A New Trillion Dollar Stimulus: Tell Your Child The American Dream is Dead

January 12th, 2009 | By

Here we go again. Another Trillion Dollar Plan to help our economy. Yes. More money, more money. Wait. Aren’t we in debt up to our ears right now. Where are we going to get this money? Who is going to pay it back? I’m not a finance major but I do run a household. I know you don’t get out of debt by creating more debt.

So what will the American People receive from this plan? Let’s take a look.

Infrastructure Repair

I listed this first because it is the only part that makes any sense. With bridges collapsing and levees breaking, we do need to invest in our infrastructure. I hate driving over large bridges, that’s before the threat that it could fall from beneath my car.

But is this something that the government should fix? Yes. Local Government. Why? Because local governments can contract to local businesses, therefore helping the local economy. Taxpayer money goes back to the people who payed in the first place. Plus, more local small business job creation.

That can’t happen.

Only the Government Can Fix This Problem

I think this is one of those, ‘If you say it enough times, it’ll come true’ statements. What does the government actually ever fix? This is what kills me about those who follow President Barack Obama so blindly.

He is nothing more than a politician. Not taking away from any of his achievements or his eloquence, he is still a politician. The lower segment of our population has been complaining about the same problems for decades. It’s hard for a poor man to make it in this world.

So show me a situation where the government made it happen. So me one situation where the government took a poor man and made him into a success. It doesn’t happen. Each person makes a decision on how they want to live their lives. The government may step in and assist but the main burden lays with the person developing the wealth.

We, the American People, develop the wealth of this country. Not the government. If anyone is going to fix this problem, it won’t be someone who has spent their adult lives learning how to phrase a statement properly so you won’t know their true intent.

It will come on the back of hard working Americans, the brains of creative Americans, and the fearlessness and belief of all Americans in the American Dream.

What American Dream?

I’m glad you asked. The ones we are taking away from our children to give us temporary relief right now. See, I was taught that each generation should try and leave this country in a better position than the generation before it. We are failing miserably.

With the election of our first African American President, we will leave the next generation with more acceptance of other races and hopefully religions. But will the large debt we are incurring out shadow this moment when the history books are written?

Will this moment of reverence be nothing more than an asterisk next to the moment the free market died in America? Yes.

During the election, the only thing people thought about was the economy, their money. Why do you think anything will be different in the future? Our children are going to want to create wealth for themselves. Instead, they will be paying higher taxes trying to pay back the Trillions we are spending right now. We are creating the debt that will rob our children of the American Dream. Do you understand? Your child will suffer your mistakes.

No. They will benefit because I am able to work right now.

Fight for a Temporary Job

New Jersey is the highest taxed state in America. Over the last five years, 60% of all job creation came from the state government. I’ll give you a second to think about this. When the government creates all the jobs, the investors in the government, you and me, have higher payrolls.

How long can this last? It’s comes to point where you are paying your own salary or the money runs out and the government has no choice but to have massive layoffs.

What happens when there are no more roads to fix? What happens when there are no more schools that can be turned green?

By then, new industries will have opened.

Are the people that are going to lose those manual jobs qualified for the new jobs that will be available? Just think about the workers at the Auto Plants. Most have family history in Ford or GM. Their mother and father worked there and they are continuing on the tradition. All fine and good.

But what happens when that company fails? The mother and father loses their pension and you lose your job. Now, your stuck with the feeling, ‘what am I going to do next, all I know is cars.’

Are we going to be left with the next generation knowing only manual labor because those are the jobs the government provides?

That should scare the hell out of you. Thinking the government is responsible for providing you with the ability to provide for your family. I’m scared thinking my daughter won’t be able to buy a house because I want to stay in mine right now.

To add insult to injury, think about all the corruption we are hearing about right now. I bet the politicians are all getting their phones checked for wire tapping before the bill is signed. You know that there are people waiting to pay to play with this money. And it only makes sense.

There are thousands of counties in this country. Who will get what money? I’m betting it won’t go to neighborhoods that didn’t raise money for the politician sitting in power. They have people to reward for getting them elected and they will be at the head of the line. We don’t even think of this as corruption anymore. And that’s a shame.

So this Trillion Dollar stimulus will provide the American People with much needed infrastructure improvement, massive debt, numerous temporary jobs, happy politicians, even happier lobbyist, and the death of the American Dream.

One day when our children ask was it worth it, what will we say?

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