use religion like a sword. It has nothing to do with God. It has to do with man. Man wanting power and position and not caring who gets hurt to get it.

Hamas wanted land, they got it. But it’s not enough. Now Israel has to be destroyed. Why? Is it because they are Jewish? No. It’s because they occupy land someone else wants. Their religion is just a means to an end.

So the people have no food but they have guns and bullets. The people have no jobs, so they become suicide bombers to provide for their families. The people have no hope, so they strike back with hate and violence. How do I know all this? Personal experience from my own community.

Let us fix our problems here then maybe we can judge Israel and the Palestinians.

All that in a nutshell.

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